Look out BlackBerry, Keasy is coming for you!

By Bla1ze on 4 Jul 2013 09:42 pm EDT

Normally, it's not in my nature to go laughing at things on Kickstarter even though there is some pretty funny stuff that shows up on there. But earlier today, a press release went out making some pretty bold claims that were slightly amusing when you consider what the project really is.

It's called Keasy and according to their press release, they're looking for funding for the nail in BlackBerry's coffin. So what is Keasy? In short, it's a case for smartphones that when used, will add a physical keyboard to your device and allow you to bypass using the virtual keyboard and instead, use real keys. Here's how Keasy describes it:

UK startup, Keasy, now raising funds on Kickstarter seeks to further endanger Blackberry's position in the smartphone market with the development of a new protective smartphone case and a built in keyboard that brings your on-screen keyboard to life.  The keyboard slides away in the back of the case when not in use, and slides into position on the front for accurate text entry.

They're starting off with supporting Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and then moving into the iPhone space at a later time, in fact they already have an iPhone prototype in testing. But of course, that's assuming they reach their funding goal of £45,000 which they already have £2,266 pledged with 14 days to go. 

I'm not looking to knock the guys hustle but seriously? Nail in BlackBerry's coffin? Other folks have tried this stuff before like Spike and Qwik-Keyz and yes, they got funded but I've yet to see any of those in use or more importantly, hear anyone say they were dropping BlackBerry for some bulky and rather ugly keyboard add-on. Smart press release though, make wild claims about killing BlackBerry and get written about.

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Look out BlackBerry, Keasy is coming for you!



Also, when viewed in portrait mode on the z10, some of these comments are invisible. CB10 app bug!!

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See folks, this is why Crackberry still has the greatest community out of ALL of the Mobile Nations sites...I missed you guys. Although I love Android, Kevin and this community were missed dearly. Looking forward to getting my hands on a Q10!

Ummmm no one is gonna buy a probably 200 dollar case. And people don't want their phones cover up with bulky cases either.

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Imagine how fast people will lose the keyboard part? Insane. It would never work for the Z10 anyway, it would take away one of the best features, the flick keyboard! It doesn't sound like they are doing to week with the kickstarter either, they have a long way to go in a short amount of time.

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This device isn't being developed for BlackBerries. The inventor is trying to make it for iDroid phones to "endanger BlackBerry's smartphone position" by giving those a physical keyboard solution.

It'll fit well with the canoes. All they need to fit it is the handyman's secret weapon...

That's right... duct tape!

At least Spike had a real keyboard, but this rubbery stuff won't do better than roll-up keyboard nobody uses.

As a sidenote, iPhone keyboard is so bleh that it might actually work better! ;)

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Touchscreen has the benefit of being able tap quickly and type fast.
Physical qwerty has the benefit of physical feedback and precise typing.
This has neither.......the added layer of stuff make it so you can't type fast, and the physical feedback is likely not going to be as good as a physical qwerty. Also, every time I want to type something I have to pull that keyboard piece thing out and then put it away again. (You also can't just leave it on because there is likely going to be content on the screen that will be blocked if you keep it on)
Sure it adds a bit of flexibility, but lets be serious. This is not an elegant solution by any means.

Oh and did I mention this will not work with the BlackBerry 10 predictive text, nor will it work with Android Swype? Guess it's really only for iOS.

This is actually a compliment to BlackBerry and their users. They acknowledge that keyboard typing is faster and more accurate. Copying is the ultimate form of flattery!

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In true corporate spirit you would think they would make one for the Z10


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that would make an excellent case for non - qwerty devices, practical for blackberry users who are used to qwerty and typing on the 9900, 9700 or even q10 blindly without looking at the keyboard walking down the street ! and most likely turn alot of qwerty bb users maybe into all touch devices

This is hilarious and fucking stupid at the same time! Why in hell you will want a thing that you have to take away and put in place a thousands of times each and every day?!?!

If you want the one and only SUPER physical keyboard, the true and only SMART choice is BLACKBERRY Q10!!

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If I wanted a phone with a keyboard I would have got one. They are going to bring BlackBerry down all right. Neeeext!!!

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OMG Blackberry is dead!!! I need to sell my shares tomorrow.

Seriously, this would be rejected by Dragon`s den.

I am out.

That is gonna be tooooo much trouble. What a joke. I love keyboard, but I'd rather stick to a full touch screen than get one of those.

Queue the "blackberry stocks drop even lower with Keasy announcement" blog posts lol

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People would get tired of the slip on slip off also how lame does this sound "let me put my keyboard on Fox me to respond" lol lame that's like saying every time I need to type on my phone I have to get dressed lol

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My touch screen smartphone already has a keyboard. My hardware keyboard smartphone also has a keyboard already.

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LOL now that can't be serious. Sad thing is, this guy will actually get some suckers to invest in this. Hope those people are ready to flush some money down the toilet.

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Holy Shit..This is scary...Real keyboard like surface could be a seriou threat..BBRY should not ignore this.

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I am not sure why folks at CB are making fun of it...this is an awesome innovation...could be a serious threat to BlackBerry

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I thought the same way but now that someone pointed it out it would only work for iOS devices. It wouldn't even work for Swype keyboard. It's innovative alright but I wouldn't think of it as a threat to BlackBerry.

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This might actually be funnier than that "Mall of America is switching to Windows Phone" press release that got traction a while ago. (a couple of managers getting Windows Phones spun as '18,000 employes who work at the mall, not for the mall dropping BlackBerry's and picking up Windows Phone').

BlackBerry has lots of challenges. I don't think they're too worried about a guy hopping on the "let's bash RIM bandwagon to try and get funding" putting them to death.

I am not worried. I am on Verizon and they will never make one that is updated for a Verizon phone. And if they do Verizon won't implement it.

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People want to simplicity to the phone not a change of dress every time they want type something

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That's the stupidest phone accessory yet....and ive seen the iphone pig case w/ ear buds storage in the snout. Smh.....

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Samsung is a bad example in the video if you know anything about that phone how many users actually use the default keyboard lol

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You want me clip on some 3rd party piece of crap to my phone which most likely add bulk and weight. When I can buy a BlackBerry. Get real!

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Lmao that has to be unsightly. Yea I really want that bulky keyboard case on my phone! Lol try again keasy

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Oh....... I'm totally going to switch from blackberry now...... ha ha ha ha ha. How dumb

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I just want one now for my Q10. Now, now, now. I can't wait I just need it. Please No more wait, ...

Sound like he need founds...someone please ;)

Just a good example of where BlackBerry is excelling and where it is just a pain on other OS. But no one's, salesperson, marketing, ... is enough agressive to make customers realize how typing is important on such communication device.

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Most physical keyboards help you type faster. This obviously isn't the case with Keasy. We're much better off with the Q10 or Z10. I can type faster on my Z10 than I could with my 9930. I'm not one to knock on someones ideas but this one is very laughable.

This is actually a good idea and I think it works too. Obviously with everything implementation and integration is key. In its current form it won't sell any but if they improve the aesthetic and integrate it in a more sophisticated way , it has great potential. Won't be a nail in anyone's coffin as this will may still have limitations with speed typing. The real estate on current glass screens ain't great to accommodate a good enough accessory keyboard unless it's a phablet. All this will do is avoid may be avoid typos and allow for blind typing for those typing on glass. Looking forward to seeing a working proto.

Or... I could just type on one of the two best keyboards on the market, and an os that's growing leaps and bounds for a new os.

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Oh and before I forget I too do not think it will work...there are too many benefits to having a blackberry. many of my colleagues would agree and as well I have friends with strabismus and they need a physical keyboard board and having a small item like the one in this product could end up getting lost. In fact I have 3 friends right now that use their Q10 with magnify and it has been the best aid for their eye conditions. But, to be fair we are Ph.D candidates and we need tools not toys.

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Why would someone, start a shitty little company up, just to destroy another and say that. Even though. There will always be a market for a phone with a qwerty keyboard. And not some stupid case.

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What finally I'm dropping my Q10 right now... to get the White Q10. hahaha nothing is very going to beat BlackBerry keyboard. If it's one thing BlackBerry does right and it's there keyboards. Come one sidekick was number 2 and we seen what happen with BlackBerry around.

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I just attach my home computer keyboard to my Z via HDMI and voilà! Take that! After that I sold all my BlackBerry shares and invested in a legal grow-op in Washington State. Now I'm reaping the rewards of... of... um... hmmm...

I think the article title was tongue in cheek. It would be good if the guy gets his cash to go into production, just to see if he can sell a small quantity.

As someone new to BlackBerry I never understood the obsession with keyboards and that's why I never bought one. They force you to use them in some firms I've worked for and didn't like them.

I think that most people in the market for keyboards are already on BlackBerry and he simply won't be able to draw people from there because it's an inferior concept. The big issue is can he convert SIII users to the merits of a keyboard? That's a hard sell.

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Those guys shoud start make a living out of jokes. They are totally funny ;)

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No keyboard shortcuts anyways, it would only be used for Typing so it's not really on BlackBerry's level because by nature those android phones OS don't have such functionality built in

There's that pop up touch screen keyboard isn't there. Like some film on touchscreen makes keys pop up on tablets.

I would rather see that perfected and applied to smartphones

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It is an idea nonetheless and probably I would give him points for trying to launch his idea and trying. It could work, it could not but the guy tried :-)

Agree. At least he had an idea and tried to make something out of it. And maybe there's a situation when this is probably useful.

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Kinda wish the keys was rotatable from front to back instead of taking it out inserting it back in. Too much work might as well let it typo instead lol.

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I've heard nor seen any mention of BlackBerry and putting a nail to their coffin... seems neat but a little to much I think... I can't wait for the TAT hybrid screen to come alive... although I'm really getting used to the Z keyboard which is really great... I never imagined myself ditching the physical keyboard, but hey... times change!

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Spike my punch? Sounds serious!

By the way... not TAT, but Tactus Technologies... hybrid screen is awsume

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

This is not practical, too much bother to have to keep moving the keyboard part back and forth, I just watched the video and typed along with my Q10, gave him a head start and still finished before he did, without looking no less! Even typed with Swiftkeys on my S3 and its still faster than this thing. Great idea, but slow and impractical!

Note to BlackBerry, please spend money on app development so people would buy the Q10.

There's a lot of people out there that wants the physical keyboard badly but can't leave the apps.

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No. It's the right post.

People want a physical keyboard but won't buy the Q10 because they think BlackBerry is lame.

We can laugh and joke about it all we want but if Other Box takes this concept and push it in the market, the Q10 is pointless.

So again, BlackBerry needs to see this product (not the company) as a threat. Make the PK devices the best where there isn't a substitute - apps is the answer.

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Your comment refers to BlackBerry spending money on app development, which to me suggests you want BlackBerry to develop third party apps.

With regard to this product being a threat, I guess you didn't read 90% of this thread.

This entire post is generally meant to be humour filled. Live a little.

Hey I'm sorry if I'm not a fan boy. But I tell it like it is.

Though the article may be humorous, the functionality could be very useful in the mobile market which could decrease future BlackBerry PK sales.

We can laugh but still look at the big picture. If not, the joke could be on you.

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This has nothing to do with being a fan boy. This is one of the stupidest things a lot of us have ever seen. Completely impractical, useless and just downright a load of crap.

moving on to enjoy life...

Lol :)

When I want to see the full screen, I have to remove the smartphone?!
Unholy shit.. go and buy a Q10 if you need keyboard :)

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That's funny, it looks as if he was super slow at typing due to the stupid plastic thingy. I guess some people just can't lean how to type on glass. Plus what's the need for that on BB10 when the word prediction being so damn good. I just trust my keyboard and it does what I need. Not having to go back and correct much of anything. I guess what it comes down to is how good is your current device at fixing what you have messed up when typing.

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I am loving the z10 predictive kb. I use it with 3 dictionaries. I also like the swipe ui. What does this guy want? This right next to the pink rubber bunny ears iPhone case

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while watching a movie.. oh.. incoming message. I'm going to reply. First let me pause the movie then slip on this piece of shit typing thingymajig..

done.. now I'll disconnect the thingamajig.. annnd.. continue watching my movie.. oops.. another message.. let me repeat the whole process...

seriously :|

Does it make the same sound as popping bubble packing material? If so, it will be a huge hit!

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Expect WSJ, Bloomberg, Forbes and others to carry the headline - "Keasy - is this a fitting tombstone on Blackberry's grave?"
and, the closing statement on that article would be like:
"Finally, you can R.I.P. Blackberry..."

WTF? Seen the video... WHAT AN UGLY CASE AND KEYBOARD! even for 0.99$ I'm never going to get that case... even for FREE!

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Just going to be one of those novelty items... u waste your money... try it for a few weeks or months and then hide it in your bottom draw as its big and bulky as it doesn't fit in your picket...

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Out of curiosity has any one tried to connect a blue tooth keyboard to a Z10 like you would to a PlayBook. Figured it would be handy when you connect it to the TV when staying at a hotel or something.

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I bought a touch screen phone for a reason, I also have a q10 as well Z10 so why would I want to slide a bit of rubber onto my screen, besides are we not trying to get the phones thinner, and what happens when I rotate my phone to type, like most times, worried I am not. But its worth watching his space. I've said this before I love my Z10.

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Looking forward to see how this translates to horizontal mode when I turn my phone on its side...

You need to turn your whole body sideways and lay on the floor. That way the orientation will circumnavigate the bicentrifugal proliferation of the quadrants discovered in the third nebulae, thus distributing and distorting the pontification and proliferation of the pythagorean theorem. Carry the one. There's no simpler explanation.

The only question that I have is what happens when the touch keyboard underneath this case disappears? Will the screen adjust to be the small size, or do you not actually lose that screen real estate and just have to deal with the fact that a chunk of what you're trying to see is blocked by this case?


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Why in the world someone is wasting time and resources on something that people may not even want... People who has a touchscreen has it bcuz they want it... People who has the qwerty has it bcuz they prefer it... You can get used to the touchscreen if you really give it a chance... Besides, this prolly ain't a cheap solution for having a qwerty...

I'm sorry but no one really took this post serious ha ha who what where and when, doesn't really matter I love my Z10

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