Live Photos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch (montana) Emerge!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Feb 2011 04:26 pm EST

BlackBerry Bold Touch
Bold 9700 (left) vs. the new BlackBerry Bold Touch (right)

Gotta love it when a plan comes together! Following up on the 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap leaks of January, we're starting to see these devices take shape for REALZ in February. We saw the monaco/Storm 3 show up on video yesterday, and now today we're looking at live photos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch, which currently goes by the codename dakota. As you can tell, the newest Bold (pictured above on the right) looks more like the original Bold 9000 from the front than the smaller Bold 9700/9780 we're currently used to. I can't wait to pound out emails and BBMs on the Bold Touch's keyboard... that is the Cadillac of smartphone keyboards right there. As for what the Bold Touch is packing inside, here's the specs as they have been rumored to date:

  • Dimensions: 115 x 66 x 10.5mm
  • Radio: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE; Tri Band UMTS
  • Display: 2.8" diagonol - VGA 640 x 480, resolution 287dpi
  • Camera: 5mp - Flash - Image Stabilization - HD Recording (720p)
  • Navigation: Capacitive Touch, Optical Trackpad
  • Keypad: Wide QWERTY - Physical Send, End, Escape, Menu, Right Side Convenience Key, Volume Control
  • Memory: 8GB - 768MB RAM - up to 32GB MicroSd Card
  • WiFi: 2.4 GHZ b/g/n - 5GHz a/n - Mobile Hotspot
  • Connectivity: Micro USB - Bluetooth - NFC
  • Sensors: Magnetometer - Accelerometer - Proximity

Lots more photos after the break, so check them out! Looks like we'll need to see some new Bold Touch cases for this one too. You don't want to miss the one where you see that the trim around the Bold Touch's keypad LIGHTS UP!!! Who's waiting on this one?? I know I am!

Source: N4BB

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BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

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Live Photos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch (montana) Emerge!



Thank you for the entry, a day later I would've gotten me self the Bold 9780. I'll definitely stick with my Bold 9000 till this is released.

the best thing about the bold was the battery life, and it looks like the battery for this bold is smaller. this bold might only be available for Verizon or sprint, and a different bold like the 9780 w/ a bigger battery and touchscreen comes out for att and t mobile. i can only hope

cant wait until they launch a date of patiently waiting for that!!!! this WILL be my next phone.

If would be better if it had a front face camera....

Small screen, low resolution, same old tired form factor,I'm wondering if it also has an underpowered CPU like the Torch?

So far the specs aren't impressive enough to compete with current market devices.

Go back to the drawing board RIM, you didn't try hard enough again. You'll get it right one day.

Latest android phones: crappy or no keyboard,shitty email and calendar integration, no or shitty BBM equivalent, dropped or switching calls when phone gets close to face.

So far your offerings are not good enough to compete with those RIM has to offfer.

Go back to the drawing board Moto and HTC, you didn't try hard enough. I doubt you'll get it right one day, but you might.

Seriously man it's all about what you want from a phone.

BTW I don't bother going to Android central to write this crap because their phones don't remotely interest me. I guess you can't say the same.

This has a resolution with a higher ppi than any phone on the market outside of the iphone. I think you might need to invest in a drawing board and maybe some crayons to go with it.

lol, you talk crap baby.
First of all, when you compare the BB with another device, for example the HTC. You have to know that BB can underpower their CPU, because the system OS 6.0 is much more efficient then Android. And why should RM not underpower their CPU if they don't need the power? Think about the life time for the battery

You can not compare the specs if you dont compare their system as well.

For example: you cannot compare the mac book pro with a acer, but you have to compare it with a lennov.

Love the look, love that we are seeing the bold 9000 form factor return. But what use is there really to a 2.8" touchscreen?

probably easier for programmers if there is uniform input protocols across all devices. Plus I can see just reaching out and touching stuff on web pages etc.

The fact that leaves their last friday post up all weekend, and we don't get a new one till monday monring. I mean come on people I don't wanna read the same blog all f'ing weekend...seriously

think they should have got rid of talk and end button for more screen.. I could do with out trackpad to be honest.. maybe return the side scroll for those that needed it.. screen > trackpad

Best phone it just has to come out!

This truly puts the BOLD back into the bold series. I am glad the 9700 is no longer the flagship device.

The keyboard, screen size, and bold look started the BOLD franchise, and I am glad they are bringing that all back, RIM listened to its people.

And now, just like the 9000 was a leader of its time, the 10,000? Will be a leader of its time as well. Solid specs, good memory and features, and of course a touchscreen and trackpad to improve the usability of this phone!

Awesome, hopefully the speakers, the keyboard feel is just as good... better than the original 9000. the back is okay.

THe resolution looks awesome, but hopefully the battery is just as good.

:D Just watching Claifornication and old Hank the coolest dude on TV is rockin the old Bold 9000, along with his Porche.

It so funny how Android fan boys think they're cool when they are really actually just big nerds. Hey HTC does mom still make you milk and cookies? LOL!

I can't believe they are so dead set against having a touch screen. It still has a physical BB keyboard and adds the functionality and ease of touch. To the people saying" its only 2.8 inch screen why bother?". I believe this is for power communicators who need a keyboard with a screen that is easier to select apps or links in a page faster w touch. If you want a full touch screen wait for the Monaco or get another brand. Just my two pennies.

These phone is coming out TOO late. Everything this phone does my phones been doing since June. And this phone isn't coming out til later this year. No hdmi, no dlna, no front facing camera, and the screens too small. But wait the killer feature is BBM. LMAO. And to everyone saying "oh this is a great phone" needs to realize that this is going to be an ATT exclusive just like the Torch. It seems like ATT is the only one who cares about RIM.

First you dump on the phone and then you complain that only AT&T gets it. Make up your mind. And you are wrong because there are two version of this phone which means it isn't just going to be AT&T.

You want HDMI coming out of a telephone? Get a life man.

This paired (literally and figuratively) with a playbook is unbeatable. My only complaint is we have neither product right now, but I feel like 2011 is going to be there year where I'll have it all communications wise.

wait, if these are pictures of montana meaning cdma device. then where is the dakota gsm device pictures? and i think the screen is too small for proper touchscreen use. i agree, they could have raised the screen a little more for more real estate.

If it has front-facing camera and 1600mAh battery (or bigger) then it would be the perfect phone for me.
Hopefully RIM releases this soon. RIM will be under a lot of pressure if they wait until the new iPhone comes out this year.

Maybe but I think this is really RIM saying we are going after people who really communicate on their phones and that really leave the iPhone out of it. iPhone is really only good for people that don't use the phone for communication very often.

I can't decide which phone I should get. I have yet to get my first blackberry device and I'm torn between this and the 9780. This would've gotten my vote hands down if it weren't for the back cover which I find somewhat awkward in terms of aesthetics (just my opinion though!:)) The curved corners also seems a bit dated to me. I'm still undecided about which of the 2 phones to get. The larger keyboard doesn't really matter to me since I have relatively thin thumbs anyway. The lit trackpad is a nice touch though. :D

Am I the only one that has realized that this form factor is actually a step BACKWARDS for RIM? I can believe there are people with Torch's and Bolds that can say with a straight face that they would want this. Nowadays around this site it seems that everyone is drinking the same RIM koolaid...

ha ha good observation blacksamarai. I think I'll get this one but still like my Torch.

What would really make me think twice about the Torch 2 is if it slid up to reveal a keyboard the 9780.

I think the absolute ideal might be a full screen version of this new bold Touch which slides up to reveal a bold 9000 keyboard. That might just be too big. It's screen versus keyboard at this point. The Torch keyboard just isn't as nice as either of the real bold keyboards.

Waiting indeed for this to pop up,since the first leak...definitely my next blackberry!
Only,I hope that the numbers will be RED,as the headsets Green-Red!

The bold 9000 is hands down the best BB. I like this one as well, I wish it had the leather back though. It needs the leather back !

I wonder (hope) if my Tour charging stand will work. I doubt it, but I don't see any charging "prongs" on the back views.

Anyway, my contract is up in March, so if this REALLY hits Q2, I'm a happy boy

If you have a touch-screen why do you need answer/end call, menu, or back buttons at all? And there's certainly no need for the trackpad. Use the extra space to get the screen over the 3" threshold.

Because you asked this, I guess you don't have the torch, probably you have an iPhone (boo ha ha).

With the Torch I still use all keys. It is amazing how some things a are better by touch and some by trackpad. Having had the torch and thinking about going to this phone, it's clear to me that a blackberry user is different from iPhone and even Andrioid users. I am willing to give up screen space for the trackpad option. It's likely because I don't play games on my phone much. I did have an iPhone and even on that I didn't play many games so I think it's just what the user wants.

If this is really what comes out, with the same keyboard as my 9000, I'll upgrade. I'll upgrade just for the increase in RAM. It will definitely be nice to not have to replace my trackball. I'm probably oddball that enjoys using the phone with one hand, sipping something/reading something/eating something with other vs. browsing with the other. I'm also anal about keeping the screen clean. I bought a case of Wireless Wipes when they came out.

That 9000 form factor was truly missed. This will be the ultimate business communication device and Droid Pro can take a seat. Will be tapping out emails at a blistering pace, opening apps and navigating through them should be a breeze. T-MO and the new Bold will be an unbeatable combo. I've held off on upgrading my 9700 because this is the device I've been waiting for. Thank you for reading all of our email requests for the return of the "real" Bold RIM. I hope this device is released on T-MO. I'm ready for my upgrade now.

I just like the idea of a BlackBerry CandyBar including a TouchScreen for Scrolling and Browsing.

Also I'd always want that Retro Bold, but first it was to Expansive and 8900 has better RAM. Now I couldn't wait to switch my 9700 to this Great Device.

I only hope they will change the back of the Phone a bit more like that Good Ol' Bold 9000! That would really make this Montana / Dakota Awesome!

Must say I'm a little worried about Battery life, it's Smaller, while the Screen is Larger and Touch aspect and Processor will Consume (a lot) more.

I went from the 8310 Curve to the 9700 Bold and it's been by far my favorite phone. I plan on upgrading this fall and was thinking about the Torch but it looks like I'll be holding out for the Bold Touch. EXCITED!

Dear Blackberry,
PLEASE PLEASE allow for a docking station. This sis the best way to charge the phone!!!

I hope, RIM will finetune the design of the Bold Touch:
- Can they adjust the design more to the phantastic elegance of the new Curve (Apollo/Sedona)
- Can they bring back the red coloured numbers and loudspeaker symbol, as we had it on the Bold 9000

Provided the above, I would switch from my 9700 to this new Bold.

However, MY favourite anyway would be a device with the sleek design of the Apollo/Sedona and with technical specs of a real Bold (high screen resolution, fast CPU, sufficient memory, better camera, etc...).
But perhaps the American colleagues here on the forum do not share the particular "European" taste and style and wont agree?

I am so in love already! Me and my 9700 have been inseparable for months now, but as soon as I get my hands on one of these babies my 9700 goes into retirement. Having been an iPhone user before, I'm quite new to the BB world, so I never got to actually use the keyboard of the 9000. But I'm really excited to use this one with the 9000 form factor, must be even better than the 9700 although I'm already very happy with it.
I really can't wait to own one of those :)

I can't wait for this phone. I actually just got rid of my torch - it was way too finicky and the key board was way too small. BlackBerry really needs to stick to their core and focus on what made them popular.

I am sooo getting the Bold Touch! I'm gonna wait for this one for my next upgrade which is coming up soon. I'm keeping my 9700 as a back up. Please Hurry! I'm getting the Playbook too!

I am sooo getting the Bold Touch! I'm gonna wait for this one for my next upgrade which is coming up soon. I'm keeping my 9700 as a back up. Please Hurry! I'm getting the Playbook too!

Yeah !!!! I was about to ditch BlackBerry for good too. I am the proud owner of a Bold 9000. I've had it for 2 and a half years and it looks like new because I preferred replacing the case, the batter and everything that got old because I love the Bold 9000.

I kept waiting and they released the ugly, small and frail looking Bold 9700 and 9780 which was a big NO-NO for me.

I was prepared to buy a new Android phone in the next 2 months because I didn't like anything RIM offered except the Bold 9000 series.

I changed my mind now. Waiting for this phone, I can still hold on to my Bold 9000 for another year. IT's an AMAZING device and it still does EVERYTHING I need.

I didn't need any other phone because this one always did everything the others did, except better.

But these last couple of months more and more apps kept coming out and the phone became slower and slower. Also I really wanted the OS 6.

Anyway, this is the phone I want. It looks like the Bold 9000, a bit thinner but 1mm bigger in hight. It's what I was always dreaming of having :).