Live from Verizon's CTIA event - maybe they'll tell us today when the Q10 is getting released and Z10 updated?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 May 2013 01:32 pm EDT

** UPDATE: Ok, so that's over. Uhhh... no Q10 announcement. no Z10 update announcement. It was just about J Lo (as in Jennifer Lopez) launching her new Viva movil. **

CTIA -- the Wireless Association -- has their big show taking place in Las Vegas this week. With BlackBerry Live taking place last week in Orlando, everybody from the CrackBerry team decided to skip CTIA this year. We figured the odds of any BlackBerry news coming out of it were slim to none.

That said, Phil, Andrew and Anndrew from the Android Central team are at the show covering on behalf of Mobile Nations. And they'll be firing up the live blogs at 2:10pm ET / 11:10pm PT to bring you the news coming out of the Verizon event taking place. 

I have no idea what Verizon will be talking about on stage today, but I know a ton of CrackBerry readers are Verizon customers. And I know a lot of you Verizon customers are waiting anxiously for the BlackBerry Q10 release date to be announced. It should have been May. Now we're told it's June. Maybe today we'll find out the exact day you can run into a store and buy a Q10. I also know a LOT of Verizon Z10 owners who are waiting for a BlackBerry 10.1 update too. Maybe they'll mention that today?!

Don't shoot me if they don't announce anything. But it can't hurt to tune in and watch, right? Be sure to catch the live blog and participate above!

And CrackBerry... be nice to Phil et al, ok? They're good guys, even if they don't rock the BBs. 



Hopefully something about the Z10 update too...

First... I think..

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Not only Q10 news, but also an update on how Z10 sales have been so far. I'm not a Verizon customer, but as the largest carrier in the U.S., it'll be interesting to hear how well BB10 adoption is going.

Maybe Verizon, like Sprint, will drop hints on something coming later this year also.


Andrewoid and Anndrewoid from Android.

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BB10 adoption with VZW probably hinges on whether or not that provider can figure out why their BlackBerry 10 devices seem to have the most reboot issues. Why is that Verizon? Why won't somebody straight up ask them that?

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Unbiased Tech

They need to update us Z10 users


hopefully they'll release the Z10 update and the Q10 at the same time


Hey Kevin,
When you stand up to ask the Z10 Update question, can you please use the same pose as you did for your avatar to show them that "We really mean business!" :)
Hopefully that will get their attention.

This pose:


Kevin's not there... Good effort though.

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Was that a joke? I feel like I just got punked. Wow what a waste of my time.


this is called a waste of time...


Haha terrible.

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Juan Lopez6

Ummmmmm? AT&T upgrades for the Z10? I only see articles about Verizon????? And blackberry? What are we AT&T!!! Costumers getting soon for are Z10's??

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Typo in article? "Paul said, Andrew and Anndrew, are here from..."

Os that 2 Andrews with a mis spellings, or Andrew and Drew?

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I jokingly predict Verizon plans to update the Z10 after the PlayBook gets BB10

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The Verizon rep told me that the Z10 is arriving June 6th.

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I meant the Q10, of course.

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I don't care what new app or game blackberry introduce to their customers, if they don't fix the little problems, the complaints will slow the growth. Don't they understand that negative comments spreads faster than positive comments. I want the latest and greatest too but, I want the alert notification to work first. It doesn't work on the Z10, (US version). Im talking about the alert notification you are supposed to get while you are on a call and an email or text is coming in. If I'm on a call and my child text me I won't get the text until I get off the call or look down at the blinking LED. A parent should never have to worry about losing contact from their child. We worry about other things. Fix this problem blackberry. I'm not the only person that is experiencing this issue

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Are you in 3G coverage when this happens ? Sounds like the limitations with CDMA and no data when on a call.

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Verizon SUCKS! There I said it. It is outrageous that we the customers are paying exorbitant amounts of money for service and no service in terms of a software updates for the Z10. Ridiculous. Plus it's like it is top secret as to when an update is coming. Boycott Verizon.

james pisano

I can't defend Verizon, but I will say I have been with them for about 8years and through 2 Palm units and my 3rd Blackberry, and I have gotten very good service from them. Their technical staff is good when you call with a question, and they have sent me a replacement very readily, for my Bold when I had a weirdo issue texting on it. They are probably more expensive, but dropping calls is not an issue and I use my phone for work and really need the connection to be good. Every carrier has their issues. If Verizon's is they are slow to market, I can deal.

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I agree. Coming from Sprint Verizon is God send.

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My cousin bought a white Verizon Z10 from tigerdirect for $100. I asked her if I could put leaked OS .1483 on it and she said yes. She is head over heals in love with it! I'm running .1756 and I think imo that .1483 is better but I can't go back without loosing everything I have done since. My fiance has a white Verizon Z10 and I can't get her's to complete a backup... So she is stuck on the .944 stock OS and she is having so many problems. Verizon really needs to get with it! BlackBerry needs to push hard!

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I currently just switched over to a Verizon Z10 I have been a huge apple fan boy forever just loved the easy OS and great app quality plus everyone I know has apple so I messages and other apple services were great for me I see the potential in blackberry and have always loved them I'm honestly in love with my Z10 but Verizon and BlackBerry need to make some of these moves faster to gain traction Verizon is the best carrier yet Z10 owners can't get the update that needs to change also BlackBerry needs to push there marketing team to a new level blackberry 10 is phenomenal and people need to know I'm currently on vacation and trying to just use my BlackBerry and not pull out my iPhone 5 and so far I'm doing pretty good I'm just the only person in universal studios with a BB10 device most of the time lol we need fast fluid updates to keep bb10 rolling its time for a comeback!!

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