Live Blog: Special AT&T / BlackBerry Event in NYC!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Aug 2010 10:44 am EDT

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The BIG day is here! AT&T sent out invites last week to attend an exclusive BlackBerry event in NYC and both Adam and I are here in attendance to see it all go down. Let's hope we see a little BlackBerry 6 slide into our lives via the BlackBerry 9800. Enjoy the live blog and we'll have lots more coverage coming your way. Keep it locked to!



If specs are correct it's got 5 gigs of Flash, two 512s and a 4, plus microslot w/ 4 in it.


it says 4gb flash thats swwweeettt


Maybe RIM is on the right track....

If the STORM LTG coming soon... has these specs are a little better, RIM might be able to compete in the "consumer market"!


Any word on price yet? Please say no more than $199 on contract.


August 12th, $199 with a two year data plan.

hopefully not long for everyone else (internationally)


Price isn't an issue! We want a date for this beast.


i just want more news on OS6 :( not like i'll be getting it anyway, unless i can somehow afford the Refresh... -___-


The 'Official' coverage of this from the BB Blogs, is awful... and I mean GOD awful.

Currently, there's been more updates on other sites than the official one.


“Fresh but familiar”

“Powerful and flexible - not about bringing something new to BB, but preserving something BB is known for”

Translation: It’s a Storm with a keyboard and more memory. And will have all the same issues! LOL…


I thought the 9800 was rumored to have wifi hotspot abilities. that would be cool. let them tell us lol


I thought the 9800 was rumored to have wifi hotspot abilities. that would be cool. let them tell us lol


I just posted a link for this blog on their comment box for their post of release. Lots of Blackberry haters out there.


9700 getting OS6!!!

Ya baby!!!

Quote from Press Release as posted on BBleaks...

"Subject to carrier certifications in the months ahead, the new OS is expected to be available for the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 and BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G, as well as future BlackBerry smartphones."

Smiles all around!


great news for current owners of those phones (a lot people can breathe a sigh of relief) and not desert rim with their threats :P

throw in a 9000 ok ;)


c'mon please let there be an announcement saying it'll be out tomorrow :P


The 9800 is all fine and dandy, but if someone is over there reading this, please ask about when we can expect the 9100? That's the phone I've been waiting for.


nice! personally i'd love a bold 9000 take 2 with a touchscreen and the size of the bold :P

apparently the 9800 has the same resolution of the 9700. could have done better and up that a little


Does anyone know if you can type using the touchscreen? On my Storm I always type with one hand using the SureType keyboard. I hope you can still do this on the Torch.


I want this so badly...


the 9100 is already out, we have the 9105 here on sale


Not here in the States it's not. One localized cell phone company has it - Cincinnati Bell. But that nowhere near me.

I'm talking about when is AT&T going to sell it so that I can upgrade my 8100 with them?

I know it's been out in the rest of the world for months, just not here for some super secret reason that no one will tell us.


Where are all the Apple and Droid fanboys at?


lmao... you know they scared now... ahaha


Did they announce or does anybody know the Canadian release date?


No release date but Rogers and Telus have told BNN that they will be getting the phone.


Several sources I have in RIM have told me to expect it early Fall in Canada.


"In the coming months"'s still going to be MONTHS to get OS 6.0 on an existing 9700, 9650 or Blackberry Pearl 3G????



Is this phone for ATT only?


I just got my 9700 in February, but I *will* be getting the 9800 as soon as it's available to me. This looks amazing!

Everyone said RIM had to hit it out of the park with this, but it's more like a grand slam...


Its more like a 9800 thing than os6 thing to me. No Q&A?


Are the home keys (call,menu,back,end) touch or physical keys?


Million dollar question is.......... How the (insert curse word here) do I get this running for Verizon? Lol


They've told me early Fall for Canadian launch date.


Just wanted to say that the CrackBerry team's coverage on this event was absolutely amazing like nothing else I've seen before. Awesome job on that, guys :-)