A little update on Thursday's BlackBerry Earnings and AGM coverage!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jun 2014 11:01 am EDT

Just a quick update for all the CrackBerry readers out there who are going to be paying close attention this Thursday to BlackBerry's earnings report and Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

I originally planned on making the trip to Waterloo for the event as I have the past three years so I could attend the AGM in person. Unfortunately, turns out I forgot I have my own AGM to attend on Wednesday night that I can't miss which screws up getting me to Waterloo in time for the event (advice: avoid being President of your condo board at all costs).

However, we'll still be sending the incredibly tall and BlackBerry-loving Simon Sage to Waterloo for the day, so CrackBerry will be in the room to witness things first hand. And with both the earnings report and AGM being broadcast via webcast, the rest of the CrackBerry team will still be here on the site helping with the coverage remotely. We'll be reporting up the news as it breaks, live blogging everything (you can join in on the chat!), and we'll fire up a video podcast as soon as the AGM is over to talk about everything that went down. Once the dust settles, I'll also be recording another Vector podcast with Rene Ritchie to deep dive into it and talk about the state of BlackBerry (these shows have always been a big hit whenever we record them).

As for getting answers to all those questions you want us to ask BlackBerry executives, we'll do our best but take note that this year is going to be a little different. Unlike previous years where there was only the AGM, this year BlackBerry is also reporting their earnings on the same day. This means BlackBerry CEO John Chen and team are really booked up for the day: earnings call, AGM, company-wide town hall meeting, directors meeting... it will be non-stop for them. Following the AGM there is a press scrum where Simon should be able to work in a question or two. Hopefully most of the community's lingering questions will get answered by the time the day is through, but it's not likely that we'll have any quality one-on-one CEO time this week.

I'm still planning on making my annual pilgrimage out to BlackBerry this year, but am thinking I'll do it in the fall instead, maybe when, you know... there's some new BlackBerry hardware to check out. Maybe I'll even bring Bla1ze with me for extra fun. Or wait, maybe it's that I'll be going with him there?! ;)

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A little update on Thursday's BlackBerry Earnings and AGM coverage!


Hi Simon,

Can you get a straight answer from them whether Z50 is coming this year or not?

Or you can give me the answer already.


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Hope for some good news

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Feeling good on this one. If it's bad, why do they put two together?

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Unfortunate but true.

At some point most people grow up.... they get married, become the president of the Condo Board, have kids, join the PTA, have to pay the bills. So having a steady and long term job is important.

I wonder how many more posts Kevin will make.

Someone pulled up this old thread from 2011 in the forums. (Please see below.)

In it Kevin says, "You kidding?! Leave CrackBerry? NEVER!!!! BlackBerry for Life!"

Bla1ze also states, "Kevin is not going anywhere.. I assure you."

See the thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/news-rumors-f40/crackberry-kevin-replacing-...

Things change--I get it, almost nothing in my life turned out the way I thought it would lol--but the thread is interesting nonetheless. lol

Totally understandable. It would be unreasonable to request anyone stay in a state of life and never change.

We are not growing younger, why ask Kevin that? I am sure the love is still there, just less volatile and flashy now.

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Yeah, you're probably right. It feels like BlackBerry is at a point of transition too. I don't know if anyone knows where the company is headed, but it could be a fortuitous time to exit/step back from CB.

I'm not actually leaving. Will still be posting from time to time, just as I have been over the past year. This is really about making sure there is somebody at the helm daily who can give CB the 24/7/365 attention the community needs and deserves. Basically, I have two options: add more hours to to the day (which I haven't figured out how to do), or, put in somebody else who has that focused time to commit. I'll still be around plenty. You just won't miss me as much on the occasions when I'm not here. :)

Thanks for the reply. Kevin. I'm sure we'll all be glad to see your posts and appreciate your input.

First option get on a plane and change time zones a lot it will give you longer days to post on Crackberry, second don't be selling your BlackBerry stocks soon or people will be convinced you are abandoning ship, third I'll be watching if you are going to China with all the ex-BlackBerry employees being recluse there.

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Wanted to say recruited but recluse also looks adecue at some point.

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Let them talk, Kevin...

By the way... President of the Condo Board... ??? you poor silly dog... LOL... Condo boards and meetings are the worst thing ever... no matter where...! What did you smoke when you accepted this crap??? Must've been really good... =)

Have fun!!! And you can join the cast to follow the AGM remotely like we all others have to do =)

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I think you're right about the recent events--not just Bla1ze's promotion (congrats, Bla1ze).

CB seems like it's been a tougher place to manage (in terms of user feedback and forums) over the last year or so. Derek Kessler's post in a recent thread (couple weeks ago) identified (I thought) a lot of the challenges in steering the "CrackBerry ship-of-state": http://forums.crackberry.com/site-news-feedback-help-f19/why-does-derek-...

I totally get that Kevin is overworked (he's probably been that way for years unfortunately), but maybe the increased challenges surrounding the running of CB and it's community have been an issue too? Who knows for sure (perhaps apart from Kevin). Just my "two cents," so to speak...

Cross our fingers, go BlackBerry team.. go Kevin and the whole crackberry team. Bring us some good news for our beloved BlackBerry :-)

Powered by Q10 :-)

I agree. Condo associations are more interesting then BlackBerry right now.

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Don't worry about him, he still loves you.

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Common man don't be that guy. He can afford to miss the BlackBerry one because he had a fabulous cb team behind him to cover up.

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Kevin, when you go to Waterloo in the fall...I'll be happy to go with. just saying. mmmmmm....new BlackBerry's, freshly picked.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

The War continues...

No Fear, No Surrender....

Android is not the answer....

BlackBerry ... Get it done!!!! ©

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Maybe it is a good idea to have a BBM Channels chats fired up during the press conference at the earnings call. In that way more people can participate in it. What do you guys think?

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And of course your faithful Mod team will be holding down the fort in the always fun forums the day of a AGM earnings call!

I hate condo Association. Grrrrr . They want more money and do nothing. It's like the mob of housing. But if Kevin was President of my condo association it be cool. I be talking tech stuff all the time.

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Simon, don't be shy to dive in and get a little wet. You know what CrackBerry TRULY wants, so its okay to ask the questions we ALL want to know. (incl. Blends)

Hahab Kevinknows what is the outcome, so he decided not attend. Not worth it. Same lost in cash n business.

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Can't believe you guys let Kevin off of the hook so easy. Come on Kevin, have you ever heard of the word "reschedule". Condo association?...really. They all already live there, to reschedule would not be that big a deal. Without Cackberry, you wouldn't be living in the condo you're in. Dude, you need to get your priorities straight. It's not about more time in the day. It's about putting first things first. I personally don't give two poops if you're on this site or not but your other readers do. They want you. You are the brand. Suck it up and make Crackberry the priority it should be or, walk away from it for good. Telling us that we'll just see you a little less than last year is essentially saying that you will be around this site next to zero.

You talk out of both sides of your mouth. First you tell everyone that BBRY is still a company to get excited about with lots to talk about and how you and Crackberry will continue to play a big part. Next you say that you will barely be around and that you toss us the 2nd and 3rd stringers. No wonder that new writer for you ran for the hills to another site that seems much more committed than you are at this point.

Oh and...tell Umi zoomi that if he's put down his BBRY in order to rock a droid then he's part of the problem not the solution. I don't want to hear his "expert" opinion on the stock if he no longer supports the brand. You might as well pay for a financial piece from any analyst on the street or better yet, have someone who watches McDonald's stock speak on BBRY performance. That's essentially what he's doing. Uses a droid, writes about BBRY. Makes no sense if he's a Crackberry team member.

I think that I will vote. Vote to leave Crackberry behind. You guys better bring this site back to life before you lose everyone and thus your ad and affiliate income streams too. I'll go find another site with some passion.

LOL, condo AGM? Seriously? As someone said, priorities change.

Come on, Kevin, just say it.

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"Being President of condo board" is actually a lame excuse... but if there is a gorgeous and hottie babe on the board members, we completely understand...

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I believe the BlackBerry patient is healing...and soon will be outta bed and raising a ruckus once again in the mobility world...woo-hoo woot woot

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Kevin, BB10 has many schedule apps. Just search Crackberry when you have the time.

Anyway, I'm just glad Simon is going.
I realize it's probably going to be another tough earnings call, but at least I have a glimmer of hope this time around.


Simon is great but the ER is going to be pretty bad ,the stock has been going up only to fall to levels seen 2 weeks ago, but will recover to their highs of today in a couple of weeks,then up a couple of bucks before the next ER,does that make sense?Rome wasn't built in a day and BB has a long way to go,I am long BB,Keep the faith.