Long Awaited BlackBerry OS 4.3.1 Re-Branded as OS 4.5

By James Falconer on 23 Jan 2008 11:04 am EST

BlackBerry OS 4.5 Coming Soon

Jibi brought word this morning that the long-waited OS 4.3.1 update (that was mentioned together with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 Service Pack 5 back in November) will be re-branded as OS 4.5.

Beta releases of 4.3.1 have been quite visible for some time now. However, the decision to re-brand the OS as 4.5 is rumored to simply be a marketing decision, due to the number of enhancements being added to the OS.

Everything that is expected to be in the OS will still be there including the long awaited HTML email capabilities.

Expect this to drop somewhere near the end of February or even into March or April, depending on your carrier.

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Kevin Michaluk

Ok, So obviously OSv4.3.1 can't be completely rebranded...as that's what's already shipping on the BlackBerry Pearl 8120/8130 and now the 8110.

But the OSv4.3.1 UPDATE for the Curve, 8100, 8800, 8700 has been in beta forever and has been seen in lots of places (I had my hands on a beta of 4.3.1 for the months back), and at CES every single RIM employee was using 4.3.1.

So is the 4.3.1 update that's coming getting rebranded to 4.5? Are they going to be in additional enhancements over what 4.3.1 is currently shipping with on the Pearls so that this new update will not only be for the devices that don't have 4.3.1 yet, but for all devices including the new Pearls?

And for the HTML email that's coming per yesterday's BlackBerry Performance Enhancements announcement, I'm pretty sure you're going to require a BES hookup for that (at least for now - those improvements aren't coming to BIS just yet). So is this OSv4.5 rebranding just going to be for devices on the BES, while BIS devices will get the 4.3.1 updates that are currently on the new Pearls.

Also, I think/thought the 8700 wouldn't get support beyond OSv4.3.1, so is that coming for BIS devices (and 8700 users will get it), but 4.5 will not touch the 8700.

I stay on top of the news daily and I still am confused by this!


exactly like the comment posted above said. it's already available with the newer phones, why can't we have it already, and then send the 4.5 version? i've waited a very long time for this update. RIM you suck for making us wait so long!!!


How 'bout this, give me the beta, I will take it now. Where can I get it?


Has anyone bought the BOLD yet from dcompworld.com?????

Kevin Michaluk

just heard from another good "source"

it'll be BES 5.0 w/4.3.1. the source had never heard of os4.5

soo many rumors!


Where can I get the os v 4.3.1 or 4.5 beta version? Please let me know where i can download it.



Will it work with BIS?


as long as it includes video taking capabilities and enables us to stream videos or music from the internet I will be satisfied.



i've heard that this may or may not work for the pearl 8100. Any ideas???


Ah! I recently read the documents to go press release that they will not be releasing their program until RIM release OS 4.5. This new OS will hopefully be well worth the wait.


when will tmobile customers be able to download the new upgrade?



Here's the link but i will tell you this 4.5 is nice and slick. Also has problems after i installed on a pearl 8100 all my phone does is reset non stop.


When the update is released, how do i go about downloading it? do i do it from the phone directly?


bloody heck, ive been searching for ages for the link to update my phone ota with the os 4.5. for my curve 8320. does anyone have a clue?


It's released! (for 8310)