Live Storm BlackBerry 101 @

BlackBerry Storm BlackBerry 101
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2008 11:03 am EST

RIM just put up a cool interactive BlackBerry Storm BlackBerry 101 page over at (try saying that three times fast) as well as a BlackBerry Storm Support page. If want to discover more about the Storm's features or are looking for help or have specific questions about the capabilities of the device, you'll want to check these pages out!

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Live Storm BlackBerry 101 @


HAHA. Soon as taken on its own meaning; I've been hearing 'SOON' for more than a month now, LOL. I wonder how soon is "Soon".

It says 9:00 am OCT. 23rd. pending disaster it will probably drop friday the 21st. Friday before thanksgiving. Gives them a week to decide how to work black friday. Releasing black friday would be a real mistake. One glitch, one mistake and the launch would go down as a big bust.

That interactive video was great..made me want the phone even more (although i didnt think that was possible!) cant wait...

Over the weekend I stoped into a local verizon store just to look around and ask about the blackberry storm. I asked if there was any type of pre-order. They salseman said he can take down my information and they would call when they are available. He also mentioned it would be available no later than 27NOV08.

Great demo.If only we knew the release date! One good think with all of the demo's and how to's I'll have no questions on how to use the darn thing!

If you guys didn't notice, I just caught it out the corner of my eye, but the desktop software was 4.7 so a new update has to be coming soon. I'm guessing when that drops that the storm isn't gonna be too far behind.

Could the october 23rd date on the blackberry storm used in the blackberry storm 101 tutorial be a hint at the actual release date ???

It might of hinted to the actual release date if the date on the phone hasn't already passed.

What do you mean sorry US. Does that mean the US will not release on the same date?

No Youtube? are you serious?

"The Blackberry Bold can.
And the Storm is the same operating system version.
So the answer is: yes."

I think it will.

It will be released this Friday in the UK... well hopefully :)

Dear customer,

Thank you for pre-ordering your BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone. We wanted to keep you up to date on the progress.

There's been a huge demand for the new BlackBerry Storm smartphone. We're receiving stock into our warehouses next week and as you've pre-ordered, your order has been prioritised to be among the first to receive delivery. We'll begin dispatching from our warehouse on Friday 14 November.

We'll be back in touch shortly to confirm that your order has been dispatched.

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