Liquid - A Premium Quick Access Theme From Elecite

Liquid- A Premium Quick Access Theme From Elecite
By Bla1ze on 29 Dec 2009 09:11 am EST

The days are winding down to take advantage of the Elecite 50% off sale, which ends December 31st. All themes including the newer Liquid shown above are included in the sale. Liquid is one of the ones I personally grabbed due to the fact that it offers a quick access dock built right into the theme itself. Beautiful wallpapers, great icons and hidden today options make this one perfect for just about anyone. Supported devices include BlackBerry 8900, 9000, 9500, 9600 and 9700.

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Liquid - A Premium Quick Access Theme From Elecite


Personally, I am staying away from all themes on the Blackberry Storm. They all eventually lead to a huge memory leak, then the phone ends up being barely usable. It is sad that to get your Storm to work like it is supposed to, you need to have barely any apps or games, and your default theme.

I know your Storm struggles. And have wasted plenty of time and money on themes that eventually lead to very little memory left on the device. However, I found Miro 2.0 to be the absolute best theme for the Storm 1 and 2. It has a great interface that works seamlessly with OS 5.0 and it has ZERO memory leaks. If you do a google search for "miro 2.0" you will find where to get it. It is the cheapest theme I have purchased and the best! Just a thought. Maybe themes are unfortunately trial and error.

Actually I've used themes from Elecite...I've never had any problems with memory leaks on my Storm2.

Yep, I downloaded the one for the 9530. In the side column it asked which phone did I have, Storm 1 or Storm 2 and I put Storm 1. I don't have that many apps or games on my BB, and Quickpulls and Memory Cleaners still don't keep my phone from stalling for a few seconds after I press something and from seeing the little clock in the middle of the screen. I probably will end up getting a Droid next year because I have had nothing but problems with my Storm.

Got this for my Bold 9000... the theme is a winner with the exception of the quick access dock, which should have been user defined rather than dedicated... with that being said at least let the user customize the twitter integration... with either SocialScope, TweetGenius, UberTwitter or whatever twitter client is out there... that's my one and only gripe about this wonderful theme...

So you cant change the doc- wow that might have steered me away- what if you dont use twitter or facebook??? What programs are on there??

My only gripe as well was not being able to set the Twitter app. It would be a great app otherwise. I think that's a bit of a bug or "oops" than them just not allowing it though. Hope they get it fixed, especially since their themes are on the pricey side. That icon right in the top center of the screen - not my favorite either.

Just fix up a few grips in terms of customizable dock, if possible, and this one is a winner, very easy to use and looks great, more like this and you guys will get more business!

wow the theme maker's are leaveing all the older bb's in the cold.. what is up with that? i would like to have this one for my bb 8820 but they didn't make one for it...

I want to give this one a try while its on sale. Can I buy this from the app store? Don't weant to have to set up an account on the Elecite web page

Great theme, but running on Bold with Default theme leaves memory constant about 30mb after battery pull. Switch to liquid theme and steady drop down to less than 20mb in only a few hours.......

So far this is the closest I have come to a quick access theme I like but as usual it just misses the mark. First off I am trying to use themes/programs to speed up the access to programs. I have been trying to use a combination of quick launch and themes to make this possible.

So I am setting up this theme and when I use quick launch to access my clock the clock pops up on the screen then goes away. Very annoying since this does not happen when I open the clock from the icon. I use my phone as my alarm clock every morning but I don't want the clock icon up front and this theme forces me too.

The center top icon cannot be moved, I am assuming this is for a weather app but I would like to move it to the upper left corner. I am using the wallpaper from berryweather so I have my weather icon already on the home screen center right.

I have to give a big thumbs up on the mail icon notifications. All other themes I have tried so far that reduce icon size have issues with notification symbol showing up over the email folder. This one seems to work really well.

And of course the ability to customize to social network drop down menu is a big one. I only use facebook so those are two wasted icon positions I could use for something I do use. Very very close to what I want but not perfect (for me) but what it does have and do is one of the best I have used so far and the look and feel is awesome.

I would say my initial rating is 3.5 maybe even 4 out of 5 stars. I would need to use it a little more to have a better rating but over all I am happy with it since I purchased it at a discount. If I paid full price I might not be as forgiving on the restrictions on customization.

I forgot to add the fact that they slipped in a web link for a site called eVeek. I really hate it when someone slips something in like this. Even though it may not be a concern I cannot help the fact that I have this little voice in the back of my head saying "What else did they slip in without my consent/knowledge"

I downloaded the Liquid theme and have only a few concerns- When I click on a app, the name of the app does not appear anywhere on the screen like it shows on the webpage in still shots and on the video? I am using the the weather space to show numeric memory left on my BOLD(would like to be able to move it to the top left of my screen to keep it from obstructing some of my wallpaper backgrounds.
Since I am a senior citizen and have a good life I do not twitter or go on facebook (would like to have the option to place other apps there. What are the chances of upgrades to include the above desires.

Isn't the weather slot on the home screen supposed to update? I have Berryweather assigned to this position and the icon is stagnant. Still showing the weather icon/temp from when I assigned it. Any thoughts? Also is there a way to get a memory icon without using meterberry (i.e. stock icon)? Also someone needs to delete and ban the previous post......