Live: Rogers BlackBerry Bold Media Launch Presentations

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Aug 2008 04:17 pm EDT

Video Courtesy of Mobile Syrup. The clip starts off with a video presentation of the Bold and its capabilitie and is followed with speeches by John Boyton, Rogers Wireless Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer and RIM Vice President, Patrick Spence.

Honestly.. for a device that's been over "3 years in the making" and an excellent business relationship between Rogers and RIM "that goes back over 10 years", you'd think they'd be able to have the Bold on store shelves the day of its official launch. Or is that asking too much?? I don't think so considering in the video John says it will be "available in stores today". If you're one of the many trying to track down a Rogers Bold for yourself at this moment, be sure to check out our previous post, The Hunt for Red BlackBerry Bolds >>

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Live: Rogers BlackBerry Bold Media Launch Presentations


I cant agree with you more. The two of them are disgraceful in the manner with which they address an audience. Is this the best large corporations have for a major launch? Pathetic.

very dry!!! very little excitement. enough aaaa's and ummm's sorry coming from a presenters point try again.

Can t get the bold the day of the official launch? wowow

Plus I am very confused regarding the marketing aspect for the bold: how comes they did such a great deal of the iphone with tv commercials, posters of the iphone in their rogers stores etc.. the day of the official launch, nothing , i mean really nothing! i just dont get it Rober , i mean rogers!!!!

This is crazy but not suprising coming from Rogers. they dropped the ball on this one maybe they are upset about the exclusive to Telus with the Thunder (rumor) either way, I went to the website and Apple was still on the front page and when you call 888-rogers1 you still get The APPPLE IPHONE is coming to Rogers lol!! Well I think he pointed it out that they have been dealing with BB a LONG time one of the first he said. so if Rogers has a great BB relationship you would think they would have the respect to have the BB phone since there were people waiting on it. I hope Telus doesn't do this with the thunder (rumor)
thanks for the info as ALWAYS!!

Hi I live in Vancouver, BC. I am crazy about this Bold and honestly I dreamed about getting one last night. The first thing I woke up today is to turn on my iPhone and browse to see if we can get it in store today.

I am a business client of Rogers plus, called my contact there like 5 or 6 times per day and asked him when this thing is going to be available. He said last week it is coming on Aug 19, then on 19th he claimed it will be in store on 21, and they are going to be one of the first few stores who will have the first stock, brabrabra......

Total disappointment.

Anyone sees bold in any where Vancouver, leave me a note I will go and clean their inventory.

The guy in Ottawa, lucky you who got the shipment.

Rogers had screwed up their iPhone launch bad....iPhone launch got nothing on the Bold launch, Rogers fails at life..and I'll be sure to tell them that when I get off of work and the new round of Rogers employees retention dept are answering the phones ( I don't want the morning shift people, they been dealing with it all day..less likely to help out lol) Remember folks, take it easy on the reps, it's Rogers you are mad at, not the reps..they'll appreciate hearing that ;)

It took them over 3 years to come up with that?


That might have worked when their main competition was Palm but with Apple on the market they better step their R&D up.

wow...could there be any less enthusiasm. wonder it has taken so long for the release... they had to finish their naps first.

I guess I wont hold my breath for a US release on any new products for another 3 years now that they just finished their major "party" for the canada launch...wooowhooo...go RIM!

Let me catch my breath...

I am completely shocked at how badly this release went. There were 2 stores we called in Montreal who had received TWO EACH. Fantastic launch success here in Montreal. :)

I am curious about the Rogers rep employee handbook. In there somewhere, does it say that if you don't know the answer, make something up? I work in administration in a call center, and the reps there have to know their stuff. We have constant training and coaching, and a lot of effort is made to ensure that we are consistent in the answers we give to clients. I think Rogers does not have this kind of service standard.


What a yawn! How can anyone present such an exciting new product in such a boring way...incredible! I guess they had to wake the audience up in order to go test drive the Bold!

If I were Canadian I would be kicking those two guy's asses for further perpetuating the stereotype that Canadians are boring dorks. You guys need to find some better representation. Can't wait til 2012 for the bold release on AT&T!