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LiveScreens Bring a New Look and Feel to your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 6 Apr 2010 03:15 pm EDT

DreamTheme has just launched upgraded versions of all of their LiveScreens. LiveScreens have come a long way since they were originally introduced a while back. These new full-featured "homescreen replacement apps" are more than just themes, as they really overhaul the look of your device, giving you a new layout and different naviagation options. Based on feedback from customers and comments from the community, DreamTheme has made some improvements in this latest version. LiveScreens aren't for everyone, as some will find them to slow or "too far from the norm" to be useful. You can get deep into customizing them to your liking, but at times it seems like some things just get in the way. If you're into the "go big or go home" approach, you can also download a matching PrimeTheme, so when you've had enough of the LiveScreen, you can exit back to the device homescreen and have a matching skinned theme waiting for you.

    You can see more of the LiveScreens in action on DreamTheme's website at dreamtheme.com, or check out the full line in the CrackBerry App Store. Use the code CBDREAMING for an additional 25% off any of their products. Coupon will only work via our mobile app store or mobile app store client. What do you think of LiveScreens? Would you use one to spruce up your device? Or will you just stick with a standard BlackBerry theme? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.



    Agreed... Possibly the coolest and most original theme that I have seen...


    don't remember my BB looking that good


    Can't wait to give it a try!


    and would someone be so kind as to tell me what artist / song that is playing in the background? I kinda dig it...


    armin van buuren - feel the heart


    no buy. get with it..


    Can anyone chime on performance, battery & memory?


    There is nothing about this theme that will justify my spending 10 bucks on it. Aside from the exterior look, it doesn't enhance the functionality of it. How much memory does this take to run? Will it slow down the overall performance of the phone? The GUI is a good idea but it stops at the outside. Once you click on an app or icon, your back to Blackberry world. Why not take the enhanced look and develop it throughout the OS? Just my 2 cents (which also more than I would pay for this theme.)


    $10 for a theme, what are they smoking?


    What does something like this do to your battery life? I need every minute I can get in my S2 9550.


    I hope it works better than the one I have now.


    I would really like to see an A to Z on Dream Themes as I've always been interested but they don't explain how anything works on the website and I'm still not too clear on what it actually does.


    I bought the Velvet 2 theme which is supposed to be a Live Theme + Still screen. There's nothing "live" about it that I can tell. It's just a theme with bad background focus effects. The focus effects don't apply to non system icons so you cant tell when they are selected. The instructions also tell you that, if you are a Storm user, you need to download two images because of the accelerometer and screen orientation. I did that and, nothing happens when i tilt the phone. It's a standard landscape background that can't be changed....I don't wanna harp on this too bad because I know I gotta be missing something.........right?


    yup....ok, so i'm a moron. I bought the Velvet Prime Theme Value Pack by mistake instead of the Velvet Live Theme Value Pack....Oh well, they are very similar and now, I understand the difference although I don't know why they need to sell both as value packs. Anyway i'm stuck with the Velvet prime theme as I can't find just the Velvet Live theme to accompany it. It's only for sale in the value pack. Mildly annoying but my fault nonetheless....So now i'm trying out the Sky2 Live theme...It looks pretty nice. We'll see how it holds up over the next couple of days....


    i really hope OS6.0 looks like this !! or better than this !!


    looks like a really nice app!


    They have everything on there site for sale as a bundle.
    plus a 40 dollar off redemption code.

    give them a look at dreamtheme.com


    I love the sky2 look, but is it animated like some of their others? I couldn't actually see a moving background (Those dark clouds roiling and such would look slick as hell on the S2.


    This theme is cool but needs a little work, I use the Pro v4 and its way better..I'm on a S2..so hotspots are important..quicklaunch and multiple cities weather would be cool to since I travel..