LogicMail for BlackBerry becomes a 2.0 beta

By Yousif Abdullah on 4 Jan 2011 09:00 am EST

LogicMail BlackBerry

Just in time for a great start to 2011, e-mail client LogicMail has now reached a milestone with its latest release two-point-oh, beta. Inspired by the now defunct Mail4ME project, LogicMail provides an alternative to the conventional push e-mail system offered by RIM. As such, it is a dream come true to the evergrowing audience of BlackBerry users without a data plan. And I ask you not to question this very audience - they could be students with a limited budget not able to afford the luxury of having a BlackBerry data plan, people with limited needs trying to get by with a generic data plan or (just like me) people to whom BlackBerry services are simply out of reach. Not only do I hope that 2011 will mark the year when RIM strikes back with a game changer, but also that RIM will continue expanding its products and services to the handful of countries currently left out of the fun. I am sorry; I lost myself there for a moment. Back to LogicMail.

Before I continue, it should be noted that LogicMail is, first and foremost, a Java application that runs atop the native BlackBerry user interface. In other words, it functions standalone with its own graphical user interface and does not integrate with or make use of the native Messages application. Despite that, LogicMail packs a fair punch with both POP and IMAP support - with great focus on the latter - and the ability to run on BlackBerry smartphones with device software v4.5 all the way up to BlackBerry 6. As far as connectivity goes, LogicMail supports Direct TCP, MDS and WAP 2.0 connections, but can also operate on Wi-Fi networks only. And for those rocking a BlackBerry Torch or still hanging onto a BlackBerry Storm, support for touch input is included, too.

Granted, there are some issues and quirks to work out before calling it a stable release, but for a beta, I must say that the people behind LogicMail have brought remarkable work to the table. I know that it can sound odd or perhaps even awkward, but not everything good must cost money. In fact, LogicMail is not only available free of charge, but it actually is a piece of open source software as well! To put it differently, anyone wishing to contribute to the project may hop aboard and strive to make a difference. I personally have spent a few weekends helping LogicMail become the product it is today, but due to limited time my contributions have fallen short of what I initially hoped to manage. But, it is a New Year's resolution of mine to dedicate time to helping projects like LogicMail become better. I also hope that other aspiring developers come along to help; the more the merrier!

Not much is left to say, but I would like to use this moment to acknowledge that, to me, LogicMail has been one of the essential tools I use on my BlackBerry on a daily basis. It has come a long way since the early releases a couple of years back - an enormous step forward. Here is to hoping that we will see more from LogicMail and the open source community in general, keep it up! Okay, enough heart melting drama; I almost forgot the reason I was writing this: LogicMail for BlackBerry has reached 2.0 beta! So, what are you waiting for? Installation guide in the link below, go!

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LogicMail for BlackBerry becomes a 2.0 beta


Nevermind students, this is perfect for business when you need to access some older emails or if there's an outtage. Brilliant. People can't complain about folders anymore.

can I use this with blackberry.net APN? My data plan does not include direct TCP APN.
I know it sounds akward but one of my email accounts uses an IMAP Port that the BIS cant recognize so I always redirect my emails to the provider.blackberry.com adress and so cant use the IMAP feature.

It should work with whatever APN is configured in your device's advanced settings. If you think there's a need for an in-app APN override option, let me know and I'll add it to the feature-request list.

I think one of the reasons I initially started the project, was that BIS didn't like the SSL certificate I was using for my mail server when I got my first BB. (Along with all of its other limitations/issues, which are especially annoying to an avid IMAP user.)

this is a great app. you can manage your email folders if you use IMAP. i liked the first version and i love this version. i have only one question about "push" i know its not push mail but how can i set it to check mail every few minutes so i dont have to open and check the emai everytime.

That may be the #1 user-requested feature of all time, but its not going to be implemented until 2.1. Its complex enough (once you start thinking through all the little details) that I felt getting everyone to move from 1.1 to the 2.0 code now was more important.

I'll start working on it soon, with whatever time I have when I'm not following up with users or fixing 2.0 bugs.

You don't need push for it, you already have that with your bis, you cam open this app only when you need the folders or to access older emails. You can now save a lot of filefree memory on your blackberry as you don't need to keep your pushed emails for more then a few days.

help please, i'm unable to get gmail outgoing mail to work, it gives me "unknown error" and then the phone reboots.
my BB is the curve 8520, and is with OS 5 1036

I think its some sort of recent BlackBerry OS bug. I've never seen it before myself, but someone else reported the same issue on a 9700 running

Are you using SSL or TLS for the SMTP security setting?

yes i'm using it :)
it always give me unknown error, and then, even if i cmpletely close the app, it reboots.

Ok. I'm new to Blackberry and the Torch. I was searching all over for something like this. This is fantastic. Great job. I wouldn't mind having an option to check for new messages every few hours or even some kind of exchange support but I won't be picky lol. I set up my Comcast & Gmail accounts in no time at all. Rock on!

I don't think mere mortals are supposed to understand the Exchange protocol well enough to implement it :-) (Just look at how *few* non-MS clients actually support it.) Thankfully Exchange does support IMAP and POP, assuming they're enabled.

This app is awesome!!!

I have BIS and finally I can access my IMAP folders and move/copy emails into them!

For email alternative, I use SmartMail. Smaill and integrated into BlackBerry email. With it I can simulate my feeling of having push mail in hand. BIS/BES seems to be luxury in my country.

If you can't afford a data plan, then you can't afford a Blackberry. Is it that important to impress your friends????

Without a data plan it's just a phone that can play games. If you have wi-fi then you can do a bit more. If you can afford wi-fi in your hourse, you can afford a data plan. And if you drive around looking for a wi-fi hot spot, spend the gas money on a data plan.

You can defend it all you want but buying Blackberry without a data plan is just dumb. If you really are that poor and can't afford a data plan for your Blackberry, then then go to the public library and use the internet there. It's free.

I think you're typing without thinking ahead.
A phone is like money spent once.
A data plan is something tickling your pocket monthly. For those kind of spending, you need to think whether the expense is worth the benefit.
For someone somewhere, like myself, BIS price is too high because I don't need pushmail that much. For everything else (notes, calendaring, snail emails, infor organizing..etc.), my 9700 is doing excellent. Normal 3G and GPRS are pay per use and are absolutely fine.
I am pretty sure I'm not that dumb. I'm not sure about you though.

I think you're missing the point a bit. There are plenty of reasons to go with a BlackBerry without a data plan at all. For example, the organizer / PDA functions alone make it a great device to carry around and synchronization with a PC / Mac is possible via USB cable. Should a Wi-Fi connection be available, a lot more options open up, but I won't delve into there, because I have my very own personal reason to go with BlackBerry, even if a data plan is out of reach (not everywhere in this world is BlackBerry supported). My reason for purchasing a BlackBerry smartphone is multilingual communication capability. Name me at least one device that will handle English, Finnish / Swedish and Arabic input without issues. Of all current smartphones, there is only the iPhone in addition to BlackBerry, which does what I want. Android does have Arabic input support, but it also has issues with it. Now why did I want a BlackBerry over an iPhone? Simple; it's the keyboard. And trust me, there are probably hundreds like me, who use a BlackBerry smartphone without a data plan.

It's not necessarily dumb, it's not a question of wealth, but more about needs. My needs tell me that a BlackBerry is a good choice, despite the shortcomings of using one without a data plan. No other smartphone out there does what I need, so why should I look into anything else? It's people like you who make me feel uncomfortable. Accept the fact that there are uses for a BlackBerry without a data plan.