London Court Sides With RIM On Motorola Patent Issue

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2010 08:55 am EST
London Court Sides With RIM On Motorola Patent Issue

At least one court has sided with Research In Motion in regards to Motorolas patent claims. As reported by The Calgary Herald, the High Court Justice in London, England invalidated Motorolas  patent related to email gateway systems and went so far as to say even if it had been valid it hadn't been infringed by two communications systems used by Research In Motion.

Motorola had requested that the ITC look into the actions of Research In Motion and their use of Motorola patents but with the London court ruling, the chances of the ITC weighing in now have just gotten a little slimmer. Invalidating one of the patents called out in the claims to the ITC Motorola has no choice but to pull that patent from their paperwork and subsequent claim to the ITC.

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London Court Sides With RIM On Motorola Patent Issue


It's so cool when money buys power, judgements, and patents... well, maybe not that last one, we'll just use it anyway and hope no one cares. lol

The graphic made me laugh. However, the correct Canadian pronunciation of "about" is "aboot". I know this having grown up across the river from Windsor in "Deee-troy-it"

Wow the judge didn't hesitate to make a quick decision at all. Usually these law suit takes years to resolve and millions of dollars to make lawyers rich.

i've used a Moto RIZR-Z8 and i can see where their Menu and GUI claims are justified. but that whole grid-folder-scheme is god awful! and to be fair, that phone ran UIQ, a mobile OS that was dependent on a stylus, which the Z8 lacked!

but as far as e-mail patents are concerned, nothing beats RIM. i love receiving my g-mail over my 8900 Curve.

sucks for Motorola though. they were really putting all their eggs in one basket when it came to the Droid/Cliq/Backflip phones to the point where they're in the red and figured this RIM lawsuit would've been easy money. i bet you they took a lot of HTC's design techniques but won't mention any of that.

Moto is really desperate apparently otherwise they would have done this sooner (not that it would have changed the ruling).

Motorola, you suck. Every phone I had from them, incl replacements, aand friends and family's phones... Always BROKE!!! If you have the droid, I feel sorry for you, in the long run. Hate Motorola.

Motorola used to be one of the foremost telecom equipment manufacturers in the world. They may still hold the crown in some areas, like fire department pagers, two way radios, police and taxi CB systems, Bluetooth headsets, and so on, but the bottom line is that as far as consumer handsets are concerned, RIM is now king. This has nothing to do with Nokia's status as number one manufacturer of "dumbphones," this is about how RIM/BlackBerry is today what Motorola cell phones used to be back when Moto was still at the top of their game.