Log your favorite destinations with PinGuin for BlackBerry 10

Log your favorite destinations with PinGuin for BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 17 Jan 2014 05:20 am EST

It has been a while since I have checked out an app to come out of the BlackBerry Jam Camp events that took place summer 2013. There have been some very cool apps come from student developers who attended the camp. Today, I am looking at PinGuin, an app that allows you to save and share your favorite locations - a way to log all the cool places you go to.

When you first launch PinGuin you are presented with a nice little tutorial - a walkthrough of how to use the app. Always nice to get a small tutorial with some apps. PinGuin is natively built so it will be much like navigation BlackBerry 10 apps in general. Just tap the plus icon on the bottom bar and tap 'Add Location' to add a location to your saved list. You then name your location and you can also add a description too. There is also the ability to share your location to, or any of your saved locations. What is great when you add your location is that you can use longitude and latitude coordinates to make sure you have the exact location and not something meters away.

PinGuin also has in-app purchase available. This will give you all the features. These include being able to add your saved location to a category and also to use existing photos or take news ones to add to a saved location.

PinGuin features:

  • Save and store locations
  • Name and add descriptions to locations
  • View saved locations
  • Navigate to saved locations
  • Share your current location or saved locations by text, BBM™ , email and various other forms
  • Sharing to other platforms opens native map app on recipient's end
  • Edit saved locations
  • Active Frame support
  • BBM connected
  • Ability to take a photo and save it to a location item (Full version)
  • Append a picture from your files to a location (Full version)
  • Native Language support for French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, German, Indonesian, and Chinese (simplified).
  • Add category to saved locations (Full version)

There are also some neat upcoming features too. Like being able to filter you locations by category as well as Pebble integration via the Talk2Watch app. It's a pretty neat app with Built for BlackBerry certification and was also the winner of BlackBerry Jam Camp, Cambridge 2013.

PinGuin is free to download and is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The full version costs $0.99, paid for via the app.

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Reader comments

Log your favorite destinations with PinGuin for BlackBerry 10


Am I missing something here?

I can share my location directly from the Map app.

What's the point of this app?

Serious question. If someone gives me a good account I might buy it.

Posted via CB10

It allows you to share to more places. And let's you share cross platform, i.e. opens up the native android and iOS maps when you share it. It also saves your lon and lat instead of approximating your street address, so it saves your actual location rather than approximate location, which is especially useful in less urban areas as often you could be in the middle of a concession road where the closest address could actually be a few KM away from your current location. Apart from this, it also allows you to take an image or append a photo while saving a location.

And to be honest I made the app before the share feature in BlackBerry maps was implemented.

- Developer of [URL="https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/34825892"]PinGuin[/URL]

Dislike in-app-upgrades. Rather have outright free and pro version. That goes for any app-release.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Call me blind, but where is the share feature in BlackBerry maps? Or is that a 10.2 feature?

Posted via CB10

Thanks ... more goodies to look forward to. I wish the carriers would hurry up and put out the updates!

Got a feature request too: sharing one's location automatically at user-defined intervals. Do the APIs allow that sort of thing?

Posted via CB10

I just download this app. Just great app and very usefull.
But, app connecting to BBM looks forever. It tooks 12 minutes in hi speed wifi network.
I'm not a active frame lover, so when i open the app, first thing i see is 11pages tutorial. Whatever i closed it or dismiss it it still there.

Posted via my beloved Z10

Thanks for the reply, no interest, just asking as in other apps with maps you can pinch zoom, must say you have a good app.

I've had this app since it came out and I must say I love it. I have loads of locations stored now and I also use it as a "find my car" type app when I park in a town I'm not familiar with

Posted via CB10

I would love this app and pay for it if it would pin pitchers you take to a global map. So when you look at your map there's a pin for every place you took a picture. Tap the pin and the pictures and location information is displayed.

Posted via CB10

Didn't this app cause all sorts of problems for people? Hope they fixed that.

Sent from my white hot Z10 Rocking Leaked 10.2

Shared my location with an iPhone user and of course they said "I don't need an app. I can share my location." that kind of stung...so what's up with that blackberry...?

Posted via CB10