The Logo Game comes to BlackBerry 10 - and it's free!

By James Richardson on 6 Jun 2013 01:03 pm EDT

The Logo Game has been a big hit on other platforms and now we have it available for BlackBerry 10 it's not only awesome but free to download. Much like the name suggests the game is focused around guessing the name of brand logos.

Each level comprises of three pages of logos. Just click the one you want to guess and enter the name of the brand. The quicker you do it the more points you get, although there is a hint option but that will reduce your score. If you really don't know the answer you can request it, but once again it will cost you points.

With Twitter and Facebook integrated you can share your achievements with your social buddies which is nice to see. The game is beautifully colorful and runs like a dream. It may be one of those ones that gets a little addictive though!

There some additional in-app purchases if you want some specific categories and these are listed below:

  • Football
  • Fortune 500
  • Fashion
  • Automobiles
  • Government Organizations
  • Food
  • Women
  • Technology
  • India
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Philippines

More information/Download the Logo Game for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

The Logo Game comes to BlackBerry 10 - and it's free!


I'm pretty sure it's been there for the longest time. It was on the playbook too. It's a good game, I get stuck on more of the European logos

Posted via CB10

Wasn't this already available already? I could have sworn I had downloaded it before.
Hmm... maybe the line between sideloading and downloading is getting blurry.

Posted via CB10

When you said 'now available for BlackBerry 10' is what probably caused some confusion. It got me for a minute!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Which means that Crackberry gets paid to promote apps and games. Why else was this posted today

Posted via CB10

Hey James I've had this side loaded for a while now. Should I delete the sideload and download this? For ex: would it cancel a reboot issue if it was caused by the app or is it the same file? Not that it matters since it's easily available now lol

Posted via CB10

I'm with you.
Please guys, be specific. This game is Z10 only and not (yet) Q10 friendly!

Posted from my Q10 via CB10

I wonder if every logo in the game will download to your device since I had this on my PlayBook and it littered my images with every company logo in the game

Posted via CB10

That was the first game I downloaded when I grabbed my Z10, surprised that it reads 'just arrived' in this post... I have two months with my cell...

Posted via CB10

Unfortunatly the Game is not available for the Q10.

As a Q10 owner i feel kind of neglected :(

Posted via CB10

That's funny, it's not new. I have had it since I got my Z10. One of the first games I installed. Lol

Posted via CB10

Here's the score: I didn't say it was new. The title is written that way to make it timeless - meaning if someone was new to BlackBerry is say a few months they would still enjoy the post.

Hope that makes sense.

Posted via CB10

Do you guys prefer a cover for the z10 or no cover. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted via CB10

Haha James is refusing to admit he was wrong! Quality! Good attempts at recovery but in the past one would state that it's been out for a while where as this one doesn't and the part of the sentence

"now available for the BlackBerry Z10"

implied that it was newly released and that is how everyone has inferred it. Plausible excuses but they are transparent lol.

Oh and I have the app, it's awesome!!! I like the consistency with multinational brands not just the yank ones.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

He wasn't wrong. It's for the new BlackBerry users. For the people that don't spend all day on Crackberry

Posted via CB10