Live at CES: BlackBerry Pearl in Pink

By James Falconer on 8 Jan 2008 10:52 am EST

The Pink BlackBerry Pearl SPE's resident smartphone genius Dieter is down at CES covering the show for us (and PhoneDifferent, TreoCentral AND WMExperts!). He just sent me some snaps of the Pearl 8130... in Pink and Red.

Not my style, but I can imagine there are some members out there that will be clammering for this one? Yes?

We've got some great hi-res pics for you to check out after the jump... And best of all, there's lots more news and cool stuff coming direct from CES... So stay tuned!

To view a hi-res image, simply click on the preview images below. Note all the fingerprints and marks on this bad-boy... Must have been picked up and played with thousands of times before Dieter got his hands on it!

BlackBerry Pearl in Pink
Back View
The BlackBerry Pearl - Pink
Front View
The Pink BlackBerry Pearl
Side View
The Pink BlackBerry Pearl from CES
Another shot from head-on!

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Reader comments

Live at CES: BlackBerry Pearl in Pink


this is from the show floor at the RIM booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas... what BS could you possibly smell? Your comment made me laugh. Thanks for that!

Well, the red one is slight BS - it's branded T-Mobile, and looks very much like the 8100 keypad...

Huh... Pink one looks like the new Pearl. However, has it already been forgot that T-Mobile released the 8100 in Red, Blue, and Gold? That phone's already released, but nothing new about it, really. Rather excited to see other colors than just the grey though. =)

yeah i thought that was funny bout if you go to like boy genius report you can see shots of the sprint branded 8130 in red