A Look at the AT&T BlackBerry Bold

By James Falconer on 19 May 2008 11:03 am EDT
The AT&T BlackBerry Bold

There she is. The AT&T BlackBerry Bold is pictured above. Looks pretty standard with the exception of the AT&T wallpaper. I've got to say, it's one sharp looking device...

[Editor Update: The BG posted rumors this morning speculating a June 9th - 29th launch date of the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers. Assuming that time window is correct, the wait for the Bold on AT&T may be over soon!]

If you want to join in on the conversation surrounding the Bold, visit our BlackBerry Bold Forums, or listen to the great podcasts Kevin & HUGE CREW recorded out at WES last week:

Hold on to your horses, the Bold is coming soon... If you can't wait, you might want to give Kevin or John Mayer a call. Maybe they can hook you up??? :)

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A Look at the AT&T BlackBerry Bold


Currently, AT&T charges $29.99 for unlimited data (in the US) on the EDGE network. Any ideas if this will change for the 3G Bold? My early guess is that they will increase the unlimited data plan by at least $10, for a total of $39.99. Back when I was on Verizon, my unlimited PDA data was $45 to use EVDO.

AT&T did not raise the data plan when my Moto Q9h went from Edge to 3G and the iPhone has a super cheap data plan compared other phones. So they would be hard pressed to jack the BIS plan rates just because of 3G.

dont know if i should get the 8820 thuresday or wait for this to come out..this decison is going to be tuff!

This is a super sweet looking device packed w/ 3G awesomeness! But I think I will stick w/ my curve until RIM comes out w/ a curve sized 3G. I know that the bold isn't going to be too much bigger, but it was a big step for me to get something as big as the curve (didn't like the peal). So as sweet as it is all I can say is 'bring on the 3G Curve2!!!!'

The wallpaper is pretty good compared to the crappy one on the 8820. I will be there on launch day to get one. Now hopefully the app developers will have their stuff ready as well.

I wouldn't put much credibility into the date on the device screen. I've seen screens on Blackberry devices that display dates that make no sense, such as the prerelease ad pics for the Verizon 8330 Curve which shows "Fri May 25" on the display.

First of all the 8330 was released on May 06, I know because I ordered it the following day as soon as I discovered the early release here on Crackberry.com.

Second, there's no such thing as Fri May 25 until the Year 2012... you know, the year the Mayan calendar says we all cease to exist, check your calendars! it's that thing on your computer, desk or wall with numbers in neatly arranged boxes.

Alas "Tues May 20" does fall on this year, but arrives tomorrow and I seriously doubt the BOLD will be arriving that early!

I thought this thing was going to be in the 4digit price range, I guess I CAN afford a new 'berry. I LOVE my pearl, but the Bold looks to be perfect for me. the FULL keyboard and larger size should fit perfect in my ginormous hands

Just got a Curve 8330 and was pretty happy with it until I learned that Verizon had crippled the GPS on this phone. While Garmin has made their excellent GPS software available, it will not work on Verizon phones.

Late and crippled phones was the reason I dumped Verizon years ago. I guess I forgot that lesson.

I was leaning towards buying a 9000 (currently have an 8310 on AT&T), but I've been asking the same question for a week now and nobody seems to be able to answer. It's the most important question of all...

Does the browser still suck?

All I want are a couple screenshots. Nothing major. Just something, ANYTHING, to show that RIM is FINALLY bringing their mobile browser into at least the late 20th century.

Aside from that, the 9000 is a big heap o' awesome!! I really really really want this phone, but if the browser still sucks, well, I'll have to look at the Apple or Nokia offerings next time around. And I don't want to do that. :-(

Based on Part 3 of Kevin's review http://crackberry.com/blackberry-9000-smartphone-review-part-iii-os4-6
"but more critical and of interest to readers is that the web browser on this version of 4.6 doesn’t do the nifty rendering job that was promised in the BlackBerry Device Software v4.6 Incremental Features Document that recently surfaced. I take as a sure sign of more refinements to come before the 9000 avec OS4.1 hits consumer hands."

That may answer your question. Does it suck, John Mayer may know if his is a final production unit compared to Kevin's engineering sample etc.

Can you buy an unbranded Blackberry(no phone company logo)? The phone company logo just really kills the device imo... please be gentle with me but I am switching over from... ahem... Palm.

Check out www.cnn.cn once the BB Bold gets going they should have spare parts lying around. Who knows maybe ColorwarePC will offer their services. This way we can get rid of the AT&T logo on the bottom and cover the silver sides.

Damn I knew holding off to buy a Blackberry was about to pay off. All this time I was lookin to buy a Curve, then Low And Behold I Find Out The Bold is comming out in June. I figure a few more weeks of rocking the Samsung Sync wont hurt to say the least. What a way to be born in the PDA world. To get a Blackberry Bold. Im quite curious to see what the big deal is on having a PDA device. I hope its all worth the hype. Also being that I like to keep my phones in Mint Condition. Where can I go to get Accessories for the Blackberry Bold ? Extended Batteries & Door, Car Charger, Protective Cover, Protective Screen Covers. All That...I Call It The "O.C.D Package" LOL !

Anybody noticed that the at&t branded version has white number keys as opposed to red number keys on the unbranded version?

Why would at&t do that? I prefer the red keys...