Liquid Graphics broke BlackBerry Theme Studio; RIM looking into fixing it

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2011 12:55 am EDT
BlackBerry Theme Studio

As most of you know, the tools needed to make themes available on BlackBerry 7 equipped devices are not available as of yet, nor were they released at DevCon this year as many theme developers had hoped. Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at RIM took the time to explain a portion of why, when questioned by a familiar name to CrackBerry members -- @StephenBB81 or as he is know around here deRusset. According to the info relayed, the new Liquid Graphics implemented by RIM into new BlackBerry 7 devices broke BlackBerry Theme Studio compatibility. Alec noted he is working with the developer team in an effort to have the issue corrected but if and when a fix may come is still up in the air at the moment, though some BlackBerry Theme developers want answers now.

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Liquid Graphics broke BlackBerry Theme Studio; RIM looking into fixing it


So what did they build the OS7 theme on hopes and dreams? ... If OS6 theme works (if that's what they claim the OS7 theme is) then a minor update to theme builder to allow for OS7 should hold us for now....

don't forget to sound off on the BlackBerry Support forum about our desire for themes! check the link at the end of the post and tell RIM you want themes and not bull excuses

This sounds like fixing Themes was not high enough on priority and they just haven't got there yet, since it is not even KNOWN if they can fix it.

At first I believed that RIM has alot of depth in development allowing for multistage development on different facets, but more and more I realize final code throughput is very narrow and there is ALOT in the pipeline just waiting to happen. What are they ALL working on!

well the preinstalled theme on my 9900 works quite well lol. think issues like this go a far way to explaining the death of the java environment for BB

Something isn't being said here because as suggested -- RIM themes work, so even if the question of why their themes work was raised and the response is something along the lines of 'ours were optimized' -- then that means they already know a fix for it in order to have optimized their themes to work and they just haven't made it available to theme developers. The RIM themes essentially get installed as an app -- they could do the same for theme developers themes as well.. If they wanted to.

Exactly. RIM's claim means nothing more than "yea we know how to create themes, but that's our secret, fk off"

The OS7 theme is almost identical (code wise) to the default OS6 theme....

Different graphics and resolutions...

Why can something more powerful and supposedly able to render graphics better not be able to do something that a Storm 9530 can???

It seems as if RIM has placed a very LOW priority on the end user experience...

Oh how long for the days when there used to be a good story about RIM posted - seems with each new day, there is yet another problem or issue that RIM has screwed up. But dont worry, I'm sure its coming soon in 60 days in an unspecified summer ;)

I don't get it...
What's wrong with RIM?

Which thing is really working from the beginning?!

Are they really that uncoordinated?
Or do they have such bad programmers or to less of them.

I mean BB OS has the same basis since over 10years! The things only changed on the surface.
They have problems to run Apps on OS7, no themes work as they should.

I don't wanna troll, but RIM itself says that it's their goal to be the world leader in mobile handset and their also say that they are the #1 high tech. Company in Canada.

Even such "small" things should always work!

Even on the pb, still no native Emails client - almost after one year after start!
It's a company thats all about communication!

My boss would beat the sh** outta me, if I always give him unfinished products!

Would be great if they'd take Theme Studio out back and shoot it. Then start over with a new dev package that, uh, *doesn't* generate thousands of lines of relatively useless code. Just a thought.

But really, blaming Liquid Graphics seems a rather convenient excuse. Who knows what the details are, just saying I'd like to see the ability to theme for OS7 soon.

This isn't totally surprisingly. I'd imagine the liquid graphics engine has been specifically designed to draw certain effects - like the home panel sliding across. They've probably had to tie the theme and render layers very closely together, so I can see how it could be difficult to allow arbitrary themes to run on the same engine.

I have to say here, I'm not that fussed. I really like the current theme. It's simple , fast and effective. Custom themes would be nice don't get me wrong but it's not like what we have now is actually a problem.

Yeah. I'm not too bothered about the lack of support for custom themes either. I don't think RIM should bother supporting them for BBX - there are much higher-priority items on the TODO list.

Everytime I install a third party theme I end up rolling back to the default native theme. They never really work or look right. Something, icons or font puts me off.

Sounds like an excuse to me the phone has a native theme; how'd they build that?.... Lately RIM cant seem to get anything right and im a true blackberry addict and a pretty loyal guy. I have been with blackberry since the first pearl with the trackball and haven't bought anything but blackberry since; I even convinced my neighbour to buy stocks in the company, but lately im starting to wonder whats going on. The one thing I'v always loved about my blackberry was being able to customize it to my liking and stand out from everyone else. I can also tell you that being a themebuilder/developer has given me a opprotunity to channel and share my artistic creativity to the blackberry nation.

please release themebuilder7 RIM and make sure themes are availble for QNX aswell.

I'm really starting to worry about the quality of the talent RIM has, or their engineering groups are way understaffed. They can't get Playbook OS 2.0 up and running in a timely manor, they can't get OS 7 devices out the door in a timely manor (and that carrier holding it up stuff was BS), just in general the organization is just too slow. So which is it RIM: Quality of your talent, or not enough talent to get the work done in time?

Wow, I think it is kind of cool that we can actually communicate directly with top RIM guys and they are actually getting back to us and discussing.

Very cool RIM.

I didn't use anything but the stock them on os 6.. Simply because I could never find one I liked and eventually gave up trying. They were either all touch and I like using the track pad to navigate just got used to it being that way. I like the option and I never found a good theme that supported both. I like the tabed stock theme myself

This is another example of unfinished and unpolished products from RIM. People have an expectation and RIM just hasn't been living up to it of late!

The release of the Playbook when it wasn't ready for primetime may have doomed it from the beginning. In hindsight they should have made it a completed product and launched it against ipad 3 when it least it would have stood a chance!

Then we have to many refreshed devices and late device launches for OS7, A devcon that left developers scratching their java or backward compatibility...Android compatibility that makes current blackberry developers wondering if they should move to android and simply port over their aps for Blackberry instead of developing specifically for Blackberry. No news for Theme Builder 7 and for theme developers and then a lame excuse for it not being ready oh and maybe never being ready. No demo of an actual upcoming QNX smartphone that is supposed to be released Q1 next year.

At our firm we have 22 Blackberry Curves that are three years old. This week Rogers sent us a Blackberry Torch 8910, A Samsung Infusion and an iphone 4s. They arrive on Monday for a weeks worth of testing.

Looking at recent blackberry history I really wonder if after 8 years of blackberry's I will have a blackberry holstered to my hip in November!

there are no such things as liquid graphics its just a marketing blurb

rim are really lame on no word on tb7 until now! no1 cares about making playbook apps if they did we would have some decent ones already - and an official twitter client - themes are wanted by millions of users, there arnt even a million pb users so rim please stop pushing this dead format and give us some dam theme building software!