Looking back on the Maribor BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam - They jammed all day and all night

Looking back on the Maribor BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam - They jammed all day and all night
By DJ Reyes on 13 Dec 2012 01:36 pm EST

On November 24th, 2012, BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam took place in Maribor, Slovenia. There were over 200 developers in attendance, all hungry to learn and develop apps for the BlackBerry platform. The event was organised by Branko Nikolić, of Hedone Hawker Design and of the BlackBerry Balkan Developer Group Manager, is the first of its kind. Though Branko has promised there will be more to come. He plans to take the Mini Jam to Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

A couple of BlackBerry Developer Evangelists and a couple of seasoned developers were at the event - Aaron, Ardiri, Luca Filigheddu, Dennis Reumer and Lukasz Dzierzak. The gave presentations and were on hand to help developers' burning questions. Going through the anatomy of a BlackBerry 10 application, app standards and guidelines, as well as a thorough presentation on the different developer tools available for developing on the for BlackBerry 10. (Cascades/C++, WebWorks, Adobe AIR ActionScript and Java Android Runtime).

The event was a huge success, with prices and goodies given away to developers to help them along the way. After a hard day's work, everyone was then invited to a BlackBerry VIP Party where they partied all night. It also wouldn't be a BlackBerry party if the DJ didn't use his PlayBook + Pacemaker app to play music for the crowd. 

It certainly sounds like an event I would have attended and hope that events like this can take place in the U.K. I would sign up immediately. Keep your eyes peeled here on CrackBerry to find out about further events taking place in the Balkans. Continue reading to check out pictures from BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam Maribor.

Luca, Branko and Aaron at BlackBerry VIP Party, Maribor Left to right: Luca, Branko and Aaron

Developers attending BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam, Maribor

Developers in attendance at BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam, Maribor

BlackBerry VIP Party

VIP Party DJ

BlackBerry VIP Party Girls 

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Looking back on the Maribor BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam - They jammed all day and all night


I am really impressed with how RIM is doing these BBJam events, and how the developers are showing strong support. Good job Slovenia.

Some credits ;-)

All praise to Branko and his team of the BlackBerry Developer Group of the Balkans for pulling together an excellent event. The developers were really engaged after his ;-)

Mind you the BlackBerry Developer Groups worldwide are all volunteer organisations being a kind of stealth amry for RIM promoting BlackBerry Development, but their numbers are legion and BB10 as a development platform is really helping to get a lot of developers on board of the platform. (Also a lot who were only iOS or Android before).

And to Branko, thanks for the good time and I'll be in touch for some advice to organise the same kind of event in the Netherlands coming year.

-- A running geek physicist aikido-ing his way to creating innovative simply mobile experiences. --

Have a great day !

Thanx dude!!!! I'm glad you loved the events here and I'll gladly host you on our future events!

Contact me anytime if you need any advise in organizing this kind of event!

I can only imagine the amount of great applications that were developed and everybody rocking out at the party! :D