A look at the redesigned BlackBerry App World UI coming with PlayBook OS 2.0

BlackBerry App World
By Bla1ze on 7 Feb 2012 01:09 am EST

On a recent post over at the BlackBerry Developers Blog, RIM kinda slipped up and posted an image of a BlackBerry PlayBook sporting a new UI for BlackBerry App World. A few people in the forums caught it, along with the fact that it was dated "February 16th, 2012". We'll let you all speculate on what the date may mean - if anything at all - but while you're speculating, be sure to let us know what you think of the new BlackBerry App World UI shown above. Like it better? Hate it? Let us know in the comments. Personally, I like the layout even if it does look Androidish.

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A look at the redesigned BlackBerry App World UI coming with PlayBook OS 2.0


no kidding!!!! those are so annoying!!!! they aren't apps by my definition... the are just download-able media... does anyone even buy them?

+1. RIM, are you listening? Nobody, and I mean nobody likes those stupid books aside from people creating them. They look pathetic and irritating. If you want to keep them, at least don't put them up on the 'newest' tab or give us an option to exclude them. Having them there cheapens the Playbook for me and speaks to the desperation of attracting developers.

We know who's responsible: Digi-Media-Apps. I don't mind their content just their approach, pack it up in a store front like Kobo and there you have it!

seriously...I want to block all "digi-media-apps" and "handster" The two of them are completely swamping the lists with basically 4 apps (Book, puzzle, language, cartoon) over and over again with different titles.

Very nice me and the Mrs are making some coffee we are staying all night hoping to see some stuff like this. :)If the ui means I can filter out GPS for each town in Africa along with crappy ebooks and old a$$ cartoons that cost a dollar,then I welcome it even if it does look Androidish. But with all the Android apps being jammed into appworld lately I guess a hybrid was bound to emerge eventually. :P

I agree. I'd hope to a sneak peek at some android apps, but no. Still just featured apps from the current App World. Ah, February XX cant get here soon enough.

Bum deal, still looks like it's an AIR app. I would think that this would be a good place to showcase a cascades UI, most new owners spend a good amount of time in app world shortly after purchase...

New UI is nice, but it has to be less laggy. The problem with App World right now is that it's hard to search and it's slow and clunky. Looks like it's still AIR...hopefully we'll see a Cascades version soon!

H hope they fix the digital media problem spamming appworld with selling free books, jigsaw puzzles etc.

I like the CURRENT lay out ... but will reserve judgement until I've tried the new version on Feb 17, 2012 ;) It *IS* possible that it could be better than current version ...

Looks good to me but add this to the list of 2.0 teases. I understand it's gotta be flawless but it's starting to get painful lol!
Boldly sent from my 9930

I like the new design; however, as other people have said, the design isn't the problem with the current version - the problem is it's slow as heck; the way to search for apps is limited; the top 25 limit of new apps needs to be increased; and overall performance needs to be enhanced. I swear, at times, after clicking the download button, it takes up to 5 minutes before the download starts. Too slow. Hopefully this will be addresed when the new roll-out appears.

can't wait for all the OS2 updates to not only the operating system but also for many of the apps, appworld now being one of them. RIM is looking better and better each day, i just hope theh keep rhe momentum after the OS release and don't just fade away in the status quo like they did for a while

not sure what speed issues people are talking about. I have never had an issue with it's speed. My issue is being able to search. I think they should improve it, so it's easier to find apps you want.

filters ect.

The UI looks pretty,but it could be nice also if i can set some filters and just keep them as settings,then i can filter out some "apps" as said by RobRobertson and captainbdsc.

I care less about technology and layout and considerably more about overall organization.

What I like here is that they've split off the different categories, each with "New", "Most Popular", "Recently Updated", so that I can browse productivity or games without having to sift through a flood of e-books.

And if it looks "Androidish", I'd say it also looks pretty "Metro-y". These apps are all going to be swipey, tiley affairs from the looks of things.

as long as they do something about those horrible digi media apps that keeps spamming our app world landing page.

Hey guys, this is out of the subject but where can I purchase a blackberry 9900 for AT&T besides the AT&T store? Also, I was wondering why best buy doesn't carry them anymore...? I had to give my wife my iPhone 4s because it just wasn't doing it for me. I miss my speedy email and BBM!

The people at Costco are awesome. They got me so much free stuff added onto my plan and got me a free car charger and a cheap case.

ahahah i have been dreaming of that day since forever, don't worry the new bb10 has skype on it, just not sure if they will put it on playbook before the launch.


i would rather have tango than skype.... but back to the subject of the new UI of bb app world, looks to mee to the new look to the android market. if RIM one of these days decide to support the full android market that would be the day apple would be concern... the best security and email of blackberry and a great android market all together would make join masses of android costumer looking to have blackberry security and android apps.... in my opinion that would just help rim. i dont know what they need to do in order to support full android but if they do they will suceed.. i will be the first one buying that phone!!! GO GO RIM!!!!

17th of Feb is "THE RESSURECTION". I feel dying,,,,waiting for so long. Hope they prepone OS2. UI looks nice. I have a router so wifi is not an issue. I think there is no community as enthusiast as what BB have. We are following the baby grows. It's interesting of course but need patient. Look how HP kill their own baby...they don't give it a chance to grow. Then the father Rubinstein decide to bail out. Go ahead RIM,,,,,let's rock and roll this!

Can't tell if trolling or... Are you really inserting future pricing/availability of an app based on a marketing mockup image?

1. App world search function is a Joke. At least let me search with in a category.
2. I want them to give me to options to click on a App developer and see their other apps, as we do online.
3. Need ability to push apps to Playbook from desktop, at least buy it from desktop and then it shows up in your apps, to download.

I don't really see the exitement in this pic. Am I missing something? I think usability changes are going to be more important. RIM is known for not advising about every single change they made so I look forward to some surprises.

I'm really hoping that there will be a Kindle app on the PlayBook! The Kobo app is awful and their customer service is horrid aside the fact that they charge 2 taxes on ebooks when physical books are taxed only one (in Canada). Amazon, you made one for the iPad, what about the PlayBook?

FINALLY! I got my 32GB playbook back in december and have to say the marketplace isn't that great. A lot of games that I enjoy the most were kinda hard to find, one of them being reckless racing/getaway. Now I just hope they add more filters like sorting by cost and rating.

ive had a pb since day 1 and ive seen app world grow, especialy the last few months. i like the new 2.0 and cant wait for the prod version!

well, if it comes with skype I won't mind the digi-media stuff hehehe

Se habla QNX

iwho? sorry dude I got a real tablet not a toy

The UI is nice, the orig. UI is nice. A filtering process is definitely needed, but for now the filtering process would be an ugly truth, without all those "filler" apps. One or two apps would only come up when searching...and the horrible uglier truth is there will probably be no apps that come up.