Looking at the competition: The iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S
By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2011 11:41 am EDT

Ahh, the iPhone 4S. Faster. Thinner. Newly designed.. No, wait -- that's not right. This year they just put an S on the box right -- or did they? The device which has been called a disappointment by some still managed to sell 4 Million units its first weekend on the market topping previous iPhone 4 sales numbers. Plus, this year -- the device has landed on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon so what exactly did they change to cause the record breaking sales? Rene over at TiPB has done his due dilligence and gave us all the run down. Whether you're considering hopping into a new iPhone 4S or just looking to see what all the fuss is about make sure you check out Rene's full review.

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Looking at the competition: The iPhone 4S


Really Bla1se? Really?
You felt the need to post an iP4S review on the front page of CrackBerry right in the middle of DevCon?
What is this? BGR?
I thought this was the premier site for BlackBerry news. Not only are their other sites dedicated to Apple products, there is the CrackBerry sister site TiPb that covers this.
Did Kevin mistakenly leave you in charge while he was gone at DevCon?
A good example of Bad timing.

We always post reviews from our sister sites on CrackBerry and FTR, Kevin told me to make sure this one was posted as well. Sorry you can't acknowledge other devices exist in this world and people MAY actually like to read about them.

FYI, I also write for Android Central, TiPB and Pre Central as well -- should I be banned from writing on CrackBerry?

Of course I can acknowledge that other devices exist. I own them, and I know exactly where to go to read about them.
I didn't go to TiPb to read about the 9900.

I was hoping you could at least admit that it was bad timing. I could see taking a look at other manufacturer's devices during slow news times, but not in the middle of DevCon.

I never suggested you should be banned from CB. Don't be a drama queen :)

Not much I can do about timing, is what it is. Review went up, it gets posted -- no big deal. Telling me not to be a drama queen while arguing it's bad timing to be posting something iPhone related seems like a pot calling the kettle black situation.

I dont see any issue with this post, because there is nothing to write about Blackberry. Devcom 2011 just confirmed how Mike Lazaridis is suffering from deterioration of intellectual faculties. In May he said"
software upgrade for the PlayBook that has built-in email, contacts and calendar programs would come this summer. Last month, Lazaridis said RIM would issue that upgrade in October" and he is tight lips about it,because he cannot deliver.
Blackberry is innovative anymore, because of bad CO CEO

The truth is, we don't live in a bubble, we are all aware the iPhone exists and we all able to go out and buy one as our next phone. This is true whether a link is posted on the front page or not. If BlackBerry phones are so fragile that they are going to crumble because of a mere link to a review of the most famous phone in the world, they ain't going to last anyway.

Well, I just ordered an iPhone 4 to replace my 9650, but I am still going to be an active member here. We do have an Apple/iPhone subforum here, you know.

I like to be well versed in all the major mobile platforms not just BB- and I feel like that is the sentiment of 99% of the readers of this site. Blaze isn't going to hold news back just for you. Welcome to the new millennium dude. information flows freely and you can bitch all you want. Just remember that you can't do anything about it. Its ridiculous that you'd whine about a iPhone review on crackberry...

Why is the story/review relevant? Maybe because Apples been kicking RIM's ass for the last few years, never mind the fact that the 4Gs launch is making front page news (rightfully so) GLOBALLY. Do you work for RIM? That sort of approach gets you trampled in business. Know your competition. The wide array of RIM/BlackBerry news and such are what make the site so popular.

Sorry for my rant but some things just irk me.

ok for all you Bell people out there lets get this said right now....THE 4S WILL NOT WORK ON THE CDMA NETWORK!!! ok k feel better lol... apperently there are people out there that told customers that it will...trust me it wont lol.

The iPhone 4s although not a CDMA phone supports the HSPA network which Bell and Telus share here in Canada. So Yes the phone can run on HSPA network on Telus or Bell and any other HSPA network in Canada. In areas where HSPA coverage is not available then the phone will try to go to a lower antenna technology which is GSM not CDMA so you would be left with no connection on Telus or Bell in low HSPA coverage areas.

Caspan, this isn't entirely accurate, and JAGWIRE is completely wrong.

Nearly all SIM card phones "including BlackBerries" wont work on the lower baseband Bell/Telus/Solo/Koodo/Fido/Virgin network.

The iPhone 4GS hardware can connect to the lower baseband, but the network providers aren't registering the "CDMA" part of the iPhone 4GS, so their network wont connect to it. Similar to if you tried to connect a BlackBerry to your provider without a registered SIM card.

Result; the iPhone 4GS and BlackBerries have the same access to networks on those carriers.

*ok, except the old BB world phones, but you'd still have to pay for two separate plans

What this post should have been on the day after the Devcon general keynote was a deeper look into the BBX Prototype phone NOT the iPhone 4S on crackberry's home page. Sure we were given a software based layer, but what are the physical pieces that are going to run this system?

On a separate note:
There have been some homeruns hit yesterday, including the actual release of the PlayBook NDK! This is supposed to be the Messiah that makes all things possible and not limit the PB to rich flash apps. It seems that this news has been swept under the rug.

Kind of disappointed at RIM because they didn't revealed the BBX phones in the keynote held yesterday. They needed to at least give a little peek of how the new phones will be like in order to compete with the 4S.

incase u were wondering this is devcon.. which is short for developers conference which developers deal with software.. not hardware.. that said... it would have been a bonus to let us see an actual device but that is not the focus of the conference and they had no obligation to show all their cards to an ever changing competition... the hardware will come... believe bberry is here to stay.. and yesterday was just 1 piece in the puzzle to the new look of blackberry

actually, i don't think it would be a good idea to give the public a peek of BBX phones at this time. Now the stage should still belong to the new BB7 phones, otherwise more people may just choose to skip the 0S7 phones and hold on for BBX

I agree...

At first I was pissed off they were showing off PB 2.0. After loading it on my PB, I was pleasantly surprised! The builds prior to DevCon, had 6% user acceptance...I was part of the 94%.

Unfortunately, some of the toys that were in previous builds are missing.

After much angst and hear pulling...I have come to pretty much the same conclusion. I would rather not see a shiny new BlackBerry that I can't have for another 6 months or so.

Let them announce it the week before they release it.

Kind of hard to compete when they have a phone and an OS that hasn't been released yet and with no firm release date as is RIM's fashion.

I think this is a valid post. I love my Bold 9930 and Playbook but when the new phone came out I went to see my neighbor so I could compare the devices. Even he was underwhelmed by all the hype.
The iPhone 4S is a nice device but it still did not quite get there on e-mail and all the aspects around that, such as the message light.
They shamelessly copied the BBM concept but again they did not quite get there on options and customization.
The iCloud only seems to work on apple devices, so unless someone plans to buy only apple computers, tablets, phones and ipods it may feel more like iClaustrophobia that iCloud.

Apple users are already ticked off by the fact that apple is manipulating the apps of competitors by threatening to take a big chunk of their sales if they have a buy button on the app. This is why you cannot get a buy button on the Kindle app or the Google Books app.

The iPhone has a larger screen than the Bold but NOT larger than the Torch touch. 3.5 vs 3.7 and certainly smaller than the new droids.

Apple did revolutionize the smart phone market but that happened a while back and I had an iPhone as well but this device is not revolutionary. It is nice though and Apple fans will enjoy it just like BlackBerry fans enjoy their devices but innovation has left the building at apple in my view.

What Apple has lost is the greatest salesman ever. Steve Jobs actually convinced Schmitz from Google that he was wrong about something and Schmiitz was later wondering how he was so persuasive with some other technical experts on the subject. Without Steve Jobs Apple is just another tech company.
This is not a hater comment but Steve was a magnificent communicator and salesman. Anyone losing someone like that would take a hit.

What I find amazing is how apple manages to present something others have been doing for years and make it look like they are ahead. The iPhone 4 was not a world phone on Verizon. At least not the 4S is a world phone. The 2 antenna's issue is just making up for their terrible one antenna reception. They used to blame ATT for this but the same has been reported from Verizon. Finally, after four years they come up with cloud stuff that Google already has. Finally the have iMessage, finally the offer competitive e-mail.
So, the iPhone 4S appeals to many, you seem to be a big fan Bla1ze, and will sell well but is it better than the Bold 9930? I don't think so. Not in the things that matter. Now, if apple ever released a physical keyboard and improved their e-mail, messaging and security a bit and I would consider it. However, knowing apple, they won't.
One size fits all at Apple. At least with BlackBerry I have choices and never have to worry about RIM going after app developers so they can sell you their stuff.
No thanks.

Hmmm. Ouch! O.K. which parts are ignorant or not true?
Just be aware that I have had an iPhone, Droid HTC Evo 4G, and BlackBerry Bold 9930. I have used all the devices. I'm not with RIM because I'm a fanatic but just because with the new Bold 9930 I think it is the best device (especially since I get to save $50.00 bucks a month with my Playbook via bridge).

So if I take a picture with a windows phone, it will automatically load to my iPad?
I did not know that. Are you sure?

You said and I quote "The iCloud only seems to work on apple devices, so unless someone plans to buy only apple computers, tablets, phones and ipods it may feel more like iClaustrophobia that iCloud."

It works on Windows computers for folks with an iDevice.

O.K. so I take it from your answer that that is a no. The issue is that apple allows things to work but just not as well.
You can still tap the Kindle app on iPad but now you can't buy directly from it. Do you like that upgrade? How about Google Books? is that not true? They no longer have buy buttons because apple wants to charge them something like 30% of the content cost. In other words it is easier if you buy from us than the competition.
That is good for apple not for consumers.

I recently loaded overdrive to my Bold and the price discovery for an audio books was better at it than on iTunes, amazon, or B&N. I purchased the audio book Crisis Economics for 14 bucks vs. apple version for 24 and BN for 26.
I'm still think choice is better and saves me money. Apple makes is easy to buy their stuff but it ain't cheaper.

I'm not trying to bash apple I just like paying less and having more choices. Say, like swapping out a low battery instead of getting stuck for an hour or two while it recharges.

O.K. I admit it! You win.

Apple products are more secure, have better e-mail, allow the flexibility of swapping out batteries, choice of keyboard etc.

They also play better with others, like with the Kindle app without a buy button.

The Playbook and BlackBerry combo savings advantage should never be metioned because that is just drinking the kool-aid.

The new iPhone is revolutionary and adds a great deal of change to a device that is getting stale in looks. BlackBerry choice or android choice is not an advantage over apple.

I am marching to an apple store right now and spending 5k dollars so I can be cool.

Wait... scratch that. I no longer care if you agree with me or not. I love my Bold 9930 and Playbook and if you don't I really could not care less.


4 Million in a weekend for a reason...RIM is well behind and Apple is leading the charge. End of Story...

Maybe next year for Research in slow motion.

I thought it was a clear and complete review that highlights strengths and weaknesses of the phone. I especially appreciate the reviewers attitude about switching to the 4s from other formats...specifically us BB'ers looking forward to BBX phones.

Not to be a party pooper (because pooping at parties really sucks! especially when there's a line of people waiting and you get out and everyone knows what you just did in there because of ... okay I'm going off track)

What happened to DEVCON?

I thought this thing lasted 3 days? Nothing new out of Devcon today? Nothing lined up for the morning/afternoon? Afterall, we WERE told we would see a BBX Phone at Devcon (sorry, a QNX phone, that's what was said), so unless the Playbook running PB OS2.0 Dev. Beta is actually a phone now they once again failed to deliver on that statement. Maybe they should just stop saying stuff to the public. It would line up to the rest of their practices when dealing with the public and announcements.

I understand it's DEVcon, but the fact remains that they said a QNX BB would be shown at Devcon. Add in the "leapfrog" comment to the mix and I'd say we've got ourselves a nice pile of pure mess: a big, stinky mess that really does a lot in both furstrating your consumer base and your diehard fans alike.

I'm a huge BB fan and I'm really excited at all the announcements yesterday for the PlayBook. Still a little dissapointed that OS7 users didn't see Theme Builder and that there was no mention of Themes on BBX...

Too early? probably... I'm just sayin'... yeah, I'm just sayin' ...

btw, good review for the iPhone 4S.

So, now we can confirm than RIM indeed is innovating, but at a slower pace (1 year behind). If you guys really need to be ahead of the curve, don't torture yourself and buy apple products (and lose the keyboard). I'm happy with my 9900, and will see what RIM brings next year, probably and even more advanced COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE.

apple has lost all sense of direction with jobs gone.

Apple has never been the type of company to be in the race of 'faster speed, more ram, better camera'. their strategy was always in being the best marketing - technology firm. MARKETING first. Adding s to a phone when everyone was waiting for the next generation was a horrible move from a marketing perspective. Upping the specs instead of changing the appearance even a little bit was an even worse move. Ifans don't care about specs. Android fans are the ones that care about specs. They are preaching to the wrong crowd, because no matter how good an iphone specs may be, there will always be one better with android (theres just too many manufacturers with a really high turnover ratio). Apple fans want all the bells and whistles that the new iphone4s lacks (Siri aside). I am guessing Siri is the last remaining project by Jobs.

Yes, the sales numbers reflect just how BAD it sucks and what Apple consumers want. Just terrible, who would buy that POS? Apple should be ashamed.


Sales numbers don't always equal a better device. Apple could put out a i4s2 in 6 months and there would again be people waiting in line. It's just the cool thing to do. I can compare features side by side on the same network. Neither one blows the other away. They both have their strengths and they both have areas in which they lack. I'm glad the review went up. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. I'm not insecure about my choice to stay with BB. It works better for me.

Blaze you don't need the /sarcasm as you should well know, for years when RIM was called out for not deleivering on hype they pointed to record sales and happy customers.

sure sales of the 4S might be great, but it is a disappointment. It definitely hurt Apple's image, and with relentless competition in the Android market, Apple will find it harder and harder to keep up.

Apple should do well with their tranditional 10-15% market share but in the long run that's all they are going to have.

Thats the way they have always done it...adding S is the pattern after the 5 you get 5s...what are you talking about.

4 million sold in a weekend ...yea thats real horrible. When is the last time RIM had anyone standing around the block for a phone? The Playbook is still sitting in a building covered with dust. Its worth the wait for 4g that actually does what the AD's say it does.

The media created this grape kool-aid and outsiders and haters tried to make it seem like Apple failed...once again records broken yea 2 more carriers but who has done this before with all 4 carriers...not RIM

So 4 million people got a phone that lacks features that they wanted??

SUre makes perfect sense.

And also you talk like Jobs has been gone for years. He passed just 2 weeks ago. It is said that Jobs gave 4 years worth of plans for a roadmap. Apple is not lost at all they know exactly where they are going...unlke RIM.

THe first professional tablet...look Spiderman is now on the playbook!

I read the review and it has quite a bit to offer but when it comes down to it the LITTLE things still count. I have to admit that the new title of the company is becoming appearant : "Research in Slow Motion". my hopes are for them to get things going.

OS7 was a really good start and am not worried about BBX devices until they include the keyboard. But this tease about the 2.0 update on the playbook is a bit much. I'm being calm about this and won't say that I will leave because there is no where else to go. With that said though I hope this 2.0 comes through once and for all just so I don't feel like I was promised one thing and got less.

Once again the Iphone seems pretty cool but only to buy as another Itouch......not a phone.

I doubt the wisdom of an iPhone review during Devcon.

What I don't understand is the hate. Why must one brand user absolutely crap all over another brand user? This I don't get.

Hey, I like iPhone! Its great for what I need. Hey, I like BlackBerry, its great for what I need. Compare specs..this one has a better camera, that one is better at email..all great. But what is this RIm is dead, Apple sucks....the peeople running these companies are rich regardless while some consumers start making enemies over OS preferences?

Seriously people, lighten up. Competition is good and should remain healthy, not destructive.

Peace rant over.

After being extremely disappointed by the lack of news at DevCon, but more importantly struggling with the memory limitations of my BB9700, I ordered an iPhone 4S through AT&T yesterday.

Back in AUG, I was practically bouncing at the chance to get the BB 9900 when it debuted. My excitement fueled by the positive reviews here and elsewhere (mostly). Only, AT&T has refused to offer the 9900 -- despite our petition here. So my only option would be to switch carriers. Sprint the only likely choice, since they could match my unlimited data plan. But since then, I've been disappointed by a string of bad or lackluster news from BlackBerry, the missed release dates for everything, including OS 2 for the PB, and lack of vendor support for the platform, or supporting vendors announcing an end to support or further upgrade of apps (e.g., GetGlue). Basically a bunch of "whistling past the graveyard" type news that gets reported here.

I won't get the 4S until 21 to 28 days, so I'll have my 9700 until then. It's been 4 years for me with BlackBerry. And, if they right the ship, I may be coming back in 2 years. They say the QNX/BBX phones will be out Spring 2012, but I can no longer trust BB to meet any dates they announce and I didn't want to wait indefinitely for a new phone with my system memory problems.

I still have my PlayBook (thanks again, CrackBerry.com!) and I'm waiting for OS 2, hoping it will get native email & PIM support and the Android player for good measure -- so I won't be completely cut off from the BB world. I will lose the Bridge aspects once I sell my 9700, but I'm hoping OS 2 solves most of the issues of not having a BB phone to pair with the PB. Would have been nice to get a firm release date for OS 2, but at this point, I'm not sure an announced date would have any weight when so many dates have already been missed.

Good job Bla1ze !!! I have a 9930 and its is great for what it is, a keyboard, text and email machine. After 40 days with it I missed my iphone i had for a year and bought a 4S on launch day.

I have already had to reload OS7 with RIM level 2, and spend 2 days with the guy logged into my laptop to see why app world was nuking my phone...
Many battery pulls still, (if you try to use apps for productivity) and same old crap. It is what it is and QNX better hurry and get here.

Get over your selves people and your ego's...ITS A PHONE, not someone sleeping with your significant other...

Maybe BBX will save RIM in 2012 but as of now they are taking on water like the titanic. The iphone is way more powerful and i can practically run my whole business on it with different app solutions.

I still love RIM and BB but it felt archaic after a year w the iphone. SORRY!

Siri, what happened to the forum that coined the slogan "Rimpire Strikes Back"? "That Forum was over taken by the Rebel Alliance".

crackberry another site for apple propaganda? The review seemed bought and paid for by apple. I hate articals that are really ad's . Most puppets/masses don't understand this. Shame on crackberry for this propaganda artical. Why doesn't that ad ... oops I mean artical point out all the current problems iphone4Suckers is having? Ya I doubt it when it's an ad for apple...oops I mean an artical fror apple

i always use a blackberry for the last 5 years. i even went and got me a 9930 from sprint on aug 21 (without a contract) the moment it was available. as soon as i heard iphone4s would be available for sprint i pre-ordered. i added a 3rd line to my family plan. i totally love the iphone. i was always the 1st to bash it and say bad things about it. today i love it. but i also love my 9930. ive decided to keep my 9930 for work (emails/bbm/etc) and my iphone for personal line (facebook/twitter/imessage to my iphone friends/etc) im actually amazed how accurate and fast im typing on the the iphone. i now have the best of both worlds. long live RIM and Apple. and FYI when new BBX/QNX phones drop ill look into getting that too =]

There's nothing wrong with Bla1ze posting a 4S review. CrackBerry is a phone enthusiast site focused on BlackBerry, it's not a RIM cult (I hope...). As Mike & Jim found out, ignoring the iPhone (as they did in 2007) does not make it go away. RIM and CrackBerry enthusiasts should be very aware of the pro's and con's of competitive devices so that hopefully RIM will stay up with the pack and even beat them.

While I'm still rocking the 9800, the now-year-old iPhone 4 I just purchased for another family member is light years ahead of the Torch, from out of box to set up to build quality. That's not slamming RIM, it's just stating the obvious. I am hoping that a new BBX phone puts RIM back in the game, but ignoring the 4S won't help. RIM needs to study it and make something better!

There's nothing wrong with Bla1ze posting a 4S review. CrackBerry is a phone enthusiast site focused on BlackBerry, it's not a RIM cult (I hope...). As Mike & Jim found out, ignoring the iPhone (as they did in 2007) does not make it go away. RIM and CrackBerry enthusiasts should be very aware of the pro's and con's of competitive devices so that hopefully RIM will stay up with the pack and even beat them.

While I'm still rocking the 9800, the now-year-old iPhone 4 I just purchased for another family member is light years ahead of the Torch, from out of box to set up to build quality. That's not slamming RIM, it's just stating the obvious. I am hoping that a new BBX phone puts RIM back in the game, but ignoring the 4S won't help. RIM needs to study it and make something better!

when i look at the iphone 4s yeah it looks ncie and it have alot of great new features but when i come to think about it i cant give up on having a blackberry... tried once with a 3G iphone and wasnt as satisfied as i am when i have a blackberry.. iphone have cool games and gagets that i like but thats why i will just get a ipod touch... does almost all the same things iphone would do and ill still have a use for my blackberry... yeah about the bbx phones or whatever i know we are going to have to wait a while since the os7 berrys just got released over the summer but if i see a white bold 9900 come out... i am going to pick up one for myself

Sorry this is NO COMPETITION for blackberry
iPhone 4s would sell nothing less than 10million units more of all the bb os 7 devices
bb os 7 is no competiton to iphone 4s because the 4s is out of its league

but not getting the 4s, as a bb guy am getting he 9900

If Apple ever built a phone with a keyboard I might be tempted.

Till then, Blackberry forever! I need to be able to communicate fast. Besides, I have an iTouch for games.

Props to Bla1ze for putting up with this bullshlt.

If you're annoyed by anything iPhone, you should probably steer clear of all mobile related sites.

Since bla1ze want to post some information regarding Apple, I thought that I would do the same.

"Apple Inc. slumped 5.6 percent after the company's income and revenue fell short of forecasts. It was a rare miss for the company, which had jumped 31 percent this year through Tuesday. Apple blamed the shortfall on a later-than-usual release of its newest iPhone." How could Apple make this proclamation and the iPhone was launched on Verizon's net work earlier this year! Verizon created more sales for Apple.

I wonder how long will Apple maintain their "phenomenal" sales! Are people going to continue falling for Apple's sales gimmicks! I do not think Apple will continue the sales growth because of the price of their products and the global economic crisis. The global economy is in a crisis. People are losing their jobs, and due to job losses people will not be able to spend on non-esential items. Therefore, I predict that the sales rate of the iPhones will began to slow substantially in the near future due to the economy, competition, prices, substitution, etc. Most companies have lowered their cell phone prices. The consumer can purchase a decent cell phone with a contract around $49.99 to $99.99; for example, the Samsung Infuse, Motorola Atrix, LG Thrill are all $99 at at&t. Note: Samsung is giving Apple a lot of competition, which is the reason Apple is suing Samsung. In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy S II is a much better phone than the iPhone 4S because of its attributes and technical capabilities. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Samsung manufactures some of the parts for the iPhone such as the A4 and A5 chip!

I think in the future it is going to be hard for Apple to compete with the Android market, especially if RIM starts running/importing Android applications to its devices. RIM becomes part of the Android market, basically an extension. Therefore, I believe RIM is positioning itself well for the future. However, right now RIM is fighting to complete the race and make it to the finish line. I believe next year Apple will be in RIM's position because of Apple's ego, gimmicks, greed, and ecosystem (closed). Sprint will probably be out of business...

bla1ze, please do not post any more stuff on Crackberry.com primarily about Apple. I am tired of reading about Apple and how amazing Apple is. I unsubscribed to ZDNET because every article they write is about how great Apple is and how bad RIM is... There are pros and cons to everything, which should balance a writers articles. Apples' sh@t stinks just like all other tech company's!

As far as the iphone 4S, I will be moving over to Apple. I have gone as far as RIM could take me and now that I'm using my smartphone for more than work emails and scheduling appointments I have to upgrade.

At this point the Iphone 4S allows me to do more, including take better quality pictures and surf the web faster. Will I come back to RIM it's always possible. No bashing for switching over because we all have to keep an open mind...the world is round after all.

Just wondering, did the review for the Bold 990/9930 go up on the "sister sites"? If so, no big deal then, but I didn't come to Crackberry to read about an iPhone review.

BB's need a camera lens and pixel increase as well for the next genereation of Bbs (OS8).I Wish that My 9930 had autofocus like my 9780 did. Damn shame to improve on everything except the camera and then to downgrade the capability makes it even worse. Other than that GO RIM/ BBX BB's; Come on down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur the next contestant on "The Market is Ripe". Refine and Polish the tech before U send it out(No Playbook woes/ issues) and make a Big Fuss about it(Marketing!!!) And I have no doubt that U can Rape the market. Fuck 4 million Iphones 4S's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about 7mil. BBX BlackBerry Bold 9960's in a Day, not a weak weekend.

you are really compairing iphone vs blackberry. There is no compairson iphone kick blackberrys ass in everything blackberry sucks. FUCK BLACKBERRY worst phones ever!

lol. geez thanks crackberry.

if I cared for that site, I would visit them in your weekly mobile nation rant or the links below.

do they even bother doing the same when a new blackberry is reviewed? please say yes.

See Scroat's comment posted above.

BB reviews are posted on the Android and iPhone sister sites, and unlike BB users, theirs didn't act like children.