First Video of a Real BlackBerry Monaco (aka Storm 3) Emerges!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2011 05:03 pm EST

* Update: The original poster of this video removed it from their youtube account as quick as they posted it, but luckily I we got it yanked from youtube in time (thx Bla1ze! I managed to get a copy recorded on my 9780 too). Check out the video again above. Enjoy! *

As I mentioned in our 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap post, we're still not sure if the next-generation of full touchscreen BlackBerry is going to carry the Storm name or something different, but that hasn't stopped a Verizon branded version of it from popping up on youtube. Codenamed monaco, the device in the video should be rocking BlackBerry 6.1 along with the following specs:

  • Dimensions: Sleek, thin profile - 11.5mm thick (120 x 62 x 11.5 mm)
  • Processor: Qualcomm 1.2GHz Processor
  • Radio:Dual band CDMA, EV-DO Rev A, RX Diversity ; Quad band EDGE / Single Band UMTS
  • Display: 3.7" - 800x480 resolution, 15:9 aspect ration, 253 DPI
  • Camera: 5 MP - Flash - Image Stabilization - HD Video Recording (720p)
  • Navigation: Capacitive touch + BlackBerry navigation keys + optical navigation module. One convenience key
  • Memory: 4GB storage + 768MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
  • WiFi/GPS: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n + GPS + Bluetooth 2.1 EDR + Mobile HotSpot
  • Connectivity: Micro USB - Bluetooth - NFC
  • Sensors: Magnetometer - Accelerometer - Proximity
  • Software: Enhanced BlackBerry SW v.6.1, BlackBerry Evolution 6, Open GL ES 2.0, APIs for magnetometer and augmented reality apps

With this device not really expected to be announced until BlackBerry World in May, there's still lots of time for RIM to work on the software. But all in all it's looking good! Check out the video above and drop us a comment with your thoughts. Let's hope we see a more in-depth follow up video in the not so distant future.

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First Video of a Real BlackBerry Monaco (aka Storm 3) Emerges!


Is this phone a world-phone like the Tour / Bold / previous storms by Verizon? I notice that the back says Verizon but the service bar says "3G". If it's a world phone it will definitely be a winner. And if I am not mistaken the previous Storms did 2G in the U.S. So a boost to 3G on the GSM network is always welcomed.

you are actually mistaken my Friend. Verizon switched all of their phones a couple years that were running off of the EVDO network to display 3G because consumers were stupid. When the iPhone 3G came out everyone thought that 3G was the new technology and that verizon was behind when in fact their EVDO REV-A was actually faster and more reliable than GSM 3G.

That being said, The two Storm models were Both "3G" as you call it. in fact the phone could run off, at the time of design" all modern data speeds.

That's what I'm talking about.

Considering this is a video of a video... makes you wonder how old the original video was. I'm sure it's a very early build.

"Sluggish"? Are you kidding me? This isn't the final model nor software. Why comment? The design is almost exactly like previous. How would you change i=, since you are such a savvy device building and perfecter!!

Not incredibly responsive, I'll chalk that off as being an early build though. Still can't wait for these new BB's. I think after the Dakota I might finally make the jump to a full touchscreen .

Looks nice, but I sure hope that this isn't a final production model.

It's supposed to have a powerful 1.2GHz processor, but the interface still appears quite laggy.

My guess is an early build (hopefully)...

definitely an early build, they wouldn't put a phone that sluggish to market.

and no, the torch wasn't THAT bad.

If they were listening to us, this would have been the Storm 2 two years ago. Storm 3 would have been the best 4G big touch screen smart phone on the market for 1st quarter 2011 and would be running QNX OS.

But they don't so none of that is happening.

Yeah, definitely should have been around years ago, there were so many 1.2ghz processors around in phones 2 years ago after all.

As i noted a while back in other posts. Academic studies of the laptop computer market show
1) Apple products areout of date interms of processing speed and other features ON THE DAY they are released.
2) Apple take longer than other firms to update their products.

The main reasong they get away with this is that they have a differentiated product, where as windows based laptops are seen as easily substitutable.

So if your hope is for RIM to compete on cutting edge specifications with Android phones forget it, you'll never be happy. If you see value in other BB attributes like email and bbm then you can be happy that RIM is coming out phones that will (now) speed up their clunky OS and make it look nice, and in the future will be able to run QNX all day.

Even when QNX comes out it would be silly to expect BB phones to be at the cutting edge spec-wise with Android. What you need to keep in mind is it doesn't seem to bother mac owners that their laptops are totally out of date.

I think all you android boys are lamenting is a nice looking UI. Hopefully TAT will fix this for OS6.1. For sure you will see a nice UI on the QNX phones. Boy I'll tell you I'm going to want to be holding stock in RIM when those phones hit the market.

coming from someone that owns two PC's and is now running only on his Macbook Pro. regardless of "being out of Date" my OS runs as smooth as the day I pulled it out of the Box. I Run applications like Protools 8 HD with no lag on a dual-core processor while people I know are running the same app on i5 quad core windows systems and their computer freezes. Truth is your buying a machine for its OS, not the hardware. I am aware of this. The reason people still make this argument is because of what you said exactly, you get more system for your $ with windows but at the same time you need more system for your OS to barely run.

Sluggish, yes, but hopefully there is a good reason and will be corrected before launch. I am definitely ready for an S2 replacement.

Looks definitively amazing, just a lag on the software but maybe its a demo so its expected to be full accelarated by release, it would be a shame if this phone only hit verizon, and yes I saw the Verizon branding, but we may need it in Sprint too.

Of course this is going to appear sluggish, I'm sure it's basically dummy software they have on that model, as they're probably still finalizing the hardware, it's insanely early. Don't jump to conclusions, the 1.2 ghz processor is going to be lightning.

Now we need a video of the Dakota.

I can't wait for this to come out on Verizon this device is the new storm just with a different name. Come on Verizon finish testing this bad boy and I am eligible for an upgrade too!

For those who say this is too laggy:

Since the accelerometer didn't kick in when he tilted the phone to the side on the picture, I am confident this is just a test OS and will, in no way, be representative of the released version.

Very excited about this!

I sure hope this isn't the completed version, or it doesn't have the OS6.1 on it because it looks to me like the Storm2 only with a different body...

Hopefully I'm right about it not being a completed version, but still it puts me a bit on edge.

If someone can answer this one question, but wasn't the Monaco supposed to have buttons on the bottom that were actual physical buttons instead of ones that were part of the screen? This kind of tells me that this is not the actual version of the phone.

If you really think this looks like a storm 2 with a different body...what does that even mean? That the different body is very thin and sleek and that this different body lacks surepress?

Or do you mean to say, that this new phone appears nothing like a storm 2 other than the fact that they are both full touch screens from RIM?

Its not a completed version, this is still 6.0, which while fun is not fluid yet and still buggy and it even seemed like it was stuck at that 35% battery leak. annoying and why I downgraded back to 5.0.

BUT, this phone is out and in production which is great, it will probably be a month or two until we see a completed version of 6.1, which is the TRUE 6.0 they meant to release.

It's not... No handset from RIM is slated to be 4G until next year. I'm hoping that with all the Android fanboys taking up all the 4G bandwith, VZW's 3G will be faster by the time this sexy beast comes out.

This is my only question. I am happy with the storm brand but releasing a phone on Verizon's network that far into the year without LTE radios, a flagship phone at that, does not make sense.

I'll still buy it though...sigh :(

I hope it's true. Contracts up soon. The big red ship better come up with a new bb or it will be minus a few passengers. I'll tell you what they can do with A T&T's left overs. Should have invested in the Atrix and offered another phone for the buiseness class instead of Romper Room.

Sounds great if only they can get it out with 4G, I like the hotspot, but I need 4G. Without 4G I would have to switch (OH NO).

Just an FYI...4G is deployed in like 30 cities in the US by Verizon. Meaning that even if you get a 4G phone, doesn't mean your going to get 4G reception. Verizon 4G LTE won't be completed until mid 2013. So, 3G is def the best bet for 2011.

And Research In Motion continues to stay 2 steps behind the competition specification-wise. They are aware that 4G is penetrating the market already, right? Way to go RIM!! Now, I am not a touchscreen guy. Nope. The awesome keyboard on my 9650 is the only thing keeping me from moving to Android. Once someone takes the time to invest in a killer physical keyboard on their Android device, I'm gone... I'll be sad too. I love my BlackBerry - but the times are changing. Smartphones need to be more than they needed to be even two years ago.

Ok seriously everybody who thinks that RIM is "2 steps behind" needs to stop complaining about it and just leave. No one is putting a gun to your head and telling you to cling on to BlackBerry so seriously if you don't like it, leave!, they HAVE left, and in DROVES. The Storm line had great potential, but has failed to deliver anything great. Storm 3 will not be any better.

Maybe in the US but here in the UK the Blackberries have taken over. So many people have changed from the others to BB. Where I work I have seen customers coming in with various handsets over the years, now I would say a good 90% of the 5000 regulars have a BB as a handset (some have others as well - not uncommon to see someone on BBM whilst having another handset resting on their knee). A lot Curves, older models and a few Torches.

As a Storm owner, I agree. But I will disagree about the future of the Storm line. Looks promising. Especially, the specs. I've always felt that RIM devices were missing that extra "oomph". With the new devices, I think a lot of ppl will be satisfied.

same here not a touch screen fan but they can step up their game and try lower sales for the iphone and androids

Why bother with this crap on a phone when you can get it on a playbook, which is ultra portable.

I mean the only time I see not carrying a playbook or when it would be a burden is when you are going out with friends which means you aren't going to be playing or working on you phone anyhow. Just me I guess.

so your saying that you will also carry your playbook? The size is a burden for me to have with me at all times. I would prefer a device that can go in my pocket and I will not have to carry it in my hands all day. If I am doing things and staying active, the last thing i want to do is have to carry something.

Is there any proof that this is the S3? Could it potentially be the BlackBerry Curve Touch due to the trackpad being on it? The about screen wasn't shown and the top between camera/flash there isn't any device name, so I guess I don't know what makes this one or the other aside from the trackpad?

Wish we would've seen an about screen on it... Would love to know that number they were gonna use (9530,9550, etc.) But it doesn't really look like a storm it looks more like the Curve Touch...

I definitely is CDMA, maybe the 1.2 GHz is a dual core 600Mhz and it's so laggy because it's only utilizing 1 of the cores :D

What I really want to see is what happened to the guy who posted the vid. I'll bet he meant to send it to Salomandrin, but instead, hit the YouTube button on his Droid pro. Lol

jizz in my pants.

this COULD be the curve touch though. it doesn't seem to have that slimed down part up at the top like the slides showed. thoughts?

Well if RIM is gonna follow the trend of the playbook on their phones as well, this is the first video leak. So we can expect the Monaco 5-6 months from now... that would put us on target around August, for sure.

The phone itself looks very pleasing to the eye, and to hold. You can't put much stock into how laggy it is; it's a leaked video, and it's probably a demo OS. Think how laggy some of those playbook videos were when they first were leaked/released... and now right before release, it looks like the smoothest tablet out there.

The only issue is that you KNOW these phone's aren't going to be announced until May at blackberry world. If they are only announcing them then, we won't see them in our hands for another 3-4 months, or longer even. Which again, puts us on target for August/Sept.

Looks like a great phone, just should have been out by now, not just starting to leak now.

but you are only referring to leaked "videos". we knew about the playbook well before any videos were released. and we've known about the monaco well before this video was released. it's all speculation on release dates for now.

I don't know how you get hardware of 2010. It is comparable to other offerings. And why is everyone always using android phones as the measuring stick. There are 100's of android phones so one is always trying to top the other. I am not saying that is all bad it is driving other manufacturers to be competitive.

but all these comments are just dumb. As soon as a phone hits the shelf its obsolete, so with that thinking a company should be pumping out a phone every month no???

As for the software, what did you really see of the software in that video, I saw him go into the media player and pictures and thats about it. So you have a crystal ball that is showing you the software is from ages ago.

I was so happy when I saw the Verizon logo on the back of it. This is going to be my next phone when I'm due for an upgrade!

BORING! Too little (including screen size) too late. It's been 2 and a half years since the Storm was introduced, and this all they could come up with in that time frame? ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Most people familiar with Blackberry think RIM dropped the Storm line, everybody else on the planet has never even heard of the Storm.

I can't tell you how many times people see my Storm1 and say, "I didn't know Blackberry made a touch screen phone." They really get confused when I tell them it's not a touch screen, it's a click screen. :-D

Most people haven't heard of the Storm line because it wasn't released on many carriers and the GSM version was not released in North America, way to go RIM.

I'll tell you now, the death of RIM will be caused by carrier exclusive devices. I believe RIM has the clout to start calling the shots. If you release the Storm 3, don't just give it to Verizon (you idiots) people on other networks will buy it too buy they aren't going to switch to Verizon just to get it...

I'm pretty sure this phone will come in both variations, CDMA and GSM. I remember seeing 2 different code names and that possibly ties into the 2 variations. I still know some people that love the surepress technology and were quite happy. Its not for me, but some people like it.

ok from the leaked pistures of the road map this looks a lot more like the malibu curve touch not the monaco and how do we know that the origional leaked picture a while back wasnt the malibu? tahe a look at the leaked slides in the 20011 raod map the malibu curve touch has no buttons just trackpad and the manaco storm3 has buttons and trackpad take a good look

Honestly, some of the gestures seemed kind of laggy to me. Perhaps the plastic, but still......

I hope this guy turns out great!!!!

Is this phone a world-phone like the Tour / Bold / previous storms by Verizon? I notice that the back says Verizon but the service bar says "3G". If it's a world phone it will definitely be a winner. And if I am not mistaken the previous Storms did 2G in the U.S. So a boost to 3G on the GSM network is always welcomed.

even the pictures of the monaco have a blue arrow that ends with through control keys this is the curve

I'm very glad to see this video. I was a BB fanatic for about 5 years until I finally moved to the Nexus S because the 9700 felt deficient and cumbersome. I'm really hoping this is a sign of good things to come from RIM, because they've done this before. They were an amazing company that kept producing better products until they hit a wall with the 9000. Then they just froze for two years. In that time companies and brands like HTC, Samsung, Android and Apple completely changed the role personal electronics play in consumers' lives. It suddenly seemed terribly outdated to suggest that a phone was just meant for calls and emails. Listening to BlackBerry users was like listening to the final whispers of DOS prior to the rise of Windows. I'm taking a leap of faith and returning to RIM with the Dakota. A faster processor and better browser should hopefully address my previous issues. Please let slate devices with amazing onscreen keyboards and QNX be in the near future for BlackBerry devices. I really want my loyalty to RIM to be justified. It's been a difficult marriage lately and I've already strayed once.

I am very much a blackberry fan, I even converted a few iphone fans to blackberry, not an easy thing to do. I defend RIM on most of the bashing on tech blogs. Where i am from blackberry make more since and I do love the productivity I get from my Blackberry. However, I do agree that RIM is a very laid back company. I can only feel that the corporate world don't care for all the fancy apps so RIM don't want to lose their number one market. After all, businesses are only successful with maximum productivity and not playing games. With that said i really would love an ex RIM executive to really explain why the company is so late to market with technology and seem so lethargic. Even the CEO s seem nonchalant about how far behind the competition RIM is. Not even the tech blog bashing seem to move the top brass at RIM. For sure one of the new phones coming out this year should at least have a front facing camera. BBM should have face chat this year. If QNX do not come to phones next year I will finally get worried for RIM.

ewww. look at that disgusting lag. I swear the specs they put in those things are junk or they just blow at coding a good UI >_>

After seeing TAT apps on the Playbook I'm giving this storm 3 the side ey o_O . I hope this is OS 6 and they are working extra hard on 6.1 for the release. Its still better specs than my storm 2 so I would still buy it.

RIM should take serious steps to prevent this kind of leak because idiots think this is the final product. Find the dude responsible and fire him.

have you thought that this might be the version of Storm 3 Verizion turned down last year, and this is just the first time this video was leaked.

some people mentioned how leaked versions of the playbook had lag.

can someone be a friend and post an old video, pre-announcement? i must have missed it?

Please make a givaway! My storm 9500 is falling apart! The screen chipped, the speaker grill is falling off, stereo doesn't work in headphones(only mono) but i still love the storm!!! GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY!! (please:) )

well finally a great touchscreen device from RIM besides Torch would really made me want to be back with the BB Team!! still waiting patiently for the Curve Touch though since I really liked curve instead the other family

this isn't a storm if it doesn't have surepress!!!!!!!

Are they seriously dropping surepress from their line up?

At least they're keeping with the blackberry navigation keys. I hope they never take the trackpad away in future models.

on viewing the video, hopefully thats the curve touch. the back kinda gives it that impression (LOOK at the CHROME and the last few secs of the vid and its thickness) from those earlier concepts but the specs are 1ghz + then its not because the leaks had stated 800mhz? maybe the 1.2ghz got cheaper :P? storm 3 to have dual core? Since it's their flagship touch only device.

please let their be a surepress

please let their be a surepress

please let their be a surepress

playbook would be awesome if its surepress

please god of mobile phones, let their be surepress

Unfortunately surpress is done. The market dictated they did not want it. It happens, great technology sometimes gets dropped because the masses don't like it or get sold on another technology (eg. Beta vs. VHS)

The Torch is a fine phone. I tried one for a week and it blew my Storm away. The AT&T network sucks in my area though so I couldn't keep it. If AT&T coverage was better I definitely woulda kept it.

Ok, I know this is just an early production model of this phone but with those specs how can there be lag??? the 9700 with OS 6 is 100x smoother.

probably has a lot of code running in the background to collect usage and degugging information incase something crashes. I wouldn't expect anything this lagging when they roll off the production line.

YAWN about this phone. I'm unimpressed and disappointed. Too little and too late. I hope its a prototype that will be changed to compete directly with the best Android phones otherwise come May...I'm gone.

if this is the Storm 3, I am soo glad they got rid of the crappy and annoying garbage called Surepress! Who ever thought of that tech should be fired.

Now the Storm 3 looks laggy, I suspect the lag will be there when it's released.

Hmmm, it needs work.. But atleast it's not that horrible clicky screen.. Too bad I already switched to the Atrix.. No more blackberries for me.

I like the idea of the same os as the tablet, only if it has full flash capability and can play full length video on for example I also would hope the icon format would be different then the OS6 style, I don't really like it on my bold 9700, the screens go siding around when I really don't want them to, there should be a better way, to be fair, I don't like Android icon presentation either, not familiar with MicroSoft icon presentation other than what I've seen on TV but the concept appeals to me. Personally, I (on TMobile) want a Torch version for TMobile as in, I want a full size screen as well as keyboard. I tried Android on screen keyboard on a Galaxy and hate it. I cannot switch to a screen only for any brand phone/OS. Until the stars line up, I'm staying with 9700 I have, not because I love it that much but because I'm not seeing the features I want to move up to.

dude... it's preproduction leaked video. I'm not sure if you're a big Microsoft zealot/slave like me... but the Windows Phone 7 preproduction demo's looked equally as unimpressive.

Of all the things I wish my Storm2 had...a trackpad is not one of them. I will be going back to ATT for the Bold Touch or Torch2. I'm done with Storm....I feel left out and have been missing the true BB experience!

i always like how people compare lag to android phones and how awesoem they are. Honestly I have yet to see an android phone without lag, my roomie has a Droid X and lag is terrible. This phone will be amazing when launched just like the playbook will.

Not trying to be a troll..... but seeing this makes me glad I switched to iphone a month ago.

I was really hoping the new berries would sway me back to RIM. But this nor the bold touch are even close to enough.

If this is a next generation of Storm, i'm expecting a longer and wider screen, a bigger alphabet so that I'm not slipping again to another alphabet while typing a word. I'm expecting also a long lasting battery, since the Storm2 I previously use had a weaken battery ( one day 2 times charge). Also, a cooler body, coz it easily gets warm, that's why I changed to the Bold 9700, while the Torch is somewhat bulky. So my expectations is :
Longer and wider screen.
Bigger alphabet.
Long lasting battery ( at least 2 days long).
Cooler body.

I have a Torch now and love it. Just wished it had a faster processor which is reported to be in the Torch 2. I'm looking forward to the release of that device. I will be the first in line.

Its beautiful! I have decided not to upgrade my phone until the Storm 3 arrives. I love the cursor button as I prefer not to touch my screen.

thank god! I am still rocking this storm 2 and I need a new phone asap!!! I was almost considering the iPhone, really wouldn't have gotten it but its frustrating that my Storm 2 is the best option for a full screen blackberry on Verizon right now. Can not wait till 3rd quarter for this bad boy!

and Droser2000 no LTE or 4G as you refer to it as. it says in specs above evdoREVA. On a mobile device though running a processor with that speed and that much ram back by Verizons network the web will be really fucking quick. Its not like we can torrent download from our blackberrys anyways.

I hope Verizon does not let us down...please bring us the Storm3! I love my Storm....tried a Droid Incredible and came back to my Storm2. I can not wait for the 3!

i think this is the beginnin of RIM doin somethin good for a change :) listenin 2 it's customers .. i couldnt really care if this lags a bit .. its the first model, i think when they fully release details on it this is gna be a REAL good phone .. i was thinkin iphone 4 or 5 but now i think im gna wait & see what RIM pulls out :)