Loaded iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 - A few small observations and comparisons to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2013 09:41 am EDT

By now anyone who has internet access is aware Apple announced and showed off iOS 7 at WWDC in San Francisco. Even my mother was asking me questions about it and whether or not I had tuned into the event. Honestly, it's a bit weird to have so much conversation surrounding it here on CrackBerry but a lot of folks in the forums are discussing it and keep comparing it to the various other platforms out there, so it's clearly a hot topic even among BlackBerry users.

One thread that caught my attention was posted by donnation, just giving his general impressions of the beta version he installed onto his iPhone 5 and doing a little comparison to BlackBerry 10. Of course, he took some flack for posting his thoughts on it but that's OK.  It's a pretty insightful thread for folks who may not have access to iOS 7, as it's only available through the Apple Developer Program. 

The keyboard is the same, but with a minimalist white font. I thought they might make some changes to it but it's the same predictive text keyboard they've had before. donnation, CrackBerry Member

During the announcement at WWDC, Tim Cook called iOS 7 the biggest change to iOS since the release of the iPhone. Aside from the visual changes though, does the OS feel really different? I've loaded it onto my iPhone 5 as well and to me it feels like a huge change to me personally but not everyone agrees with that either. There's a lot of stuff in iOS 7 that changed that wasn't shown off, things like HD Voice calling over Face Time, 60 FPS video recording and even game pad controller support and it's going to take some time for those things to fully appear during normal use.

And it still feels like any old ios. It doesn't feel "new". Disappointed about that. z10fido, CrackBerry Member

The other massive topic CrackBerry members are talking about is the play Apple made for in-car integration. With BlackBerry and QNX being a key focus now, a lot of folks want to know what's happening in that area. Will Apple be a challenger for BlackBerry and QNX? It's an interesting debate but one thing that gets overlooked is that Apple is actually a QNX partner. You can have Apple gear integrated with a vehicle, running on-top of QNX.

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Loaded iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 - A few small observations and comparisons to BlackBerry 10


Well I've said it before, I've seen IOS7 on a vid on YouTube, I don't like it but when we talk about smoothness of a OS then IOS is the winner here, blackberry can learn from them about smoothness, if they can manage that than blackberry will be a winner :)

Posted via CB10

Smoothness? What the hell do you mean about BlackBerry lacking smoothness? Seems pretty damn smooth to me and you will most likely be in the minority against such.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.0)

The reason it takes so long to load when bringing up settings, toggling call log, or loading the HUB etc, is because everything is tied to the server with BlackBerry Protect.

That way if you lose the phone or get a replacement, everything comes back exactly as it was before. Carbon copy!

It takes time to load records and data from the server.

Posted via CB10

I find it to be a lot smoother with than with I think BlackBerry will get smoother with every update they release.

Posted via CB10

Yesterday I was browsing the Internet and my phone froze... smooth. I still find myself doing battery pools. BlackBerry can improve on their smoothness

Posted via CB10

I never get freeze ups on a website and I do some serious usage on Web browsing.. idk what the hell u running on your phone.. maybe like 10 Web pages at the same time while running a youtube video on the back round lol

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BlackBerry can't learn about UX from them. Hate it or love it, but Apple pays crazy attention to user experience. Every little thing makes it a joy to use.

depends on the user being a over 6 foot man that can palm a basket ball with 3 fingers I think it is built with wmen and children in mind mostly but that my take. But that hardware not software but then you mentions user experience so for me that includes design and size. Plus my work iphone sucks it is a 4 and it is on sprint though, so that may play a factor. BUt again I don't agree I hate most about the phone(ipad is better as far as hardware). but I do like that the apps go their quick, although being a blackberry user I don't really benefit from this fact.

Interesting. Yep with Mr Jobs gone apple is not as radical as before. It's in my opinion falling by the wayside. It mat has a gajillion apps but most are redundant and silly. Quality over quantity. Apple isn't as easy to use over BlackBerry 10. I can do lots with just one hand whike holding it with same hand. Forget the apple. Let's talk BlackBerry

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The part that sucks is people will always complain. Especially those that don't use the os.

I have friends that bash android and haven't used it since 2.3

+1. I'm a BlackBerry fan, but it's hilarious to read BlackBerry fanboi posts bashing Apple. Tends to read like children having tantrums...

Each platform has its pros and cons, personal preferences aside.

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Right, cause the "fanbois" of Android and Apple are any different than those of BlackBerry...they are actually worse..go read BGR, you will understand that BB Fans are not that bad..

Ad hominem - Abusive Fallacy

Also, just because others do something wrong, doesn't give you the green light to do that same wrong thing.

It's a hard call between Android and Blackberry. I've owned two android phones over the last three years, and while they are king as far as apps go, they're still not as conducive to being productive and replying to emails imo. That was something that always bothered me about them. Prefer the hub layout, and love the simple swiped to get around instead of the different buttons.

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I'm annoyed that BlackBerry didn't incorporate TAT's Parallax into OS 10 because it looked so cool when it was first shown to the public. Their PlayBook weather demo was awesome too. BlackBerry has wasted so much of TAT's designs and talents...

All i want is those good things happening in bb10.2 or so on.

Parallax is possible and should happen in BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

People have to realize that all gimmicks come at a cost - and not just a development one. I know as a fact that BlackBerry optimizes battery life down to each machine code instruction, for example. More gimmicks, more battery drain.

I am not saying this is the reason behind this particular one. I don't know that. But there is more to it than what meets the eye.

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"Apple is actually a QNX partner."

this is awesome, so even if Apple kills it with car integration, Blackberry wins.

QNX was probably one of Blackberry's best acquisitions ever.

I'm just very disappointed. I expected iOS7 to completely melt my brain, like alien world discovery proportions. All in all, they made the screen a bit bigger and made a new set of pretty icons - on the UI they have been using since 2007 - that's the gist of what I see. Definitely not the impact I expected!! I wanted to see something that would make me question my choice in Blackberry ... didn't happen.

If they revamped it to much they would ultimately y lose users. Human nature hates change...gradual steps were taken and it will probably benefit them...just like it is benefiting BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

If that were true, nobody should've ditched their blackberries for something entirely different such as an all touch screen phone then.

Posted via CB10

I look at it the other way .. I don't want to upgrade and pay $$$ for a few gradual changes. I want to see night and day differences. And I think the Z10 is a radical step up from any of the dozens of Blackberry devices I've used in the past.
I think Apple didn't revamp too much is because they seem to care about Macs and software more than the mobile line, and they have really fallen behind in the creative world. imo.

@tw1g come on blackberry is not always smooth not as smooth as IOS blackberry often lose frame rates, for me it's the first time I ever use blackberry, don't get me wrong I'm happy with it but they have a lot to win in smoothness but that's my opinion :)

Posted via CB10

Agreed. BB is smooth but not on par with iOS. It's in between Android and iOS when it comes to smoothness. It's smooth for the most part but has framerate drops occasionally as you say. And I don't like it.

Are you kidding? The best duhroid I've ever seen, the HTC One, is choppy and clunky compared to BB10.

IOS is better than duhroid, but no better than BB10.

I'm guessing that you have not used a BB10 device.

Posted via CB10

Can you at least read properly what he said before going after him ? Geez! He said iphone > BlackBerry > android when it comes to smoothness.

Posted via CB10

I find all these BlackBerry owners obsession with Apple to be ridiculous.

Everyone here accuses Apple of Copying (but apparently have never seen Web Os or Meego and compared them to Playbook or BB10).

Can we all get over the Apple obsession? BlackBerry needs to keep improving BB10. It is as simple as that. The competition keeps improving their products too.

IOS 7 looks nice but I'm sticking with BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Funny how people keep saying BlackBerry can learn from Apple with this new iOS seven update. What people seem to forget is that BB10 is brand new built from the bottom up. So, that being said they are off to a great start that should only get better.

Posted via CB10

Défi not. We're talking about how Apple's new update IOS 7 copied a couple of initiative functions on BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

I kept reading the headline and scratching my head. I kept asking myself "How did he get BB OS7 to load on the iPhone?" Reading comprehension...it's an art form!

Thank you .. made me smile after reading through the usual "my dad is better than your dad" crap forums seem to be filled with any more.

BlackBerry fanboys are loses they banned me from.the site just because I stayed the fact that nokia has overtaken BlackBerry in terms of sales....sad these dumb fcks don't even know the meaning g of facts...look up the dictionary if u have one in BlackBerry for the word called "facts".

Posted via CB10

LMAO!!!! That must suck.....come onto a forum to troll, and your phone isn't able to overcome your ineptitude....omg, thanks for the laugh!

Posted via CB10

Downloaded it myself too! Can't seem to get iMessage to work, nor is Apple Radio showing up. Kinda strange, but it is a beta. Can't wait for the official release. This is definitely the OS I've been waiting for on my iPhone!

A basic thing such as browser has been frozen since last week...tried reboot...doesn't still work...wtf BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, I haven't been given the chance to test drive iOS 7 yet but I will say I love the look of the new GUI, still Apple simple but refreshed. Nice colour scheme which is easy on the eyes and makes me happy looking at it. It wasn't groundbreaking but it updated what was lacking in the iOS. I wasn't expecting to like the GUI or care for the iOS platform but after seeing it, wouldn't mind if they ported that over to MAC. (My carrier still doesn't support the iPhone yet)
As for smoothness, QNX and iOS are properly developped and optimized so they should be equal there.

I'm still sticking to my Z though! Nothing beats that yet in terms of being advanced.

Tired of all these iOS 7 articles on a BB Blog. Who cares iOS 7 is just lipstick on a pig. They stole from everyone and will get away with it. IF BB or Android 'borrowed' from any Apple ideas it would be an instant injunction and patent infringement. For crying out loud they didn't even launch a new iPhone. The iPhone 5 looks like a fisher price toy for children. I prefer BB10 for multi-tasking an being creative and unique. If I need any other apps its missing I fire up my Nexus 4.

Apple stealing from BB! Sue Apple! Fanboys are getting upset! LOL
Actually BB stole everything on BB10 from Web OS and Android! :)

Actually BB10 runs a version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread stacked with BBOS7, Adobe Air, Java, and C/C++ native. It'll soon run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the new 10.2 update. So it didn't copy Android at all but instead used it which is why BlackBerry owners are able to sideload Android apps. And anyways didnt BlackBerry buy TAT and didn't TAT create most of Androids OSs???? Every UI design ever created was made as a concept by TAT so I don't think BlackBerry copied anyone as a matter of fact but instead took inspiration from WebOS and Meego (originally made by TAT) combined.

Posted via CB10

I honestly think the new features are neat. They did make a step forward.
But I don't really like the looks of it. I liked the older os a lot more.
Especially the color of the control center is really ugly in my opinion.

Apple ios 7 is same old shit just in different skin. I jusr cant wait for the official release. Most of my ios users i got as friends dont care much for the new os. And on the other hand blackberry bb10 is 6months old,re invented from the scratch blackberry will definitly get there.

Posted via CB10

Not invented from scratch. They had the opportunity to see what others were doing and expand on it so to term it "from scratch" is a bit farfetched. They 'stole' ideas and concepts just as the others have done but didn't do so effectively i.e. market share. I'm not an Apple fan but at least they can honor a release date which does contribute to the current BB position.

You do know BlackBerry owns TAT right??? You can find mostly every UI design created on their site. I will say BB10 OS was actually inspired by WebOS but TAT and QNX are their secret weapons.

Posted via CB10

Not to deviate to much off topic, but two things come to question related to Bla1ze's comment about the relationship:

1) How would a typical partnership deal between Apple and QNX be put forth?

2) Would this merger of sorts benefit BlackBerry as a whole (thinking stock), or is QNX company still considered a separate entity?

Posted via CB10

Everything Apple has done in vehicles isn't their stuff. All they're essentially doing is mirroring their content onto the already existing hardware. Apple, for the sake of convo, can't exist in vehicles without QNX because QNX is the system that gets them there in the first place. QNX runs the Siri integration. QNX runs the iPod integration. QNX runs the maps integration. etc etc. All Apple brings is the content to run on the systems QNX builds. Until Apple decides they want to build in-car systems that fully run iOS, the argument of Apple vs. QNX is all rather silly.

Sorry it took so long to respond. Like most BlackBerry users I've been at work today. 10>7 seems like pretty basic math to me. I'm sure I learned that in first or second grade. And I just found it cool how this mathematical fact is so similar to my personal thoughts on the os's. Btw, you should try a BlackBerry. Then you wouldn't type a hash tag when trying to type an apostrophe.

Well, after live stream through WWDC IOS7 I am still sticking with Blackberry Z10 for its simplistic to use. I love the HUB(Flow, Peek), the Video Screen Sharing, Camera time shift and virtual keyboard are the best UI I have ever experienced. I just peek into the HUB and captured the whole thing(emails, FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter, text Message and BBM you name it). It's too easy for me to use the Z10(open and lose). Typing is the most easy for me with the Z10 than any other smartphones I have had. I intend to cling on my Z10 and no one, I mean no one can take it away from me. If they intend, I will claw them to death.

Battery level sucks. This may well be fixed before release but currently the drain is unacceptable. One of my IT guys loaded iOS7 onto his iPhone 5, charged it over night. Took it off the charge at 7:00 and used it for a 28 minute call around 8:00. By the time he got to work at 9:00 he was down to 23% remaining. Last time I saw him, around 10:30, he said he still hadn't had a chance to play with it much as it had to go back on the charger.

Anyone else?

Posted via CB10

Now you should go sell that garbage iphone and get a Q5 or something else BlackBerry. What a waste of materials and energy the iphone is. So wack.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Why would I want to open up CB10 only to see yet another iphone article. Seriously? I guess so. That phone looks like garbage because apple makes garbage.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Because some of us are a little more well-rounded and can handle mature interaction and dialog surrounding the larger context of mobile devices? . . . Just a guess

A guy can't even go a day without something iphone related popping up on my BlackBerry application that's called CB10. If I wanted to read about iphone or even glance at iphone related articles, I would go to imore or apple's website to seek that info out, not load up crackberry for it. Now it's just annoying more than anything else.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

As much as I love blackberry, I do have to say that the promotion video of iOS 7 on YouTube looks really awesome. Apple copied bb with the whole swipe thing, now BlackBerry has to copy Apple on some new features.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

What new features? Swiping right and left for the camera? Cause other than that and siri voice command for screen brightness or turning on blue tooth I don't see any new features on apple even worth copying. Otherwise I'm all for copying any good features from other phones =)

Posted via CB10

I'm have got iOS 7 on my iPhone.
I won't give a biased review but to be honest, the icons look crap.

As far as the innovation is concerned, pretty much everything which is in iOS 7 is already available on other platforms.

They keyboard is till the same, just the colour is different.

Multitasking is okay.

Safari is okay, still no flash player :O

Technically, most of the things which are available in iOS 7 can be done via Cydia, without even having iOS 7.

Overall, it's a new layout, but besides that, nothing much is really "innovated".

Maybe it's just the beta version, but if the official release don't have much improvements, in don't even see the point in iOS 7.

Posted via CB10

If Apple is partnered with QNX and since BlackBerry bought QNX doesn't that mean BlackBerry owns Apple’s partnership???

Posted via CB10

If what you say is true, Blackberry will make substantial licensing fees for every iProduct sold with QNX.

While these new updates to iOS will no doubt improve the iPhone user experience, I can agree with others in saying that some of these new features have been around and available on other platforms for some time now.

Ya! Got quoted. Fuk ya! Glad to see my unbiased opinions being well respected by the writers. Yes ios7 is beta but bb10 for now still has a better layout. But functionality for me still sides with ios. Both are good os. Bbry did amazing for a fresh os. Just need to step up the presentations and apps.

Posted via CB10

Apple is just using QNX on board to connect to a cars' MMI system; simply for maps, music & calls. Nothing more but the hype gets front page press.

BlackBerry and QNX need to psuh more for highlights on what can be done and accelerate bringing QNX to BlackBerry for remote access in a duplex fashion.

Posted via CB10

I agree. Nothing on iOS 7 is innovative. It is just redesigned. However, I still think that people would choose iPhone over BlackBerry because they are just way functional and way stable. I would choose iPhone over BlackBerry because a lot of people trust it more.

When it comes to BlackBerry after 5 months or so, it would lose its value (price). Like what happened on BlackBerry Playbook 64GB. I made a mistake on buying a playbook. If I bought an iPad and decide to sell it, I would lose probably like 100 dollars or so. Playbook 64GB is like 200 right now. I bought mine for 700 bucks.

Choosing a gadget is not only about the features and how innovative it is. It is about your investment. I would never buy anything that has a BlackBerry name on it because it would lose its value drastically. People just need to wake up and see what you are really buying.

I would venture to say a z10 size iPhone is on the way. But prob thinner bezels so more edge to edge.

Posted via CB10

People! BB focused on core functionality in their 1st true modern era system, they can add bells and whistles to the UI probably quite easily, especially that they do got the technology.
As somebody mentioned, there is basically nothing in iOS 7 now that e.g. BB10 cannot do (not talking about Siri).
Apple is all marketing - for me personally, if BB would tweak their UI now a bit, made it more "unique" and kinda "instantly recognizable BlackBerry" + proper marketing, focusing on advantages over competitors (use QNX's achievements (automotive (Bentleys), space shuttles, security (Pentagon) etc etc.) and you got direct Apple alternative which plenty of people will dump Android for (which is actually Windows of mobile OS'es).

Just play it right BlackBerry, now or never.

I like both Apple and BlackBerry for different reasons. BlackBerry is my choice though. I'm not sure why people would say bb10 is hard to learn? I've tried every phone out there and the z10 is by far the easiest to get the hang of. Plus, I have not found a smoother experience on any other op. Yes, room to improve, but come on? Apple is smooth for sure, but bb10 is just as good.

Posted via CB10

Never having used any iPhone, the BB Z10 was easy to learn. I did not have any 'bad habits'.
Within a couple of hours I mastered everything I needed to know.

Does this mean iPhone fans don't care to make an effort to learn new tricks.

Did not read the entire thread but is HD calling limited to only face time or over a regular call too? I get some calls on HD on my Z

Posted via CB10

Well I'm a spoilt lil brat so I have all the new phones except windows cus really why? Soon as I got ma z......ma iphone became a paperweight. my z10 feels smother more natural to operate. I will try the new iphone but by then I'm guessing I will be playing with an a10. Also, my Z has never frozen nor have I ever pulled ma battery. Hmmm kinda miss ma 9900 lol

Posted via CB10

>>> The other massive topic CrackBerry members are talking about is the play Apple made for in-car integration. >>>

So, I can 'drive' my car with no hands from New York to Los Angeles?

According to my Apple fan friends, iProducts can do anything.
(Laughing, but not too loud in their presence.)

Actually I like the idea that rival companies see the inovations of other manufacturers' OS and try to implement to bring the experience to all the users. This always pushes each manufacturer for inovation. Just have in mind that competition is always healthly. Remember when Apple really rulled the market, see now with OS10 what is happening!! Its a wheel and it turns. :))) A welcomed change of their iOS. Not that I use it but my gf will be thrilled. I am always a BB man he he he.

At the end of the day, the mobile OS is becoming commoditized and vendors will keep "copying" what it thinks are good features from competitors. Sure, there will be things that one OS excels at vs. another, but unless you have some very specific requirement like security or an exclusive app, it more or less will come down to user preference--just like it has with Macs and PCs.

If you're a BB fan, what should be more "concerning" about iOS 7 are the enhancements to the complimentary services that Apple offers, which make using an iPhone about more than just the core OS experience: things like Siri, iTunes Radio, iCloud, AirDrop, etc. Same goes for Android with Google Now, Search, and all the various Google apps.

While Samsung benefits from all Google's services, it definitely recognizes this and is trying to build it's own unique services and value-add to Android. I think the S Recommendation feature it's showing off in its Smart TV ads is a great example of this.

But being a software and services company gives vendors like Apple a leg up in the race: it keeps enhancing all its services while Samsung and BB are trying to launch--and attract users to--services of their own. And in many ways, it's harder for companies like Samsung and BB to create popular services than it is for Apple to make a phone. In the days when a phone was predominately "just a phone," that might not have been the case, but obviously phones are different now. Microsoft is technically at an advantage here, too, though it's having a harder time creating (or selling?) a compelling mobile story for its own software and services ecosystem.

iOS 7 looks a little too fem for me. If American Eagle designed a phone this would be it! Onwards and upwards for Blackberry!

Posted via CB10

I just finished watching a video on the USA Today app about iOS 7 and I saw that it will have a 'slide to unlock' upward motion so there's no swiping left to unlock on it. I guess that's only available on the beta version.

Posted via CB10

I have been testing iOS7 on my iPhone 5 for the last few days. Being honest I fell a little tepid about the whole experience. After years of design innovation why have apple decoded to make their OS look like a poor cousin of Microsoft’s Windows 8. On the other side it seems to have borrowed heavily from Android. You can now swipe up to turn on/off WIFI, blue tooth, very similar to Android.

In summary I like: Newsstand, the inbuilt torch, screen transition, new compass interface and mail interface.
I don’t like, no bulk delete feature in the mail application, it’s still message by message deletion. The pseudo windows interface and menu movement. The settings menu is a bit of a waste land of while space.
Like an aging married couple I am finding more faults with it as time goes on but I grow to love it the more time I spend with it.