LiveProfile for BlackBerry nears release; Servers upgraded in anticipation

LiveProfile for BlackBerry
By ObiGeorge on 3 Mar 2011 04:41 pm EST

I have never really been into any of the cross-platform, BBM-like instant messaging services. But LiveProfile is the one that I have been waiting for. I have used it for iOS and Android and must say, it is my 2nd favorite IM client, behind BBM of course. The app features familiar sent, delivered, and read notifications, "is typing a message", as well as a PIN system for adding friends (although you can scan your address book for email addresses of current users). You will also get the usual amenities like status updates, online availability, and file transfers. For months their site has shown it's availability for BlackBerry as "Coming Soon" and it looks like later this week the wait will be over. The official LiveProfile Blog had this to say:

In anticipation for our BlackBerry launch this week we began to upgrade our infrastructure to handle the flood of new users.

It's nice to see a company upgrade their servers before releasing their app, instead of crashing them and then upgrading. I really look forward to the app's release. I dare say it is the most instant of the instant messengers out there. I just hope they don't pull a kik. At least they don't have any former RIM employees on their staff, that I know of. Hit the break for some pics of the app.

More information on LiveProfile's website

LiveProfile for BlackBerry
LiveProfile for BlackBerry

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LiveProfile for BlackBerry nears release; Servers upgraded in anticipation


I've been using it on my Galaxy S device and it is pretty fast. It definitely fills in the gap from no longer having BBM. The fact that it can send files and images takes it a step up from what Kik previously offered.

Nice. Now can you hide this post from RIM so they don't delete it from APP World like they did KIK? LOL

Probably why RIM might want to put BBM on other platforms, they will lose a market share to LiveProfile.

This year will be an interesting year for RIM and the Blackberry community.

Pingchat! falls far from the mark of BBM, and hopefully this LiveProfile too. Trying to send files in Pinchat! is awful.

just seen article playbook enter price 599.00 they said not sure if that will stick Really after the long wait thier going to charge 100 more then apple or tab???? really they ought to give us 100.00 off for waint to buy it.

i have this on my iphone 4. i also have a 9700. i honestly think it is JUST AS GOOD if not better than bbm. now it is missing groups which it said is coming later this month. voice notes are not there also. but file transfer is, so is display pics and u can have ur status update to facebook and twitter automatically. u can toggle this on and off each time u change ur status.

now i have no idea if all of this will be available on the bb version once its released but i hope it is. i recommend it as the first real bbm competitor.

I liked this app the last time it came out, when it was called WhatsApp…

Ok the UI appears nicer than WhatsApp, from these 3 screenshots anyway.
WhatsApp also tells you received/read, has group chats, and does, transfer of pics, maps, etc.

whatsapp does not have read flags, it just has sent and delivered, and have you tried the latest versions? buggy as all get out and can't send files or location

Correct, why are people waiting for this app LOL..Honestly these guys have a long way to catch up to BBM and with BBM 6 on the horizon, well they can keep playing catch up.

But unlike BBM this is texting. BBM is through data, so no extra charge. When this App goes through data, wake me up.

Hopefully the BlackBerry version allows you to connect to your sms/mms like Android and iOS as well. Feel free to send me the beta :p

Is this site about blackberry anymore or is just a site where people come to shit on RIM.

Really crackberry team I'm getting sick of it.

you're all a bunch of morons if you think RIM is going to leave BBM the way it is and just introduce it to other platforms.

There will be many improvements/new features to BBM that will continue to keep the competition years behind.

It all begins with the BBM social platform coming in the next few months.

all these cross platform apps are playing catchup. why? they see what bbm is NOW, and then try to emulate it. so RIM has the upper hand in this because they are the ones dictating the industry standard in instant messaging on mobile. With the similarity this has to bbm i won't be surprised if RIM takes them to court and ban them from blackberries. this is practically just a copy of bbm in different colours!

and the growth of these apps may be the reason why there are rumours that RIM intends to release bbm to other platforms. think about it, there's a way these apps are earning money, and if RIM does the same thing, and reaps similar monetary benefits per non-bb user, that's HUGE chunk of money waiting to be DUG. and if RIM completely dominates the mobile IM industry, that's when they can start doing things as a MONOPOLY.

first thought was why should rim it,s theirs and a big part of bb
but if they are gonna make a lot on it so be it business is business
and if it does go ahead think of how many of our pals etc
will all have it ,i love mine but only a small group of mates have it
if everyone had it normal texting would soon disappear

Which BB OSes/devices will liveprofile support upon release? I'm particularly interested in the Torch, for selfish reasons.

Can't wait for this to be live to bb users I had kik before the whole lawsuit thing but I love being able to talk to my friends who have driods ans iphone hope this goes well

looking forward to as pinch and pingchat just dont do it for me yet although i,m sure both could be improved

hahaha i havent been on this site for awhile but it seems like all bb has left that keeps it afloat is bbm thats sad. i hate my bb but thats the only reason i still have one

Oh, how punctuation would clarify the LiveProfile post. It could be:

In anticipation for our BlackBerry launch, this week we began to upgrade our infrastructure to handle the flood of new users.

Or it could be:

In anticipation for our BlackBerry launch this week, we began to upgrade our infrastructure to handle the flood of new users.

Either way, the app is obviously close to release. I'll likely give it a test run at least.