Looking for a BlackBerry Z10 unlocked in the UK? Asda Direct have it at a bargain price

Asda Z10
By James Richardson on 20 Jun 2013 05:36 am EDT

If you are in the UK and are considering picking up the BlackBerry Z10 SIM free you may want to check out the Asda Direct website. For some reason they have reduced the price of the BlackBerry 10 handset to just £399, which from my investigations is between £50 and £100 cheaper than other retailers.

For non UK readers - Asda is one of our biggest supermarket chains here and is actually part of the Walmart group. I wonder if a similar offer may head over to the United States as they are family?

Anyway, for the price that Asda are offering the device that's a whole lot of smartphone for your money. They also have four delivery options or you can pick up the Z10 from your local store if you prefer.

Nice work Asda - keep them coming. Thanks Rob for the tip off.

Order the BlackBerry Z10 from Asda Direct

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Wow that's cheap!

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Grabbin one now on white... ;-)

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Great price but I don't regret getting mine on contract. I usually prefer to get phones as a one-off purchase but I just had to have the Z10 at launch. Still my contract was a good one anyway!

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Snap. I got mine on contract because I got such a sweet deal. But for years I had been buying phones outright and just adjusting my o2 contract.

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Am about to order 8 new Z10 for work account... this might just save me a small fortune!!! thanks guys!

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We sell them at around that price as a IT supplier in the UK. With VAT that you can reclaim and credit if your company is credit worthy.
Give us a call and we will do you a deal :)

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Now who would buy the Q5

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Pete The Penguin

That's the lowest sim-free price I've seen. I paid £480 for mine!

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Pascal L

But that's a refurbished one at phone outlet...

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They were probably returned because of reboots. Probably was never anything wrong with them.

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Nice deal.

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No not on sale here in the US. Walmart is selling it for the equivalent of £520.

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Faroukh Naseem

Price in Saudi Arabia Has gone down from SR 2599 (£435) to SR 1999 (£335)

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Hi James, posted this last week on the Z10 forum,

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Cracked Berry

Don't forget Topcashback guys, another 2.1% back! ;)


"Has it.."

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Winston Loh

Wow...great price point...many should be happy to learn about this availability :-)

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