Lock BlackBerry Messenger - Password Protect your BBMs

Lock BlackBerry Messenger
By Alicia Erlich on 29 May 2011 10:31 am EDT

When it comes to my device I can be pretty careless. I'm constantly losing it at home or misplacing it at work. Normally there's nothing on there that would come back to haunt me as I'm a pretty boring person. However, my BBM's are a different story. That's where Lock BlackBerry Messenger by Ajani InfoTech comes into play. It keeps your BBM messages secure without locking the rest of your device down. This way you still have access to other applications such as such as your phone, internet, apps, and email.

This is a pretty good app when it comes to your personal privacy and security. Plus it's very easy to use. Simply enter in your new password and choose whether to enable / disable the lock. Anytime you click on your BBM icon or access via the app switcher you're prompted to enter in your password. It even pops up when entering and exiting BBM Groups which in my case is a good thing.

I did notice that it does not prevent BBM access from the messages application and doesn't time out if you're chatting and put your device down. These little hiccups aside if you would like to keep your BBM's hidden from unwanted eyes then this is the app for you.

Features Include:

  • Password protect BlackBerry Messenger app.
  • Quickly switch between Lock and Unlock mode.
  • Neat and clean graphics. Appealing to eyes.
  • Passwords must be 4 characters or greater

Lock BlackBerry Messenger: Password Protect BlackBerry Messenger is available for $1.99 for all devices running OS 4.2 and higher. For a limited time it's on sale for $0.99. You can't go wrong with that.

More information / purchase at BlackBerry App World 

Reader comments

Lock BlackBerry Messenger - Password Protect your BBMs


Why would you password protect an individual application on your BlackBerry instead of using the Blackberry's native password that locks the whole phone? Do you leave your phone unlocked, or maybe give your phone's password out to anyone who wants to use your phone? If you share your phone and your worried others will see your messages why not just log out of BBM when you're not using your phone? I realize $1.99 isn't much, but why not save yourself the cost and memory usage and just lock your phone.

I guess those of you responding about what is the use of this have never thought of the possibility of the type of conversations that are usually had over bbm which one may not want a certain someone to gain access to.

Just putting that out there

Sure you could lock your entire phone, but why would you? Let's say you wanted to let someone use your phone but you didn't want them into your BlackBerry Messenger? You can just lock that and it doesn't render the rest of the phone useless. I think its a great idea.

Sometimes you can lend your phone for browsing and stuff but you dont want them to see your bbms

...I use this function with Everylock, which let's me do this with not only my BBMs, but ANYTHING else on my device. From apps, to folders, etc. Not tryna hate on this tool here, but got it covered on a universal note.

I use iLock and it locks any and everything on the phone, from BBMs to my recent call list. Love it!!! And it got it while it was on offer for free :D

Ha! Just reboot phone and long press ESC key during reboot. Voila! There is no passwords by 3rd apps.

Protection from a fools only.

Now you can share your device without having to worry about someone viewing your apps or accessing your personal photos, apps , text and e-mail. Plus, it protects your data from accidental deletion. Additionally, you can setup unique profiles and have them automatically start at a preset time. So you can keep your work and your personal life separate. Plus, you can lock both native Blackberry apps along with third party apps from the BlackBerry App World. Secure My Apps is now available in BlackBerry App World @ $2.99