Loads of New BBM Emoticons Found in Hiding

By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2010 02:51 pm EST

Cruising the forums I came across this thread with a request for pig emoticon. I obviously had no idea there was one, but just a few replies into the thread, it turns out there are a load of hidden emoticons deep inside BlackBerry Messenger. I'm still not sure where they came from or how exactly they were discovered, but they are definitely loads of fun. Among the list is a pig, cheesburger, dog, cat, sports stuff and tons more. To get the new set, you'll have to copy the text from the thread an post to BlackBerry Messenger using AutoText (check out our Mini-101 on how to get symbols into BlackBerry Messenger). Now I couldn't personally get these to show up on my 9700 (running OS but I've tested with a few others and it seems like most devices aren't having any issues. Leave a comment and let us know if they work for you. Jump into the forums to get in on the fun!

Check out the cool hidden BBM emoticons in the CrackBerry forums

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Loads of New BBM Emoticons Found in Hiding



Copy This Boys and Girls:

          

 
 

i can not find this when i try to access it through my phone browser. is there any way you could possible just send it to me and ill be able to copy it??

I was Not Able to Do this< and i want them sooo bad! Can you add my Pin and explain it a little better to me Pin 232915A4

I got an 8900 running If it works for that OS can someone send me those BBM emoticons. Here's my PIN: pin:24B02F1A

Pleaseee send me the new symbols, just got my 9700 and I had this one cool symbol that looked like a heartbeat on an ekg machine..lost it when my 8900 was sTolen :( so I'd appreciate some new symbols here's my pin : pin:21E25F73

HEY masha! you haven't sent it to me.. hahahh!
and yess! i would like to have those icons!
so please, help me out!!!
thank you!!!
Pin: 2086f733

I searched the link forum and don't see any. pin me also please with these. 21BABAEF

OK I figured it out I needed to copy the boxes. Dooh!

I don't want to sound like an idiot, but when I hit the thread I don't see anywhere to copy them from. Please hit me back and let me know exactly where you found them.

They're showing up as small black squares when I go to copy them. Does anyone know why? :(

I forgot to add a space after the auto text to make it convert. Thank you Crackberry. Off to add the rest. :)


I have no idea how to put this on my blackberry, please send it to me my pin is 3146DC75, thanks please I'm new to this...

when i tried on my 9700 it just saved as asian designs i tried auto text and emailing to myself nothing is working?????

When I go to the linked thread I only see 3 black boxes in one post (with names of what they are under them) and about 100 question marks in another post.

Am I missing something? There are NO icons at the linked thread.

I was able to copy all the boxes, email to myself, and paste into BBM. From there, I did see all the icons, in color, that were in Kevin's picture above.

However, can you save them to re-use? It looks like the only way to do that is to manually enter each one as auto text. Even that is a hard task becasue they do not paste in auto text as the symbol, just as the black square. Is there an easier way?

It is possible to add these icons to the current set but building a COD file with ALL the icons included?

just copy individual icons and add them to your auto text. then you can use them individually whenever you would like.

in one autotext. also, if u save it in an email, and copy and paste from the email again, it still reads them, even if they look like squares in the email...

This post is mid-leading. You make it sound like there is a whole hidden list of emoticons, but you just link to a useless thread that doesn't have ANY of the emoticons you are advertising/promoting. I don't see pigs, cheeseburgers, etc.

screen shot doesnt show all of em but if u email the squares and copy and paste in bbm they will pop up den u copy and paste each of the ones u want to atuotext

I pasted them and sent them in a bbm. now how do i save them through auto text? when i tried the paste option was not available. WTF?! Am I doing something wrong? If anyone can help my pin is 30FD7B01

What I did was add a list in a BBM Group, then pasted the list of emoticons into the list. That way, they are available within BBM.

could you send the list to me as well. Really appreciate it. Just can't seem to make it work. 24A4E6F0 Thanks so much!!! ;)

Hi All. Reply with your email address and i will send you the icons. You simply select and save them. Then you copy the ones you want and save in autotext. Example, if you like the pig, select new in autotext, replace with:Piggy(or whatever name you like) then save it. You should now have the pig icon.

Go to the thread mentioned Post #21
Copy the entire message that has all little black boxes. DO NOT FRET! they turn into icons later!
Paste them into an email to your bb. OR copy them on your bb right from the forum post and paste into a bbm chat.
Either way you do it, you need to get them into a bbm chat window people. Then they look like icons!

Once there, copy individual ones to auto text and you can use them over and over again.

I sent them to a BB group I titled" icon" they all showed up. So now how do I move them to the auto text ? Im using a BB storm2 9550. thanks

I've copied and emailes myself. Ok now I have email full of boxes. I then copied into a list in bbm which I now see all the icons. Great. Now how do I save them to use them???
I see many posts about pasting into bbm but Where in bbm?
Can someone forward them to me for use? 21607da0

folks theres a link in the post that gives step by step instructions on how to use them, they're only viewable in a bbm conversation, so they're going to show up as boxes in sms and email, you're going to have to paste them into a bbm conversation then copy and paste each individual one you want to use and add it to an autotext entry, instructions are in the link.

STOP asking for people to send them to you. I was frustrated initially too but I spent 5 minutes reading it and figured it out. Why should CB members send them to your pin; so that you can have them without doing any work? (which you will need to do if you want to actually SAVE these icons).

Look, I know the CB nation is supposed to be very helpful. Except you should also bother to look at it. I have all the icons on my BBM.

The ONLY thing people should be asking for is a COD file so we can save these icons and use them natively into BBM. If I knew how to do it I would have already done it.

I need to have a nice bright phone I have a dreary job that i do all day long having a nice bright phone would make my life alot better..Thank you

could somebody send the symbols to me, i know how to save them in autotext but can't find and symbols to copy. pin: 30BB15D7

i guess im really late with reading this post. but can someone plz send me these emotions, My pin: 3082ae48

hi, i need help, i´m doing what u tell to select icon that i like but i don´t why in autotext i cant paste the icon =(
i can select and copy the icon but i can´t paste it anywhere=(

2104cf46 that's my pin can someone send me these icons everyones talking about.
Thank you in advanced


Hey someone that has this thread working can you please send it to me? I have a tour running the 5.0 and my pin is 30C176C7

thank you!!


id really like to get the basketball one or the snowman.... how do you get those?? or any of the ones they got on the head line of the post?

I got a broadcast msg forward stating this:

Just info :) DANGER!!!
Do not accept or place a new emoticons/symbols/smiley in your name. It is a virus!!! will spoil your  in 24 hours!

Is it true? Its quite impossible I think, just wondering if any of you got the same bbm forwards...


wow @ the number of people unwilling to take a second and read how to add them and expect people to do this FOR them....shameful...disappointing

Could someone please send these to me. I have tried for a whole day and still can't figure out how to get them on my phone my pin is pin:31040A21. Thanks in advance!

I was so excited when I saw this post!!! and thanks to everyone on here with all the advice I was able to finally get the emoticons I wanted on my bb! It was a long process but now they're there for everyday use!!


Any Bold 9700 users get this to work? Because I cannot seem to figure it out for the life of me. Lets me ad em into auto text, they show up in BBM, just dont show up in BBM where the 'smileys' are (ifigured my saved ones would be added to the list...)

I also have the Bold 9700, and i got it to work. First I copied all the black boxes I saw into an email, and sent it to my own email address. After receiving that email, I went into BBM and created a GROUP, consisting of just myself. In the "group chat" i pasted the boxes again, and they show as pictures. You can change the "group chat settings" so that the chat will be saved permanently. This allows u to always have access to the emoticons, but they WILL NOT show up in your native symbols list. They will only be accessible through your "group". Just copy & paste the one u want to use at that time.

I know it may sound like a long process but it's pretty quick. Also a time saver 4 those who are too lazy to bother reading the AUTO TEXT instructions! LOL☺

reading these responses i have to say i've now lost all faith in humanity. seeing the sheer number of people asking the most innately dumb questions like 'how do i get these to work somebody please send them to me PIN:2340239....folks, i want to poke my eyeballs out now so that i might never again witness this. there are STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to do this, over and over and over and over again if you click the link, instead you've actually spent MORE time waiting and asking people to do the work for you... thanks guys, people 'sending' these to you isn't going to do a single thing, you have to do the work yourself, theres no 'cheat code' or 'secret option' you need to turn on, you copy and paste the characters from the PROVIDED LINK and you put them into your autotext...theres no other way ... >:(

I tried everything but in autotext I see nothing but a black block... if someone has them already can they send it to me? oh btw do they get added to the smiley menu?? or is there a way you could add them to the list??
my PIN 212FEF17

I tried the step by step instructions that are in the link... I even created a new group and pasted all the emoticons there, from there I copied one face alone, went in autotext>new but when I pasted it, it was just a block...

as previously stated 100000 times, it will still show up as a block in autotext, it only shows up as the icons inside of a bbm chat session...:(

Hi I've been trying to add the emoticons for about 2hrs and finally figured it out. I seen you need help so I was trying to help. Because I've been in same situation and nobody tries to help so I just thought I'd try to help if I could.

After trying to do this for the last 2hra at work I finally got it. Its a lot of trial and error. I can try to help. 3080C312 pin me

To all those lazy people out there who don't know how to follow step-by-step directions; This seriously took me like 30 seconds to figure out, I don't know why you guys are that lazy to try - all you do is post your pin and expect someone to spoon feed you these Emoticons; but whatever the case, I have solved the Problem - I created a group and have posted it there, so join the group and whenever you need to use an Icon, it will be readily available to you (this is the only way I have figured out to semi-quickly pull up the icons in order to copy&paste&use; rather then posting them in a chat, then scrolling up trying to search for it) - request to join or send me your pin and I will invite you (PM me, I'm not going to sit here and keep checking to see who has posted to request)
pin: 2188db6f

I wish that Blackberry could do an update to the emoticons and just add all of these to the emoticons that are currently available. It would make it much easier for those of us who are not as BB educated as others.

To all u suckers asking 4 someone 2 send emoticons to you... EVEN WHEN THEY DO SEND THE EMOTICONS, U STILL HAVE 2 DO THE AUTOTEXT 4 THE ONES U WANT! I got all of them myself and have them on my curve. Whiners... go ask ur mom for ice cream and watch peter pan or something

ok, i keep seeing people asking how to do it.

not everyone is a pro. crackberry.com is a very good website and i learned a lot from this website.
i'm a newbie with bb 9700 and it took me a while to figure it out. here's my contribution for people who truly don't know how to do it. hope others will do the same in the future, instead of just saying go here, there, do this and that without step by step instructions. we all need help/instructions sooner or later. let's help each other out.

here you go:
- use your fon to pull up this page with the emoticons
- copy the emoticons that you want. have to do it one by one
- open up OPTIONS (wrench icon)
- open up AutoText
- once AutoText is open, you will see a bunch of words
- hit OPTIONS and choose NEW
- new window opens up and you paste the emoticon u copied under the field WITH: after pasting the emoticon, it will appear as a black square. dont worry.
- you type in whatever name you want to use (under the field REPLACE WITH) for the emoticon you just pasted under the field WITH
- when done, hit escape and hit SAVE
- go to BBM, type in the word/name you save for the emoticon you just added and then hit space and the emoticon will appear. hit SEND and there you go!

you can save all the emoticons somewhere (email, word doc. etc.) for future use. copy and paste each one if you have the time to waste. :)
i just copied a few. i dont have all day to sit down and do copy/paste each one. :)

have fun and the instructions i have above are for BB 9700. don't know if it will be similar/same for other BB models.

this is a legit list i like how there in different colors..
if you guys dont mind, shoot that list over :]


thanks guys!

IF you haven't figured out how to do it by reading the threads, I created a group to help u get the icons. PM me or scan the barcode!
Click on my username and on my profile avatar is the group bar code u can scan or PM me :D

Mine are all showing up as black boxes when viewing these threads and when sent in an email ( I understand this is normal). However, when I copy the black boxes from email into bbm I am still left with black boxes. Can someone please let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks so much!
pin 30f0af05

Worked like a charm!

i just copied the squares.... emailed them to my BB email...
copied them from my bb email to bbm.... then pasted them in a chat... copy and paste the ones you want into your auto text! Have fun!

Hey there I have loads of really cool icons for messenger that u can't find on here add me and ill share 20E4900E

MY Barcode Scan doesn't work, but I figured this out, thanks to all those who helped...

Also anyone in the Toronto/NYC, or South FL area add me as well I''m out there all the time.


I read where some are able to copy and paste in auto text and some say it will not work with auto text. I have been trying to get it to work but I can't. For those who have them saved in auto text, will you help me with it. This is what I have tried, copying it from BBM and going into auto text and creating a new field. I paste the icon and see the black box and hit the space key. Type in the word and hit save. When I go into SMS, it doesn't work. Please advise on where I went wrong.

I don't have browser or email on my phone so I can't do this awesome trick. If someone could pin it to me that would be just awesome! Thanks!!


I was just shown how to use my BBM on my blackberry 8330 and would like to have some free emoticons on my phone.

Can someone please bbm me them so i can copy and paste it :) i have the bold 9700????
Thanks so much :D

I would greatly appreciate if someone could send these to me also! Again, how do I add them to my emoticon box in bbm? Please please advise! Thanks in advance!
PIN 30554C31
storm 9530

I have a tour and have had all the new emoticons sent to me but cant seem to save them to auto text at all. Can some one please help pin# 30eca039

Im not exactly sure how to get all of the new list. could someone send me a copy? or tell me exactly how to do this because i must have this!! haha
PIN 30A06B1C

hey y'all! i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong but i can't get these to work on this tour. funny thing is it worked on my first one. i checked the service books for languages and they are the same. but these characters on this bb are still looking like boxes and japan/chinese characters! I can send them to others and they can see them but why can't i? help!