Location Based Mobile Clipboard App Dynamic Legend Seeking Beta Testers

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jan 2010 10:47 am EST
Dynamic LegendDynamic Legend 

Currently in early beta stages, Dynamic Legend is a location based clipboard that allows users to create a "legend" on the web, and bring the information along on your BlackBerry. When searching on the web via a pc, we typically find information we'd like to have for later reference on the go. Instead of entering the info into memopad or emailing it to yourself, Dynamic Legend lets you create a legend from the web, and using the free BlackBerry app, quickly access it at your destination. This can be useful for any number ot things including destination meetings, house hunting, garage sales, festivals and more. When you need to access the previously entered information, just enter the key (provided when creating a legend) in the app on your device and the information will be instantly pulled up. You can even add context information such as time and place.

Dynamic Legend is still in beta, so there may be some bugs/issues with the app but it seems to be working well thus far. If you'd like to try it out,  head to dynamiclegend.com/load/legendviewer on your device to download the application. Then check out dynamiclegend.com to get going and start creating legends.

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Location Based Mobile Clipboard App Dynamic Legend Seeking Beta Testers


I just tried this quickly. It's a really cool idea but I think I'd personally like it better if it were account-based so I could add locations to my own account without this key stuff.

In the application, it would be nice to have more options than to "Map This". Like perhaps send the address to Garmin, Google Maps, etc.

It's not bad though!

Thanks for the comments. User account is definitely in the plan and it will be coming soon.

I think it takes the same amount of steps to just send yourself an email or make a note in your BB. Maybe I just dont get it. It also looks like others can see your legends and save them to. So if you are making dinner plans and make a legend of the time and location with directions, then someone else could also see that. I dont like that idea at all.

Hey dsump,

Just want to clarify, only public legend can be seen by everyone. If you make the legend private, only those who has its key can access it.

For one or two notes, you are probably right. But the more places you need to visit (say > 5) the more effort this will save.