A look at some more great features of the BlackBerry 10 browser

By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2012 02:28 pm EST

YES! Matt from the browser team at RIM is back for some more BlackBerry 10 browser action. We haven't been able to go too in-depth with the browser much yet, but Matt took some time to show off the all HTML5 browser in action. Some of the browser has been revamped based on user feedback, such at the now smaller URL bar and the hidden title bar that allows for more browsing space. We get a quick look at adding a page to the device home screen as well as bookmark tagging which is a pretty sweet way to organize bookmarks. Check out the video above to see it all in action!

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A look at some more great features of the BlackBerry 10 browser


Why not make the URL bar disappear altogether, then use a gesture to return it? Other than that, I'm liking the tags idea, and the bookmarking/add to home screen looks very quick and easy. Can't wait!

I agree with that. Hopefully, someone somewhere will add that before launch. URL bar vanishes until called back with a gesture. That would be excellent. However, I love the way browser performs. Keep on keeping on, RIM.

Or they can do it like all the other mobile browsers and have the url bar only appear when viewing the top of the webpage, except with the bar popping up from the bottom instead of the top.

Have the navigation on the bottom of the screen is much better for one handed use, but they need to have the bar go away when scrolling to maximize screen space and to avoid accidental navigation. If I'm watching a video that has taken a while to load, I don't want to accidentally go back and then have to reload that video again. Also, if the keyboard ever glitches while typing a long reply like this one, I don't want to lose all that I typed because the screen goes back.

That's one of the things I hate about the browser on my iPhone. If I'm looking at a web page with a lot of text and I've scrolled far down the page, I shouldn't have to scroll all the way up to the top just to enter a different URL.

Just because 'all the other browsers' do it, doesn't mean it's the best way to do it.

Agree. I have not used one of these "other mobile browsers" which require you to scroll to the top of the screen to see the address bar, but it sounds like an absolutely horrible idea.

There is a "reader" view that essentially takes the text from a page and presents it in a clearer, more readable format. That view does not include the URL bar, just a slim control bar at the bottom that includes font up/down buttons and a back button to return to the original view.

I HATE the tags idea.
1. too many steps to save the bookmark, search for your bookmark then to edit it to update tags.
2. tags can end up more cluttered because usually we can associate a multitude of sites as "cool", "fun", "sexy", "business", "work" ... and yet when tagged are not really related to one another.

Where is my BB default to allow ME to save a bookmark in a hierarchical system of Folders. Folders have all my bookmarks relevantly associated.

Ho-Hum, I guess I'll just need to use Tags as my "folders".

Wait a minute what will happen to those migrating bookmarks from BB5/6/7 or other devices?!

Chrome ... please come to BB10!! RIM should engage Google to have Chrome sync deep within the browser.

Absolutely correct. If one wishes, one can assign only a single tag to any given bookmark, which gives identical functionality compared to folders, and completely resolves Jagga's request for that functionality. When used this way, tags differ from folders in name only.

But with folders, you are limited to placing any given bookmark in a single folder, while tags allow you to essentially place each bookmark in as many folders as you like -- providing the increased flexibility that Thunderbuck mentions.

One of the biggest complaints against the Playbook's browser was the lack of bookmark management.

The BB10 browser's bookmark tagging may appear at first to be kind of bare-bones, but it's actually extremely flexible and better than a folder structure, since you can give a link multiple tags if you want to group it in more than one category. Very slick.

YES!!! I can not believe the PlayBook "A tablet freakin computer" didn't have the ability to edit bookmark titles. I mean come on RIM, they touted the browser around like it was the best thing ever. Left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. I thought I was the only one.

The browser looks great. It took me several tries to post this because Crackberry is terrible on the PlayBook current browser. I'm ready for my new phone now, and BB10 on the PlayBook!

No offence to CrackBerry, but the reply funtion is horrible on almost every browser. The page loads up, you start typing, then the page does some weird stutter and changes the pointer position to the beginning of the text, or outside the text bow completely. Its because too much is going on at once for what should be a simple and plain reply page...

I'm not calling you wrong (I know what you mean), but if you watched Kevin's most recent "From the Editor's Desk" video - he mentioned (and has mentioned in the past) that they are busy working on a site redesign for the launch of BlackBerry 10. Patience!

Yeah - I'm hoping they've tuned the Javascript performance. It's amazing how much faster the PlayBook browser is with that turned off. But really, we shouldn't have to do that work around ... it should just work.

Makes me wonder why the PlayBook has zero features and this browser has EVERYTHING. Cmon RIM hurry up and send our PlayBook's some love.

Very cool way of organizing bookmarks. No more need for folders because I can have multiple tags and have a bookmarked Page appear with multiple tags.!!

Cool new features! I love the fact that every day I learn something new about BB10...

BB10 is gonna rock!

Looking pretty good. Wouldn't mind the ability to add the tag at the same time as bookmarking it though, rather than needing the extra step to go back and edit the bookmark. Increase the flow!!

Why would you need to be able to play games in the browser? Might come in handy 5-10 years down the road, but what is the benefit now?

while im not overly impressed with anything seen in this video (the tags feature is certainly a good one though), what i do like is seeing the progress they've made (this thing is LEAGUES ahead of the PB browser) and the fact that they're continually making changes based on feedback.

These are all good signs, and im excited to see the browser in full use.

Does anyone know if the compression technology has been sacrificed? It's great that BB has the fastest mobile browser now (compared to WP8 & iOS 6 as per videos posted yesterday), but can I still tell my iOS friends "hey I can do everything you do TWICE for the same amount of data consumption" It's hard to believe that we would be able to "have our cake and eat it too" if you will, but if it IS the case...WOW!!!

The video was shot at different times, camera operators moving into positions each time. Same game, different progress. TETRIS ROCKS!

Just noticed the little blue handles in the text field for selecting text.

Just bring back the damn trackpad.

Well hopefully those browser software dudes check out these comments for feedback as the playbook browser has some issues but none that is as annoying to me as not having vertical/horizontal side scrolling bars. You should be able to toggle on/off that feature in the browser settings.
The concept is pretty simple, you buy a L-series qnx phone (ok, Z10 with BB10) and that’s your mobile system. You come home and plug in your phone to an HDMI monitor, turn on your Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard and voila, your desktop system. If your needs are simple, facebooking/ browsing (web-banking, email) and basic word processing, you really don’t need a MS Windows/Apple Mac desktop system nor even a laptop as the price for HDMI monitor/Bluetooth mouse and keyboard is around $250. The phone is your computer.