LogMeIn Allows Remote Assist on the BlackBerry Handheld

By IsaacKendall on 4 May 2010 08:08 am EDT

I've been a long-time user of LogMeIn's free remote assist.  As the resident computer help desk in my family I've installed the LogMeIn client on all the not-so-tech family computers.  My mom, mother-in-law & wife all have this installed on their machines.

This way when I get the call as long as their PC has an internet connection I can access their machine and fix it.  It uses NAT traversal, so it doesn't require any router configuration. This is a great product. Now LogMeIn moves to the smartphone world. Their IT helpdesk product LogMeIn Rescue now offers the helpdesk the ability to access a user's BlackBerry handheld and take complete full control of the device.

What makes this product cool is that the user doesn't need any preinstalled software on the BlackBerry.  The helpdesk simply provides the user with a PIN for the session and on the browser the BlackBerry user goes to logmein123.com enters the PIN and POW! full control is handed to the IT helpdesk.

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LogMeIn Allows Remote Assist on the BlackBerry Handheld


on a 2inch mobile screen with spotty 3g service? i'll pass. if i'm anyway with wifi i'm going to just pull out my netbook.

I believe it was saying it allows people to log in to the blackberry and help you, not to use the blackberry to remote assist a computer, which there are options available for as well.

I really think you should read and watch the video before making comments, lol. It's remote assistance for IT Admins to login to a BB and fix any issues, not for the BB user to login to their PC.

True, you can also use logmein on the Storm to connect to your PC's or servers, i think the Bold also does support it.

That's what I want. But a free app. So I can log in to a server while at dinner or the store and reboot it.

Yep, it's great, and all for the bargain price of USD $1956.
That's $1188 annually for the Rescue Service, plus $768 annually for the Smartphone service.

Kinda puts it in the realms of corporate support really, rather than casual access.

I'm already a subscriber to the Rescue Service as I use it at work, but really can't justify paying the additional charge given the few numbers of mobile devices we use.

Precisely the same at my shop. We support hundreds of users with desktops and we have to use LMI maybe an average of once a day. It's a reasonable expense for that.

The BB/iPhone support though... dream on. We've got maybe 50 total BB phones we need to support and have to do something with them maybe once every few weeks. We couldn't justify $80 a year extra for this, let alone ten times that.

Being Blackberry/IT support I can see the advantages of this. 99% of the problems require a battery pull, device reset/wipe, or reactivation. All of which require hands on.

I test drove it a while ago on a Nokia phone and i found out that you get charged not for using the sofware but on your phone bill. I'm keen to test it on the BB but i'm not sure whether my phone bill will shoot up the roof or will my data plan take care of the connection.

Your carrier should only charge you if you don't have an data plan. It shouldn't be any different than using any other web-enabled app on your BlackBerry. A typical 5-10 minute remote control session only amounts to about 5MB of data. If you're on a pay-as-you-go data plan, use WiFi when available.

We use Bomgar for our remote support, and we've been using blackberry remote support ever since they introduced it Feb '09. Curves, Bolds, Storms, etc work great. Makes BIS email setup a snap for clueless users. Don't even need a pin, just need them to click on the engineer's name on our site.

LogMeIn is cool, and I recommend them to individual users, but businesses are better served by Bomgar.

I was interested in this product until I found out that for one year of service for one device and include blackberrys it would cost me almost $2,000.00. I would use this service if it was 5% of the retail cost but no more than that.

Guys, i came across this software recently after RCR wireless webinar. I tested the both platforms LMI and Aetherpal and bought aetherpal. They support more devices and you can try it for free.