Localbar lets you install BAR files on BlackBerry 10 right from your device

By Adam Zeis on 2 Sep 2013 10:27 am EDT

A while back we took at look at a tool called BarInstall that allows you to install BAR files (aka sideload apps) to your BlackBerry 10 device without the use of a Mac or PC. The app requires a premium account at which point you can upload a BAR or APK file and easily sideload to your device OTA.

A new version has been released that is sporting Localbar mode - essentially a free way to install BAR files to your device from your SD card, albeit with a bit of work. You'll need to setup a proxy using a computer, Android device or even an old BlackBerry, but then you can install any BAR files from your SD card without the direct use of a computer. 

It does take a bit of work to get it all setup, but if being able to sideload on the fly is important to you, it may be worth checking out. The developer has started a thread in the forums with all the goods so if you're having trouble getting going, be sure to swing by and get yourself sorted out. You can download the localbar app here and check out this page for more help with both the free and premium version. 

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Localbar lets you install BAR files on BlackBerry 10 right from your device


It would be better if we had the apps we want in blackberry world instead of sideloading everything!

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Just like the days before there was a BB or App World. I actually prefer that there are other loading options.

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I think it's more of an issue of 1) finding the bar files 2) getting the updates of apps sideloaded. Apps are a major issue for BlackBerry and a large reason why BlackBerry users are making the switch.

I totally agree. Why doesn't BlackBerry let the BB10 Android player hookup to Google Play in the same way as BlueStacks does? Since a freeware emulator can do it it is possible...

Or just add all app by themselves automatically and give developers login credentials to app world just like opera and some others do...

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It's not a case of BlackBerry letting it. I'm sure they would if they could.

Google has control over which devices are allowed to access the Play Store.

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This app has two modes:

1. Localbar mode: a free mode where you can install App via Proxy, or to send bar files to another BB10/Playbook.

2. Barinstall mode: this is like sideswype, but it supports conversion with debug token (currently sideswype doesn't support debug token).

Lolwut? Just go to apk2bar or goodereader and download from there. You can even upload apk on the website and convert them to bar. Remember, bb10 browser itself is an awesome app.

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Really do need a better way to access Android app. I sideload, but not the best. Load new OS wipes all of them, start over again. Can't update the Android apps, not sure BlackBerry was really ready to deal with this, what is the end game of having the runtime on BB10?

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I'll stick with paying $2 bucks per month for BarInstall. It saves all my APKs and BARs so if I load the next leak, I can just click "install" from BarInstall and it reloads them in seconds. BarInstall also does the conversion from apk to bar and will sign them with your token (if you don't have the unlocked runtime).

But glad there are more options for the community!

Hi Jamez,

This also complements your premium account. Now you can access/install your files easier from the native app.

If you want the FREE way, you need to sideload it from your desktop.

You can also buy a premium membership on barinstall.com and install the app over the air (OTA).

Can I install the inital application straight from my q10 or do I need to load it via a computer first?

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If you want the FREE way, you need to sideload it from your computer.

You can also buy a premium membership on barinstall.com and install the app over the air (OTA), this way, computer is not required.

I clicked download on their page and nothing happened. I'm interested in trying it out. The link working for everyone?

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I have to say I quite like this and yes I did pay £2 ($2.99) but I was able to do this on my commute back from work on the go. This method will be for some and not for others. As I don't have regular pc use I did actually find this quite easy to use using the website. If apk or bar files that actually work were added to the store this would round this product off nicely. Thanks for providing an alternative option.

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Will this work with "paid" or "to-be-paid" Google apps? Having trouble (using several different ways: apk leecher, Chrome extension) moving an app that 1) is paid for and which 2) runs in BlueStacks on to BB10. Attempts to upload the apk to Goodereader, or the apk2bar site, do not work...neither will successfully convert the working apk to a bar. Thanks, KennyG

I collected and tested a bunch of android BAR files I thought I would share. They work on my Q10 to varying degrees; many of them I would qualify as critical to making BB10 work for me, and represent an extreme boost in utility. I made a torrent file that contains all the files, and this is the link for those who want to download it. I have very little bandwidth and I was not able to figure out how to load the whole collection up to one of the major torrent sites, so really if you download this please seed it for as long as you can so others can gt the most out of their BlackBerries as well.

This is the magnet link: