A look at the BlackBerry Z3 'Jakarta' from all angles

By Adam Zeis on 17 Feb 2014 10:43 am EST

Just yesterday we got a first look some renders of the upcoming BlackBerry Z3 "Jakarta" and today some more images popped up giving us an even deeper look. They're still just renders of the device (not actual images) but it does give a good idea of what to expect from the entry-level device.

The buttons remain on the right side of the device, but what's good to note is that is appears as if the microUSB port has been moved to the bottom (which is awesome) and that the SIM/microSD slots are on the left side of the device.

It shouldn't be too much longer before we get to see this one live an in color, but for now take a gander at the images in the gallery above to hold you over.

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A look at the BlackBerry Z3 'Jakarta' from all angles


Nice I love the look of this phone however I do t like the resolution they picked if it's real....it doesn't make sense at all....it should be a 720p screen but one thing I love is the battery size :)

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You could have said Happy President's day to my family, friends, and the FIRST man of the state... in your FIRST post.

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@Anthony Roberts5...The more I look at this phone I don't believe it is the one coming out.We don't have family day in Quebec,I was wondering why the TSX was closed today in Canada,thanks.

I too am wondering about the PPI/resolution effect, but keep in mind: This is NOT a high end phone. It's entry level. It's most likely to look great (5' with 220 PPI. PlayBook was 7" with 169 and you don't see people complaining...).

Another curious thing: The specs are THAT close to upcoming LG's L90.

Good day, Anthony... If they can figure out how to sell this sub $200 (without contract) in the USA... this phone will sell here, as well....

1. If they can get U.S. carriers to carry it...
2. If they can get carrier reps to recommend it...
3. Maybe on T-Mobile, but the other carriers don't give service discounts even if you bring your own device, which means a $200 Jakarta unlocked still costs as much as a $200 subsidized Android/iOS device...
4. Maybe as a pay-as-you-go phone...

At&t and sprint both have no contract non- subsidized plans, don't know about Verizon

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Carriers are lazy pieces of garbage when it comes to BlackBerry. They will put a Blackberry on their network, as long as, they don't have to make any effort to sell it to you.

Also, sell this thing "Pay as You Go" and Tracphone. Quality no contract phone.


DE Nada

CB10 from the Z30

If they don't put in any effort, will customers still want it?

The lack of timeliness of updates is already a major annoyance to existing Z10/Z30/Q10/Q5 customers...

Well, in some countries, France for example, we have two kind of contracts.

Its like 20€ if you use your personal device, or 35 if you take a device with the contract.

It should be the same everywhere.

Go look at videos on youtube of the Galaxy Note 2, which has a 5.5 inch screen and a 720p screen. The resolution on the Z3 will be just fine. Believe it.

...and the PlayBook has 720p too. I also have a Dell XPS Win RT tablet and it's 10" with only 720p. Both perfectly usable.

This is a "budget" phone. I could see it doing pretty well in Enterprise, too, actually. When you look at how successful the Lumia 520 has been, I think this market is a no-brainer for BlackBerry.

On the Z10/Z30 the charge port is right where you would hold the device with your left hand, the bottom is a much better location compare to the previous full touch designs. The Q10/Q5 have a slightly higher charge port so it doesn't interfere.

If the rumored specs are true, it makes the z10 look like a disappointment/rushed phone(not to mention the lacking features like fm radio).

It will depend on taste but aside from the resolution and I think the memory, it has a bigger screen and a better battery which are to major things I wish the z10 had to make it perfect(and yes the fm radio and the paratek antena).

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

My battery was great until I got these APKs... they suck battery away like nothing else

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I love it. But I will wait till I saw the display... hope I can get one... (from Europe)

Since 2010 

Looks to me like the buttons are on the left side, not the right?

If so I hate that, sorry lol They've always been on the right for BB's, everytime I pick up an iPhone I reach for the right volume rockers, which aren't there.

I think i'd like the lock button on the top left though.

I never understood why some phones have them on the left. It makes pressing the volume buttons so awkward.

Seems like all the buttons including the power button are to the left.

The reason they changed it is because it's a 5in device, so for most people reaching the power button on top would be more difficult. They decided to put the power on the top left side. (you can try this on your BB10 phone) Now try putting your index finger on the top left side, the volume keys on the right are difficult to reach am I right? So that is why the volume controls are below the power, so that you can control em with your middle and ring fingers.

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What concerns me more about this phone is not so much the specs, but how BlackBerry is going to MARKET this phone. Hopefully something new under John Chen.

Z10... next Ontario!

They are not going to market the phone,Foxconn will,and handle distribution ,it's their baby now and I am 100% sure they will do a better job than BB.It's almost like they licensed the OS for 5 years.

@pick1eberry..they are the biggest mfg.in the world!!They will promote this phone as if it was their own.Eventually they might even buy BB's hardware business and have total control, all over the world,why not?

John Chen said Foxconn and BlackBerry will market this phone in Indonesia when it's release so yes Foxconn will promote this phone

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Wow they finally moved the ugly USB to the bottom. A good sign BlackBerry is making changes.

It is a shame the old team kept the "broken teeth" for so long.

Lmao why is it that you get so angry when people say first. People like you make sites like this in enjoyable for everyone.

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Interesting to see the specs. BlackBerry should really fine tune them and give a little more for less so to speak
They need to give the consumer something extra, even perceived to get a leg up "same as" just won't cut it. As well makes me wonder how they will get BB10 to operate on it given "playbook" type specs.

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1.5 gb ran.. although it's sure playbook could have run on 1gb, not sure it would have been smooth like this

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BlackBerry simply didn't want to waste time with PlayBooks anymore. This phone looks nice. I hope it succeeds.

Other than the screen resolution, this is a nice device. Really like the USB port on the bottom.
Not bad for emerging markets.

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Sim and SD card slots on the side, leaves no doubt that this device has no removable battery (at least an easily removable cover)...

Powered by BlackBerry® 10 ✱

This phone is meant to be produced at a low price in order to sell at a low price. Having a removable battery, removable cover, etc. adds the cost.

The silver button on the side perhaps? At first I thought it was a convenience key (wishful thinking), but now that you mention it... there is no other power/unlock button.

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Damn, They also didn't put an HDMI output and moved all the music controls over to the opposite side. So this is basically an Android build form. Makes sense, considering they're marketing it to emerging markets.

Since it's a low cost device the omission of micro-hdmi port was more or less expected.

Powered by BlackBerry® 10 ✱

How different would things have been for BB10 adoption if they would have launched this affordably-priced device along side the (at the time) "premium" Z10/Q10.

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@AnimalPak200.....The OS has come a long way since then,but a 5 incher probably would be more satisfying for us Z10 owners.If it comes to Canada I'll buy one ,cash!!!

Yup. If this comes to Canada, and sells for less than $200, I'm definitely buying one for daily use on the job site. The Z10 has held up amazingly well (especially considering I ditched the case almost 11 months ago), but the charging port being moved to the bottom, plus the massive battery, larger screen, and this phone is going to work well. I think I'll give the Z10 to my nephew and upgrade to a Z30 for evening/weekend use. Or hold out for a Z50-type device, not sure.

The one thing I don't like is the buttons being moved to the opposite side of the phone, but I rarely use those during the work day, anyway.

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@BCLoco... actually most people are right handed and I think ,after trying it ,it is easier to hold the phone with my right hand and tap the buttons with my left hand,LOL,I'm an optimist in nature.

Doesn't really matter if it's squared. Put a case on it like everyone probably will and they all magically get rounded corners. Almost all cases seem to have that rounded corner look so problem solved.

Posted using my amazing Z10...BB4All

Cases that never fit right or stay on anything with rounded corners. Square corners just might fit better! Lol

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I really hope, this time around (i.e. Q5), the lower end device is priced competitively.

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Will this entry-level device have a similar STL100-1 variant? What are they going to omit in this variant? No 3G, bluetooth, and white balance for you!! Hahah

Never mind, I was just joking around. Yes, both this and the STL100-1 have 3G and bluetooth. I love my Z10 STL100-1. I'm just pissed I paid USD700 for it and I don't have the white balance adjuster like the other Z10s ;)

Supposedly it will have:
BlackBerry Z3 rumored specifications
5-inch qHD (960 × 540 pixels) capacitive touch screen display
BlackBerry OS 10
1.2 GHz dual-core processor
5MP auto focus rear camera with LED flash
1.1 fixed-focus front-facing camera
3.5mm audio jack
3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
1.5 GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, expandable Memory card slot
2650 mAh non-removable battery

According to BBin, the BlackBerry Z3 might cost between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 13,000. It is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World congress 2014 in Barcelona next week.

I'm curious if anyone knows what the Motorola G sells for in the emerging markets in which BlackBerry intends to sell this. If they are the same price I can see no reason why someone would buy this over the Motorola. The Motorola has better specs and a better ecosystem particularly given the target market. Look if you are not business oriented what do you use your phone for? Texting and games. Android has BlackBerry beat in those areas and I can't see these emerging market buyers picking a BlackBerry over a comparably priced Android.

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No expandable SD slot, crap camera, poor video, low end chip set , cheap plastic feel, 1 GB RAM, low end LCD touchscreen, Android jelly bean which means glitchy as hell. Lots not to like about the Moto G. But then again, it's cheap and people don't expect a Porche.

In South Africa, the Moto G is going for R3,499. Which is about $323 US, or £193 or 19,986 Rs.

The Z3 will most likely be around R2,500 or R3,000 here.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

They removed the HDMI port. Guess they needed to cut corners.

For the all touch Ontario, please keep this feature, and make the battery removable again!

CB10 from the amazing Z10

Anyone else wondering how well this "lower end" phone is going to sell? I also wonder what the point is in this phone. I will always buy Blackberry but I sure as hell don't want to go backwards to pay less money.

Point of low end phone is to increase bb10 market share in developing countries. People don't tend to buy high end phones there. Only few have the luxury there as I believe there are no contract based subsidy.

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Ok that makes sense, I guess we'll have to wait to see how many will there will go for it.

Ah, why would a lower end blackberry make you move backwards? This device is only meant for emerging markets around the world. Blackberry would only move backwards if they didn't try and drum up business and market share. This phone has nothing to do with people who want a high end device.

Yes, I realize now I was incorrectly thinking it was meant for everywhere. Makes sense to be released in emerging markets.

I think it is everything it's promised to be! It could be popular in the emerging markets.

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I am the organizer of the Toronto blackberry developer group. I liked to be a beta test of this phone and test performance of my apps and android apps that I have installed using snap store

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Love how the buttons are all on one side. Less to move your fingers around. Also usb port on bottom allows for better use when being charged and you wanna use it. Sometimes the simple things make all the difference!

I hope the back material feels just like the z10. That would make it feel a lot more premium thaan the lumia 520 and moto g which I'm guessing will be around the same price.

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One thing I like is that they have moved power button to the side.. As on my z30 when it's on top it sometimes shutdown itself when it's in my pocket and I sit..

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I'd like to see the Q10 screen increased...or a q10 keyboard on a z10... I'd go for that...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

All new devices should have oled screens to extend batt life. It should be a given at this point.

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I hope some told BlackBerry that twin sims is the rage in emerging markets? I really can't see the point if obfuscating their product pipeline and keeping us all guessing. Right now, my Z10 is tired of me and I don't even know what's coming next - we in non-emerging markets need to know what's coming...

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This is such a bad idea; didn't they make the q5 with the same idea in mind? "Entry level- emerging markets"... this is just going to fuel more bad press... "blackberry has a new phone coming out, but it has even less features then the rest of their lineup."... unless they sell it at $100 or less I don't see the point seeing as how you can pick up a z10 for next to nothing with a "contract".... and if they end up going with this square design it's even worse, aren't most windows phones square? this will be lost in that mix...

My point is that it seems if blackberry wants to rebuild themselves, or at the very least dig itself out of the whole they're in, they should look into upgrading their current lineup...not go backwards with it.... meanwhile we have the 2 giants coming out with their next upgrades that are supposed to be "bigger" and better.

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No HDMI port?... but I guess if you want a lower cost device you cut features to get the cost down.

Do emerging markets have extensive use of hdmi currently??? I know most teens have no idea what hdmi even is. Ppl want wireless. No cables. It's cheaper, easier and opens up space inside the device for other stuff.

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New phone but meant for emerging markets.. aka lower end.

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I think the power port placement on the Q10 is perfect. Bottom or lower on the side causes a problem because the first thing I do when I plop into the car is drop my phone in the cupholder and attach the charging cable. Especially important when I'm on the road and get to my rental car. Always irritated when I get devices like the Droid 4 where the thing sits crooked halfway in the cupholder with stress being placed on the USB connector because now it is supporting the weight of the phone. Worse yet is the iPhone where both the power and the audio are on the bottom now - so if I'm in a rental without bluetooth streaming (or I don't want to stop the car and put it in park to set it up - stupid safety interlocks!) then the phone is falling out of the cupholder left, right, and sideways.

In my opinion it is not necessesary to have a new low-end model. times are changing too fast and a Z10 is far away from beeing a High End phone. Don't get me wrong, I have a Z10, I love the Z10. but from the specs - and that is what counts for all the 'mobile phone experts' around the globe - it is a Mid End device and low end in about a couple of months. so why should they waste time and money to develope a device, that is now low end when they already a whole warehouse full of phones that are low end in a short time?
Here is my idea: Z10 is the new Low End Device (maybe ~$130 off contract)
-No costs for development and production of new phones (they have a warehouse of unsold Z10s)
-all the yet produced Z10 are getting sold -> financial lost is not as high as now
-Z10 would be the best Low End phone on the market and an awesome deal for everyone
-BB10 has a chance to infiltrate the market (especially in developing areas)
-> also BBM could grow

-the Z3 looks great :)
-lack of real Mid End devices (Z30 Q10 = High End; Z10, Q5 = Low End)

just my 2 Cents....

I was thinking the same. Current Z10 units languishing in unsold inventory are better than this one.

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Micro usb and micro hdmi on the bottom is key! This makes it easier for them to made media docks since they don't support landscape mode yet!

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Yes because clearly the easier task is to move hardware around in a cramped space over perfecting software. :)

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Headphone jack should also go on bottom, makes it easier to charge and use at same time and also makes it more practical for putting it in pocket when using headphones

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On a good note. I'm in Canada at whistler blackhomb. Last night at a bar the Nba all star game was on. Saw 4 blackberry 10 commercials. Hope they were in the USA also. They were good and to the point. Wish this is the beginning of blackberry marketing blast

Vtecberry Z10

The resolution is odd. Please don't go back to the days of thousands of odd-sized models.

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1280 x 720 is a standard resolution for a full-touch BlackBerry. Scaling both dimensions down to 75%, which could be done quickly in hardware, results in 960 x 540. Developers don't have to change a thing and everything looks the same proportionally.

Yeah, I think you are right. There is no news for developers regarding new screen resolutions. So I think, BB will scale down current apps by hardware. This will cause a more blurred screen - will be interesting how it looks on a 5 inch. It will work, yes - but hope it's not too disappointing.

The phone itself looks great. A cheap phone which does not look cheap at all.

Woooww! I like this. A very cheap BlackBerry smartphone with the super Amazing and most Secured OS in the planet BlackBerry 10 (with the new OS 10.2.1). I'll definitely buy this device for my family and relatives.

I am hoping we see this available outside of emerging markets as well or at least drop the Z10 to 150$ and move all that leftover stock.

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Today people in emerging markets only can buy crap low end android device. It's a nice move that BlackBerry bring this low end device. So most people in this emerging markets can have a good access to the internet.
Foxconn know how good the OS and believe with less spec it still can work better than other platform. And it a good partnership for a giant success.
Everybody can have a good smartphone.

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Agreed with others, Z10 can now be considered as "low-end" device... if this Jakarta device will have the same price or even a little lower than Z10, what does it'll make difference?

If the only reason for having Jakarta device is to flood the market with affordable BB10 devices, Z10 and Q5 (lower the price of Q10 and it'll become a good candidate) should do the job...

At the same time, competitive high end devices now i.e. iPhones and Android are now being offered in some carriers with $0 down payment... that's what BlackBerry should compete...

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Will BB please stop making the charging port on the side of their phones?? Put it at the bottom of the phone for God's sakes.

For the charge port to be on the bottom of the phone like the z10 and 30. It makes no sense, when I am using it my business apps and mouse and keyboard, I find that it's keep the cable out of the way. Including on my dock. It give me a bigger screen to work with. Plus I can have the hdmi plugged and go in an out as I want, to show things to others.

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Isn't this the mistake that Apple just made with the iPhone 5C? It tanked. I remember reading posts recently about BB having to focus on its corporate users...

10 years ago this would have been a good idea, but I hate to say it releasing an entry level device when companies are buying high-end devices for their staff, not to mention their staff buying their own high-end devices doesn't make sense. I guess BBRY plans to offer these devices to second and third world countries which might work out better for them, but offering them in North America will be a money loser for them.

Sorry to say with Windows Phone momentum picking up ... LG returning (their an original partner that just said FU to MS only to say hello), then also to have more marketshare picking up (according to ONLY M$, not IDG) ...

BlackBerry NEEDS the Z3/Jakarta/whatever it's called to be priced right!
$300 outright in developed markets or LESS.
$99 or less subsidized.
- Dual SIM capability.
Launch Globally - alongside HUGE Q5 price drop to match!

BlackBerry ... its no longer about hardware profits ... it's about marketshare, you know market dominance?!???

Get it together!