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Load up on some great games - Gameloft sale happening now!

By Bla1ze on 3 May 2013 12:52 am EDT

Gameloft has been a roll lately with their releases for the BlackBerry platform and it looks as though they're hosting a pretty big sale right now. If you open up BlackBerry World and head to the Gameloft listing, you should see a bunch of titles have either been reduced in price or have gone outright free. The sale isn't held just to any one specific device either, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 titles are all sharing the price drop. If you're looking to load up on some great games, it looks like now is a prime opportunity to do so. Here's some of the listings we're seeing:

That's just a sample of some of our favorites that Gameloft has to offer. Have any of the ones you've been waiting for gone on sale? If so, let others know in the comments. Keep in mind please, not all the games and devices are supported in all regions.

Check out the Gameloft vendor page

Reader comments

Load up on some great games - Gameloft sale happening now!


Question for anyone...why does blackberry limit our downloads to 50mb in blackberry world. Why not give us the option to "select" much bigger download file sizes so those of us with fast LTE and large data plans can get the items right away... now I have to wait until I get home and go on my slower wi-fi.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Most likely this is a carrier block. I just downloaded about 2g of games and apps over carrier 4G network and not a single issue or prompt to stop the download. I frankly never heard anything about something similar to what you are experiencing.

Posted via CB10

(Blackberry World, scroll down from top, Settings, Network and Data Limits.)

"All downloads over 50 megabytes will require a wi-fi connection whether this is set or not."

(That's what it says on my Z10)

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Bought at least two of these titles within the last week or so, but still love Gameloft for all the love they show BlackBerry. Maybe I'll pick some up on my PlayBook as well. Thanks Bla1ze!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Oh cool - Now I can see why everyone raves over something about dark nights or something.

Not sure if it will work with my STL100-5 but we can but see ;-)

Note: auto correct was trying to correct dark night to make me sound like a racist bigot.... watch your spellings out therw!

Posted Using CB10 - Z10 "-2" on the Vodafone UK Network

Lol! I've noticed that too. Could have given you a poorer choice of word though, but nevertheless it's always good practice to read over your post before hitting submit.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Just downloaded dark Knight rises!

Btw, did u purposely turn in caps lock??? ;)

Enjoy your gaming!!!

Posted via unlocked Z10 on T-Mo in SoCal

Dragon hunter 3 not available for this device. Only Q10 huh? I thought BB was going for cross platform apps, guess not.

Posted via CB10

Paid full whack for both Spidey & Batman recently. Feel like a bit if a mug, but both good games. A sale so soon on a new platform? Seems odd...

Posted via CB10

They obviously want to promote that these titles are available on BB10. BlackBerry is helping them do so.
Sorry about the early adoption.

Sale this soon isn't all that odd. Gets the games on people's phones who will show them off to people picking the phone later. So long as the game is good people who don't have may pick it up for full price later.

Posted via CB10

They know that their are more bb10 user than at the beginning so it's better for them to lower the price and catch up on volume.

Posted via CB10

Tried to buy asphalt 7 for my PlayBook. It says $0.99 but when I go to purchase it, it wants to charge me $4.99. Maybe I'll try again later.

Posted via CB10

This sale only applies to BB10. On PlayBook's BlackBerry World it's priced at $0.99 then when you hit download it displays full price.

Posted via CB10

I have a z10 right now. And if i switch to a Q10 will the games transfer to that phone or do I have to pay again for the games??

Can i transfer the apps to my micro sd card? How can i do it? It's because the 16 gb aren't enough...

Posted via CB10

NO ONE should be complaining about paying more for Dark Knight! That game is RIDICULOUSLY Good! It's worth $10! I'm just glad I'm getting to snatch Spidey for a buck!

Maybe a silly question, but here goes: is it possible to install apps to the SD card?

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

Don't have Spiderman but Nova is amazing. You can even play online multi player. Beautiful graphics and fun game play

Posted via CB10

Nova is very good, great graphics. Got it when it was free but it's a premium game, all 2 gigs of it.

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

I have most of those games and I wanted to add Spiderman to the fray. But I only have like 2gb of space left lol. Gameloft games are huugeee space wise but worth it

Posted via CB10

I only need Modern Combat 4 which is out in a few weeks and I'll be set. Definitely supporting Gameloft.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I just search my torrent and I saw a few games for the PlayBook in bar file format would they work on the Z10

Posted via CB10

As long as they're not paid games, I think you're welcome to try them at your own risk. Make sure to backup though.

Spiderman and Nova 3, thank you very much! It's reasons like THIS that make Crackberry the best site on the web!

Posted via CB10

Been waiting for Asphalt 7 to drop, looks like I'm in luck! Will grab Spidey as well, but no Dark Knight Rises yet for PB =(

Speaking of Gameloft...give us Multiplayer in Modern Combat 3!!

just a head up, i bought spider-man when the game came out and havent played ever since. The controls have disappeared and i cant even move spider-man..theres suppose to be an update coming soon tho..just fyi

FYI "Dungeon Hunter 3" not "Dragon Hunter 3" and these games are all great and at .99 they are even better. Only wish Six Guns was on PlayBook also :(

The more apps we buy from GL and EA the better. If other devs see them making money off our platform they will be more likely to release quality apps on our devices!

Posted via CB10

Too bad their customer support in virtually nonexistent, and they don't appear to fix any bugs in their games

Posted via CB10

Amazing Spiderman is available for $0.99 on PlayBook. I'm downloading it now. I'll try Asphalt 7 after. Perhaps there was a glitch for others.

Posted via CB10

Amazing Spiderman looks good but I'd prefer PS Vita version. It's just half experience playing it without HW controls...

Posted via CB10

Dungeon Hunter 3 not available for this device. Whoopee for Z10 again. I'm getting a little tired of this.

Posted via CB10

Got spiderman...nova...modern combat 3 on my playbook... currently downloading dark knight on my z10.. would also want asphalt 7... saw lots of comments bout it freezing alot... anyone here know how true this is???... and RF 13??... is it worth it??

Posted via CB10

I need friends for Oregon Trail because once you use all ur energy it takes 3 mins to replenish but it says friends can give u more.

Add me up on BBM via the Oregon Trail app 24BE1A66
(add for the Trail app only)

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10