LocalBar: Install BAR files directly from your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 5 Nov 2011 06:37 pm EDT

If you like tinkering around with your BlackBerry PlayBook to get the maximum potential out of it you're no doubt aware that installation files for the BlackBerry PlayBook come as a .BAR file. When packaged up, those .BAR files are what make up an application on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

If you're tried the Android App Player these .BAR files are nothing new but, now -- how you go about installing them just got a lot easier. As we know it, .BAR files either have to be downloaded through BlackBerry App World or pushed to your PlayBook using your PC or Mac. This differs of course from say a BlackBerry smartphone were you can just download a .jad file as an OTA and install it directly. So what if you could do the same with .BAR files? There is a lot of links out there now to .BAR files that people have converted for use with the Android App Player so being able to install those OTA would be great right?

Well -- now you can in a roundabout way. CrackBerry forums member tinyhack has created LocalBar - an application that will allow you to install .BAR files directly onto your PlayBook from your PlayBook. Now if you download a .BAR file from a site, you no longer need to connect to a PC / Mac to install it. Instead, you can just use LocalBar to load it onto your PlayBook where ever you are. Even if you have a bunch of .BAR files on your PlayBook -- you can now browse and install those files all rather easily.

Keep in mind, if you have no experience with loading .BAR files previously this likely isn't going to help you out very much as you need to first off know how to install .BAR files in order to even load LocalBar. You can head on into the CrackBerry Forums for more info on how to get started, set things up and find previously converted files.

More info available in the CrackBerry Forums

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LocalBar: Install BAR files directly from your BlackBerry PlayBook


This should be just fine for 1.0.7, it was made using the NDK for 1.0.7. :) Load away with whatever OS! (1.0.7 of some flavor tho)

Yes, this works on 1.0.7, but you can't run BAR files which are converted fro APK (it will install the BAR files just fine, but it wont run).

SO what you're saying is any APK file that is converted to BAR file will not work on the playbook unless you have OS 2.0 or Android player

I'm receiving my playbook in a couple days so forgive me if this is a dumb question but are there .bar files that have not been created from .apk files? A friend of mine is gonna share some games with me that were not converted from .apk's...somehow he managed to extract them after purchasing them. Am i correct to assume that these files are .bar files albiet just native .bar files?

Thanks for this awesome app btw! Appreciate it bub!

tinyhack, great job on this! You along with so many others are what make crackberry an awesome online community! I've been reading up on sideloading apps and different ways to improve my PlayBook experience and although I am a self proclaimed geek, I've steered clear from tinkering with my PlayBook in the pas but now that this is available, I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

nice, there's really no reason why Android devs shouldn't take advantage of app world and get their programs at least re-packaged, otherwise people will do it themselves.

Better yet, get a native app sorted out asap :P

ok....guys I am very new here.....running into all kinds of crap trying to get things set up on my bb playbook to sideload free games onto it....I downloaded DDPB to my pc to be able to move .bar files over to my playbook....getting all kinds of problems coming up....one that has me dead in my tracks is the message that SSL context not available....I already have a few .bar files loaded to my playbook but they won't open ...just says window's can't open these files.......don't know what the hell to do now....I want to throw things right now.....aaaauuuuuggghggh....somebody help please