Looking back: Why I choose BlackBerry

By Alicia Erlich on 19 Jul 2013 09:41 am EDT

Reading over Kevin’s recent from the editor's desk about looking back, it triggered a memory. As a writer, there are posts and stories I’ve started only to be forgotten and abandoned because of work, life, or other interruptions thrown my way.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence, so I rummaged through an old notebook from the time of Hurricane Sandy and discovered a partially completed post written during the super storm with pen and paper and only candlelight to see (didn’t want to waste valuable battery power on my PlayBook or Bold 9900). The nine days without electricity afforded me the time to reflect on my time with CrackBerry, why I switched from a dumb phone to BlackBerry in the first place, and how I was looking ahead to the release of BlackBerry 10.

What you see below is a reproduction from my notes while sitting on the living room floor pondering over the reasons why I continue to use BlackBerry. While it’s a little late, I can’t help but think how I started out as a mild mannered administrative professional who was plucked from obscurity because of my love for my BlackBerry Bold 9000 and my passion for a contest held by CrackBerry.


This tweet says it best.  When it comes to high stress situations I’ll be the first to admit that while I can get things done sometimes I’m a mess on the inside. The one thing that kept my head on my shoulders was finishing my posts for CrackBerry. No power, internet, or cell service could stop me from finding WiFi service at Starbucks. Putting pen to paper (literally) to get my thoughts out and upload them for the CB community was not only calming but helped focus my attention on important matters. 

Communication / Community

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, needless to say, the cell towers in Long Island, NY were obliterated. So when I finally noticed a bar or two pop up, my BlackBerry let me BBM, text, and email my friends and co-workers and acquaintances to see how they were and vice versa. It also let me keep in touch with the CB team. Even friends overseas were able to get through to make sure I was okay and I thank everyone for the support and wishes.

In the two short years since CrackBerry Idol, my BlackBerry is not just a tool but brings with it a whole culture. I’m proud to be a BlackBerry owner. I’ve met such a wonderful group of people (i.e. developers, forums members, Mobile Nations staff, and Twitter/Facebook friends) that I wouldn’t trade this opportunity or platform or anything else.

Throughout this whole ordeal it was my BlackBerry Bold 9900 that kept me sane. Whether it was tweeting friends, texting co-workers, submitting a power outage complaint to Long Island Power Authority, or keeping track of the storm, my BlackBerry was more than just an organizational tool and flashlight but my lifeline to the outside world.


Normally, I’m an extremely shy person (no really). The thought of making videos, publishing my writing, going to CES or even attending BlackBerry 10 Jam would have been a foreign concept to me just three years ago. How many people can say that a BlackBerry changed their life? Originally, I scoffed at the idea of owning a smartphone and discovered CrackBerry when my Mother picked up the Curve 8310 and needed help.

So after being jealous of the keyboard, I inherited her Curve and the rest is history. When a contest popped up on the homepage about CrackBerry Idol I think I hesitated and waited until the last possible day to submit my entry. I probably went through twenty different takes but it worked. I mean how else can I explain running around Manhattan and filming the Dragon for email video in Rockefeller Center. It was my devotion and passion for BlackBerry that helped overcome my fears.


As someone who used to be scared meeting new people, the opportunity to go to CES and BlackBerry 10 Jam NYC. There are no words to describe the experience. Not only was I able to meet Victoria Berry and Alex Kinsella (after two events I am now declaring myself his personal stalker) and the rest of the team at BlackBerry and they are wonderful people. Not to mention everyone I met there including bloggers (from other sites) and developers from all around the area. All of the people attending the event that day were great and it only made me more excited about coding and for the arrival of BlackBerry 10.

Looking back on these last two years I’ve gone from a shy office worker to being more confident, interacting with an amazing community, and a chance to develop for BlackBerry 10. I owe it all to owning a BlackBerry device that I admit was reluctant to switch to in the first place. 

My (ex) boss said it best when last we spoke before I headed off to my new job. The first words out of his mouth were that I would miss fixing all of the office BlackBerry devices. This just shows how my device has become embedded in both my personal and work life. Ironically, this was the same man who gave me an Apple gift card for Christmas in the hopes I would switch platforms.

As I look back on the past it is time to look forward to 2013. I can’t wait for what BlackBerry 10 has in store for us all. 

Looking forward

While months have passed since I initially put these thoughts to paper, my position remains the same, even more so since attending BlackBerry Live and hanging out with the CB crew. During this time I accomplished my goal of coding an application and as you can see from my posts I'm very proud of my Limited Edition Z10. It's something I couldn't even comprehend doing a short while ago.  

While I considered rewriting this piece to fit the present day, I chose to leave to alone as the message still holds true. My BlackBerry smartphone changed my life. As I said before, this rollercoaster ride is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything else. I look forward to what BlackBerry and CrackBerry has in store for us this year and in the years to come. For those following along, the aforementioned gift card remains unused in my desk drawer.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Looking back: Why I choose BlackBerry


I am now living apart from my Z as the keyboard died on me while on lock... Waiting for it to be repaired :-( it hasn't left my side (or hand for that matter) since day one. It feels as if I'm dying inside more every day.. On a bright side though.. Having to rely on an Android for a week noe just reaffirms the power of the Z making me more anxious every day to get it back... Shit bb10 is freakin awesome...

What I miss most... Keyboard, hub, flow, browser and CB10... Never realised how much I came to rely on those...

CB10 is the best application on my BlackBerry Z10. If it allowed us to access the likes and thanks lists the application would be perfect and I'd never need use the website.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Good read! Well done.

For me it was the ease of texting. Now it's entirely because I love BBRY and want it to succeed!

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

Dear (Crack)Berry, off-topic but important enquiry: How about making a small change concerning our avatars here? Don't you think it would be nice when little flags of our countries of living were shown together with our avatars? BB users are all over the planet. Wouldn't it be impressive to see at once that your posts are commented by People form UK, US, EG, JP or other parts of the Earth? My BBM's icon is: *UK* - please, let it make BB pride here. We are still very international community. Many colours, one... Berry :)

[...] new mobile hero: www.smartman.mobi

I just wish we would get new icons for BBM and for our status posts. Come on guys make us better than that iFraud. :)

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

Please give us a black theme for the CB app (Z10). Thank you.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

Alicia, I've always appreciated your insight and enthusiasm right from CrackBerry Idol through to the theme roundups, and it's great to see that this remains and has only intensified - you are a fantastic embodiment of the fact that CrackBerry is (at its best) a community of BlackBerry enthusiasts by choice as people who appreciate and identify with all the things that BlackBerry have traditionally done best.

BlackBerry proud every day.

Never want to be an iSheep, just never was an Apple fan since my first ipod died after a year.

Posted via CB10

I'm new to BlackBerry, as results of the demise of Palm and Webos. The reason I'm glad to own the BlackBerry Z10 is due to its upgrade i.e. webos like multitasking but I have the same family- like connection with other BlackBerry users which Apple or Google cannot offer in any way.

Posted via CB10

Same as you, palm was my first smartphone and I loved it,thanks to a friend who recommended the blackberry torch and I fell I love with the blackberry brand,with blackberry you just feel like you belong to a special group.

Posted via CB10

A very well written article. I remember being torn between buying a BlackBerry 9360 and a Nokia Lumia 800 a year ago. I chose my very first Berry because I have two friends who are using the same Berry at that time. Unfortunately, our relationship turned sour and instead of me hanging to my BlackBerry 9360 I replaced it with a Nokia Lumia 720. Your article made me look back on our messages on BBM, tweets on Twitter, post on Facebook and so much more. Kudos!

iphone users are way easier , in fact a z10 is more than an iphone 5 and very easy to prove , except for the fact that apple has the best apps ever, but again a smart phone is for communication and blackberry does it best, but problem with android slaves they do have better built phones but in my point of view they are useless

"iphone users are way easier , in fact a z10 is more than an iphone 5 and very easy to prove"

Haha. I worked in for a year at a cell phone provider, and I know for a fact you have no idea what you're talking about. Despite actually wanting to sell BBs, it was almost impossible. In side by side comparisons the iPhone won 95 percent of the time. It's far easier to compare BB with android because so many of android phones are cheap plastic.

You're just completely clueless if you believe android phones are better built than iPhones. It's the exact opposite. Only the very best of android phones can compare to the iPhone's build quality. You really have no idea what you're talking about.

"but again a smart phone is for communication and blackberry does it best"

No its not. A smartphone is for whatever the user decides to use it for. You have no idea how often people buy a phone and have no intention of using it as a phone. They use it as a mini computer, and they prefer the iPhone.

I'm sure next you will tell me the iPhone is a toy and the BB does REAL work. Just complete nonsense.

some people don't care about build quality ....plus iphone5 has a really nice look but after usage it stars to show scratches and look like shit , if not covered by a case, and if you buy a case for it , it pointless to have a nice looking phone ...i have an iphone 5 and a z10 and a galaxy s3 , and to be honest my z10 murdered them all , but again i am not an application addict , z10 just makes everything easier and more simple .

'slaves'? Many of you don't realize how much credibility you lose the moment you start calling others names. So immature and says more about you than these users you're taking great efforts to disparage.

While at the same time acknowledging that they have better phones.

when i say i defend blackberry 10 from android slaves , this means people in my real life , people i know , friends and so , i am totally free to call them whatever i want , and yes its is the right term to use for Android users , because when you look at a company like Samsung they are the best marketing tech company out there, they just know how to sell stuff even if useless , just to show off things that are totally useless and solve no real problem and they surround the community with bombarding marketing that will make the phone the best phone in the market . The only term to be used here is media slaves , omg the s4 is the besT! dont u see what it can do omg! , its all shallow stuff that make up huge value to narrow minded people , slaves to illusions

Brother, you can call them Frodo and Gandolf if you want. The point I was trying to make is that you seem express disdain for their emotional attachment to their devices while at the same time expressing yours.

I, for example, find know logic in someone bungee jumping or parachuting but I always say 'Do what makes you feel good.'

Marketing works. That's why people market things. BB' s marketing of get things done. communicate. Seems to have worked on you. No?

no i bought the blackberry long time ago cuz a friend recommended it and i tired his own phone and i liked, now that same friend is using a g s4 , and he is completely brain washed by their media , i do respect Samsung for their marketing skills , but i despise majority of people who just buy the gs4 for the fact thats whats to be bought now days

Yes Samsung and Apple know how to market and BlackBerry doesn't! My z10 kicks the iphone and the Samsung to the curb! I am not afraid to go head to head with any other phone user. When we get done seeing how things get done, they have to admit the new bb10 platform is superior!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Kicks them off the curb in what way? HUB/Peek/Flow? If that's all that matters to you then fine. My GFs an architect. She uses her phone to simply make calls and read her emails from the U.N. She doesn't text read or do anything else. She's rocking the same United Nations issued BB given to her 4 years ago. And that's all she needs.

My brother on the other hand shoots and edits video for NBC. He sometimes shoots "B Roll" with his iPhone and uploads via Vimeo's app.

Both of them have different needs for their phones.

My needs are also different. I watch Netflix durin my commute on my way to work.

Everyone has the right to make the choices that work for them without being called 'slaves' or 'simple minded' by people who THINK they know better than everybody else.

That's all I meant.

Why anyone wants to go 'head-to-head' about a piece of plastic that will be dated in 14 months is beyond me. You should all just get into a circle jerk and measure each other's p*nises.

If that's your thing, that is. I prefer to be somewhat more... Evolved...

Well, your head-to-head rebuttal about pieces of plastic started off well enough. Had you ended it after 'simple minded' you would have made a point. Then you went and shot yourself in the foot. '...by people who THINK they know better than everybody else.' Do you know the people in the thread closely enough to know that they don't know better than other people? Perhaps one of them is 'The Most Smart-Phone Educated Person in the world'. Or maybe they just have a deeper knowledge of the subject matter than their friends. Perhaps they are surrounded with people who want solid communication devices but end up buying the device that isn't designed with communication in mind simply because it isn't as popular as another device. They have done themselves a disservice. Now if only someone with a little more knowledge had only been there to help them out.

But then your head-to-head takes a turn towards devolution through some bawdiness. And your whole case lost all credibility.

Actually. "people who THINK" was meant to imply that by calling someone else simple minded you overtly place yourself in a position of being of a more 'complicated' mindset. Maybe in your rush to defend you didn't get that part what I was saying.

"Do you know the people in the thread closely enough to know that they don't know better than other people?" Please elaborate on this statement. "Better" is an extremely subjective word. And, I would assume, in this particular case, "better" would come down to whomever ever is holding it at the moment and trying to accomplish whatever it is they're trying to accomplish.

The "solid communication" statement is also somewhat confusing and extremely subjective as well.

For example: I own a phone on all three OSs. If I send my employee and email that we have a meeting at 6 regardless of which device I use, I consider that solid.

No you, in you seeming expertise on all things solid and all things bawdy, might say that I could have typed my email ..146 nanoseconds faster on the Q10 KB. But that's irrelevant to me. I just need my asst to meet me at 6 and show up on time.

Our lives are not all the same and neither are our needs.

I only meant to imply that name calling doesn't move any idea forward and says more about the name caller than the name call-ee.

Yep. Everyone has their own preferences. We should learn to get along peacefully.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Yes, fairly well written. But we need to see more articles regarding the future rather than reminiscing about the past. It would be nice to get the perspective of all writers on that topic instead of from only Kevin and Chris.

Keep moving. Stop looking back.

We want BlackBerry to succeed just as we want ourselves to succeed. BlackBerry is for people that succeed or seek to succeed.

Posted via CB10

Great post Alicia!

It sure made me remember the long days surfing the internet considering a Palm, a Windows Mobile device or one of the many featurephones that were out there in 2008...

Then a friend said "if you need a phone to help you with your blog, you need BlackBerry." And I looked into BlackBerry. It was everything I could ever have hoped for (and just so you know, there were almost no iPhones around here by 2008 and 2.1 Android didn't impress me one bit).

Highs and lows... But that's what makes rides wild!

I so enjoyed reading this story! I was the same as you regarding switching to a smartphone. I recall my husband wanting a blackberry so bad and me scoffing at the idea. I didn't like the keyboard (Omg right?). Well then they put out the Storm. I know many people disliked it but I LOVED it!! When it came time to upgrade my options were limited. I liked full touch but there was only the storm 2. I decided to try out an android device that I promptly returned after 2 days and just got the storm 2. I was a hold out, everyone made fun of me and said just get an iphone... but I said I'm waiting for blackberry. I'm so glad I did!! I love my z10. Thanks for the great story. So glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.

Posted via CB10

My first BB phone, a 9780 Bold, which I am still using now, made me to a final move and stick with BB. Been a Nokia user for many long years, (which I think the same to most of us), became a Samsung user too for a while. BB provides products that suits me as a person. Just by looking at their phones, I always see that elegance in them. And with that, I now have something elegant in me, because of BB. :)


BlackBerryaholic to the core for 5 years. First smartphone, haven't even tried anything else. BlackBerry is my dope and I get my fix every 5 minutes unless I'm sleeping.

Posted via Zeppelin!

Alicia: thank you for your wonderful thoughts here. They epitomize why we are all here. BlackBerry, be strong, be better and don't quit until you realize your best. Most importantly, don't let Alicia down.

Posted via CB10

Which model is that leaning on The computer screen left of the Z10? It has a qwerty board and it's the same size of the Z10? Which model is that?

Posted via CB10

I switched to BlackBerry because of the PlayBook, I have to admit I am disappointed with the decision. It is the reason why I bought the z10. I had high hopes they were going to do what they said they would. I'm happy with my Z10 but I can't say I have a lot of faith on the company right now. It may change but not right now.

PS I was a former iPhone user. So for me to have switched because of the PB, means I had seen something in the PB to flip me over.

Posted via CB10

That's a great article Alicia and echoes many of my sentiments as to why I chose and continue to choose BlackBerry.

If BlackBerry are reading this, you need to hire Alicia as head of US Marketing.

True about feeling like a special group here in Crackberry. My first was a pearl. Then a curve and while I left for touch screen phones like HTC hd2 and galaxy s2,
came back for the z10. Happy to be back to the community.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has to stay in the game! Android users! Iphone users! Nokia! Users etc. Our all former blackberry users!!! the phones them selves! Our the marketing and the product! That's why BlackBerry lovers are soooo critical! We are the hardest consumers! To please! We want all the issues To be fix! And at the same time!BlackBerry cant change a thing! LoL! What makes my phone! The best is simple! It a blackberry! I'm not changing! Phones! So fix it!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry! Decided to! Create a modern operating system! In 2011! Three years after! Android hit the market! They're a little! Too late to the game! But they have to stay! Competitive!

I'm coming from a torch to a 9900 to a Z10!!! Soo blackberry! Is all I know! Emails is my life! #TEAMBLACKBERRYZ10

Posted via CB10

Dec alpha C???? Okay where do I get that at! I need that!! right now! Right now! Is that a model in the making? Or can I purchase that! I'm drooling as I type!

Posted via CB10

Um, it's a cheaper looking/feeling variant of the Q10, just for developers. You really don't want it as an end user.

Posted via CB10

Alicia, that is a great and very encouraging article. Thanks for posting it and keeping it original.

I love the wallpaper on your PlayBook "BlackBerry By Choice".
Is that available somewhere, I would love to have that on mine.

Reliability. Back in 950 days. One battery ran near a month. I never missed a single beat. Reliability is dropping but still way higher than droids. Hope it stablize and rise back to the old gold BlackBerry standard again.

I'd like to hear BlackBerry make a clear and loud statement "BlackBerry is THE most reliable device in the universe"


I think BlackBerry people are different in general. iPhone users are so common and just treat their phone like a phone. BlackBerry uses cherish their devices, and it shows. I like being part of such a community. Good write up for sure

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Wow, you are so delusional. BlackBerry had the market, right? And then the lost the marke, right? So of course the only ones left are the most devoted. Kind of like when apple was about to go under, and only the biggest fans has macs?

Apple still has a a very large 'devoted' fan base, just like BB. The difference is they have millions of other buyers that simply believe the iPhone is the best phone on the market. They have no allegiance to apple.

If you think apple doesn't have fans that 'cherish' their devices, you, as I said before, are clueless. BlackBerry fans need to get out of this 'we're special because we're the only ones who can see how special our phones are' mindset. BB is losing, for many reasons, and if you continue with this fantasy of 'only blackberry fans love their phones', you're soon to be the fan of a company no longer around.

Stop with this drivel and nonsense, and get on BlackBerry to make devices that are actually better, or unique, because, no matter how deluded people here are, they will vanish.

actually apple fans are devoted as much to their iphones etc as blackberries fans remember twitter when steve jobs died ? that was pure devotion to a man that changed the world with apple devices this is what blackberry needs a steve jobs :( but i dont think blackberry is dead yet my q5 is awesome only blackberry makes phones under 500 quid that i love to use

First time smart phone and BlackBerry user here. I love my Z10! My wife and both children are iPhone users and think I'm goofy for choosing a BB. Goofy enough to get a PlayBook too! Go BlackBerry!

I hope they succeed but to be honest I'm going to be switching soon if they don't fix all these little bugs with the new 10 platform.

I actually really like it but it is too frustrating having to wipe and then reinstall every month or so. Even that would be so bad if you could actually just back it up and then restore.

Today my word substitution stopped working in text messages again! The only fix is to wipe the phone but then I have to enter every single one of them again since you can't back them up. So I get a pen and paper write them all down - wipe phone - reinstall - perform all updates - reinstall all apps - then get out my paper and redo all my word substitutions - wait 1 month - repeat

Posted via CB10

Good post. Data compression and BIS with global reach meant that during a crisis, Blackberry OS7 phones worked when androids and iphones were down. Now that neither are offered to consumers, why buy Blackberry?
By the way, some of the new Nokia's offer data compression. Why can't Blackberry do that too?

Alicia, thank you for sharing this with us. Very honest, and personal. I'm touched reading it. BB10FTW! # TeamBlackBerry

Posted via CB10

If you're not going to use the gift card, I'd like it to put towards an ipad seeing as the PlayBook is dead... just saying.

Posted via CB10

Great post Alicia! I've gotten so much flack in the last few years but it's always nice to know we're part of such a tight knit community. #TeamBlackberry for life!!!

Posted via CB10

My blackberry curve 8520 changed me from a really shy person to a really outgoing one! (I own a Z10 right now) love BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10 Z10 STL 100-01, OS 10.1, Etisalat, UAE

Wow, this is the post of the month for me! Great read Alicia, loved every second of it. You sound so much like my younger sister who always struggled with shyness. Keep up the awesome work! I really enjoy your participation on this site :)

After reading the title of this post, I was looking forward to some more device specific reasons why you chose BlackBerry over Apple, Android, Windows or another platform.

Posted via CB10

That being said, I enjoyed learning more about how BlackBerry has helped you get to where you are now.

Posted via CB10

Great post! There must be something you could buy in an apple store. Speakers? Computer bag? I bought a computer bag in the apple store to use for my Asus laptop!
Love my Q10. Came from a 9000.

Thanks for sharing your journey. That is a lovely story to read and frames a lovely start to my weeend. Thankyou . And well done you!

Posted via CB10

Wonderful reading, my first smartphone was the BlackBerry Bold 9650 followed by the 9930 and now this incredible Q10. Many relatives and friends are disappointed that I remain BlackBerry Strong but to me it's truly the best device for me and my needs.
I waited for the Q10 because I prefer the physical keyboard along with the classic form and function of the traditional BlackBerry look and feel. I have not been disappointed. The Crackberry community got me through the wait from Z10 release to the Q10 release, and I was ready to go when I finally got my grateful hands on this wonderful little machine. Your article was inspiring to read, so thanks for sharing. I'm here and BBRY forever.

Posted via CB10

I believed in BB, but after Playbook fiasco no f**** way... If they unlock Playbook so we can port other STABLE OS, I might look for another blackberry device...

Hello everbody this is my first post with my new blackberry Q10.

Very nice written.

As i said this is my first blackberry in my life and i am 36 years old and i have a thing for phones i think i have had 40-60 different phones in my life but Never a Blackberry.

And i just say I LOVE IT

Regards.Mattias Ling

Posted via CB10

It's newcomers like you that make me wonder what else can blackberry do for you today? If they stick to finding great solutions for each customer use-case, they will have legitimacy to carry on to add value to society and the people in it who entrust them with their daily communication.

Posted via CB10

My first BlackBerry was when I was with Nextel and PTT was all the rave. I fell in Love with that BlackBerry and have been a fan ever since. I want BlackBerry to thrive as a company because I believe we have the best devices.

Posted via CB10

My Experience with BlackBerry Z10 is awesome. Waiting for 10.2. Great article by the way.

Posted via CB10

I cannot describe why I love BlackBerry so much.
Since I have been using blackberry, I have always thought that I was attracted by the full keyboard, but the fact is not, from the first time I used the BB-Z10. I was so amazing at the virtual keyboard and loved it, that was so magic like my BB-Z10 could thought like a wise person. I knew I cannot leave her any more. (And now I am using BB-Z10 with Bold 9900 . )
Then a question appeared, why I cannot bear other virtual keyboard except BlackBerry? And then I found out the answer. It is because the virtual keyboard belongs to BlackBerry(although the fact is that the virtual keyboard is perfect ) that I have been loving about five years ( I am 18 years old now )and I am proud of that . Maybe you would say that I must be crazy and indeed I am.
I'm an original Chinese girl but my love for BlackBerry will not stop until forever. And I hope "BlackBerry" can "come back" to the main stream very soon and make a brighter future.
I love BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

I personally have a fairly long history of using BlackBerry phones. Thank you to a friend I saw the BlackBerry Storm one with. And since the early days of storm one use I haven't left BlackBerry as my main smartphone device. The storm one was actually a used one I bought from a store that sells used phones here in Nigeria. But I'm still glad I did despite frequent hangings and needed rebooting.
From then to storm two which was fairly better in functionality than the storm one. My joy was much enhanced by the arrival of the BlackBerry Torch 9860. It was a powerful device for me. I used it to the full! And with the frequent updating to 7.1 OS, I was able to do much when bridged with my BlackBerry PlayBook 16gb. Oh, how I loved the use of Bridge! I can do so much with my PlayBook when bridged with my BlackBerry Torch three.
Well, right now, I'm currently using the BlackBerry Z10 which I so much love above the torch three. Except for the bridge issues. And of course it's more or less a data consuming device with the absence of BIS. But the Z10 puts me ahead in every area of life as far as communication and massaging is concerned.
Now hoping to lay my good hands on the A10 when it eventually arrives.
BlackBerry has been a great tool in my hands.

Posted from my Z10 via CB

I love my BlackBerry 10 / Q10 and playbook! All my family is using BlackBerry / soo BBM™ is favourite! With bb10 we can chat with BBM™ video! That's awesome

Posted via CB10

I chose the Z10 simply because I wanted to be a loyal customer. Convinced my whole family and some cousins to buy it as well. Was hard because we all owned other Apple products, so getting a BlackBerry was rather odd. However the phone was so disappointing and there were so many problems with it that were never fixed. We're all moving to iPhone now. Such a disaster for me. Never straying from Apple unless a better option comes out. The A10 will definitely not be a better option.

Posted via CB10

Alicia your story make me even more proud to be a BLACKBERRY freak!

My BLACKBERRY journey goes like this :
Pearl 8130
Pearl Flip 8220
Curve 8310
Curve 8330 (still have this one/backup)
Torch 9800
Bold 9900

Today I'm writing this from my beloved Z10 and I can assure you that this is just getting started because I have my eyes on the Q10 and later on looking forward to what BLACKBERRY have in the pipe lines for us BB10Army!

I'm also counting the days for BBM to go cross platform because I love BBM and by now that the news are already spread across the cyber World there's a lot of Friends that used to be BLACKBERRY owners that are waiting for this!!

I'm liking the way that the Company is going... call me optimist but we still are on the journey to become "the biggest comback in the History of mobile computing", and that just my humble opinion.

#KeepMoving #BB10Army #BB10Freak #TeamBlackberry #BlackBerryNation #BB10Believe

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Well written article. It would be a welcomed addition to CB if your writings appeared more often. Thanks for sharing.

Posted one-handed via BlackBerry Z10

I chose Blackberry because at the time BBM was the rage as was the phone I stopped choosing Blackberry when I got my 9810 and saw the poor app support and its sad that the foresight of the company still embraces keyboards instead of trying to improve touch and its natural evolution voice control maw the year 3000 not arrive and you still make keyboard phones.

I left BB for WP. I liked BB for a while but when I left I realized that I was missing a lot. One thing that I noticed is that BB7 and prior had some of the best basic functions. I miss that. For the main features in a phone that i use the most, WP satisfies the best.

I am the only one around that has a blackberry out of all my friends n fam they all went to stinkoid or Iphone...me I like being different and not to mention a physical key board and Blackberry phones look so much better then all look alike touch phones out there. The only time I see a lot of Blackberry peps is at airports during my business travels. I always tell people Blackberry phones are for people who sign your check...

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I'm still a CrackBerry ho! It ain't easy bein" a CB ho!! But my BBZ10 does what it needs to do in time of need!! Beep, beep...toot toot!!!

Nice article. Can't say that I have Ad dramatic a story behind my reason for jumping ship to BlackBerry

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Sorry the previous message just got away from me...LOL...I posted it without finishing it! As I started to say,my reason for jumping onto the BlackBerry bandwagon was not as dramatic, but rather more practical. After over a decade of using Nokia devices exclusively, my carrier chose not to make any new Nokia models available, including the Windows phones. But truth be told I was also looking for a change. Apple could not deliver a satisfactory user experience for me for many different reasons, personal and practical. I briefly (and I mean briefly...LOL! ) considered such Android operated devices like the Samsung Galaxy and Note lines, but I was never really sold on the Android platform, which I consider really clunky and messy, just as the IOS looks to me stale, stilted and dated...

So the only sensible alternative was BlackBerry. My mother was a BlackBerry user already, getting a lot of mileage from her Curve. So I also started with a BB Curve 9360 operating the BlackBerry OS7. The phone did it's job and carried me through a rough summer last year. Then in the fall I graduated to a BB PlayBook and was by then hooked and anticipating the new BB10 OS and devices. So here I am months later typing this message on my still relatively new Z10 (got mine in April) . What's more I managed to push my mother to also upgrade to a Z10...which she has now converted to also her work phone, ditching the two other devices (Samsung and Sony) which she had to carry previously...

So for me and my family, adopting BlackBerry as our communication and computing devices was more pragmatic and practical. The Z10 fulfils all my needs as a consumer and a user. The Hub is ideal for me as it saves me time since I need fast access to my email accounts, the virtual keyboard is excellent because I speak three languages, all of which are supported by BlackBerry, so I can type and switch between languages effortlessly. The BlackBerry Flow aspect of the whole BB10 OS is ideal for me since I appreciate and need true multitasking on my device, something the other available platforms have yet to truly deliver. I am not an app fiend, so the available selection in BB World is more than enough for me and I 've amassed a healthy collection of apps (both practical and non practical...of course I have the obligatory fart app!) and games. Jumping from both an app to another or from one game to another without a home button or having to shut down one to use the other is another attractive feature...the browser is top notch, the sound is good and the battery life is enough for the usage I get out of my phone. I read on my Z10, get news, listen to music, have watched the odd movie here and there (Crackle +HDMI= cool combo). I could go on and on...

It is not a perfect device or OS, nor did I expect such a thing from a new OS and a nascent ecosystem. But I have yet to find a device or OS that can match what BlackBerry has been able to offer me, as I said before, as a user and consumer.

I really hope they can turn things around and be along term player in communications. If so, then, to the best of my ability I will try to be in for the long haul with BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry has real community.
BlackBerry is secure.
BlackBerry different.
BlackBerry has no sheeple
BlackBerry is not a toy

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My first smartphone was Samsung Wave. Then it fell and my (glass) screen broke, additionally I was broke back then. So I bought a cheap BBcurve, soon after that very soon, I felt in love with BBos. It just worked for once and fast. However, later I sold phones for the living. I tried the Android phones 2.X and it was just slow and sluggish, so slow that I refused to learn more about it. iPhone of the other hand was fast compared to android. However if you've ever typed on a qwerty keyboard, good luck with a touch-screen.

Now recently I bought an Android driven Tablet. Only now and now I see with my own eyes how crappy AndroidOS is. I don't even know where to start, I made a list of over hundreds of security flaws and other bugs. It is by far the worst OS existing on this planet. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Google fan, but Android no just no. Let's start and end with the names, now they are not really professional are they?; Jellybean, KitKat..?! What os do you have, I have KitKat. "Android" itself sounds like star-wars, on other words for kids.

Besides the names that I personally dislike, there are many more flaws, including mallware, yes you get mallware for free with Android. Oke now I stop before you know I'll write 100 pages about how Android is a crappy OS compared to BB.

It came to my attention that while my friends can't send messages due to network failure, I can, with BBM I have to say and or email. At the moment I'm stuck with an SlowDroid tablet, which is always better than an iPad but still. Also I'm stuck with FanDroids who tell me EVERYDAY how their phones have ps2/3 games on it, great for you, my phone can make secure calls. I'm not very sure how to deal with them as I still own a fairly 'old' BlackBerry; Torch2~qwerty. How to deal with Androids and iSheeps who fail to see that security is everything.

Anyways here is my story, like it, dislike it, read it, don't read it, whatever.