Looking for a case to match your active lifestyle? Check out how the Seidio ACTIVE holds up

Seidio ACTIVE Case for BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930
By DJ Reyes on 26 Mar 2012 02:46 pm EDT

"The Seidio ACTIVE Case offers great protection for those who have an active lifestyle"

In Short:
"Great protection for those with an active lifestyle"

Should I Buy?
"If you want a solid case, not too chunky that is also desktop charger friendly, you should definitely give it a buy."

I have a love/hate relationship with cases on my BlackBerry devices. One because I love the naked feel of them, especially the BlackBerry Bold 9900. However, I’m a klutz and prone to dropping my phone a lot so there’s a need for me to get a case to avoid getting scratches or dents on my BlackBerry phone. When looking for a case, I want something that isn’t too bulky but at the same time will give me the protection I need. I’ve been a huge fan of the Otterbox Commuter cases but started looking at other brands when I owned a Torch 9800 as I didn’t like the fit of their Commuter case. The Seidio ACTIVE cases looked the part and I thought I’d give it a go, especially since I do keep an active lifestyle. Keep reading for my review.

The Review

The Seidio Innocase ACTIVE case comes in two parts. The rubber sleeve and the outer shell. The outer shell comes in a variety of colours - black, sapphire blue, burgundy and purple (or amethyst, as it's listed). I went with purple to try something different to what I normally go for (blue, if anyone was curious). The rubber sleeve is made from high impact absorbing rubber polymer and is compact and lightweight. It has cut-outs for the charging port and headphone jack. The buttons on the side and top are covered but can be easily pressed. I have experience other cases where it has been quite difficult to press the keys when covered up. The back also has cutouts for the camera, flash and speaker. The outer shell has a spider-like design so it can give added protection to the corners and sides of the phone and has a non-slip rubberised finish, allowing for a good grip. It doesn’t make the device too bulky and even with my small hands, I get a nice snug fit.

Seidio ACTIVE Case parts for Bold 9900/9930

A bonus feature of this case is that it is desktop cradle charger friendly. So if you are an individual who uses a desktop charger, this is probably a welcome feature as it means you don’t have to keep taking of the case to use it.

Seidio ACTIVE Case charging contactsThere are cutouts for the charging contacts making this case desktop cradle charger friendly

Seidio ACTIVE Case right-sideThe buttons are covered down the right side and on top but are easy to press

Seidio ACTIVE Case right sideOn the right side the ports are exposed for easy access

One down side to the case is that it does collect dust and pocket lint. I usually carry my phone in my pocket and oftentimes I pull it out and it’s covered with pocket lint and it isn’t very pretty. But I consider it a minor thing as the case itself does a great job in keeping my BlackBerry safe for the times I have dropped it. Which has been a few times already, with the case taking one for the team as it now has a small scratch at the top. If you’re looking for a lightweight case that doesn’t add too much bulk the Seidio ACTIVE case definitely works for those with an active lifestyle.

Seidio ACTIVE case for BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930

The Good

A solid case with some style, it's double layer offers great protection. With a choice of colours you can pick which one best suits you. The case is also desktop cradle charger friendly.

The Bad

The rubber layer picks up dust and pocket lint.


Definitely a great case for those with an active lifestyle, it takes the knocks and certainly protects your phone if you happen to drop it, especially since it covers up the front bezel too.

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Reader comments

Looking for a case to match your active lifestyle? Check out how the Seidio ACTIVE holds up


Neither, in my experience. I bought Seidio's dock, which specifically states that it works with the Active case, but I have found that it does not work with our without the case.

But the case itself is very good from a protection standpoint.

I have successfully got my BlackBerry to charge with their dock both with and without the case.

And I agree that the case itself is good if you're looking for protection.

With 5 minutes of fiddling and wedging things in to get the right angle, I can sometimes get the leads to connect, but chances are, a slight vibration will mess up the works. So now I have a $30 brick.

I have this case and I absolutely love it. Looks less bulky and ugly than Otterbox while offering pretty much similar protection. Highly recommended!

The charging pod isn't a drop and forget it with the case one, but I won't call it difficult. Maybe I am just used to it. Then again, the OEM charging pod is so small, it isn't exactly drop and forget it either. I think it is a wash as far as the charging pod goes.

I have been using this case for a while now and the draw for me was the charging pod option without having to put on and remove the case. It offers great protection and I often just toss my phone on the counters and desk anymore and not worried at all about it messing up my phone.

The lint issue seems pretty minor to me. I put this on the same level as screen smudges which I think is worse than any lint you can pick up with this case.

My biggest gripe (and I don't know if it is just me), but the convience key is really (and I mean REALLY) easy to press on accident. So you will find that your camera is on when you pull your phone out of your pocket because you accidently pressed that button. This isn't something that I notice when I don't have the case one, so I believe it is how the case was designed with that button in mind.

I think it would have been better if it was smooth like the left side instead of the raised indication on the right. The button would still be easy to press, but cut down on the number of accidental button presses.

Over all, I think this is an awesome case at a reasonable price. Easy to put on and remove if you need and easy to live with day to day. The available charging pod from Seidio just adds to the benefit of this case.