Spot delays in advance with London Tube Tool for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 10 Sep 2013 06:22 am EDT

Clearly by the name, this BlackBerry 10 application will only be of interest for those of you that live, work or may be visiting London in the UK. The 'Built for BlackBerry' app is just a quick and easy way to check if the London Underground has any delays which may affect your journey. 

We all know that all public transport systems are subject to delays and it can be extremely frustrating having to either wait for things to settle down or find an alternative route. Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices London Tube Tool will quickly let you check which tube lines are running to schedule or if there are indeed any known delays. 

Once you open up the app you are presented with the full list of tube lines, including the Docklands Light Railway and Overground services, although these two will direct you to the web browser. All the other lines will say whether or not they have good service and this will also be indicated by a green, amber or red circular icon. 

If you know which station you will be heading off from you can jump into it and even view the times that the tube trains are due in at the station - clever stuff. In addition, if you are going to be checking this in advance of your journey you will even be shown where the tube you are going to get is currently located. 

With a handy refresh icon at the base of the display you'll also notice a share option and the info can be shared via any accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub. 

And that's it. The app does just what it is designed to do and does it well. It's user friendly and for regular visitors to London this one will be an extremely useful app to have in your collection. Plus, it's free which is always a bonus. 

Download London Tube Tool for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Spot delays in advance with London Tube Tool for BlackBerry 10


Useful - seems that half the central line is being closed for maintenance every week.

I swear - the tube needs sorting out. Privatisation hasn't worked out!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Make Oyster payments with your BlackBerry's customized NFC antenna.
Better yet, link bank account autopay to your Oyster payment account.

This alone would be reason for Andr*id and iPh*ne users to switch to BlackBerry!!
(I suggested this idea almost 1 year before the London Olympics 2012 came out).