Looking for BBM Groups to join? The CrackBerry Forums has plenty to choose from

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2013 12:52 am EDT

For a lot of folks BBM is a great way to to stay in touch with friends and family and a big part of that is due to capability to create BBM Groups. if you're not familiar with BBM Groups, it's the part of BlackBerry Messenger that allows you to either create or join a group of people in which you can chat, share pictures, lists, create appointments, and more. Each group allows up to 30 members, and you can be in a group with people who aren't part of your BBM contact list. It's a great way to interact with folks without really giving up too much privacy, if you're concerned about that.

With BBM for Android and iOS now available, there's sure to be a lot of folks looking to join new groups and build up their BBM contact list and luckily, the CrackBerry Forums is full of already existing groups that folks can join. Hockey fans, Fitness fanatics, Car lovers, Finance and Investor groups and well, let's be realistic here, even some fun, sexy and flirty chat if that's your thing. Whether you're looking for a group to join, setting up a group of your own or just looking around for things that might interest you, the BBM and BBM Group forums are a good place to get started.

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Looking for BBM Groups to join? The CrackBerry Forums has plenty to choose from


It's less annoying :P

But kinda, it's more like a chat room, really, you're just BBMing a group chat rather than one person. And it also allows for sharing of pictures and lists.

Don't.. at least until the bug fixed where you can mute group notification on android or else it will ring every minute (on a crowded group).

What is the group limit in whatsapp? I'm turning my family from whatsapp to bbm, that group is in 24 and rising, will easily go to more than 30 shortly, what would be the option?

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100'd be extremely annoying.. Many get annoyed enough at times when everyone's going with a group of 20 people.. I'd say 40 people max would be okay, 35 would be good. You have got to be kidding about 100 though, keep in mind that you're battery would not enjoy 100 people sending messages over and over in a chat room. Imagine a CB Podcast when just 200 people are in the chatroom and everyone is going crazy, it's just annoying.

I'm sure they did a lot of testing to figure out that 30 or so is the optimal max number for a group.

I'm in a group chat of 18 on WhatsApp with friends. Love it! Not sure what the limit is. I would be shocked if they migrated over to BBM, out of hundreds of friends, I only know a handful with Blackberries.

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Bbm channel is the best especially in photo sharing, it's like having your own website on the go \m/

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The only problem is that the Channel owner is the only one that can share anything like photos or documents. BBM Groups is the only option here for sharing, unless you email everybody on the Channel.

i think BBM groups will gradually become less pronounced as BBM channel catches on after its formerly launched

There have been a large amount of new groups popping up!! I already see lots of ios and android bbm groups!! :D

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The legacy limit of 30 members in a Group needs to be increased if BBM is to compete with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp introduced a limit of 50 members on a Group this year:


As a BESAdmin I wanted to use a BBM Group in my workplace as a means for my BlackBerry users to discover each other and add each other to BBM but I have over 30 users so it proved frustratingly useless.

Channels will replace Groups for some uses but Channels doesn't allow you to see who is a member if a Channel so you can't didcover individuals on BBM that way either. It should be optional for both the Channel creator to have a list of members of the Channel and optional for the member to appear on that list for situations where whats important is people being able to find each other within BBM.

Discovery in general is terrible right now in BBM. It can't tell you who in your Phone contacts uses a BlackBerry/cross platform BBM. There is no no way find a Group without a BBM contact telling you it's PIN or without lookng on a 3rd party website to find BBM Groups.

Channels could improve that situation with its promotion and search functions but right now Channels is one-way anti social media, you can find like minded BBM contacts easily there either.

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You can see who the members of a Channel by clicking on the "Stats" pane. Then click on the top left where it says "Subscribers". The limitation now is that you can only see the list of subscribers. You can't reach out to them. However, BBM Channels is not anti-social. If you make a post and have comments & chat enabled, then you can have some very engaging conversations.

Totally agree with you on the ability to discover other BBM connected users on your phone's contacts list. Your BlackBerry should be able to show you who has BBM so you can invite your friends to your BBM contacts list. It's crazy that WhatsApp can do this and BlackBerry can't/or won't...

The Subscribers list is only a useful option for the Owner of the Channel.

Ordinary subscribers can't to find each other that way because they don't get to see the Subscribers list.

WhatsApp knows the mobile phone number of every one of its users so that's how it can identify them in a phone's contacts list. BBM should identify phone contacts that have an email address entered that is also a BlackBerry ID and suggest them as contacts to invite to BBM.

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BB10 does show you in your contacts the people that are bbm connected, it also shows you who is on twitter and facebook!

I'm already in a BBM group: "people who installed BBM on Android and can't use it". It's an offline group.

BlackBerry wants every app in their BlackBerry World but they don't release their app to everyone, NOT FAIR!
(Windows Phone)

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Re BBM groups and notifications:

If you drill down in settings (with the newest official update) you can set groups notifications individually and separately.

Group chats on bbm are inferior to whats app! Sending pictures is a pain in the ass, cant send location, voice notes, videos, audio notes, etc! They have their work cut out for them if they want to compete with whats app! Friends that I told to get BBM are asking themselves "why did I switch" so I hope BBM fixes these problems!

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[FONT=Impact][SIZE=7][SIZE=7]Hello there,
I am [COLOR="#FF0000"]Male 24[/COLOR] Canada.
Please add me to this group.
Here's my PIN: [COLOR="#FF0000"]74C0A735[/COLOR]
Only Females please.
All types of chat. You won't regret.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]

Hey George Pollyn! What's your take? Leave a comment. Hey guys am new to bbm so i would like to make frnds all around d world if possible