Listen to 150 Canadian Radio Stations on your BlackBerry!

Nobex Radio Companion Now Playing 150+ Canadian Stations!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 05:52 am EST

Good news for Canadian CrackBerries today... you can now listen to 150 Canadian radio stations on your BlackBerry with the popular Nobex Radio Companion app! That's in addition to the 700+ US radio stations already available. And as always, As always, Nobex Radio Companion lets you see the recent playlist of over 2,700 radio stations. When you hear a song you like, click "Get It!" and it will send you an email with a link to buy the song, so you can keep your music collection fresh. To download and for more info, visit the links below:

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Listen to 150 Canadian Radio Stations on your BlackBerry!


There are 150 stations in Canada? I am in so much trouble for that SORRY, just couldn't refuse. If it makes you feel any better I am a Browns fan, so I need some release. :)

Just installed the app and I must say it's pretty slick. Not a whole ton of stations that I listen to (at least in Ontario), but it's something! I'm assuming that the limitation on what's playable depends on if a radio station is broadcasting online and in what format.

What is Nobex's business model for this? Affiliate revenue from iTunes and Amazon?

Can't wait to see more stations. Installed and listening. Bluetooth compatible also so I can use my wireless stereo headset.

As soon as I saw the 150 stations I installed. I expected to pay some monthly fee or something, but to my surprize totally free! I agree with "everythingsablur" that there isnt anything really I listen to in Ontario, but I think it would be neat if they had a "Submit a station" link or something, because the one I do listen to has online radio. (K-Rock 105.7)

Thank goodness too for bell mobility's Unlimited on device data :D

Awesome! Telus blocks streaming through the browser, but this works! Now I can finally take advantage of that unlimited data plan.

I was getting error messages until I realized my TCP settings weren't filled out.
You must update your TCP settings with the info that I provided you, and then you phone will play the stations.

Worked like a charm for me!

I ditched Nobex after a couple months. Now using FlyCast and Moodio for international radio listening options. I'm in Canada, so you've got my attention again. I'll reload and give it a test drive. Thanks for including Canada.

Wow, I thought I could access some of my favourite stations here in Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia Canada. Nothing... all the stations available are in the boonies. Central and Northern BC towns. There was an AM station I could have grabbed......... So I gave up.

I was happy to see that Nobex, since the last time I tried it, has added my favourite Jazz station Seattle's KWJZ 98.9. BUT, it loads the cover art, updates them, but does NOT play that station :~( I don't even get the Play option when I hit Menu.

I know Nobex works as I've tried other stations.

For my use, I am pulling Nobex once again and will continue with my and my flycast. Moodio is great because there are stations from around the world and I often listen to some european stations, local stations including our local Traffic radio.

I'm not knocking Nobex, it's just odd that it has added small town stations and none from the big city in my region.

If you're reading this, let me know if their are improvements and I'll be willing to try again.

FYI, this is on the BB Bold 9000

Downloaded it, not to shabby. I am from Vermont, living in T.O. so its good to here a few stations from there. Hope to see more. PvT, same problem here but still got a few. Thanks crackberry for featuring some sweet apps for my Bold.

This is amazing!!!! Works like a charm

Rogers Wireless Customers:
For those who don't have Wireless enabled you will need to make sure your TCP settings is configured.

Error Message:

"Failed to play. Detail Error: [Code 1] Tunnel failed []

Go to Options>Advanced>TCP
Username for APN:wapuser1
Password for APN: wap

Thanks to missadrienneg !

If you are using Wireless you should be able to connect without any problems!

No buffers no nothing!With or without wireless the streaming is excellent!

Headphones do not work with it so makes it pretty useless at work. Which is where I would need to have the use of listening to radio. Anyone know of a fix for this.

8900 got stuck on the 'Rogers' booting screen after I did the Nobex install.

Not happy, gonna try it once more, then its off my BB.

I'm glad some Canadian stations are on there, but as someone pointed out, there are only a handful of stations that would be "useful".

I'm not sure if it's the same for other major Canadian cities, but some of the Rogers radio stations aren't being carried (like 680 News). Somehow, I can get Kool FM (station here in Waterloo), but I can't get other stations like 96.7 CHYM, 570 News, etc.

I think I might just stick with Moodio.