Looking for a native SoundCloud app? Check out SoundNine

Looking for a native SoundCloud app? Check out SoundNine
By DJ Reyes on 2 Dec 2013 04:31 pm EST

While SoundCloud may have officially come to BlackBerry 10 in the form of an Android port, not everyone is fond of Android ports -- even if it is available through BlackBerry World. If you're looking for something native then you many want to take a look at SoundNine. You get the awesome BlackBerry UI but still get the SoundCloud experience of browsing and streaming.

SoundNine features include

  • Stream music
  • Follow users and Like tracks
  • Browse and Search tracks
  • View track comments
  • Comment on tracks
  • Download tracks
  • Repost tracks
  • Share tracks using BlackBerry 10 share menu
  • Fun and easy to use UI designed specifically for BlackBerry® 10 included active frames support

While the official SoundCloud has the ability to record and upload, this function will be coming to SoundNine in the future. With the app built for BlackBerry 10, it includes a context menu too, so you can tap and hold tracks to bring up more options. 

SoundNine is definitely worth a look if you're a SoundCloud user. And you'll want to snap it up today has SoundNine is on sale for Cyber Monday for $0.99. Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Learn more / Purchase SoundNine from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Looking for a native SoundCloud app? Check out SoundNine


i had the native soundcloud on my z10. is it not available any more?

am i missing something?


well, i was actually thinking of SoundHound! :) my bad! its also orange, and i was just excited to write FIRST! :)

It is in the start of the article I believe where it says it has already made its way to BlackBerry World but is an android port.

Posted via CB10

It's a native 3rd party app (native meaning it's not an Android port). It's great to see 3rd party developers step up to the plate and give us native apps.

I know, but it's not from Soundcloud itself...
But okay I understand what you are sayin'...

But for ME it's not a native one... I hope for a native app from soundcloud itself

Posted via CB10

There a few people or maybe I'm the only one, that don't like 3rd party apps!?
If you don't understand it, it's not my prob bro...
I like keep it original...

Bold 9700 » Z10 | Q10, Z30 on my wishlist

Oh, so you're one of those people that think it's BlackBerry's fault that there's no Instagram, Snapchat, Candy Crush, etc. apps in BB10? You do know that Apple, Samsung and other Android devices, and Microsoft don't develop those apps for their devices, right? It's all done by third party developers. If you only want apps developed by BlackBerry, then I'm guessing you have virtually nothing on your phone apps-wise. All of the smartphone manufacturers have VERY few apps actually developed in-house, including Apple. If it wasn't for third party apps, an iPhone would be about as useful as a cheap "feature phone."

You are mixing "native" and "official"... 3rd party app not official still can be native to operating system.

An update was just released today that fixes login issues, so I would recommend you update from BBW and try logging in again. Let me know if this works!

then download the android port version available for free.

I bought this app months ago when it first released. I'm enjoying this update. Thanks Dev.

Yeah! Who do they think they are asking for our money. My cup of coffee is way more than all the hours they put in to create a native app!

Not too impressed with this app. Lotta crap on here for not being free ( should be). I'm very particular to what i listen too. Still love slacker radio the best. Well at least i only wasted a buck!

Posted via CB10

Lol you definitely don't understand the purpose of SoundCloud. As a musician, it allows me to connect with others and put my music online for free. A similar service would be bandcamp not slacker radio.
And the reason it isn't free is because the developer took time and effort to bring you a native experience, rather than the AWFUL android SoundCloud port in BBW.

No I understand it completely because I use it for the same reasons. Hence why my original comment made sense.

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Typical BlackBerry app.. it glitches and does not run smooth on my q10. This is another reason why I can't wait for my Lumia 1020 to arrive in the next couple days.

Posted via CB10

I find what you describe typical of Android ports on BB10, maybe you're getting them confused. This native app works virtually perfect on my Z10, as do other normal native apps. Gotta love BB10. Have fun with Windows Mobile ;-)

Posted via CB10

You're going to a Win phone? I actually want to get one to play around with. Couldn't pry my Blackberry from my hand, but I think the Win phones are kinda cool. Also want to give that camera a whirl :)
PS .. how much do you want for your Q10?

You can download tracks from SoundNine! But you can only download tracks if the uploader allows their track to be downloaded.