A look at Vivek Bhardwaj's BlackBerry 10 demo and his thoughts on the audience's reaction

By Michelle Haag on 25 Sep 2012 05:04 pm EDT

After his turn on the stage at the BlackBerry Jam keynote, Vivek Bhardwaj stopped to give a short backstage interview for Donny of the Inside BlackBerry Blog. Stating his favorite part of his presentation was showing off the new keyboard and BBM and the multi-language modeling, he also said whole experience was incredible, with the adrenaline from the audience making it very exciting.

When asked if there was anything else he wanted to tell the BlackBerry 10 fans, Vivek replied "I just want to say, it's just a few short months away, and BlackBerry 10 is going to be out there with some incredible experiences. We can't wait, and we hope you can't either."

You can see the short interview with Vivek above, and his demo from the keynote below.

Source: Inside BlackBerry Blog

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A look at Vivek Bhardwaj's BlackBerry 10 demo and his thoughts on the audience's reaction


Yeh...the fact of the matter is that - well I really can't wait.

My plan is due for upgrade in October - and I'll be packing away my Pearl 9105 in favour of an iPhone 5 or Galaxy Note.

I can't help but stress how - and I'm trying to be as objective as possible here - but I can't help but stress just how innovative and really sleek Blackberry 10 is.

Back in the days of Nokia & Symbian, which people have all but forgotten about - the entire point of the user interface was NOT to distract the user. It was designed to be fluid in the sense of getting things done quickly - this is the point of a phone - convenience, not the other way around.

iOS and Android (the leading mobile phone operating systems) - have completely missed this point. In my honest opinion - iOS and Android have completely forgot to add convenience. Everything is just more difficult to do than it was on Symbian.

I think and truly feel, Blackberry 10 (based on what I've seen of the Flow UI) - is a re-imagining of Symbian - but obviously for this time and age. I think that by the end of next year, or the beginning of 2014 - Apple and Google will be racing not against each other, but with each other, to try and keep up with Blackberry 10.

Unfortunately I will only adopt Blackberry 10 by the middle of next year - I won't have the cash to pull one out early next year - and I'll have to let my iPhone 5 or Galaxy Note pay itself off.

Just because your Contract is up in October does't mean you are unable to wait until January or even February. In reality the ISP's want you to sign new contracts because then you are locked in. There is nothing to say that you can stay off contract without renewing though; it actually usually will get you better service, and more leverage with the ISP regarding billing. You are more likely to switch carriers if you have poor service than you are if you have a contract.

You can also always use your upgrade in January/February when the BB10 devices come out. Unless ofcourse your current phone is not performing at all, but than why not just get a cheap phone for now that will work if it isn't working and get a BB10 like you want at the right time.

It seems to be a general misconception that people believe they HAVE TO upgrade or RESIGN a new contract. There is no benefit to the end user to resign a new contract; its more beneficial to not have to get a new contract in reality.


man hes an awesome guy in preson he taught me about bbos6 when it first came out when i was still with RIM has never lead me wrong :D got full faith in this amazing product

It's definitely badass. It almost makes me want a full touch screen instead of a physical keyboard. But I said almost lol

Cant wait to see what blackberry phones are coming next year, Im Holding off on buying a new phone cause Im excited to wanna go back to blackberry. hoping for a sleek new qwerty one with the style of the 9900. and bigger screen

Yeah,lets get a list going. I'll sign up right now! You can all get behind me in the virtual lineup :b There is absolutely NO reason to have to line up in person for an electronic device of any kind as some of the iTard community have been doing recently. Also, an active pre order program should help RIM with inventory management and allocation early in the release process.
From my BB10 ready BlackBerry Playbook

"it's just a few short months away" LIAR! It's a few LONG months away!
I'm so excited for BB10 that very day feels like a year lol

When you get the phones out RIM I've got a hand full of cash here waiting for you :)

** Don't get me wrong I'm totally in love with what I'm seeing here & I'm 100% on board.... But is it me or have they not shown the phone in landscape at all?? I mean its gotta be used in landscape for somethings like pics & apps, etc but its weird they haven't shown anything in landscape..,. I don't at all mind a touchscreen & the keyboard seems amazing but i love to use a full touchscreen phone in landscape.. Any thoughts?

Multi language? What the hell is that? Does that mean that I type in English, and the person that I send it to ( if he is French ) will receive it in French?
WOW ...... that is HUGE !

I can now communicate with people from China. I type in English ..... they get it in Chinese.

You are the best RIM ..... so smart to think of this !!!!!

er based on the comments in that video it sounds like it's just predictive text that gives you suggestions in multiple languages. would you really want to send texts in a totally unknown language? just look at the results of Google Translate, the technology isn't even close to getting the right nuances and selection of words if the word has multiple meanings

What about BlackBerry Bridge RIM? I wonder what new stuff they will incorporate into it or if it will be available at all. I really hope they continue it the way it is now or even imporve it with more cool stuff you can do together! I'd also like to see the 2 convenience keys added in addition of HDMI.

So very anxious for BB10, thank goodnes my phone upgrade will fall just about the same time as the release!! I know it is going to be well worth the wait! I am looking forward forward to a newer better stable OS and can't forget about the features! Until then I will keep plugging away on my Bold 9900.

Holy Freakadoodles Batman!! What a demo! Now you have to appreciate I am still running a BB Tour (9630?) and OS5. I loved the demo, but what really got me stoked was watching the ability to run personal and business side-by-side and simply toggling using a gesture! In my world, the business data I have on my BB is hugely sensitive and confidential. At the same time, I need to have the ability to carry my personal data around. It has been an awkward arrangement to have both in the same "ecosystem" on my device and intermingled. Being able to have them separate and distinct is for me at least a huge game changer. If I was keen on BB10 before, I am completely salivating now... where is that time machine?