LocationProfiler Changes Your Profile With Your Location

By Adam Zeis on 6 Mar 2009 03:32 pm EST

Kevin has had a dream for a while that his BlackBerry would switch profiles depending on his location, or that he could become Canada's Next Top Model... today, one of his dreams came true. ToySoft announced the beta of its new application LocationProfiler. This handy app automatically changes your BlackBerry's profile depending on your location. Supporting multiple profiles, the application lets you choose locations (ie. Work, Home, School) and create profiles based on each one. So when you leave home you can set your profile to Loud, then when you arrive at work it can change to Quiet.  When you leave work and head to the bar, you can have it change to Vibrate. This is definitely a great application to have if you're constantly on the go. I know I always forget to change my profile when I get to work so this will definitely come in handy.

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LocationProfiler Changes Your Profile With Your Location


Sweet. I remember during the SPE Round Robin that Kevin was talking about how Android had this feature and now it can be done a BB!

But does this work like Profiler in the sense that if the phone is holstered or locked, it cannot change profiles automatically?

Yes, unfortunately if the phone is locked or holstered it won't change - but it will alert you when you unlock or pull from the holster I believe.

Yes. These are the limitations and this is due to the BB OS. If only RIM would change this and allow developers to unholster, reholster, unlock the keyboard.

Profiler does have a builtin keyboard locking. this is the work around for the system keyboard lock.

Was wondering when someone would come up with an app like this. Although I wish that this app (along with Toysoft's profiler app) would change profiles even if they were in the holster or keyboard locked.

Does this app automatically changes profiles via GPS? Meaning, if im at work and i leave work to go home, will it automatically switch profiles or do i have to manually do this? If so, this app. is useless.

No. It does not use GPS but cell towers.
It will work as you have described. Profiles will automatically change when you move location to location. Of course you will have to setup locations for each profile.

Freaking Cool man! Then this is a GREAT APP! Time to DL and test it out to see how efficient it is. Too bad its not made for a storm...

School and home are so close together for me that I suspect this wouldn't be any good for me. At least the big circle Google Maps gives using cell towers is big enough to include my entire university and most of the student housing (including mine). And church, and friend's houses. I predict that if it is the same basis of Google Maps cell tower location, it wouldn't do me any good :(

With that said, still love the idea - I am constantly on the go and needing to change it, just unfortunately almost always within that 1900m radius. I also wear it on a holster, so that wouldn't work either.

One thing I hate is that sooo many BB apps you have to pay for!! iPhone apps are sooooooo coool only because 99% of them are FREE!

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This app rocks and I would maybe even pay for it. I tested it today and works really fine. Only thing is, my house is located exactly between two cell towers. Also Latitude freaked out about my whereabouts ;-)

I really like the idea of location profiles, but I also like the LED light choices of BerryBuzz. I wonder if these can work together.

Anybody out there running both?

Great feature that BB has been missing, but the app needs a some more work, especially for eight bucks.

Does anyone know if this zaps the battery? It was mentioned on the podcast that constantly checking the GPS can wreck a charge...