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Liquid-Photo for the BlackBerry PlayBook adds a ripple effect to your images

By Ryan Blundell on 24 Dec 2011 03:29 pm EST

The BlackBerry PlayBook is one of my favourite devices to view pictures with. The size of the display, the crisp, vivid colours or the easy gesture management; it’s the perfect way to view and share images. Now on top of being able to scroll through memories, you kind of want to have some fun with the images as well. There are a few options out in BlackBerry App World; even RIM has its own Scrapbook application. Anthony McCormick dove in with a unique way to make a big splash in this market with Liquid-Photo. The application applies a ripple effect to images; generated at random or by your own fingertips. Some of the key features are. 

  • Touch sensitive water ripples
  • Screensaver while your BlackBerry PlayBook Charges
  • Automatically exits the application if your batter falls below 10% if it is not Charging
  • Rain Effect - Create an amazing rain effect over top of your image slide show
  • In-App Camera control so you can quickly add water effects to your photo's
  • Choose individual Photo's or whole Albums to add to your slideshow
  • Live Effect/Slide show configuration through the built in settings screen
  • Ideal ScreenSaver whilst your BlackBerry PlayBook charges
  • Slide Show

I did find that, the more intense you made the ripple effect, the slower the animation; so instead of water ripples, you’ll end up with something that behaves like molasses. Just in time for Christmas, Liquid-Photo was updated to also include a snowflake option, where you can watch snowflakes falling in front of your images. It doesn’t accumulate so there’s no need to break out the shovel! You can play with the snow speed, wind and intensity levels as well. Liquid-Photo is available for $1.99 from BlackBerry App World. The snowflake portion is also available on its own, known as SnowPapers, for $0.99.

More information/download Liquid-Photo for the Blackberry PlayBook
More information/download SnowPapers for the Blackberry PlayBook



First? Haha. Looks neat but not something I'd really use


This is so useless. Stop making this crap.


If it's on blackberry it's useless, if it's on apple it's magical .


give option to use as LiveWallPaper, and I will pay 1.99


using sgs2 beside 9900, i really feel for blackberrian..

the need to do review on this kind of apps.. ouch

on top of that, not free also.. really fear the worse for RIM


I might buy it! Thinking about it


How about something more useful... idk how about NETFLIX, or the ability to watch movies on HULU, YouTube, or the network channels..... the list goes on & on ......


if you want apps for a device either 1) make it yourself or 2) bug someone else to make it. I suggest the second option as most of us arent developers. But if they see the value of tapping into that market they'll do it. so as a community lets get 'er done.


I guess it seems sort of neat...not worth any money though.