Live, tonight, it's Girls Gone Gadgets!

Introducing Mobile Nations Broadcasting, Girls Gone Gadgets premieres tonight at 10:30pm EDT!
By Rene Ritchie on 3 Nov 2011 02:54 pm EDT

When Kevin introduced you to Mobile Nations, he mentioned some of the great new initiatives we had planned. We've been hard at work on one of those for a while now -- Mobile Nations Broadcasting.

Mobile Nations Broadcasting brings together all your favorite audio shows, including the Android Central Podcast, the Podcast, iPad Live and iPhone Live, the PalmCast, and the WPCentral Podcast, along with our cross-site, cross-industry Mobile Nations Podcast, and new shows we've added over the summer, including ZENandTECH to help you center your inner geek, Iterate on mobile design and user experience, and Superfunctional to keep our bodies in balance with our gear. And we've brought them to life -- with video.

We've got some great new technology behind us and it lets us not only stream all our hosts, for all our shows to you in real time, but make them available to you afterwards on YouTube, via RSS and iTunes, and... well let's just say a lot more places to come. We've already launched Monday Brief, Android Central Video, iPad Live Video, iPhone Live Video and TiPb TV, ZENandTECH Video, and Mobile Nations Video, and we'll have the other shows on your screens and your TVs very, very soon. And we're not stopping there. We have a few other new shows in the pipeline as well and we can't wait for you to see them. Starting tonight, with Girls Gone Gadgets.

Girls Gone Gadgets is hosted by Georgia and Ashley Esqueda, two of the smartest, savviest, sexiest, and most entertaining women in tech. They'll be bringing you everything from Android to iOS, from the hottest devices to the latest gadgets, from kickass apps to the most mind-blowing accessories you can imagine.

GGG premieres tonight at 10:30pm EDT. See you there!

Rene Ritchie, Mobile Nations Broadcasting

Reader comments

Live, tonight, it's Girls Gone Gadgets!


the official stance is that it's umm.. open to interpretation.

Georgia and Ashley came up with the concept for the logo... take a heart, take a bite out of it, and put android antennas on top.

But if it looks like something else.. .welll... let's just call that a happy coincidence.


I see the Apple logo reference, the Android logo reference. But where's the Blackberry reference? Time to get a petition going.

No, you see, Apple and Android sell gadgets (toys). A BlackBerry is a tool. You get things done with one, the others are just there to waste time.

The HEART represents Blackberry... cuz everybody loves BlackBerry! Plus remember, the LOVE BlackBerry marketing campaign?

It all makes sense.

It's those two for a reason. It represents the extreem Apple and Android bias the show will have. Hence why I won't be watching it. I wish Mobile Nations was supporting podcasts to all the Mobile Nations sites that were acually for all the sites.

It'll cover everything and there will be plenty of guests on the shows over time to cover everything from every angle. You'd be crazy not to tune in!

I'd like to, but I tried that with Iterate. So maybe I will watch the first one. See what it's like and then go from there.

We need to get a BB girl on there!!!!! At atleast as a guest appearence!!!!! Michelle, Alicia, or Kerri!


 Looks like I'm staying up late tonight!

Judging by the smirk on Renes face I'd say there was some. Still 11pm is a little late for me. I'll wait till the book comes out.

Ok, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee ....... a girl stops being a girl at 18.

Couldn't you find another expression to identify that it's women that you are targetting for what looks like a much wanted program.

Femmes do Gadgets

Femmes into Gadgets

you get the drift ....

Hi Kevin,

I'm a BlackBerry "User and Abuser" and have been since became a website. I hope I'm wrong but get the feeling that our beloved BlackBerrys are slowly being eased out by Androids and iPhones on this site.

And I'm trying not to get upset about it. To be honest, I do NOT enjoy reading about these other devices. So I may stop coming to this site altogether. Just so you know.
- CB

Hey CarBob,

I think your feeling is unfounded.  CrackBerry has been a part of a network of sites for years... we recently did the change from Smartphone Experts branding to Mobile Nations branding for the network, but it's not a "new" network... we've always had the cross site pollination and promotion in play..  Have always highlighted the BIG news from other platforms when it hits as it is relevant (iPhone launches, etc), and do some cross site talk like with our Round Robins of the past.

We are the #1 site dedicated to BLACKBERRY (that'll never change as our focus) and #1 fans.  That's what this site is all about, so I don't think there's easing going on there. As for our members, people switch platforms... they have BB, they may leave, come back, leave come back, etc. In the earlier years of CrackBerry I think the average member had less experience on other platforms (the competition didn't exist from android or iOS).  I think what you see now is that a lot of our readers/members do have experience on those other platforms in addition to BlackBerry, so they talk about that. I don't think that's drowning out BB on the site... it's just users who are more knowledgable about mobile in general. And that's not a bad thing or something we can prevent.

You won't find a better BlackBerry focused site anywhere else... so I'm pretty sure you'll keep visiting :)  But appreciate your comments.

Hey Kevin,

Thank-you for your informative reply. I, too, have an iPhone 4, and an Apple MacBook Pro.

However, my favourite smartphone is still a BlackBerry. I'm looking forward to RIM's release of their BBX models in 2012.

Time will tell if this great Canadian company will regain some, or all, of their former glory. Let's hope so.


- CB

Will this be rebroadcast? If so, when?

Oh, and to add to what Kevin says above: I use a BlackBerry Bold 9900, PlayBook, iPod Touch, iPad 2. My wife and son have Android phones. I like the cross-pollination and say keep it up.

Does this exist? Did it air? Will it be rebroadcast on YouTube etc.?

Will OS5 users ever be able to see the Mobile Nations banner on the mobile site?