Live Blog: Research In Motion Q4 2012 Earnings Call

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Mar 2012 04:34 pm EDT

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Live Blog: Research In Motion Q4 2012 Earnings Call


I'd give them $50 if they would just give us "old faithful few" some REAL info and dates on the BB 10 phones.

FBN reporting trades resumes 5:10 pm est history show no surprise to see 15- 16 % drop will see

Comments on the live blog I submitted, definite bias in the moderation:

In response to PlayBook sales numbers I wrote: "1 million units is still a VERY low number" - not approved

In response to share prices dropping I wrote something along the lines that they are already low and may not grow any time soon - not approved

In response to RIM profitability I wrote that they are still profitable, but not growing as fast - comment was approved. Go figure.

It's not intentional, I promise.  Adam and Blaze were approving as many as they could.  I asked to not have too many side-chats going off the topic of the quarterly results.  It makes reading the live blog confusing later for others.


Agree, 1 million playbooks is pretty low in comparison to the market leader.  It's a drop in the bucket.  But I bet if you stack it up against all non-iPads, it's reasonable.  Problem is, NOTHING compares to iPad numbers.   

you can delete my comments all you like but that doesnt change the fact that rim is in major trouble. Rim needs investors to stay alive,and investors follow the advice of analysts. If your not issuing guidance anymore you are going to lose alot of investors, plain and simple.

I'm guessing you don't have any professional market experience.  Not trying to offend, but your assumptions are wrong.  Lots of companies do not give guidance.  

If you're familiar with the conservation of energy principle, same thing here.  Shares don't get created or destroyed.  They just change hands.  You don't lose investors.  You trade old ones for new ones. 

klkd why does RIM need investors to stay alive? The investors you're talking about are just trading existing shares, not giving any of the money to RIM. They're largely irrelevant as long as RIM's profitable and doesn't need to go back for more capital.

This is more accurate than klkd's comments for sure.  

Investors are opinion-casters.  The collective weighted-average opinion of investors is represented in the share price.

Investors matter though.  Happy investors think happy thoughts, and companies get good press for record stock performance.  This all affects how the general public feels about the comapny.  

Unhappy investors go hand in hand with poor PR and public perception, like RIM is dealing with.  That can affect the actual business in the end. Just look at how many consumers think RIM is dying.  It doesn't start as reality, but it can become reality when everyone believes it.

Investors are shareholders who can vote. Which means if they don't like the return on their investment they can make change happen - by replacing the board, the CEO or splitting the company up and selling the company for the sum of its parts. Investors don't like companies growing at a much slower rate than the competition even if they are profitable. To think investors aren't important or just some people voicing their opinion of a company is simplistic.

This is not good news. I'm getting panicky now.Please someone assure me that RIM will be here. Can't think of giving my BB up.

Jim B retires (never a good sign when a founder quits), no quantitative guidance through till 2013.
Business vise this is a bad move. Company should go private or shut shop.

What's up RIM, you have the best product in the market. Get your act together. I don't want to use dumb phones like the iPhone or viruses like the Androids.

Jim B was out of the picture prior to Thorsten coming on board and it's the best thing that could have happened for RIM.

I feel as though if they stuck with the JIM/MIKE duo they would be doing much, much worse. Not to mention how much of an abortion this entire call would be...

I am excited that the CEO now seems to have "a little Religion". I wonder if Balsillie leaving now gives him free reign to institute much needed changes? As for the guys gushing over the new "straight talk RIM", I believe that there comes a point where you can no longer polish a turd and have to just call it like it is. The good news is that is very liberating and now RIM can be free to get it done!!
Now all we have to do is wait for BB10.

I think BB10 will be exciting, really hoping for a new start.. Bbfans and competition have their eyes on them.

if the consumer market is such a bad thing why have so many business customers switched to either the iPhone or an android device and use it for business and personal? I mean there are companies that will let an employee use their own device on the company network and either an app or a way to configure the system that keeps all the business and personal info separate.