Watch RIM CIO Robin Bienfait at MobileCon 2012

By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2012 11:48 am EDT

Update: The keynote has ended. If a replay gets posted up we'll link it here. 

RIM CIO Robin Bienfait is speaking today during the Day 2 Keynote at MobileCon. Robin oversees the Enterprise Business Unit, BlackBerry Operations and Corporate IT at Research In Motion. She should have plenty to say on the business/Enterprise front, so grab some snacks and head to the link below to check it out.

Watch the MobileCon 2012 keynote live 



Hopefully some news about big name apps coming to BB10.


unlikely. She'll be talking about BES10 and Fusion for business, not when Angry Birds is going to hit.


I'm not getting any audio :/


"Choice and freedom". I want that. Now !


I guess it depends on what your definition of business is; to Rovio; Angry Birds is a business - one that is worth over 5.5 billion dollars. :)


Yay, demo time! Prob nothing we haven't seen already, but always like a demo!


I actually like here as a public speaker. Oh, and here comes to the Dev Alpha Prototype B. :)


Great demo going on now. Even though we have seen this before, the speaker is doing a great job. I wish the analysts and the US media is waking up after this speach.


I really think that RIM should be market like crazy the idea of the separation of work and personal use on the phone. What the guy just said about a car ride and a parent giving their child the phone to play with without having to worry about accidental emails to work colleagues or changing calendar messages or accessing things they shouldn't see is something that could be of great interest to parents.

You could make some really good commercials around this concept.



Someone else mentioned a "valet mode" on a previous topic, for times when someone wants to borrow your phone to make a quick call or text but you don't want them to be able to access your personal info (contacts, email, files, etc.) or make long-distance calls, etc. So, that would definitely be a wicked option to have on BB10! Heck, it'd be an awesome app to have right now! LOL!


This was great. Market this hard. Not only for BIG companies.


She deserves her name ... "Bien fait" in French means "Well done" or "Good job" ;-)


Robin is a great speaker. Even during the town halls she keeps people engaged and delivers a consistent message.

Having dealt with her many times, she is all about business and really understands all aspects of RIM. Her focus has always been on customer satisfaction.


Anyone have a link for the full Keynote??? The CTIA site sucks ^%R$% (insert what you wish) and they cut the presentation up in 4 small clips and I'm sure her full speech wasn't covered.

HOWEVER, that being said. From what I saw she was hitting it all. One big difference with RIM 1 year ago and RIM today, they are hitting the right tones on the keynotes. They have a common message and are passing it flawlessly. Keep it up!


Anybody recorded it?


Gawd-awful audio. How about using an omnidirectional clip mic Robin?


Hey how about the crappy conference facility and organizers providing adequate (= meeting birdman's audio requirements) mics, sound and video pickups etc. You think Robin brought that with her and insisted on wearing it??