A look at the native clock app on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jan 2013 08:39 am EST

BlackBerry 10 Native Clock  BlackBerry 10 Native Clock 

The native clock app on BlackBerry 10 brings along many of the same features we've seen on BlackBerry in the past. There will be a clock mode with world clocks, stopwatch, timer and alarm. We've seen a bit on the clock in the past, and the reason I love it on BlackBerry 10 is because it's one of the native apps that you'll most likely use every day but won't even have to think about it. You'll easily be able to set the alarm, switch between functions and even enter Bedside Mode with no hassle. Very cool. Check out some more images below. 

BlackBerry 10 Native Clock  BlackBerry 10 Native Clock

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A look at the native clock app on BlackBerry 10


People can ask for Netflix and blah blah all day. The clock is in the top ten of my most frequently used apps. Time is $.

Really, dude? Every damn phone will have a damn clock. This is a given. Yeah, Netflix (along with othe MAJOR apps) is needed on BB.

And watch may work for most people, but I happen to be allergic to the wrist bands on them and can't wear a watch. For me, the native clock is very important.

I'm not 100% sure, but on the video with the Austrian guy the clock seemed to be Red on Black which I thought was so awesome looking I would die

The one thing I like about the new native clock app is that it will have the sunrise screen, where the screen slowly brightens as the alarm goes off. I have been looking for an alarm app that does this and boom RIM will have one baked one in.

That sounds cool and all. BUT... Usually when an alarm clock goes, the moment you wake up, you want to shut the damn thing off. You don't lay in bed enjoying the sounds of an alarm clock and turn over to your side to watch a screen brighten up.

I saw that feature and it was cool, but for the most part you wont even see it.

Would the alarm not sound at the *end* of the brightening phase?

But yeah, cool feature that probably won't actually do much (except for those who sleep as lightly as my wife). I recently got a "sunrise simulator" and love it -- it does make waking up easier. However, the manufacturer recommends a 60 or 70W bulb. The light output from a phone is somewhat less. :)

Careful now, wouldn't want to expose your xenophobia on CrackBerry. Our Multi-Cultural Human Collective wouldn't approve.

Adam - It looks like there is still only 1 alarm. It seems like other platforms allow for multiple alarms (One for M-F and one for Sat. Sun., maybe a 3rd for a mid day reminder every day). Can you comment or add a little color to this post?

If the calendar keeps most of the functions from OS 7, you can set 1 alarm from the clock app, then set all the alarms in the world you would ever want, from within the calendar

I recently saw a co-branded iPhone/Verizon television commercial where they're touting iOS Bedside Mode as if it's a novel feature. I actually LOL'd.

my issue is will i be able to set more than 1 alarm... like seriously it is about time we can set multiple alarms without needing a 3rd party app

I would very much prefer if the clock had the ability to set multiple alarms as well. I keep my phone on vibrate at all times. The only time it makes a sound is when my husband calls or texts me and when the alarm sounds. I do not want to have to go through the hassle of setting up an alarm in the clock and then having to f*ck with the calendar for other alarms... That is very cumbersome and unnecessary in my opinion.

I'll take the clock for what it's worth when I have the QWERTY series blackberry 10 powered blackberry smartphone in my hands. :D

Regarding Countdown Timer:

On the PlayBook, OS 2.x, the countdown timer could not do seconds. It only had hours and minutes. Which means you couldn't set 1 min and 30 seconds if needed. I think this is an oversight.

Anyhow, fast forward, I submitted this to a RIM PM named John in the BB Beta forums. He finally replied and said that this would be fixed in a future release. He didn't mention BB 10 as the future release but now that it's only two weeks away, I am assuming (and hoping) it's BB OS 10. Anyone actually know if the countdown timer can do seconds in BB OS 10?

Thank you.

Years back a business coworker I was rooming with plugged in his Blackberry Bold and I noticed this sweet analog clock appear. I was a "dumb phone" user at the time and had never seen this. I asked him about it and he told me all about the clock and the bedside mode feature. That feature alone sold me on the Blackberry and I got one soon after.
Every night when I put my phone on its cradle beside my bed and that sweet analog clock appears and the phone fades into bedside mode I smile. I love that feature and it looks like that will continue with BB10. Can't wait!!

It may sound nitpicky to some, but I had an *extremely* difficult time trying to find a decent clock app with a sweep second hand on it for my Bold running OS 6. I never actually found one.

I'm frequently needing to time things I'm doing and that typically means I don't have an free hand to start/stop a timer, so being able to glance at something and know if 60 seconds have elapsed is a huge benefit for me.

Simple and silly to some perhaps, but that little change will make me happy.

I totally understand, and I agree; I was always quite peeved that my Bold 9900's clock was missing the second hand (analog) or a counter that denotes the number of seconds (digital). I never understood why that was omitted.