LiveProfile now available for BlackBerry

LiveProfile for BlackBerry
By ObiGeorge on 25 Mar 2011 01:22 am EDT

LiveProfile is an awesome cross-platform messaging app for Android and iOS, that is now available for BlackBerry. It features a very nice dark UI, as well as a ton of features you would come to expect in a messaging app, and a few you wouldn't. Here are some of those features:

  •  Badges for sent, delivered, and read messages
  • Displays when a contact is typing (and when a contact is reading)
  • Ability to update status to Facebook and Twitter
  • Add contacts by scanning your address book, Twitter, and Facebook
  • PIN assigned to your account, for easy sharing
  • Coming Soon- Outgoing Photo Attachments

While we have seen some messengers come and go, or even just not live up to all of our high BBM standards, I think LiveProfile is by far the best of the bunch. It brings most of the core messaging features that we all need, and even adds a few other nice ones (Active Chat- Shows when contact is in the chat, reading messages). My favorite feature of LiveProfile is the way it adds friends to your contact list. Giving you the ability to scan your address book, Twitter, and Facebook is definitely the way to go, and is in no way intrusive, like some other messengers. It is also fast, I mean really fast. I dare say it's more instant than BBM.

Overall I think LiveProfile is the best cross-platform messaging solution out there. If you haven't checked it out, head over to their website for a free download. It is compatible with most BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 and up. More screenshots after the break.

Download LiveProfile for BlackBerry

LiveProfile Updates
LiveProfile Profile
LiveProfile Settings
LiveProfile Add Friend
LiveProfile Update Status
LiveProfile Icon
LiveProfile Me

Reader comments

LiveProfile now available for BlackBerry


You should check out this site I found on google.

It lets you share pins for this and other apps by interests. Like technology, n stuff

So glad for this. Of course there are nay-sayers but for someone like me who had 200 contacts on BBM then switched to Android, this is HUGE!

so? this is worthless to you unless you can get your 200 contacts to install liveprofile on their phones. Then, you also need to add them or they need to add you.

With whatsapp, at least you don't need to add them if you have them on your contact list already.

But still the hardest part is for your contacts to actually install and use a secondary program

why? because whatsapp is not a secondary program. second liveprofile also scans your address book and cool is that

downloaded 1 sec after the link was available.... Noticed a few minor bugs on BOLD 9000 running OS5.0

missing a few options....too tired to write em down now...will definetly do it first thing in the morning

***UPDATE 25.03.2011 1:40 AM EST***
i got the power to write a small review, but don't take my word for it, i think its better if you wait for OBI @crackberry to do it.

so, i have a bold 9700 running a leaked OS
some of the bugs i found and maybe a few options they can add:

1. invitations to friends takes a while to be sent or received;

2. when hovering over buttons, they slightly pad off;
3. no option for enabling/disabling chat in message app;
4. no option for enabling/disabling saving of chat history;
5. randomly, you can change your profile pic and sometimes you cant;

thats is so far, besides that, was testing it with an iphone friend of mine...super fast response....hope it stays this way

i also encountered the same problems on a BOLD 9000 running Rogers OS

let me know if i missed anything

***UPDATE 25.03.2011 1:51 AM EST***
another option missing also is file transfer thanks @RileyFreeman

I completely understand, as i tweeted you (@barohatoum) i am here to help if you guys need me and ready to provide feedback when needed. i pointed out these bugs because they were quite obvious. i emailed you the screenshots (my email is let me know if you guys need anything else.

keep up the good work

im glad its finally here but i do think they should have held out releasing it until file transfer was available. one of the biggest features bb users dont like being without

Installed it on the Torch...The fonts are WAY too small on the Torch - It doesn't even look right!

Thanks! I didn't realize you guys were monitoring these comments. Since you are I have another question - Can I be signed in on my Android AND my Blackberry at the same time?

Thanks again

It doesn't support multiple devices yet. You can log in to both devices, but both will not receive messages. Also my Android device could not accept/decline any requests. Kept getting the request right after accepting.

On Bold 9700 OS-5... there is no option to send the message !! Good interface but cant send messages !! Am amazed how can a messenger app not have a "send message" function !!
Has anybody else encountered this problem or have I got something wrong?

Ok thanks. It worked. Does it have the group chat ability. Else not much use to send invite to friends till then.

I have a Bold 9650 and nothing is showing up. It still says "coming soon" under Blackberry when I go to it under the mobile browser. Is it not available for the 9650. I'm on Verizon also if that has anything to do with it.

I installed it just fine on my 9650 on Verizon. If you hit the link at the bottom of the post here on CrackBerry it'll take you to the download. You can also find the link in their blog or just go to

Great app, been using it on android for a while and glad to see that it's on BlackBerry finally. one thing i'm waiting for in the next update is the ability to set a sound profile for it and for BeBuzz to let me set the led colour for it.

also, would be nice to to have a saved chat history, and have the messages be threaded in the messages app. the way it's set up now brings me back to texts from OS 4.7 and less. takes up too much room.


Downloaded, can't even "create a profile"

Keeps saying "unable to connect to live profile at this time, try again later"

This could be because they are doing a server maintenance, to update some minor bug fixes... Don't be upset, try again in a few minutes, I think it should be back online. Downloading the app is a good sign, and not being able to create an account is a better sign that shows the guys at LiveProfile are working hard on it.

Still trying, but thanks. Will continue till it goes through.
I use the other I.m clients anyway, so I'm not out of contact for now. This one does look like a winner though.

i dont think so because i noticed the moment my phone boots up the app is already open and i think the creators of the app were aiming at BBM-Like experience so like BBM cannot be closed i think liveprofile as well

keep pressing up until you get to media card and then from there you should know your way to you pcture folder

looking good v impressed and it appears the issues are being resolved as they are being reported ,getting
prompt responses on here its all good!!
someone mentioned battery drain ,not on my torch there aint
well done liveprofile
i dont think its supposed to take over from youre bbm
its to work alongside as bbm doesnt do cross messenger

someone said font is to small on the torch, i think it's WAY to huge on the 9700.
also noticed that if i delete someone off my list, than do a battery pull whenever, they reappear on the list afterward.

Yes it is ridiculously large on the 9700.. The app sure needs design improvement... falls way short of BBM quality ...

just got notification after battery pull to update to 1.1. don't know what was fixed will let you know when i find them.

i have updated to 1.1 but still cannot create an profile.

As with some other users keeps saying "unable to connect to live profile at this time, try again later!!

Good to see options on the blackberry but it'll take a lot of pushing for me to switch over from bbm which is tightly integrated into the system. another negative will be that it will add more battery drain to my device. I also have MSN on in tandem which I can also use on my pc which has most of my friends on there and as such it just adds to 'mess'.

I'll have to see if my cousin has this, been asked to jump on whatsapp by a quite a few who aren't on the bb ecosystem.

Installed with v1.0, after I restarted I got the notification to update to 1.0.1. So far so good with this. I've never had BBM experience. BIS/BES not available on my carrier. Now need to ask all my friend with smartphone to install this and use.

It seems that every time I edit a contact in my address book LiveProfile runs a scan of the whole contact list, which brings my BB to a grinding halt for several minutes.

Looks good! How is this compared to WhatsApp? A lot of people are using that nowadays. Now i gotta tell everyone to install this instead haha.

GREAT!!, good looking!!!
I'll tell my friends about this
It's true that everyone is using Whatsapp, This might be better :D!!

now this programs seems almost as good as bbm and the facebook and twitter status update well done but too much complains for me

I just install it and it was awesome, And i got notify already about the update to 1.0.1. Great and thanks crackberry for the info.

I installed on my 9650 Bold, and it's going SLOW AS ALL HELL.

Typing is laggy, the gestures I perform on my trackpad aren't completed until about 2 seconds AFTER I do them.

What gives? I re-started, hoping that the 1.0.1 version will be better??

I also can't add a profile picture?

I also had issues with my 9650. I'm on Took my supper snappy phone and made it frustratingly laggy. I don't really have much of a desire to use the bbm clones, so far they've all seemed to have issues. Either they kill your battery or they slow your phone down. But I was excited to try out this one hoping it would be better than all the others. Sadly so far it doesn't appear to be. Atleast not on my phone. I'll stick with sms

OK I give up, clicked the download link, it says i must go to the site to download. I go to the site it says coming soon for blackberry. So where did you guys get it from?

I'm running it on my Torch and the fonts are way too small. Also the option to change the text display from bubbles to boxes (more like BBM) would be awesome.

9780 0s try too add people but they dont get the invite, just get a link to create profile that all ?



When it first started up I had the option to upload a profile picture (which I did), the profile picture never showed up after that and I can't find an option to change the profile picture now.

Wow... seems to be some early growing pains. None of my invites have been received and I have not received any from my friends.

Also, is there any way to stop this from running? I know it's meant to be like BBM, running all the time... but I would like a way to kill it if needed.

Storm 2 running on os 5 and i can't upload a picture to my profile, the font is mad small, needs to be updated soon...other than that i love to chat with my friends who don't have BBM

Glad for this to finally be out. One thing I noticed is that while my BB 9000 was in Vibrate mode the sounds were still persistent. I have tried Battery-pull to see if the profile comes up for the application but it didn't.

Could you please add this to your list of new features as well? I would like to control when a sound is done (through my main profiles and not having to edit it in the application).

Cool app! slowed my 9650 up tho. Can't delete this one particular jerk from my friends list...(Johnny Blaze)....I hope all these minor bugs can get fixed soon....Oh yeah! and add a send botton pls....

wierd problem occuring after downlowding v1.0.17, on both OS 5 & 6. after reboot app is stuck on the security screen, wont go till i do another battery pull or alt+shit+del

also when rebooted after the update, on OS 5.0 i gort prompted for the same user to be added, i think the problem is LiveProfile is not linking all user accounts properly e.g my facebook account to my phone number to my all other devices. so if someone scans his facebook for friends he will be prompted with my name and if the same someone scans his address for contacts he will be prompted with my name also(given the fact im saved in his contact list)

but keep up the good work liveprofile, i know updates will come as you fix some bugs

Switched from years of BB to iphone on VZ. Wanted a GROUP messenger app, I tried all of them and WhatsApp seems to be the best out there. How can anyone say LiveProfile is the best when you can't send pictures or have group chat capability? If using it as one-on-one texting, wouldn't text capability of any phone do the trick? Most of us in business setting need group texting/receiving and this lacks that option - unless it's there and I'm missing it?

With an iPhone you can send pics. Picture sharing is not available on the blackberry yet. So far I like liveprofile because it's free and you don't have to give out your number to add someone.

Almost 12hrs in, and 2 delete/reinstalls, still nothing. Still saying : "unable to connect to live profile at this time, try again later"

Love this app. But it still has couple bugs to fix though. Add a friend was not immidiately appear on the handheld whose added. The facebook scan friends, it open the facebook page, but the login input was on the right blind spot of the screen, amazingly, I can't scroll the screen to the right. Got to press enter to refresh the page to mobile view. Besides those, this app rocks, love the chat window. But I bet it will looks more adorable with bigger screen like torch or storm.

Is anyone having trouble linking their facebook account to liveprofile? I can link my twitter just fine... but just not my facebook. :-( I have the Bold 9700.

If you want to kill the app, you can access an engineering screen through your BB's help screen, which gives you an option to pull up a task manager of sorts. Here, you can kill any process that is running. I do this instead of actually deleting the app.

See the following for help with this, but be can brick your phone very easily!

As far as my experience, yes - the battery drain is brutal for now, though I had no problems with fluidity. The UI looks great. Looking forward to seeing how LP turns out and whether or not it lights a fire under RIM to best leverage their BBM platform.

On my BB, I can't change the alert sounds, there's no way to completely close the app and, it would be nice for message to pop up like they do when you receive an sms or bbm. Also as others have noted, the font is really small on my 9670.

I get this error when I try to download "Disabling downloads temporarily. Check our Twitter for more details." :-( Guess I wasn't fast enough

"Disabling downloads temporarily. Check our Twitter for more details."

Got this message from their website from my PC's browser and my cellphone's

I think the link is down....seems like too many people are trying to download the application...i was not fast enough i guess we wait!!!!!!!!!!

Pheww...just got it installed on my torch. It's pretty sweet. I told some friends with bb phones...and within minutes it's longer available for download...I'm guessing the server crashed at the many requests???

I can't add ppl, I can't access my pics, whats the point of this app? When it scans my address book more then half of them are not listed, I think I'll delete it till they work these things out,I can't really use it.

i cant add friends either. i can access my pics. when it scans my address book, nothing comes up. i am going to delete as well.

Wow, for all the delays on getting this right, this is not a good sign. I'm sure this will get worked out to some degree, but battery drain is a BIG issue. PingChat does push messaging (which works right about 95% of the time) and it's not an app that runs actively in the background. If this thing is a resource AND battery hog that always has to be open, that's a legitimate problem.

Will give it a look, but I have concerns.

I like the social feed integration and the ability to scan the address book or FB friends to add contacts (when that actually works).
Think RIM should have a look at the adding friends feature via the address book and FB.
I like BBM...the drawback is really adding friends. I am sure I have many who are BB, but not really the time to find out add them, etc. At the end of the day, email, texting and FB are the tools of choice. That's me and I guess most people I know, yet I can't really be sure who is using BBM and who is not. I have 500+ friends on FB and 3 on BBM (two are family members). That says it all.

Looks like LiveProfile has promise and they do seem responsive in their tech support.
Rough launch though for the BB community as the link for download is on hold.

Reasons why I won't be downloading just yet:
1. Battery / Resource drain. I think it has taken RIM a long time to perfect the BBM model. Guessing LiveProfile is not entirely a true PUSH app and it keeps polling. That will drain the life out of your device quickly.

2. Convincing people to download a new app. Android and iPhone may do it quickly, yet the die hard BB community may not want another app on their resource thin devices.

3. I use IM+ if I want to chat cross platform AND to people on a PC. Lots of people are likely to already be on Google Chat or Yahoo Messenger. I don't have to twist their arms. I can use this program when I want to and turn it off when I don't. Very fast. Can't see when people are typing or if they read my message, however, I am not to enthralled with staring at my BB for this. Can send files, etc. So, nice cross platform option to avoid texting.

4. Do I really need yet another profile? Let's see, Facebook, Twitter, Text messages, email, IM+ instant chat... add one more?

5. Who is really on this new application. People who are just curious or the Yo, yo, ladies add me! Pathetic!

6. Who knows anything about this company and the security. Do you think they are launching a new chat application for free out of the goodness of their hearts. Either they want to be purchased (that's fine) or the chats are being sold off for marketing data. Who really knows?
That's a bit paranoid, I know. For that matter I should delete my account on FB and Twitter. The top 5 are enough for me to say, nice interface, shows promise, but . . .

#7 BBM is so very well integrated into the OS. My compromise to seek out BBM users, uploaded my bar code and PIN to FB. Some people are actually using bar codes for their profile pictures. Not just for BBM but using bar code generators to take people to their Linkedin profile for example. I did not want to go quite that far yet. :)

This is a killer app!!! Almost on par with BBM!! As previously mentioned, the group chat addition would send it over the top. Great work guys!



Is your Caps Lock on your keyboard a public beta also? If so, please get the upgrade so you aren't shouting ;)

They asked for feedback and they are getting it. No use in candy coating issues so the app never catches on. Better to know all the problems and what people want fixed to make the program better when it is out of beta.

The battery drain issue is probably the biggest killer. Most BB users are accustomed to having their BB's work on one charge for the day. If one app significantly drains the battery on its own, it won't succeed in BB's world.

Yes my cap lock is in beta :P, I just find it frustrating that people work hard on an app, and comments like "it's no BBM" don't make anything better. We know it's not BBM, It's new and all the others have been around, and worked out the kinks. It's a beta, and it has known issues, and constructive is obviously required. Useless ones aren't.

For what it's worth, on day 1 out, I think it's a worthy app, and once the kinks are ironed out it will be pretty sweet.

Works okay on my 9650, though there is a bit of battery drain. That's not a dealbreaker for me in general, because I have access to a charger throughout the day, but it would be nice if it were a bit less of a battery hog.

The UI looks nice--I like being able to see when the other person is typing, and of course I like the D, S, and R badges.

Photo/file send and group chat are glaring omissions at this time, but it's early and I hope to see them in an update soon. Without group chat, it's hard to convince people to download another chat app. I'm impressed at the speed with which the developers are working on the fixes, but the bugs are a bit frustrating because it seemed to take a very long time for the Blackberry version to get released. I didn't expect perfect, but after a prolonged development time and a private beta, I thought it would be closer. Still, there's quite a bit of potential here. If RIM ever releases BBM for other operating systems, I don't know that there's another app that can really compete. But unless or until that happens, this looks like it could be the best option for my non-Blackberry friends.

Will we be able to change the ringtone?

Great Beta! Have the same issues listed with the torch already. Keep working at it

I am having problems adding blackberry users on my 9700 users. Like with most apps i did a battery pull and my iphone friends came on. Not sure if the blackberry users need to reboot too to get the request or not. but i hope so.

For those of you having problems registering, try create account and when it says unable to connect or spits out any of the errors, hit back and try to log-in

It took a couple of tries, but this is what worked for me and others....

BBM Pin:31163126 Live Profile Pin: LPAMEJKI

Do you mean right out and into "sign in"
Cuz I'm trying that too. Been a couple of days now, this app is killing me.
Do I just keep tryna sign in, or create > sign in >. Create > sign in?

is anyone having problems as far as uploading their photo? I am. and I do not know how to fix the problem. Someone please help

yesterday I've downloaded 1.0.2 and created an account and uploaded my profile pic then i tried to uninstall the apps today because of the notification from liveprofile even after reading my last message there's still a notification, it wont go. So i've decided to remove and download it again, and just now there's a 1.0.3 :D after installing comes new problem, i tried logging in then it says that my user is not on their database. :D hahaha! just a few minutes ago i was making conversation with my wife through liveprofile because we just want to give it a try. :D anyways i just created a new account... AGAIN! :D

Btw i'm on 9780 using .480 under BIS on a prepaid sim and currently using wireless home DSL modem just to test this apps. :D

Just upgraded to 1.0.4. My memory card is now recognized and I was able to load a profile pic. I am not experiencing a huge memory drain on my 9800. However, for this to be a sucess there needs to be more settings flexabilty (ringtones, fonts, etc). There also needs the ability to share photos.

Just updated to 1.0.4 on my 9780 i think they've fix the issue on profile pic because on my 8900 i can't upload my profile pic on 1.0.3 but after the update I was able to place a pic on my profile. ;) @drew8484 you're right about that settings flexibility thing and photo sharing ;) I think in time (im hoping it sooner... ;) hehehe!) that they will make it a fast phase on updating their apps because as of now it is still in beta.

Update: I just realized that after upgrading to 1.0.4 I can now change ringtone / notification settings. Developers are making strides. Keep up the good work.

ok just updated to the 1.0.4 version and like everyone else, i can finally upload a picture finally, although still get that message about not able to upload here and there, but that will get worked out i'm sure in time as it continues to upgrade. But umm aside from that, the only problem that i really have that i consider just basic for just launching is the fact that i am unable to login facebook to see if my facebook friends have LiveProfile or not. My twitter works and address contacts works great, just the facebook one is trippin. It just keeps redirecting me back to the login after i put in email and password. Not sure if anyone else is having that issue or not and i'm on the bold 9700 5.0 software. Did the reboot/reinstall/battery pull/ all that.But everything else seems to be working great thats basic use. Oh and just in case yall wondering what my def of basic use is[is pretty much being able to upload profile pic, login into those social network accounts given, and it's functionality of what it's suppose to do].

Storm2 bugs:
When you type a line and hit enter, the keyboard retracts.
Battery drain on latest official.
Contact adding not seamless.

Group chat
Various file transfers

Lack of settings/Options

I am the eternal optimist, and I think I'm early to this party.

Edit - I noticed someone else posted that the sound vibration setting, at least on the 9550, is in my sound profile. My bad...

Is there any way to make the fonts larger on the Storm 2? The current fonts are unreadable. I have to squint to see photos. A nice fix would be clicking on photos to make them more visible like BBM does.

Well, so far it's been a promising APP, until I now notice my username is gone and just showing my PIN as my username as well as I cannot see my profile. Just tells me "Loading profile" and then now my picture has disappeared. Strange bugs but I'll wait it out a bit and see what happens. I've just told my huge network of people about it and allot have been using whatsapp and awaiting my answer about stability etc. I love all these features but they really need to "work".

Also the font and GUI is really friggen small. Hard to see the text I'm typing. Sooo updates?

*Edit* I'm using a Torch 9800

Also in my setting TAB I have no option for sounds/Vibrate etc
*EDIT Nevermind, It's sound in the BB volume profile setting like all others. :P n00b mistake.

I downloaded it to my Bold 9700 and now my battery life is shot- I charged my phone last night and after 2-3 hours off the charger I had to charge it again. Also, since downloading the LiveProfile, my bberry is now delayed and takes a couple seconds to get to the function I am trying to use. Please fix.

Now at the start of my 4th day trying.
I'm wondering if its country dependant, but no one has confirmed it yet.
It let's me download, but can't "create"

Ya know what? I have been testing this app like crazy with allot of my network of people on Androids and iPhones and what I found is that when you send a message like you would in BBM, people on iPhone's don't see your first or first few msgs until they open the chat window. So you waste your time. They do not get the text you sent waiting in que like on BBM, rather, they get a push notification and then open the chat...THEN they can see what you type etc. That really sux and makes for terrible redundancy. I'm gonna yank this thing and go to KiK or whatsapp. Too bad cause I really liked this interface etc. :(

Day 2. Still hardcore battery drainage.

I'm uninstalling and installing it back next week. The reason of this is because I can't be plug into the wall the whole day just for the sake of testing this app.

Hope they fix this soon.

Edit: Bold 9700 OS 5

Ok so like I have tried the new version 1.0.4 out since the upgrade, and must say, it's a bit better, but not by much. I'm still having trouble with the add contacts through scanning facebook. I been having this problem since the download opened up and still having the same problem. When i go to add contacts and choose facebook to scan, it takes me to the login, but after I am done entering the info and click enter/login, it loads and takes me right back to the facebook login. Not sure if others are having that issue. But everything else works fine for me. I have the 9700 5.0 version. Oh and yeah i have notice that my battery life has drained a hella lot since installing LiveProfile. I never notice it until today when i went the whole day w/o charging it withfull battery. By the end of the day or now should i say, i am at 30%. Usually at 60%-40% by the time i go to bed. So yeeah this app is doing some serious battery drainage and might want to work on that asap or else i just may have to delete the app even though i don't want to. So people your not alone



I have A Torch, and like others, find the font way too small.. can you tell me if I can change it, or do I have to wait for an update!
Thanks in advance!

I keep getting contact requests from one contact over and over again. Every time I approve the request, but it continues to send notifications. I'm talking 10-15 times per hour. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Did battery pulls. I'm going to have to delete this until an upgrade fixes it, or delete the friend.....and it's my daughter.

I have searched app world and cannot find LiveProfile for anything. I've also tried the direct link in my BB browser and I simply get the same single statement on a blank page: "You must go to from your BlackBerry browser to download."

Not making any good impressions here.

I installed 1.04 on my Tour on Wednesday, and I deleted it last night. The battery drain is much too severe. My phone completely died yesterday at 6 PM, and I didn't even use LiveProfile all day. It was just running in the background. On a normal day, my battery is at 60% or better at 10:30 or 11:00 PM when I go to bed. My MeterBerry battery log indicates I was losing anywhere from 12-15% per hour under normal use with LiveProfile installed, and it's less than 2% per hour right now without LiveProfile.

With the exception of battery drain, I like the app. If and when they get that figured out, I'll reinstall.

installed it. useless when everyone is using whatsapp already. Also its a battery drain on my bb torch. uninstalled!

I love it! The interface is really slick looking too...sort of like a sexier version of Beejive, but better.

I tried a lot but all i get after downloading Live profile is just one error.... Unable to connect at this time. Please try again later.
i have tried many times but no solution.... HELP>..........

had the same problem today until i put in another email, and boom, it worked....sorry, but stupid thing took me 6 hrs to connect...

I am Using Blackberry torch and carrier is Tata docomo.... i am getting only one error Unable to connect to liveprofile at this time. pklease try again later.
I am fedup of tryingt now....
Please suggest how can i resolve this issue.
i am not able to register

i have had this app from sunday night & im still not able to create an account. i type in my email & password and it just says unable to connect to liveprofile at this time. please try again later ,i have tryed this i dont know how many times and it keeps doing the same thing ,HELP??

I had severe battery drain on my 8900 about a month ago when I first downloaded this app. I decided to give this app another shot today since I read somewhere the updates fixed the drain/memory leak.

After having liveprofile on my BB version 1.0.12, I saw huge improvements in battery life. No more battery drain!! Thumbs up for the quick updates.

I have downloaded this app and quite loved it while it worked, but now its stopped and I have contacted support and they just said they are working on it, has anyone else has this problem? If so can it be helped? or should I give up on it?