A look at what Apple came up with, borrowed, stole and re-invented for iOS 8

By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2014 12:33 am EDT

I missed out on iMore's WWDC live blog, so I'm just getting caught up on it all now. As expected, Apple went ahead and announced iOS 8 which promises to bring a ton of changes to the platform for both customers and developers and, like always with Apple, it's being touted as 'the biggest iOS release ever' — but Apple never had time to talk about them all. Only the key features were brought up on stage but thanks to our friends at iMore, we have a list of many of those key features. Let's take a look at what Apple came up with, borrowed and re-invented for iOS 8.

  • AirDrop and Handoff tie together sharing between OS X and iOS - AirDrop now works between iOS devices and Macs, letting you send items back and forth between the two platforms. Handoff lets you pick up on one device where you left off on another, like beginning an email on iOS and finishing it on OS X.

This is cool, never understood why AirDrop never worked between iOS and Macs anyway, nice to see Apple actually took it further though.

  • iPhone will be able to hand off phone calls and text messages to Mac - As part of Handoff, your phone calls and non-iMessage text messages can come through your Mac running OS X Yosemite.

Apple seems to have trouble with getting iMessages onto my Mac already, now they want to transfer calls and non-iMessage texts? Hope it actually works unlike iMessage half the time.

  • Notification Center in iOS 8 offers quick replies, actionable items - Notifications now give you the ability to quick reply and take action, from the lockscreen, from notifications themselves, and inside Notification Center. Notification Center also adds support for widgets from third-party apps.

Sounds a lot like BlackBerry's instant actions and Android's notifications, what took you so long Apple?

  • iOS 8 introduces new Spotlight search - Spotlight search is getting a major upgrade in iOS 8. Much like Siri Spotlight will now recommend restaurants, movie theaters, Wikipedia results, and web searches. You can also find items on the iTunes Music and App Stores.

So universal search found on other platforms, alright then. Creative.

  • Apple debuts QuickType in iOS 8 keyboard at WWDC - iOS 8 is bringing a number of enhancements to the keyboard, most notably predictive word suggestions based on the context of your conversation. The new QuickType row will appear above the keyboard with its suggested words, letting you tap to place the word in your message. QuickType will support fourteen regions at launch.

We prefer swiping words into place, tapping is for suckers.

  • Messages get beefed up on iOS 8 - Messages will receive several enhancements. Swipe can now generate specific actions, individual message threads can be set to Do Not Disturb, and photos can be viewed at a glance on a special page. There's now also support for voice messages.

This is actually a nice enhancement to messages, especially leaving a group and the Do Not Disturb options.

  • Family Share for iOS 8 will let you share apps, pictures, and calendars - Family Share lets up to six users easily share calendars, reminders, media, and apps. Find My iPhone can be used with anyone in this group, great for family members that have a habit of losing their devices.

I like this addition, although some of the sharing features are available on BBM Groups and such, Apple took it to the next level especially with the media section.

  • Siri features hands-free activation, Shazam integration in iOS 8 - Siri got it's rumored Shazam functionality, along with some useful other features. You can also now activate Siri hands-free when your device is plugged in.

Siri enhancements are welcome, I've been trying to get BlackBerry to implement Soundhound into their media player for months now to no avail. Hands-free stuff, nice but nothing that hasn't been available in Google Now and it doesn't require your device to be plugged in. That seems a bit silly.

  • Photos in iOS 8 adds smart suggestions, location matching and new editing tools - Photo tools in iOS 8 are getting major improvements. Your photos will be instantly synced across your iOS devices via iCloud. This syncing includes editing, and you can use new smart controls to edit light, color, and the straightness of a photo. Brightness, contrast, exposure, and shadows will all change together intelligently.

Syncing across iCloud is cool, BlackBerry does need some cloud services in that area. Google has plenty already with the Google+ integration, instant backup and auto-awesome stuff.

  • iOS 8 provides support for third-party keyboards - iOS 8 will allow developers to create, and users to install, third-party keyboards system-wide. When installed, these keyboards will be sandboxed, and things like network access will only be unlocked when the user has given their explicit permission.

Nice to see them open this up finally, considering Android has had it forever.

  • TestFlight to enable App Store beta testing - Apple will be rolling out the TestFlight beta testing service to developers soon. Apple acquired TestFlight back in February, and has apparently wasted no time in integrating the service into iOS.

So Apple bought their own BlackBerry Beta Zone? Innovative.

  • Touch ID authentication coming to third-party apps - Developers will now be able to integrate Touch ID into their apps for authentication.

This was bound to happen eventually, so glad to see it has arrived. I still hate Touch ID but I appear to be in the minority there. Is this something BlackBerry should borrow from Apple?

  • iOS 8 adds third-party access to camera data via an API - Developers will be able to access an iOS device's camera at a deeper level with iOS 8. Apps can now handle manual control of exposure, white balance, and more.

The iPhone arguably offers one of the best cameras on mobile devices, so it's nice to see they've opened up the API a bit more for developers.

  • HomeKit lets your iPhone phone home - Apple is stepping into home automation, introducing HomeKit to connect to equipment from a number of manufacturers. HomeKit creates a unified interface to control different smart appliances.

With HomeKit Apple enters the home automation sector in a bigger way. iOS apps have helped in the home automation area since things started really heating up, so hopefully BlackBerry will get into this in a bigger way as well though as it stands, they've had some issues thus far as most apps are simply designed for iOS and Android. Maybe Project Ion can help here.

  • New Health Services - iOS 8 offers developers the ability for health and fitness apps to communicate with each other. With your permission, each app can use specific information from other apps to provide a more comprehensive way to manage your health and fitness. For example, the Nike+ apps using NikeFuel will be able to pull in other key HealthKit metrics such as sleep and nutrition to build a custom user profile and improve athletic performance.

Another one of those areas where BlackBerry can work harder given most of the fitness stuff is designed again for Android and iOS.

That's honestly just a small sampling of some of the stuff iOS 8 is bringing to the table. Again, Apple only talked about what they consider to be the BIG changes during the keynote and toss the rest on a list and move on. This time around, that list contained over 32 things they didn't care to highlight such as WiFi calling (welcome to 2007), DuckDuckGo support in Safari, Panoramic photos on iPad (Yes, just what the world needs! More idiots using iPads to take photos), 24 new dictation languages, Battery usage by app and more.

Some of the stuff has arguably been lifted from other OS' and while I'm not really in the game of pointing those things out, some of them are pretty obvious and to be fair, it's not surprising. These days everyone borrows a few things from each other and the argument can always be made that Apple is never really first to things, instead they opt to sit back and find out what people did wrong and then improve upon it.

I'm sure the comments section will fill up with anger about this even being posted here but it's good to keep an eye on what Apple is doing, after all no matter how much some folks hate it, they're among the market leaders and what they do is relevant to all of us. So, with that being said, what do you folks think about iOS 8? I know, it's a bit of a silly question but there's some things there I certainly wouldn't mind BlackBerry borrowing because it SURE seems like Apple has ZERO issues with borrowing other people's stuff.

Bonus - A funny video for you to watch, in case I bored you with all the iOS 8 talk.

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A look at what Apple came up with, borrowed, stole and re-invented for iOS 8


Why wasn't BlackBerry there putting some presence?

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The sad thing is BlackBerry did something really right with BB 10 and it's features when it was released and seriously improved on it with the updates that followed!!! Most ppl will never know bec BlackBerry sucks when it comes to properly showing off BB 10!!!

Unfortunately, Apple comes along, copies, borrows, steals and improves on it makes a big deal to their audiences as if this wasn't available on other phones and the crowd applaud's them!!!

Since iOS 7 and now iOS8 Apple has seriously been playing catch up to all the other platforms and really copying from Android, W8, WebOS and of course borrowing a few more swipes from BB 10!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Where would you be without gestures? You'd still be using a stylus, or your little touch pad on the BlackBerry. Did you know that Android didn't come with pinch to zoom to the market?

If it wasn't for Apple your Blackberry wouldn't have any of the gestures you have today. Apple showed the world that it can be done, that you don't need a stylus, or physical keyboard.

Even the first consumer Android device the G1 had a physical keyboard and a scroll ball.

Why don't you ask yourself why didn't Blackberry do it first with their commanding lead they had "back in the day".

You bring up a good point, although at the time technology barrier was also a factor. Still, that doesn't justify stealing features and making them your own

Posted via CB10

Agreed, so patent those features and license them out IF you can. Patents work great Blackberry was slapped with lots of patent law suits including one for sending email wirelessly I believe and even a few for keyboard design.

You know what they paid out.

If you think your "idea/feature" is so strong that it's worth defending SUE them.

What if Blackberry couldn't use gestures where would they be? Did they "steal" that feature/idea? Is that wrong?

I'm totally with you that BlackBerry messed up pretty badly as smartphones went through the beginning of the touchscreen phase, but I don't know of any where other than BlackBerry development that the gestures came from. I don't think you can make any kind of accusations to say that they "stole" that, unlike what apple has done which is blatantly steal/borrow features and say that they are "innovations".

Posted via CB10

You're kidding right Web OS had gestures way before BlackBerry the whole app switching interface with the "cards" that Apples uses now relied on the whole swipe up to dismiss an app.

Lets see iOS has swipe right to unlock the phone, how about pinch to zoom original Maps app in iOS? How about double tap to zoom that one for sure came out with the original iPhone in Safari. You can even rotate photos and maps in iOS just by turning 2 fingers on the screen.

The original company that successfully implements gestures on a touch screen. When I say successfully I mean with mass adoption IS Apple.

The rubber banding effect on scrolling so that you know you've hit the end of the list. I believe the FaceBook app dev who used to work for FireFox added the whole pull to refresh ontop of rubber banding.

Here's what BlackBerry is known for...

Push email, great physical keyboards (and the double type issue on the Q10) on phones, BES/BIS, great battery life, BBM. And that's really it.

And honestly BBM is really just a mobile optimized messaging platform you can dial it back to ICQ if you want and group chat... how about Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Mobile is really just taking what was available on desktop and cramming it into a smaller screen.

iMessage, Whatsapp, Snapchat there's nothing innovative bout those things people just ported concepts from the desktop days and dumbed them down for the masses.

Do you think sending voice files is innovative? No people have been sending files over BBS, IRC for years. The only difference before you had to hop through more hoops like manually making a recording, than log onto a chat network and send it to them over dcc.

Apple throws the word innovation on everything to make it sound better, it's marketing.

Why wasn't BlackBerry there at Apple's conference? Is that what you're asking?

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

I had "Quick Type" on my BlackBerry Playbook circa 2010 and my Galaxy S3.... did you see the iTards clapping at this announcement like Apple just discovered fire?

Apple has those iSheeple in such a "brainwashed distorted reality"... they don't know what they don't have... how can you ever convert them to BB10?

Apple have become like chinese companies. C and D(Copy and Develop) instead of R and D

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

I love the "new" OS X dock!

It looks a lot like it did back in Tiger. Deliciously 2D.

I'm more excited to see Yosemite than I am iOS 8, but I do confess I'm excited by all the new inter-connectedness. Never got the deal with AirDrop until now either.

People always say apple copy others, but the fact is apple do those stuff better...
Better design
Better Ui
Better ecosystem
I don't really mind who copy who, the most important thing is who execute it best :D

Posted via my Bo$$ BlackBerry Z10

Apple has lost my interest until they release a bigger iPhone with a massive battery. But ya, I agree.. it's about who does it best.

It's fine until they market with the tag line of "apple innovation " coming from a former ios user

Posted via CB10

I don't mind when a good idea or something is being used by other OS developers. But please, dont go suing companies (Samsung) for copying to do just that yourself.
Some features are as we know them in BB10, will most of the public know? No. Its Apple doing something and therefor its new. And that mindset needs to be changed, but its hard because, and yes we are too, fanboys and girls defend "their" brand. I dont hate Apple products, dont get me wrong, I just hate the kind of person you (can) become by owning them.

Yes u r right....what we hate is isheep but other than that ~
Apple u r the best designing company in the world in terms of software :D

Posted via my Bo$$ BlackBerry Z10

It's more about supporting it rather than bashing over it :P

Now people will say, apple is doing better and great update . :P Some how if they don't realize those were present on other platforms, they must be blind or in a caged world.

What difference does it make if they were on other platforms first? That doesn't matter a bit to the customer wants those features on iOS.

I wonder what the imore article on BlackBerry 10.3 will be like.
Keep it BlackBerry, crackberry ...... that's what I come here to read.

Posted via CB10


Mobile Nations, make it happen. We would probably all love to see the 10.3 release article posted to both AC and iMore. Maybe we could see how biased, ignorant and fanboyish the other sites are. Or is it just BlackBerry users that are biased, ignorant fanboys/girls?

Posted via CB10

Without a doubt it is only us BlackBerrians that are all of those negative things...:D Apple fans are always kind, courteous, and cerebral in their rants, I mean, their posts.

For a company that's obsessed with suing Samsung for "copying", this event seemed all about copying Android. Widgets, 3rd party keyboards, health initiative (S Health...), etc.

Posted via CB10

It's Apple. Why would you be surprised? Everything they've ever done has been a copy, haha. Apparently some people still believe that they invented the mp3 player, hahahaha

Apple sues Samsung and accuse them of copying their patents. Now they steal from blackberry,android and windows and they call it ios8.....cool huh....

Posted via CB10

Have the crappiest quality...can you repeat (me)that...can you hear me now/did you get that (them)....etc. Just this past weekend an iPhone relative commented on it's inferior call quality.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Yes they really are just a crap toy. Blackberrys have always rulled and I hope that important call quality or antenna spec has been understood at Foxcon. Not all Blackberry users operate in a town or city with good cell tower coverage either. Foxcon needs to understand this Rural and antenna superiority deal that BB own.

This new update will be great x! As smartphone I prefer my blackberry but I really want ios8 for my ipad and os 10.10, but come on team blackberry! We still waiting for the new updates of BB10.3

Posted via CB10

I agree with you for my iPad and my Computer 10.10. Now if BlackBerry can ship 10.3 at the same time to all of BlackBerry family

Posted via CB10

For the love of God hopefully Yosemite doesn't make my imac work at a crawl

Posted via CB10

Despite everyone saying that BB 10 virtual keyboard is the best. I would like to see BB support for third party keyboard or add improvements to the existing one.

Honestly what kind of improvement would you like to see. Idk if there's any current keyboard that matches this

Posted via CB10

I think it would be amazing if BlackBerry could put the BlackBerry swipe keyboard on Ios and android in when they use the Bbm app! A little self promotion can't hurt

BBM with the BlackBerry keyboard with a setting to use BB or device default keyboard would be a great idea to expose the other platforms to one of the best BB10 features. Great idea!

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Lol 10.3 isn't even released yet and as we've seen they've implemented quite a lot of features but hey if you wanna make imbecilic comments go ahead

Posted via CB10

Could you name any except changing iconography to 80-ies look you smart-ass? Maybe BlackBerry would be able to sync docs, messages and calls between pc or mac and phone? No, just crappy icons..

No need to sync docs or other data when you can access the original files on your PC via the BB10 File Manager. This has worked for over year on my Z10. In a way, it's my personal cloud.

Off topic: but how do you do this? I can access files on my Q10 from my Windows PC but not vice versa. In the file manager I do not see any of the Windows PCs in the network.
What am I doing wrong?

You know they did have a point, yeah? How are you gonna critique something that hasn't even been released? Drrrrr. But yeah, they have announced some updates, and yes, it is quite a bit more then "80's icon" updates...

I take back my obviously tongue-in-cheek comment earlier that all iPhone fans are kind, courteous and cerebral. Obviously p_r_a_g_m_a is the exception.

For what it is worth the "flat" icons are part of a larger trend in design that goes far beyond mobile handset UI. If you want to be "in the now" you have to go flat.

I don't want Apple to fail, I want BlackBerry to succeed. Agree or not,but if not Apple than we still would use the legacy devices with little improvements.

Posted via CB10

IMO, it's great we already know everything that will be in iOS 8 and that it will launch in Fall, that way BlackBerry can make sure they launch in a time that will beat them AND make sure they match and surpass them in features and such, after all, we still don't know all the features coming in 10.3 and BlackBerry could keep adding and improving.

IDK how all this works but unless it's completely different than how I think, BlackBerry has a huge change to capitalize on this.

Posted via CB10

"...make sure they launch in a time that will beat them AND make sure they match and surpass them in features and such..."

Are you aware of all the features they announced?

Because if you are, this post makes no sense.

I agree. GK_NY_RAY, there is no way BB can match everything Apple just announced. They really improved iOS a lot and this is coming from an Android person. I know Google has better have their game together for their event. You can't expect BB to match the head start that Apple and Google have and the vast difference in money and engineers. BB is going to be a small niche product because some will want it for the keyboard and others for communication. The communication is getting better on iOS and Android with Messanger (huge updates coming for iOS8) and Android (Google Voice Integration). Both platforms will be able to message, talk, and video in their apps. The kicker is Apples will be built into OSX 10.10 so you can do all the same from either the phone, tablet, and computer. Google will have the same but theirs runs through a Chrome Browser extension which give them access to both Windows and Apple users but I'm sure Apple will have an advantage in the looks department since theirs is built into the OS.

What can BB do? With limited resources they are between a rock and a hard place. Apps won't get better because there is not enough people on BB to make money making apps. Just read Kevin's posting about his friend. They are limited on improving BB10 by the amount of engineers they have.

I felt the same way. BlackBerry Bridge let me see and respond to text messages on my PlayBook. I could also see incoming calls and choose not to answer them (answering was done via the phone).

I would like to see shared email drafts and sent emails. I think BlackBerry OS 10.3 will solve my sent email needs.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but draft emails already sync between BB10 and MS Exchange Server. If I start to compose a new email on my Windows PC, it shows up on my Z10 as a draft.

I’ve had many times where I started an email and then had to walk away from my desk for something. While away from my desk I was able to open that email draft on my Z10, finish composing it, send it off.

Posted via CB10

I do just this all day every day! This and most of the other "innovations" in iOS 8. Sorry, this would have been written quicker but I paused to act on several notifications and to take a WiFi call without ever leaving this screen!

While I was typing this I heard a local radio story about how cool it will be to get iOS 8 and be able to do all of this.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Thanks Apple, all of the other OS's who already enjoy your "innovations" are flattered.

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Wow. You guys don't know how smart you sounding.. Sorry but not very. Let me paint a picture since you guys don't obviously know.

Your writing an email on your phone then your like this damn iPhone is so tiny that I want to switch to the iPad to type this. You pickup up the ipad. there is a small graphic in the bottom left of the screen. You slide from that graphic and pull up and BOOOOOM your in the email in exactly on the email at the exact spot you stopped typing. You ARE NOT having to go into the email and let that load and then go to the drafts folder and selecting this email. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Picture 2. Your in maps. Same thing but swipe up on the other iPAD and your on the Exact map with the same everything on the screen as it was on the phone. Oh and it works from the computer to the phone or the computer to iPAD or iPAD to phone. It probably even works from the phones to the pc but I'm not positive on that. Google has leaks that they will announce something identical at Google IO. This is way way way better then what your thinking of.

HAHAAHAHAHAH!!! Apple wapple fapple... how many copycat things are you going to keep doing? LOOOOOOOOL!!
I'll keep rocking my blackberry. :)

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Doesn't matter if Apple copies. Their users are gonna love the new features and will continue to support the company.

Posted via CB10

Indeed. If people would look beyond petty fanboyism, they'd see that at the end of the day, Apple does it all to satisfy their users. People love it when their phones can do more stuff, especially stuff that other phones could do before.

I was kind of surprised to hear Apple say they are not interested in making new things now. Their focus is now on integrating. An interesting approach.

It seems to me that iOS 8 will be more for existing iPhone customers rather than creating new ones. Also, marrying these existing users to Mac.

Sadly my interest in Mac is fading.

I'm still trying to see the significance of having my house on the internet? So...I can turn a light on with my phone? Wow. I can now check-in that I'm standing at my fridge on Facebook just before posting a picture of what I had for dinner? I'm sorry, but I don't want my house and its contents accessible to hackers. Convenience has a price, which is proven daily with identity theft, govt hackings, etc., etc.

emPowered by 

Your choice, but this is where technology is heading. Smart houses, personal-health diagnostics, device interchangeability/complementability.

Just as mentioned in the OP reaction "what took you so long".
Fact is, OS-es a becoming more and more alike. Good things are incorporated and therefore more streamlined in use across platforms. Also eliminates fanboy-ism on the long run (I hope).

Being invented, borrowed or steeled by Apple they will certainly market those features very well, something BlackBerry must learn how to do.

I agree with Bla1ze in the point of the cloud, BlackBerry must somehow build cloud services to backup and auto awesome stuff, I don't use any Apple products but definitely icloud seems to work great and we need something like that in BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Apple understand the the mobile market more so than blackberry, it's about delivering products that actually works? And that there is a demand for it!!

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

Nothing really amazing. Few new tweaks for the system, but they need them don't stay behind.

BlackBerry should learn from them how to say about small things that they looks like amazing innovation. I am sure that after release of new iOS a lot of iPhone users will say that Apple invented new notification and actions on lock screen.

Posted via CB10

The world never knew, that BB10 exist.. just some fan and some blogs try to make this know 4 everybody,
Now apple bring a copy of the HUB and some others stuff, and people are going to love. That becuase its good..

I hope that when BB innovate again , meke the world know..
We have the best keyboard... the world doesn't know..
We still have the best os... the world doesn't know...
And the list can go on ...

Hope they do something about, and never stop being innovative..

Make the world know, apple copy.. the sheeps won't care... but educate them ..

 BBLatino

I really think we need to see someone focus on battery life. I know that android has the extreme battery saver mode and whatnot...but it would have been nice to see Apple (horrendous battery life imo) to step up and say some stuff about their battery life and maybe mention some battery saving stuff that ios8 has (if any), or better battery hardware at least.

Posted via CB10

I'd rather have apple win law suits than samsung. Why would you guys want an asian company rather than your home turf American company to win?

Who cares where the company is from? It all comes down to nothing but filthy rich companies exchanging money anyway. Realistically, the 'American' company you speak of couldn't even exist without the 'asian' company you speak of. Apple uses many Samsung parts in their products, from iOS to Mac. Displays, RAM, Processors and whatever else you can think of. Your American company isn't so American.

The software design/engineering is American. The hardware, yes, like all hardware in the world, is Asian.

The important bit comes out of California.

Really? Is apple surviving only on Americans? Is it hiring only American? Aren't u using any app or item that's made by non-americans?

I love my BlackBerry but I will admit the iPhone is a beautiful device...always tempted to switch but it's iTunes that keeps me at bay...

I'd like to see BlackBerry get a Siri, a far more advanced camera and also keep those developers coming through with apps, let's not forget about those guys....

If I had to pick one, it'd be camera improvements, the iPhone 5S takes beautiful pictures.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10...

Tired of of this "i" naming convention...
As much as i'd like to bash them though it's almost certain iOS8 (and the new iphone later) will help them sell in the millions and what's more important is that seems iOS8 is making switching costs even higher


It's a disgrace that you can't bring any innovative things apart from changing the screen size #isheep #BlackBerry #hype #BB10

Posted via CB10

Innovation, schminnovation. What’s so innovative about today’s smartphones that had not been present before? It’s all about integration of devices, improvements to existing technology and providing more powerful tools to developers now.

so finally, I must really say that people had forgotten that #apple was hacked in Australia, Newzealand and introduced #ios8 to everyone out there so that their flaw or answering to their consumers is not needed. Marketing will be done either positively or negatively by throwing that into trash-can. OOppps !!
Crazy world never changes LOL

If you have the lock screen turned on with a pin code then this can't happen. For a security minded site (crackberry) then you would agree they should have the lock screen enabled. If you agree with this then this is a non story.

BlackBerry email attachment and hub attachment email and the HUB is Still way superior !

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Great article. Well done. Yes lots of copying but the consumer is the winner. I hope BlackBerry watches and also copies the best there is. Still keep its brand approach to excellence in communication, security and productivity. I do think BlackBerry must absolutely do a perfect integration with android. Get over the idea of a unique OS. Opening up to android, giving secure access to the phone, get the best apps and those you need from whatever company. But advance communications/productivity. Crackberry nation can help. Those who don't watch the competition soon fall behind. Those who only copy the competition do too. BlackBerry needs to get its research in motion back into high gear.

Posted via CB10

Do not care, never use any of the things mentioned. All I need is a reliable secure phone with a great keyboard.

Posted via CB10

It's great that you love your phone. Problem is you are a minority and BB can't survive on a minority market share. Esp if they are managing their own OS like BB10.

It's okay, I would love to see apple customers getting so mad for the bugs that would potentially come with ios8.

Posted via CB10

Third party keyboards. If SwiftKey comes to Apple then I hate to say it, but I might actually consider Apple a viable alternative to BlackBerry if they don't manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat by this year's end.

Posted via CB10

Come on. What's wrong with people that they hate to see people like something other than the device they have? Sorry Philip but sticking your head in the sand helps no one.

Still no file manager or independence from iTunes, put those in ios8 and I'll consider it until then iPhone is mostly a children's phone

Posted via CB10

I personally love the caption of this article. "Borrowed, stole or reinvented"

Posted via CB10 on Z10STL100-3/

At the end, if it pushes competition and BlackBerry to develop features that advances our platform, I'm all for that.

BlackBerry is on the right path as we can see from features Apple has announced.

Let's see what 10.3 brings.

Yes, you should cheer for Apple, Google, and MS to make new and great products. This gets everyone to keep their foot on the gas. I like Android most but am grateful that Apple is their to push all the companies. MS made huge strides this year on Windows Phone 8.1. They are missing the Google apps that I need or I'd consider their phones. Apple has made some grate updates a few days ago that really made me for the 1st time think that there now in the mix. Before I thought they were to closed down. Now with downloadable keyboards, larger phones, and apps being able to use other apps like android I'd consider it. Either way we all win. More ideas being used on all the OS are great.

They stole so much from blackberry I watched the clip of it and they even showed a old BlackBerry lol. Let's go 10.3 (please bring berry2berry face time)

Posted via CB10

Of course all ios users will say that that's the coolest thing ever, Apple is genius. Apple has not come up with their own innovation since the iPhone first came out


It's only because of the apple users that are stuck (due to apps and iTunes etc...) with them that Apple are surviving. The last iOS and OSX mavericks where appalling. Everyone I know complaining about them, I have converted 5 people to BlackBerry z30 after I leant them mine for a day.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Posted via CB10

I do have an iPad mini and it suits my purposes nicely. I like it and I like the apps I can get for it. That being said I'm with you on the iPhone. I went to try it for a week. I got fed up with it and switched back to my Z10 after 4 days. Wouldn't know about osx though. My wife has a mac book but I don't use it.

Posted via CB10

I do like the idea of family sharing for apps and media. I have an iPad though and my wife has an iPhone and a mac. I have a fair number of movies and shows but my wife's collection is much more extensive than mine and it is a bit of a pain to be logging in and out of two different apple id's just to access it all.

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This is petty, but you should have put your comments in NON-BOLD type and the upgrade-improvement in BOLD.

I could not read this as my eye kept going to the BOLD type....

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I see everyone here bashing Apple, just know Apple probably sells more devices in 2 months than BlackBerry 10 devices have ever been sold. Another thing because of the new OS X and iOS 8, Apple has for sure the best integrated ecosystem yet. Windows Phone and Windows is still stiff on syncing like iOS and Mac do. Blackberry has no Ecosystem to speak of.

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They are delivering, BlackBerry is still trying to figure out who their audience is. BlackBerry has talked about home automation tie ins since the PlayBook, here Apple is implementing it. We don't even know when/if we are getting a new all touch device.

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It's there on the Z10 and Q10. Unless you meant future devices? TMO would still have to let them through the gate, so to speak. Unless BB goes back to UMA...that might not require TMO's permission. Maybe.

...my interest in Apple is bellow 0...but the way Bla1ze described the whole event, was the reason I got into it.
And the comments are fun, too.
BlackBerry yours,

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In my opinion one of the biggest disadvantages of using BlackBerry, as normal consumer, is the lack of an integrated environment of features. Microsoft and Apple offer it all! I guess BlackBerry will never do something similar, instead, they will have to integrate for what others offer. But how realistic is the possibility of having a BB10 device connect to iCloud? Or more diverse hardware from BB, like a laptop or tablet? BB's vision of one mobile device that could replace your working station is really cool and it's the future but I don't think they can pull it off.

Apple is garbage. They are an old and outdated company. Anyone who uses an iPhone is clueless. You really have to be stupid to using an old and outdated product while paying a premium. The is fact many are waking up to the Apple lie and leaving for Android phones which are cheaper and better and outright crushes the iphone5 like it was a stupid toy for stupid people.

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The various operating systems all borrow from each other. That does not bother me as I enjoy staying abreast of what the other platforms are offering.

BlackBerry most certainly needs to work on making use of the cloud and integrating its services. I would love to respond to messages and answer my phone from my PC while working at my desk. I'd also like an optional talking caller ID function to go with the current notification functions.

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Rotten Apples and their brainwashed cult of fanboys!
First apple intimidated Palm and later stolen many of it's WebOs goods courtesy to the traitors running hp.

Now apples are using bullish tactics on Samsung wile being protected by Barry pot bum vetos...
One thing they successfully done was forcing Samsung to raise the price of it's devices thanks to all the law suits.

Next they will claim to be the inventor of the S health and drop another lawsuit on Samsung for it...

And me wonders if Apples are now doing something behind the scenes to put BlackBerry out of business in the same manner as they did to Palm?!

and they call it #Inovation.

I asked my wife to send me a "high prirority" email so that I could test out HUB++ and she said she couldn't do it on her iPhone. I was floored. My jaw must have dropped wide open. She looked it up and it's a known feature not available on iOS. I wonder if that was added as a new feature.. It seems like they play a lot of catch up over there at Apple.

Lol you think that is a feature an average consumer will care about? And you guys wonder why BlackBerry is behind. Focusing on enterprise is not bad, but consumer smartphone market is where the money and large amount of users are at.
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Copying gets you know where in life. Apple, continue to copy and it will bite you sooner or later.

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U should have included pics to support copied ui's from BlackBerry OS. Say ie the lock screen notification and putting it side by side with apple's new notification UI = which was clearly copied...

This way ppl could easily compare rather than just handing down statements...

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Thank-you to all the former RIM/BlackBerry employees who are now working for Apple and helped to make iOS8 such a great product!

Maybe one day Chen can hire some of you back? (After you've had a chance to get insider info that's worth bringing back to BB.)

Apple is the kind of company I wish Blackeberry would be: dependable, innovative and product producing. Its no wonder that BB is still flopping around like a fish out of water, IMO!

It seems to me Apple continues to Copy BlackBerry and Android. And the worst part, Apple will claim they are 1st.

Right that's why we BB folks have to wait for: workarounds, hacks and leaks to fuel our units! Dream on guys! BB slow death is painful!

Is the guy in the video watching "2 girls 1 cup"?

As far as BlackBerry "Cloud" services go, they need to improve "Remote File Access" and allow all the members who have hooked their devices up to a single computer use that as their "personal cloud".

It should be a no brainer to be able to add other blackberry IDs to your "circle of friends" and do all sorts of secure NOC enabled sharing.

Lovely article.... 2 thumbs up..
Well I have been a huge fan of BlackBerry ever since... but since iOS... every handset maker has been copying apple.. starting android... and look at all the laptops.... 50% of them resemble mac.... guess its payback time for apple... whole world copied them for all these years... so in my opinion no harm in giving the world the taste of their own making :)

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That's actually pretty hilarious. I am assuming that was intended to be a joke because nothing true in that statement except that apple is copying everyone

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Hopefully people are smart enough to realize that apple didn't really do much of anything once again. Then again, I guess that's expecting a lot. They wouldn't have billions already if it wasn't for millions of stupid people and a few hundred thousand who already had macs.

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This is a big improvement for Apple. If they release a larger phone and include a battery that can keep up with it, this will hurt BlackBerry, and Windows a great deal, maybe even driving them under. It will also cause a large dent in recent market share gains made by Android.

This update is nothing to take lightly.

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I agree with those who say they don't hate Apple. But the Apple fans can be very annoying as the totally close their minds to other platforms and assume everything they see on their devices is an Apple innovation.

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I love how unbiased this article is. Why is there so much hate towards Apple?

The anger you all feel is not actually your anger. You're all p*ssed because you think it's unfair that a particular company is copying another company, one that you just so happen to like. It doesn't actually relate to yourself.

You only get emotional because you're a fan of this company, and so you FEEL like you ARE part of BlackBerry (which in a sense could be true). That makes you no better or worse than any other Apple fanboy. I was just on iMore and they're basically saying the same things to us.

No matter how unfair it may seem, it's important to always keep an objective view. Automatically hating on everything Apple does isn't going to help anybody.

In my opinion, all phones are getting more and more similar and are supporting the similar features. BB10 included. For me what starts to matter more is execution. And to be fair Apple is doing a better job at it than BlackBerry.

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...it SURE seems like Apple has ZERO issues with borrowing other people's stuff.

And the sad thing is, the moment someone does that to them, i.e.: one device manufacturer "copying" the overall shape (seriously, how does one develop a device without copying a rectangle?), it will end in a court appearance. Buncha losers.

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Hahaha! This post made me laugh. It's a shame Apple claims that iOS was the first mobile OS to provide NEW features not knowing that most of the features were actually borrowed especially from BlackBerry. Well, I don't have problems with iOS but for me, BlackBerry is still the best mobile OS.

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I am running the leaked 10.3 software and the reply now feature is there already. So much for innovation from the fruity clan!

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iOS8 reminds me of putting a suite on a monkey. Just remember its still the same monkey. Once iOS8 drops give it ten minutes.

Chen knows the game our(BB) moment of glory is coming. Don't get swept away by the the apple media hype. Did you expect anything less. While BB quietly goes along with their plan. Fact is the rest of the world is over android and apple. What's left?

Fuck Apple!

They know they are in the shitter, with their lack luster products which are stuck and stale...Why do you think they spent $3 billion dollars on Beats by Dre...no one in their right mind would...only a company that knows it's gig is up would do such a stupid thing.

Dr. Dre is a legendary producer, "The Chronic" is still one of my favourite hip-hop albums. But as products, the Beats headphones suck ass. Had a pair...never again!

Apple has always played the cool factor, by repackaging the same products over and over again with little if any changes and real advances. Innovation became secondary to style years ago. Apple hasn't really been on the cutting edge for a while now.

People have started to catch on, and even their staunchest supporters have to acknowledge that Apple is at the present full of shit, and that they have and are coasting on their previous success...hmmmm that reminds me of someone...some company...Bllllaaaa...well it will come to me...

Worse they started believing their own press... but of late the coverage I'm hearing and seeing is increasingly negative, where once you couldn't find enough drones willing to blow Apple, now the vultures are starting to circle over a slowly rotting carcase!

So Apple can suck it!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

130 million first-time iOS buyers in the last 365 days.

97 percent customer satisfaction.

But yeah. You go with that.

(I seriously LOVE WWDC-week here at CrackBerry! The loonies get so agitated!)

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And I always love when Appletards get their panties in a bunch because they have their heads soo far up their arses they think they can see through the tip of their dicks...

As I said, fuck Apple!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Oh no! A tech company whose CEOs said something dumb and made mistakes...yes because we all know that Apple's shit don't stink!

That comment was about as useful as a wet fart...or Steve Jobs wearing turtleneck sweaters...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Uhh...I'm a fanboy...says another fanboy...Hey the Tea Party called, they need their batshit back!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I call out BS plain and simple. I provide links to FACTS. If you bash on something or give praise where it's not deserved be that Windows Phone, BB, Android, or even Apple.

Flyboys. Maybe thats called being educated. See when you go to all the sites for BB, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS you actually learn the truth. When you stay in your one spot you pretty much learn 1/2 the truth.

This isn't love BB only site. I see the the issues on all platforms. I don't see why I shouldn't call out things when they are clearly not a fact. I have an Android phone and tablet. I praise iPhone when they do good and bash it when they don't. Same with Windows Phone. People make BS statements when they don't know what their talking about. Look through my posts. I copy links to FACTS. You should skip threads like this if your looking for a place to make things up to make you feel better about BB. I think BB did enough of that for all of us and now they are on major trouble.

I was not the one initially making the snide "Pharma" remark in the first place. Take a chill pill. I didn't realize I made things up. Do I like BB - yes - is that considered a fan boy? Guess it does.

Some people do not have the time to go to every forum imaginable. So uneducated I am :(

BB at 1% of the market - not low enough? Don't bother with a return analysis/comment - after all it is Friday.

Hey, Apple can take what they want. They'll integrate it better and make it more user friendly than WP or Android ever could!

iPhones are like Samsung TVs - they have shiny bells a whistles without guts and longevity - not to mention you're charged up the butt... it's nice to see a new update - but will probably still be slow and inadequate to meet up with BBs and android.

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