A Look Inside The Astonishing Tribe's Headquarters!

TAT = Teasers Are Torture!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2012 11:20 am EST

TAT = Teasers Are Torture. Well, actually TAT = The Astonishing Tribe, the amazing UI design company which Research In Motion acquired back in December 2010. Based out of Malmo, Sweden, the TAT aka RIM Sweden team has been teasing torturing us for over a year now with amazing app and UI demos, the power of which will be put into the hands of developers when TAT's Cascades UI framework is released as part of the BlackBerry 10 Native Development Kit. We're guessing that will hit in a couple months... perhaps a BlackBerry World unveiling?

In the meantime, we do really LOVE the demos and the TAT team and the work they're doing (we hope they get a chuckle out of this). We're just excited and impatient and want all of it on our BlackBerry devices NAO! :)

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A Look Inside The Astonishing Tribe's Headquarters!


Perhaps some of these apps they're teasing us with are just test apps that they've developed to test out their code and show what Cascades is capable of. I don't think RIM bought TAT in order to get them to develop apps. Their main objective is to get Cascades ready :) Maybe after Cascades is released will we see a few apps pop up here and there.

That's what I said in the post. They're demos. TAT may do **some** apps, like the Scrapbook one, but it's about getting Cascades into the NDK and into developers hands so developers have the power to put the UI framework to work.

Of course, I'm sure we'll see TAT's hand in revamping most/all of the native apps on BB10 too. The teasers have been framed as demos of the powerfulness of the platform. That said, I want that power.. be it the TAT demos or apps using that power, ASAP :)

There's still about seven months left before a BB10 phone drops so I believe you are correct! Looking forward to more TATalising (or TAnTalising) Cascades demos!

Cascades is what's gonna give RIM the boost it needs. The WOW factor that should bring people back to BlackBerry. Let's get it out already RIM. I for one can't wait.

Is this storage wars? The "WOW" factor?

Having used Droid and iOS devices myself, RIM is going to need way more then cascade effect applied to the UI and apps to get people to switch back from either of them. Once they are on iOS or Droid and spent a bunch of money on apps and have become comfortable with them they aren't going to switch devices where you have to re-purchase your apps and learn a new os.

It has to be much better then the other offerings in order to entice people to a different platform. The BB people will eat them up regardless because they should be alot better. But when it launches is need the majority of the press coverage to be positive and energetic. Catching up to the competition is not enough if you want to regain market share. You have to be better then the competition to entice users to switch.

You also need the most popular apps present at launch. How many people including myself bought the hype of the playbook and believe the images of skype, netflix that littered the back drops at announcements.. Yet Skype is no where to be found.

Have is all together and ready to hit the ground running. Or wait till you can get the app support.

Was it that hard to learn to use the playbook? I found it ridiculously easy to learn. If BB10 phones have this element then that won't be the obstacle. One session with the phone in a carrier store and they're good-to-go.

The demos RIM shows are spectacular. That would attract people to BlackBerry.

Android and iOS phones aren't really doing anything new. I've tried them many times.

i think adrenaline_x has a very good point here, it's quite possible that when people got used to one platform they just don't want to change unless the other option is far more better, especially when considering they have spent some money for the apps, it will be hard to convince people to pay twice for the same app on another platform. it's not about whether bb10 is easy to use, not everyone is early adopter after all. the problem for RIM is that bb10 is still not ready, if they release late more people will get used to the platforms that they are currently using, if they release early without the whole package and app support, like playbook, it will destroy their reputation once again. Whoever can lead RIM out of this awkward situation will definitely be a great leader, hopefully it's Thorsten.

It's true people spend a bunch of money on Apps. It'sd also true that they only use a handful so switching isn't really as hard as you think. IpHone is different because of iTunes.

I agree having the top apps on BB10 is a priority item. or should be, for RIM.

I love their demos as much as I love the Skype icon on the old PlayBook images.... Showing people things they can't have for ages (if ever) is a bad bad marketing plan.

I understand the system. Show what it can do and the developers will come. That's all good and dandy but have they thought if they expanded to having more than bbm and bbmusic as native apps that it would draw attention? One guy posted earlier that people don't want to change phones just to have to buy the apps all over again. HE"S RIGHT!!! The only thing I can see people switching for are native apps that blow the competition away. Things that TAT has been playing with are the cat's meow when it comes to the business world. Heck, they don't even have to give these apps away. They can sell them. I have a ten to twenty spot for each of the apps I've seen so far. You want to charge me more? No problem. with the stuff that's been shown its worth it. Wait a Blackberry owner willing to pay extra money to have the real "super apps"? We are always willing to spend on apps. Not numerous, but quality. The kind that TAT is showing and is hoping that other developers will follow.

Only RIM company can turn awesome things (like unbelievably cool demos), into a complete PR nightmare (like the public feeling they are being tortured).

And RIM has manage to do it again and again over the past few years.

The thing that bothers me the most is not the demos but the thought that this is a marketing stunt by RIM. They have not made one commercial with these demos in them nore have they shown this off in anyway other than a demo. Yet many keep saying that its a marketing stunt. Please for the love of everything holy let me know how this is a marketing stunt. ITS A DEMO!!!! Nothing more. It's there to show everyone that RIM has the ability to scale their new platform in ways that no other OS can, point blank and period. Not only can the new platform scale up but it can also use the most simplistic of gestures to do many different things, not having to use four and five Finger gestures like some other OS haven't just to get around the OS. Is it torture, hell yes but it is something no one else has done more can they do.