Live Photos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch (montana) Emerge!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Feb 2011 04:26 pm EST

BlackBerry Bold Touch
Bold 9700 (left) vs. the new BlackBerry Bold Touch (right)

Gotta love it when a plan comes together! Following up on the 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap leaks of January, we're starting to see these devices take shape for REALZ in February. We saw the monaco/Storm 3 show up on video yesterday, and now today we're looking at live photos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch, which currently goes by the codename dakota. As you can tell, the newest Bold (pictured above on the right) looks more like the original Bold 9000 from the front than the smaller Bold 9700/9780 we're currently used to. I can't wait to pound out emails and BBMs on the Bold Touch's keyboard... that is the Cadillac of smartphone keyboards right there. As for what the Bold Touch is packing inside, here's the specs as they have been rumored to date:

  • Dimensions: 115 x 66 x 10.5mm
  • Radio: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE; Tri Band UMTS
  • Display: 2.8" diagonol - VGA 640 x 480, resolution 287dpi
  • Camera: 5mp - Flash - Image Stabilization - HD Recording (720p)
  • Navigation: Capacitive Touch, Optical Trackpad
  • Keypad: Wide QWERTY - Physical Send, End, Escape, Menu, Right Side Convenience Key, Volume Control
  • Memory: 8GB - 768MB RAM - up to 32GB MicroSd Card
  • WiFi: 2.4 GHZ b/g/n - 5GHz a/n - Mobile Hotspot
  • Connectivity: Micro USB - Bluetooth - NFC
  • Sensors: Magnetometer - Accelerometer - Proximity

Lots more photos after the break, so check them out! Looks like we'll need to see some new Bold Touch cases for this one too. You don't want to miss the one where you see that the trim around the Bold Touch's keypad LIGHTS UP!!! Who's waiting on this one?? I know I am!

Source: N4BB

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BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

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Live Photos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch (montana) Emerge!



This device looks really good!!
& if it beats the Torch 2 (which I think it will), it WILL be my next BlackBerry! :)

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The king of all Blackberry devices is finally ready to return to the throne.

FYI, you've never used a real Blackberry unless you've had a Bold 9000. There is no better keyboard. The 9700 series was a false king and never really deserved the "Bold" name, it was just too small.

Day one purchase, for sure.

I very much agree. The Bold 9000 was THE blackberry. The Cadillac of them all. I just got rid of mine a month ago for a Torch and still miss my keyboard. This one looks just like it, maybe a little smaller though compared to that other Bold.

The 9000 was indeed just an amazing device.

I'm probably gunna stick to the torch line myself, for the extra screen size, but I am sorely tempted by this device.

Looks to be the perfect traditional bb.

Omg you couldn't have said it better!!! I can finally upgrade my bold 9000!!! I was about to leave blackberry forever. All my buddies had the 9000 moved on to 9700 and 9780 but I just cant.

The size, the way the buttons clicks...everything...its just so CURVE. I was gonna go iphone or N8 in the next month and ditch bbm. I'm not a touch screen guy but I thought hey what the hell? The iphone is the greatest phone in the world right? Everyone almost agrees so maybe Im wrong.

but now...

Now I'm gonna wait and get this day 1.

HERES A Tip to RIM: charge a lot for it cuz I'll pay almost anything.

There definitely is no better keyboard than that of the 9000, which is why I took a 9700 back and struggled with the Torch keyboard at first. RIM would really hit the nail on the head if they made a Torch as wide as the 9000 with the 9000 keyboard. It probably wouldn't be realisitc with the screen size and all, but one can only dream: big screen of the Torch + Bold 9000 keyboard.

Personally I like the larger form factor of the 9000 but the slide out keyboard of the Torch. The ONLY issue I have atm with Rim is they NEED to update other carriers with torch like devices. I need to switch to verizon and I want the new storm or a torch. Already getting playbook but need new bb.

I KNOW some of you guys WILL agree and WILL NOT agree with me on this but for you who don't, I don't really mind...I can take my lashes anytime.

The bold 9000 with those curved or rounded edges makes it a whole lot ugly!!! PERIOD!!! The ideal Bold would be one that has the look of the 9700/9780, screen size of the 9000, Touch screen, (for those who like touch screen), new specs as shown above, and the dark colored trim like the 9780...I almost forgot to mention, High resolution on the display would be an added bonus too. ;)

And NO...I don't want an i phone, so don't tell me to get one seeing I like the High resolution screen.BlackBerry is the one for me.
So come on RIM, let's give the Ol Gal a new engine (as mentioned) and a new beautiful body.

Now let the lashes begin!!! And those who are with me, back me up on this one...Don't be scared. LOL

I agree with you completely. I always thought the Bold 9000 was horrendous, and when they transitioned to the 9700, I thanked God that they took the 9000 form factor off the shelves.

Some folks have said that the 9000 was the Cadillac of BBs; well, I wouldn't be caught dead driving a Cadillac either.

I am going to pray every single day 5 times a day that this phone comes out. As a former Bold 9700 owner and current Torch owner, I only go the the Torch because I love the Bold but had to have touchscreen as well as trackpad. I can really do without the slide though, as over time it just breaks and is an extra (sometimes cumbersome) step to access my physical keyboard. A touchscreen bold solves this and imo will be the most perfect phone ever to exist! I will wait in line all night to have this phone the minute it debuts. I like the way the 9700 looks over this one but oh well. Worth it!

When i saw this i almost cried the bold 9000 was my favorite blackberry of all time and always will be.

i couldnt wait until this came out until i read it again and can see that it does not f*cking carry 3G. step up your game RIM

- B.I.G. B.O.I O.U.T.

Where do you see no 3G? UTMS is 3G hense the tri-band. Read the threads prior and compare it to a 9700. Don't state facts you know nothing about. It doesn't have to say 3G to be 3G on GSM its different wording

I honestly think it is just the camera that makes it look like that.
and a trackpad that bright would hurt after a while.

Oh man - I cannot wait for this - the perfect form factor for me. Full keyboard and a touchscreen? I'm there day one

I couldn't agree more. And another question I have is about the screen size. Wasn't the Bold 9000 a 2.6" screen? This is said to be a 2.8" screen size.

If so, this would also be a slightly larger srcreen, maybe the largest of any BB without a touch screen?

Sweet! Was going to upgrade my 9000 to the 9780, but i'll hold out for this one instead, sweet phone.. found it hard to part with the original bold... love the keypad size/form factor.... hopefully they will be out as scheduled...

That's what I'm talking about!! Looks sweet! Very much like the 9000...this will be on AT&T right??
I've been waiting for this one like everyone else..FINALLY!!

Love it, but why is RIM putting smaller batteries in their devices? It's not like a larger battery makes a device that much larger.

NICE...... THE BLACKBERRY OF MY DREAMS..... THERE IS A GOD!!! I'm going to start saving now so without hesitation I can purchase as soon as it s released along with accssories.

I'm torn between this new Bold or the Monaco. To keyboard or not to keyboard? That is the question. Either way, can't go wrong with whichever I choose.

Some people can barely walk and talk so having a front facing camera isn't a good idea. If you need to video chat, get a web cam or Playbook.

Well thats an ignorant response....

Some people want to video chat these days. This is a top of the line device and I agree with the other person, a front camera would have been great!

Just because YOU dont need one, doesn't mean others dont.

Why did they have to go back to one of their ugliest design....Larger keyboard is good, but come on...

People have been begging for a modern version of the slightly larger 9000. With the keyboard many believe to be the best ever. Period.

RIM have answered, but people are still complaining...
I guess the old saying is true. You can't please everyone.

I predict it will sell like hot cakes.

I'm sure it will sell well and I'm not questioning the size, it's just that those rounded edges look so dated compared to the 97xx and the new curve phones that will come out this year.
Samsung released the Galaxy S that was just a bad copy of the iPhone3, but then they improved the look with the S2. It's become quite rare to see ugly phones get released nowadays.

You're kidding, right?

No...really. ofutur, you're kidding, right?

"It's become quite rare to see ugly phones get released nowadays."...Have you LOOKED at any Motorola Droid phones in the past year??? Maybe an HTC Android "smart"phone as well? These unsecured open-source Android "smart"phones are the Kmart to BlackBerry's Saks Fifth Avenue.

If our phones are a product of how we carry ourselves, I prefer to not be a cookie-cutter product of my fellow open-source "think for me since I can't think for myself" neighbor. Nothing against those with Android phones. But since you brought up smartphone aesthetics, it's only fair that I mention the carbon-copy appeal that an Android owner has with their device.

I don't purchase a smartphone for its aesthetics. But I will say this...putting time into the way that such a device looks and feels DOES matter to the customer that cares about the product that they have. This is why Apple is such a great product (I'm no Apple fanboy nor do I own any Apple products...I just give credit where credit is due). They know how to place a really nice product into a really nice package. I believe BlackBerry just fit the bill with this new Bold Touch. =)

Btw, I like the aesthetics of the bold phones!

I always laugh when I hear people talking about how stale the designs are and that they look very similar to the one before. I don't know if they understand but there's a reason for that - It's in the bold series and it works

Like touchscreens, there's only so much you can do with a keyboard. Change it up too much and people complain and when people complain about the blackberry phones looking similar.. I just don't understand why they don't feel the same about the iphone!?

Can't please everyone (for some you can't please them at all) but there seems to be enough people out there wanting a design like this that RIM will be bringing back bold 9000 series factor with a touchscreen.

Oddly enough, hot cakes are just not selling that well these days. Sort of a passe breakfast thing.

ugliest design? I prefer classic and timeless. my wife's got a MacBook air, ive got an iPad 2 with the smart cover and bluetooth keyboard. we've both got matching 9700s. while my lady is waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out, I am itching for this modern-classic berry.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Bold Touch looks downright ugly when compared to the 9700/ 9780. Find the looks of my Bold 9780 to be far better. Though love the fact that we'll be able to have the best of both the worlds on our Bold. Qwerty+Touch (minus Slider)!

Same here. I had the original bold (for work) for about four weeks and I still miss it. I would have bought one if it didn't cost as much.

I'm going to assume you've never had a Bold 9000, which would explain your comments. You haven't used a Blackberry unless you had a Bold 9000, the size alone makes a huge difference compared to other Blackberry devices.

"You haven't used a Blackberry unless you had a Bold 9000"

What kind of statement is this? Blackberry is not all about Bold 9000 and not everyone is into Blackberry because of Bold 9000 keyboard.

I agree. I think my 9700 is a great looking phone. I'm excited for the Bold Touch, and I'll most likely buy one, but I think the case is downright ugly, especially the bag. YUCK.

Either I missed a rift between ubermedia and RIM, or you are blaming RIM for issues between Ubermedia and Twitter.

Isn't it convenient that RIM is updating T4BB with the Twitter bird as the icon, and SocialScope is now open to everyone? I think RIM is onboard the anti-ubermedia train, but only time will tell.

LOL! It's a leak... as in, it wasn't meant for you or anyone else outside of the test group. Convenient? You mean you want RIM to NOT improve on their products and software? Seriously, just go find another platform if you dislike RIM's stance so much. It'll do you a lot of good.

That's kinda the point. The 9000 form factor is what we've been asking for for the last couple years.

No Blackberry has fit better in the hand and been easier to type on than the 9000.

RIM is sending us 2 years back with the aesthetics. Though can't wait to lay my hands on one. Wish they would have done a better job with the looks!

What's with the fuzzed out "Brand" in the picture of the backs of the phones??? Regardless... Definitely my next BlackBerry!!! Will go great with my PlayBook!!!!

I was thinking the same thing about the blur. Maybe a new name? I too would love to pair this with a Playbook.

Oh baby! I looks D-luxe! Really nice. I have no idea what ppl are bitching about when it comes to how it looks. It's a beaut!

Does no one care about LTE? If RIM doesn't want to continue loosing market share, this phone needs to have QNX and LTE. RIM is way behind and getting further...

No, they really don't. Let me guess, you have and love an Android?

AT&T won't even start an LTE network until the end of the year, and they're already at speeds that max out a lot of phones hardware as it stands. The Verizon LTE network is still pretty small and won't be sizeable enough until a year or so from now, at which point there will be new phones. Why not skip the LTE radio considering it's limited use and relative expense at this point? As far as I can tell, it's the same reason there's no front facing camera: The amount of use it gets is minimal and it's basically just for show. It's the same reason I don't see any use behing an N Wifi radio. Cellphone hardware isn't even capable of handling G speeds, what good does having N speeds do you?

And as for QNX, they said it's not ready, and we haven't even seen it in the hands of consumers yet, so why should it already be on a phone?

RIM may be "behind" but they're selling more phones than ever and have only lost market share because in the last year the market has literally doubled and the number of competitors has vastly increased.

about the face camera now everyone know bbm is the best right so why not give us a video callin option over wifi as a new bbm feature

No I don't have an android. I've used them before, but I prefer Blackberry and have been a blackberry loyal customer for over 5 years. I'm with Verizon who already has a good working LTE network in 38 cities and 60 major airports. Almost all the places I live and work across the country are already covered by VZW LTE.

As for N Wi-Fi, i couldn't care less, but when other phone manufactures are releasing phones with LTE as we speak, it’s a little disappointing that Rim's future phones that won’t even be out for a while don’t have it.

Is it wrong to want more from my favorite smartphone company? Would it be better if I was like you and loved everything they put out even when it is outdated 6 months before launch?

and how about front facing camera the new devices should have this too come on rim full video calling on your BB

Hey Kevin something for ur next podcast front facing camera on the next Blackberry phones i want u to talk about that

Seriously man, if you are the type that wants a front facing camera don't tell you are NOT getting a playbook. Once you have the playbook you have the front facing camera.Why bother with two?

What's with the codename of Montana in the heading of this blog but in the 3rd sentence it says codename is Dakota? Lol don't mean to seem picky but just an observation.

the front looks nice but the back looks kinda awkward and cheap with the plastic battery door and the random edge around the door... i preferred the fake leather doors and less platiscy feel.....

Agreed. The "carbon fiber" looks cheap an gimmicky.

The leatherette battery door is indicative of the Bold line. Keep it.

Can't wait. I'm due for early upgrade in August and Normal upgrade in December, but I'd buy this thing outright if they released it tomorrow. It's going to be a long few months waiting for this. This is what Blackberry should have released instead of the girly little 9780 with the tiny keyboard!

The Montana & Dakota are the two different names for this design, depending on whether or not you get the GSM or the CDMA version.

Sprint better be rocking this by Q3, I like this look (& so does the wife).

Looking good, looking good! Always loved the look of the 9000.. This one really looks like it fits the bill. I wanit!:D

My next phone defo! whats up with the back cover? No leather 9000 stuff? DAYUM!

Anyway, cant win all the time..

Hopefully a third party manufacturer will come out with some leather battery covers. I see a huge demand for them.

Now my mind is made up... Definitely waiting for this to come out instead of getting the 9780!!! Cannot wait!!!
As for a front facing camera... If I want to see the person I am talking to (or them see me) I will use my computer I don't have that long of conversations to care to see the person while using my phone.

P.S. Love how it is resting on a Mac!!!
I am a Blackberry/MacBook Pro user myself.

Happy to see it look more like the best BB ever the 9000. Personally I like the smaller looking 9700 when it comes to look and because I am currently on the 9700. That being said, a new BB that takes the form of the 9000 should make people excited about future devices. The 9000 is the most talked about device ever and I expect a lot of people getting the Dakota, especially with touchscreen, just an added bonus to a classic form factor and the best keyboard ever.

I'm going to keep saying this until the cows come home. If this device had a forward-facing camera and RIM developed a proprietary video chat for BBM while keeping these specs, there would be no further argument for people who say BlackBerry is lagging against its competitors. Even with a single-core processor, with this form factor, I'd pretty much have not a single complaint as I waited for QNX to hit. You have to make screen compromises with a physical keyboard but I'm willing and ready.

If RIM made a proprietary BBM video chat -- which Google is poised to do with gTalk -- that would pretty much make BBM the premier IM service in the world, and would make BlackBerry's the premier communication tool for business with a greater entry into the consumer world. After years of BB fanaticism I moved to a Nexus S because my 9700 grew cumbersome. I'm rushing back home with this Dakota but with the knowledge that it is still lacking in features that premier devices should have in 2011. This is not a future-proofed device but it's good enough for me, for now.

BBM needs to develop a video chat feature. Even if it is WiFi only like Face Time, that would alleviate pressure on Canadian servers and probably make the service smoother until LTE blankets north America.

Come on, RIM. I'm gonna come back home but you have to give me a reason to stay.

The forward-facing camera is important for two reasons, in my opinion. The first is that it is one means of communication that is very likely going to be a big part of the way we interact in the future. I can tell you that I have personally seen my friends cry because they were able to see their kids faces while talking. Also, I recall sitting in rush hour traffic once, and I found out that my brother was hurt while working. Being able to video chat with him and see his face was a tremendous relief. It's different from simply speaking or texting. Nonverbal communication is a tremendously important facet of human interaction. We speak volumes with our faces. Ever had a misunderstanding due to somebody being sarcastic in a text or email?

The issue here is that the technology isn't really ready for video chat yet. Even over what everyone calls 4G, apps like Tango are frustrating to use. Face Time uses WiFi, and that feels restrictive, but when you want to see the other person's face, nothing beats video chatting. Even if it's just for a moment. We're in an age now where we communicate so intimately. That's the direction we're heading. Video chat is a part of that. Once technology can support it, those who have been calibrating their apps will win out. RIM will ignore this at their own peril.

Secondly, video chat integration is symbolic in that RIM can show they are not behind the times. They are hounded by how they're perceived now. Even with decent specs, people condemn their hardware. They have achieved what I consider perfection in their form factor, yet people want them to change. I say don't change, just add more designs.

This is why video chat is significant. It is not some overhyped fad. It really is important for a number of reasons to both the consumer, business professionals, and to RIM.

Totally disagree. it is an over-hyped fad. I know several people that have iP 4 and they never use the video chat, never. Additionally I've never seen anyone use it in places like starbucks etc. so if you are only using it at home, use a laptop, it's probably 100 times more comfortable than holding the phone in front of your face.

Anyway go back to the first line... they never use it, never.

People who say that personal electronic devices today are only for calls and email are really beginning to sound like those who felt DOS was fine and Windows was unnecessary. No one is suggesting that video chatting and walking is a good idea, just like no one thinks texting while driving is a good idea. There's a time and place for everything. If your message was sarcastic, sorry to miss the tone.

Great Post!!!

Don't let these short sided yahoo's steer ya wrong. A Video chat client via BBM would be a great idea and very widely used througout the world

We're not short sided or ignorant. We're just stating that it's not a necessity. It won't serve you any good if you can only access it through Wi-Fi.

Wth is up with that cheap looking back cover? Is that the plastic still on there, or is it just made like that? -here's hoping that is plastic and not design

Which U.SM carrier is getting this? AT&T again or T-Mobile? I may have missed it but I didn't see any 3g bands specs listed.

So I waited around for a long time, waiting for something like this and then finally got a Torch. Not that I hate it or anything, but this is the BB I wanted since the trackpad and higher memory factor started coming to devices. Touch screen is a bonus of course. Guess I'll have to see when it hits if it's really all it looks like it will be and then break out the wallet.

My dreams have been answered. This will definitely be my next bb. I've been wanting the same form factor as my old bold 9000. So I will be putting my current white torch on the market. I have an upgrade date of Oct 13, 2011 so I sure hope this one will be available then. If not I Will have to wait.

Oh boy. Just wet myself looking at that keyboard.

Never thought it would happen, but I am considering leaving big red for this bad boy.

OMG.....i've a blackberry user all my life and this right here is the reason i'll stay a blackberry brings back the robust look of the 9000.....i'll definitely be picking this one up.....i cant wait for this to launch

I so want this phone. But this time around I'll be holding out for a white one to come out.

The Storm 3 also looks great. Cant wait for these phones to drop.

its transparent so it can light up (see picture)... but perhaps it can be transparent green / red would be nice.. as well and /or green / red led instead?

I can honestly say that I would not take that phone even if it were free. That is the worst form factor of any BlackBerry I have ever used.

RIM should kill that design one and for all.

I can honestly call BS on that one.
Who wouldn't take a free phone. Hmmm?

Tell you what. If you get one of these for free take it. I'll give you $50 for it, and you can make a quick profit.

You can "call" whatever you want but the fact is you do not know me.

As to the question you posit the answer is me. It is a phone. They are a dime a dozen.

I really hate that form factor and I would simply never use the thing. So yeah, even if it were free, knowing it would be sitting in a drawer collecting dust makes it not worth having at all.

where are the stereo speakers????? that is one of the biggest things i miss about my 9000. also i liked the look of the red and green call/end buttons and the numbers being red on the old keyboard. just all plain white is not very appealing to me.

that's real sharp. i just switched from a storm2 to a 9650 that i picked-up on ebay. now i'm stoked for the bold touch. very cool. the carbon fiber back is also nice.

What I love most on BB smartphones is their keyboard (I don't like touch keyboards), this phone could be the next one.

I WANT IT!! Sporting the Torch which I love....I want this puppy so much more!!!
As Kevin well put, this is the Caddy back again! I'm friggen itching for this badboy!! Wow

Definitely my next phone. I like the Bold 9700 but I liked the keyboard and size on the 9000 a lot better like a lot of people.

I love my torch, but I think I'm going to get this the day it comes out. This phone is what Blackberry is all about. I do hope the UI for 6.1 is a little fancier. I guess with open GL it should be. The compass is telling me the graphics are a little better.

What is really great about this phone over a Torch is that by using it you are looking right in the face of the IPhone and Droid boys and saying F-U I don't want a copy cat of your form factor. I have in my hand the form factor which is UBER ALLES!!!!!!!!

my my... I have the curve 3G right now and I'm really loving the new bold. NOT TO MENTION IT HAS A touchscreen toO??!! wow best of both worlds i say~

Day One purchase FOR SURE.
All these people who are complaining about no front-facing camera should just go get iPhone 4s.
If you need to see someone, get a webcame, or even better, go see them face-to-face.

Whats the point of amazing battery life if your going to burn through it?

Such a sexy phone! Better be available in white though!

Whoa!, Dakota really looks like the 9000, Its smaller in size
Am gonna Decide between this and the Apollo, I like the Apollo's form factor better than the Dakota :D

i like my Torch but need more volume. Will this thing rock like the 9000? The 9000 had the best speakers and speaker phone ever. lets hope so! Will it be 14.4 ie HSPA+ 4G??

Patience, of all the traits I struggle with. This is such a beautiful form factor. The specs are all there. I will make this one of my phones, which to this day have all been blackberry. The funny thing is that at my office everyone has iphones and what ever flavor of android they like. Yet, when I got them all 9630's, issued from the IT department, they hated it. Until they started using them. Now they complain when they don't have them and the android users talk about how they never new they could do the same thing with a blackberry but with 5 times the battery life(as if android did all this first). Now that these new BB's are coming, almost all of them are converting. The rest are just to caught up with touch screens. These phones mark the beginning of RIM's return to the top(I know that sounds so much like a fanboy but I'm OK with that).

VREY NICE. Im ready to pay full price to upgrade to that. I love the torch but the 9000 was the best BB EVER and this looks like its replacement.

well now i can see my 9700 taking a backseat.
once someone asked why RIM could give the trackpad lighting well its hear.
not a touch screen fan but i think that is gonna change

Thank God, the King is finally back. What a beautiful piece of dedicated RIM Magic. It looks simply awesome. I wouldn't doubt buying this perfection.

Liking it ! I will likely ditch my Torch for this if my carrier is able to cut a deal for this new Bold and package it with the Playbook ! How sweet that will be!

lol @ this is a great looking device ,,,its the same device its always been

Damn clone phone ..who would upgrade to the same phone


Boy you must have one miserable life. I can see from your post that you are the type who cares always about having the latest spec chart topping phone instead of thinking about what the phone is used for.

Miserable because with technology you can never win once you buy a phone it'll be out of date in a week or two.

While I hope RIM gets a solid OS I'm actually glad that are not playing the game a chasing the latest specifications, this gives them time to think about what people really want in a phone. Bringing this back is a good illustration. No not everyone will like it, but if you are a power blackberry user (email, phone and BBM) then this is the phone of your dreams.

I miss the leather back door!

PLEASE RIM BRING THE LEATHER BACK TO THE BOLD!! That truely defines the bold!!

AHHHHHHHHHH ITS AMAZING!!!!!! IVE BEEN FOLLOWING THISS PHONE SINCE NOVEMBER AND IT IS (almost finally) HERE! i recieve emails every time an update on it comes on the web, and i returned my gift iphone 4g to wait for this;). i did have a few questions though. i read and .....they claim that the bb dakota is coming out 3/31/11 and that the bb bold touch is coming out on the 8/31/11- arent they the same phone??? they also say that there is a secondary camera, which, from looking at front pictures could either be a camera or a notification/ proximity sensor. I am not sure how trustworthy readandbuy is, but i usually tune into crackberry, bgr, or n4bb! i also found , which didnt help me at all but gave me an official looking video ( which says that there iiis a secondary camera..? any input would be greattttly appreciatedd (: I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITEED FOR THIS NEW BB!!!!!!!!!!! lol

I'm digging the retro style... it's a very distinctive look considering todays square phones. Plus... that keyboard is going to be totally awesome. Nice, smooth bb 9k action!!! Maybe they should call it the Bold Retro :)

i love my blackberry and i love the consept of the Bold touch with the keyboard. BUT jeez so much wasted space, they could have lowered the keyboard a bit and put in a bigger screen.

If the keyboard was squeezed lower on the phone it would upset the balance and make it harder to type. The classic 9000 form places the keyboard at a perfect spot for fast, efficient typing.

There's some things I noticed (probably not that important but they caught my eye)

1) It says "Brand" on the back (pretty obvious), so hopefully a official name comes soon

2) The battery door doesn't really look like leather. More like Carbon Fiber, which makes me think it won't fall under "Bold"

3) Last but not least (You Have To Look Hard To See This, Like Really Hard!) If you look at the image of the 2 Devices front the back, you will see on the left side on the "leaked device" convince keys BUT none on the right side, also at the top left it looks like there are 3 of them at the top and 1 in the middle. That does keep the count at "4 side buttons" like most Blackberrys but there all on one side. Is this something New from RIM? I just want everyone to check it out and tell me what you think! Lol

The VZW 9650 back door is plastic as well. They might be moving away from the leatherette back door, but it wont stop me from getting the phone.

I forgot about the 9650. But I really dont see why they changed it to "bold" from "tour". The two series should have remained separate in my eyes. This device is a hybrid like the Torch SOOO, what if it falls under that name? Just a thought of mine lol. Ill be happy when the device comes out but also in not that patient so by the time it happens I will have gotten me a 9780. I still plan on getting this device as well, making me the proud owner of 2 great Blackberrys :)

As soon as this is released in the states I'm going to order me one straight to the UK, I can't believe I bought the Torch. (not like it's a bad phone, just would have proffered the Bold Touch) I had a sneaky feeling this was going to be announced a few months later after me buying it.

Now THIS is why I've been purposely holding onto my 8310 for so long. Are you listening RIM??? When many devices are heavily launched at the same time with very little change or improvement (aka. every Curve after the 83xx series), you receive customers like me that are willing to wait for a dramatic upgrade. Some customers are willing to hold onto their reliable older devices to wait for something better to come along. Who ever said it's wrong to be patient and frugal?

The only reason why I never grabbed the 9000 was because my contract started just a couple months prior to the 9000 launch. Once I was out of contract last year, the "Bold Touch w/ 9000 form factor" rumors began. So I thought, "Why not just wait it out? Patience can be a good thing when you're a customer that doesn't need to constantly upgrade." I'm glad I did because combining this device, along with a PlayBook purchase, will be one amazing way to communicate to the rest of the world. Front facing camera on a Bold Touch? Sure, if it's on it at launch. Is it a deal breaker if not? No way...that's what my PlayBook will be for. ;-)

CrackBerry Nation, you are witnessing my next BlackBerry SMARTphone (who needs toys when ya got this beauty right here).

I have been pretty happy with my Torch and it has exceeded my expectations. But I do miss the keyboard from the Bold 9000 it replaced. It would be difficult choosing between this and a Torch 2. But I like the larger screen on the Torch. And no CPU speed is listed here so the Torch 2 may be more powerful. I think the Torch 2 has a slight lead in this race for me. Now if they could just get Adobe Flash support I would have no need for my Android phone.

Hallelujah brothers and sisters! I live in France, I was one of the first having a BB Bold 9000 (I still have it), upgraded to the Torch but I'll tell you what: I'll be one of the first to get that touchscreen BB Bold. True dat!

Im calling it and its official....rim is done put a fork in them. These phones are a joke and I have been a fan for years.

Am I the only one that really liked the faux leather on the back? I miss my sexy 9700, now I'm on Sprint so I have the 9650 which isn't nearly as sexy but works just as good.

The leather on the back should be a must on the Bold series!!! I hope they'll adopt the leather also on this Bold Touch!!

This is what I have been waiting for in a Blackberry... Keys and a touch screen without it being a slider.
This Blackberry should be called the 'Big Bad Bold'. Welcome Back!!

Is it just me or do I fail to see the point of a touch screen on such a small screen?

I guess I fail to see the point, touch screen is useless on such a small screen.

i would love to have this form factor without touch screen,
2.8" is too small for touch pleasure.......
small battery ~less juice + new sensors + NFC + touch screen = need to charge daily

Even though I never owned a Bold 9000 (I currently own a Bold 9700) I'm starting to love the form factor of the Bold Touch and its size. It seems to grow on you.

Also don't get me wrong I love how my 9700 looks, but I'm starting to like this form factor more. I just have to wait and see how it feels in my hand for me to really judge.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I think that something got lost in the design. What made the 9000 so great? The keyboard. What is the holy grail of BB users? Touch + keyboard.

They are accomplishing some of that here, but there is far too much wasted potential screen space for a frame that size. It was ground breaking design in 2008, but for a supposed Q3 2011 release, its a little bloated to me. The 9700 is far sleeker, more compact to me, but hey prove me wrong!

The screen looks near identical in size to the 9700 (the listed size of 2.8 diagonal is basically the same 2.5 screen on the 9700). In fact, even the keyboards look the same size, save for the bottom row.

Ill reserve final judgment till I see them hands-on, but at this point a (hopefully) tmo branded torch2 or monaco is looking at my potential first and second choices.

I agree with you on a point. When I first decided to buy a blackberry, I had the option of the 9000 or 8900. I chose the 8900 because it looked sleek and compact. To me, the 9000 was bulky and unnecessary.

Now, I realize the extra bit of room and the size of the 9000 really is what set the Bold series apart.

I'm liking this phone a lot! I hope it comes out in Q2 as some have mentioned.

looks nice and looks like its going to last for days on a single charge......this it whats i been waiting for.

If only this was 2009....I would really be all over this just like I was for the 9700 Bold. Sure, the 9700 was quickly replaced by a more reliable device (not a BlackBerry) but sure this would have been great back then. However, I can't help but to think that were I to buy this tomorrow it would be anywhere from eight to twen-three minutes before I found a device to replace it with.

The only chance i've got of getting one of these beaut's is stealing one (I'm not like that!), or winning one in a competition (I'm not that lucky!)
Any wealthy people feeling generous? (Will beg for BlackBerry!)

I hope this comes to T-Mobile so I can get rid of this LG optimus t. It will probably go to att like the 9000 and that would suck for T-Mobile subscribers. T-Mobile got the 9700 and 9780 so please tmobile release the bold touch. Dear God, please bless the tmobile customers with this super fantastic smartphone. Amen.

the device looks great. i think instead of having the capacitive touch buttons and trackpad, RIM should have left that space for a bigger screen. that's just me though. obviously, there are more phones RIM is coming out with later this year but having a bigger screen on the bold touch would have a been awesome.

Okkk like seriously....
Those that keep hoping that this phone is going to verizon sprint or tmobile....
Get real, like really, we all noe this phone will be available only on AT&T
And those hatin on the bold 9000 form factor, well guess wat, this bold is king compared to watever crappy 9700/9780 you guys have, ur jus hatin that ur phone is jus a cheap ripoff tryin to be king of wat a real top of the line blackberry should be
And to to those that complained that ohhhhh the bold form factor is too big, well I have news for you too... Have you once ever considered that ur HANDS ARE TOO SMALL !!!!!!
This phone will be Epic, it is The Return of The King... May all you people keep hating, cuz in the end I noe the truth, u all want this phone and ur mad that watever phone u have now is cheap and a bad imitation
And for those that totally keep it honest and welcome this phone with open hearts and are itching to be txtin, bbming and takin pics like this is no tomorrow on this new BOLD TOUCH, you people are my brothers and sisters
Add meh BBM: 23008426

You mfer. Rub it in some more why don't you. Ill buy this mfer unlocked!!!!! Why does att not offer uma?

Please check your grammar and spelling. Also please note that this form factor has two code names, one of which is a CMDA version.

Do you really think I care bout grammer, its the effing internet no1 cares, if u could perfectly understand wat I wrote then there's no need to write the so called perfect standard english, are u some neat freak that gets horny on words spelled correctly ???? Exactly stfu

Precision and efficiency. Just because you don't understand something doesn't make it junk, but maybe that idea is too much for you to grasp too...?

why do you people complain of a touchscreen this small you say whats the point well whats the point of others pushing 4g when its really not 4g but you say nothinhg and whats the point of those same others that say we have dualcore in our hh when the os dosent even optimize it and you say nothing at least you can use the touchscreen not a gimmick likje the OTHERS try to sell you

It's the only thing people understand... specs. I'm guessing that those who need to boast about their specs and those that whine about underpowered specs have an inferiority complex of sorts. I also assume that they don't really know what it means to have a device that utilizes it's hardware and software to the fullest.

As long as the specs of the gsm version are the same as the leaked specs this will be my next phone for sure!!!

Must have for me to buy are:

Plenty of space for apps.

Open GL support.

I love it... it's almost perfect... but I prefer the back cover of my Bold 9000... this Bold Touch has the worst back cover I've ever seen in a BlackBeery!! I WANT THE FULL LEATHER COVER like the great 9000!!! :)

9000 Bold form factor....larger soft press keyboard, hopefully it had the dual speakers like the Bold did...I think I got a Don Ready

I like it always wanted to try a bold I just hope all carriers get it, like verizon but not holding my breath. I keep my fingers crossed it's safer lol

Cheers to all the 9000 users (past and present) that truly appreciate the beauty of such a machine.

I've been thinking of it all night and I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

I predict it to be the best selling Blackberry ever. Let's wait and see.

This "new" BB looks like every BB out right now and what ever RIM has put out for the last three years. Honestly Kevin, i don't know how you get excited the way you do over a device that's practically obsolete before it hits the shelves.

if you can name 3 things that your device can do that this one can't...then i would say you have a point. there is nothing obsolete about this.

Finally! Let's just call it the 9001! I'm glad they returned to the classic styling of the 9000. I just hope they leave the great speakers in there. Also, it would be good if there was an option to TURN OFF the touchscreen.

The front of the device looks good but there is something about the battery cover. Maybe in my opinion looks very cheap! compared to the original 9000..

No wonder Nokia passed on working with RIM, this is just a new version of some tired old BB 9000 (which I admit was a sweet phone in its day) with improvements.

1: different battery-dont see the purpose of another battery and now can't use my seidio from my 9700, not a big deal.

2: only one convenience key again? Didn't they hear enough b****ing and moaning when they torch came out with only one?

Oh well.. I'm still gonna get it.. Along with the playbook!

As much as I like the new specs . I still do not care about adding a touchscreen , it sounds like something pushed to please the touchscreen crowd . If I wanted a touchscreen I would get a touchscreen phone . I liked the 9000's form factor , but now Ive been drawed in to my 9780's look . The curve look just reminds me of all those BB Curves that have been coming out left and right .

This isn't as carazy as it sounds. I won a torch and with it open I find i use both the tackpa and the touchscreen. Especially for zomming in and out, which you are going to do a lot in both email and in the browser (because RIM now has a nice browser) touching the creen is way better than using the menu.

Also launching programs... there are just a lot of instances where touch is really good. I am surprised, however, about how often I do use the trackpad and find that it is the best of the two options.

I had an iPhone and was so frustrated that I dumped it for the bold 9000 and since I've had the torch I sometimes wondered why I loved the bold so much (with its crappy browser) when I had an iPhone. Now I recall it was the wonderful keyboard. Giving up the iPhone's touch screen keys for the real keys of the Bold 9000 was just such a good feeling.

Ugh .. I got rid of my 9000 because it was just TOO BIG. Great phone, probably the best phone as far as reception that I've ever had, but I sold it only 3 months after buying it and went back to my Curve. So, after waiting SO LONG, I guess I'm not going to get this one. I've been waiting for AT&T to offer the 9780 and now they claim they're not going to offer it and waiting for the Dakota, that didn't get released at MWC 2011 (HUGE disappointment) ... I really hate the Torch. So far Blackberry's 2011 "plan" is leaving me quite chilly.

You guys do all know there's the plastic still over the battery cover right ? That gets peeled off after when you buy the phone . Just check to many people complaining about the battery cover

Finally, some actual pictures of the Loch Ness Dakota. Now, I just need to know IF AT&T will be carrying this phone... and when. My old 9000 is running on it's last legs.. I'm tired of the constant battery pulls and cleaning out of files. Hopefully RIM has wised up and designed the new phones to allow apps to be installled on the internal memory and not just on the RAM.

I thought that is the direction they were going with the 6.1 devices, but haven't heard anything official yet.

I love it. I want it. I will get it. One I thing I noticed was the call to the end button is all one piece. I'm not sure if I care for that as much. It gives it the curve look. Both the 9700 and the 9000 had them split the the blackberry key and back key. But I'm still happy to see what this phone has to offer and it's size looks great. I can't wait for it. Thank you RIM for listening.

this phone looks hidious and like a brick, especially the back! It seems like RIM went all out with the specs and then went backwards with the design! Very very ugly if u ask me!

meh, remember what people said about the style "ugliest phone on earth,never touch it etc. etc." Then it came out and it was like wow not bad, maybe I won't buy it, but that's not a bad looking phone.

Remember these are crappy photos and it may not have the polish that the final product will.

Photos simpy don't do this device justice. wait til you get it in our hands. It's fantastic. Super thin, near retina display-like res (by pixel density), touch interface is perfect for this form factor. I'll be trading in my Torch for this as fast as possible. Since Dakota and Montana will cover both CDMA and GSM carriers, I even get to pick who I'll pay my bills to now!

I thought the Montana was a CDMA phone.... Holly Jesus! I think I'm not re-newing my contract with sprint just to get this master piece

This phone looks beautiful to me and that includes the very awesome carbon fiber back. I'm loving the direction RIM is taking.